UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves By the Numbers

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We’re just over a week since the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves demo became available to everyone with access to the PlayStation Network, and the numbers are staggering:

  • Total Number of games played – 1,217,424
  • Total Number of Kills – 92,110,787
  • Total Number of Treasures Captured – 1,860,645
  • Total Amount of Money Earned – $38,841,367,350
  • Total Time Played – 9,905 days (or 27+ years!)

The demo is currently #1 out of the top 5 demo first-week downloads to date, and is on a trajectory to become the most downloaded demo on PSN, ever. You can add to that number right now by visiting the PlayStation Store.

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If you’ve been keeping score at home, UNCHARTED 2 has racked up 17 perfect review scores so far, out of 34 on Metacritic – with none coming in at less than a 90. And there are a still a few biggies about to hit!

In other news, UNCHARTED 2 is teaming up with Pepsi! Launching in November 2009, consumers in the West and Midwest regions will have a chance to win PS3 consoles, copies of UNCHARTED 2 and UNCHARTED motion comics through Pepsi promotions. More details to follow soon.

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  • Just took a look at the latest scores on Metacritic. Here is the latest

    Number of reviews = 36

    17 : 100s
    3 : 98s
    2 : 97s
    4 : 96s
    4 : 95s
    1 : 93
    5 : 90’s


  • Nice I’ll be entering that contest.

  • Wow those are crazy numbers…especially for a demo. Cant wait for the 13th!

  • Hey,

    Nice numbers, the demo’s worth it. :)

    By the way, I’ll say this again, but PLEASE bring some Fortune Hunter Editions to Europe. I’m from France and guess what? You have a lot of fans here! Leaving us out like this is quite bitter. :(


  • Hey Evan,
    I have been enjoying the Beta and am definitely buying this game on Tuesday but I, and many others I have seen are having some trouble on the Naughty Dog website. It does not let me log in to see stats.

    PSN Ticket error. Is there anything I can do to see my stats?

  • I like how the picture is from co-op mode. Which is the mode that earns the most money.

    Pepsi? I’m a Coke man myself. As long as there are no in-game advertisements. ;)

  • Pepsi promotion? Cool.

    I haven’t downloaded the U2 demo because I want to enter the game a complete virgin!

  • Pepsi promotion? Cool.

    I haven’t downloaded the U2 demo because I want to enter the game a complete virgin!

  • Wow!!! Amazing figures!!! Congratulations Naughty Dog this is truly great, can’t wait to play the full game next week.

  • G4 also gave U2 a perfect score. But thy have removed themselves from contributing to Metascores due to score conversion.

    But their old scores are still recorded for previous games so if a “fair” comparison is what you want, technically Uncharted 2 has 18 perfect reviews from Metacritic :p

    Not that it matters. Amazing game.

  • Yay, everyone needs to buy this game definitely goty.

  • Wake me up when its Tuesday

  • Epic is the only word i can say right now.


    Too bad I’m getting Brutal Legend,.. it’s awesome! Uncharted 2 will have to wait.

  • Why didn’t you guys team up with a bottled water supplier?
    Soda yuck!!

  • Why cant we get some love here on the East Coast? I want this game but id love a shot at some of these promotions.

  • in game music?????

  • i am going to pre-order this as soon as i can because of the amazing multi-player (not to mention the single player blew my mind!)

  • I got my copy on Monday night at the cinema event in Thousand Oaks… Uncharted 2 is just incredible!

  • Congratulations with these numbers! You deserve it!

  • Mort want BANANA!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5 days! XD Can’t wait!


    They had a Killzone one and none for this?

  • How good Atomika14? I didn’t manage to travel across the Atlantic ocean to be there:(

  • I know it’s not a big deal, but I hope some obscure web site doesn’t take the score below 9.0 just to be different. What I have played of the game, including the coop beta, which showcases the cover system working against AI,has been brilliant and smooth, and some smaller sight, either to be different, or paid off (which I know happens) might take it below 9.0. Not like it will change anyone’s mind with 17 perfect scores, many of them not coming from a PS-related sight or magazine, which throws out the bias claims.

  • The multiplayer online demo is outstanding and addictive, obviously. I can’t wait to get a hold of this amazing game.

    I really hope there ends up being a Uncharted 2 dynamic theme, soon. I really would love the start menu to be a dynamic theme.

    Again I can’t wait for the game!

  • i like Pepsi,so bring it about character cans?that would be cool!

  • I bet Naughty Dog are pissing themselves right now with all this positive flow of reviews and stuff coming in. You guys did a phenomenal job with the demo and judging by the reviews, this is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • No East Coast love.

  • what about the Fortune Hunter Edition? How does one go about winning that?

  • I once met a player called NDI_Effunia (or Effulia, not sure), is she someone from the staff?

  • 5 more days and the demo is awesome!

  • Great numbers! To bad they all mean nothing when the game is released, lol. :( All my work to get to level 30 for nothing… man, starting over from zero. Really looking forward to that, lol…not.

  • hey evan, which event were you at? and i just finished the game today, and i can honestly say it pulled at my heart strings, the story,characters, all of it, thanks for makin a AMAZING game, any chance i’ll get to play with you and other ND staff again,(psn:gundamman)?

  • Best of luck to Naughty Dog, I hope this game sells millions…you guys deserve it.

    I just wish I could buy this game early, like you guys allowed to happen with the first game.

  • I’ve turned 3 xbots to the Darkside. I planted the seed a couple of years ago with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, which still stands as the best gaming experience this generation in my mind…at least until Oct. 13th!

    Going to EBGames after work with 2 of them to trade in their collections for a Slim and Uncharted 2 Pre-order. Good Job Naughty Dog! Not one other studio could claim a conversion with my friends until you.


  • I’m busy with Demon’s Souls and when this game comes out… DAMN! ><

  • I know it’s a multiplayer demo, but I’m not playing it. I don’t want to ruin Uncharted 2 at all. I haven’t even read any reviews yet, good thing to because I heard the Gamespot review has a spoiler in it.

  • @ Lemondish and TheInfectedBy590

    good luck with that game (heard its HARD as hell). i’m looking to get it but after Uncharted 2.

  • That’s really amazing. 27 years… Jeez are we a bunch of geeks and nerds.

  • gotta admit that the demo is kick arse!!! Just like playing the full game Naughty Dog but it is sure to net you tons of sales for sure.

  • Joint 2nd best metacritic score of the generation, beaten by GTA IV, tied with Super Mario Galaxy.

    That means its the best PS3 exclusive, better than any Xbox exclusive, up there with the best games of all time.

  • I opted to not enjoy the incredible demo because the game is so close. :)
    Still pre ordered, something I never do. :)

  • now that you have the numbers for the multiplayer, can you choose the winners from the beta to win the Fortune Hunter Edition?

  • AGGGGGGG It’s killing me! Five days left and it is taking forever!

  • You guys are awsome! Now give us the next Jak and Daxter for the PS3 please!

  • I’m absolutely getting this game Tuesday (Wednesday if I don’t have time)

    I haven’t bought a game on launch day since Halo 3

  • also, I’m really hoping for LittleBigPlanet Uncharted levels!

  • game paid for and waiting for launch!

  • Fortune. Hunter. Edition.
    Contest details please.

  • How about the number of dissatisfied customers that ND is discriminating against – any numbers for those?

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