Demon’s Souls Now Available for PS3

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The Kingdom of Boletaria is now open to you, brave adventurers/PlayStation Blog readers: Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 3 is now available in retailers across North America.

For months leading up to its release, we’ve emphasized the game’s difficulty level, striving in every instance not to misrepresent the game and to ensure that curious gamers are not caught off guard by the challenges that await them. That said, we don’t want anyone to steer clear of the game because of what they’ve heard. If that is not the perfect segue into some starting tips for new heroes, then I don’t know what is.

Demon's Souls burn baby burn

Demon’s General Warning: Fire can be hazardous to your health

*Mild Spoiler Alert*

Your first task in Demon’s Souls, before even jumping into the game world, is to create your character. Demon’s Souls offers 10 different player classes, each with different starting stats and equipment.

Unlike many RPGs, Demon’s Souls does not punish players for choosing something out of line with their play style. Regardless of which class you pick, you’ll be able to eventually do anything another class is more capable of at the start; all it takes is a little extra work. Therefore, if you want to be a spellcaster, archer, or melee fighter, it will make more sense to choose an appropriate class to start, but just because you do so doesn’t mean you won’t be dabbling in other classes’ strengths later on, and you probably won’t be anywhere near as tempted as in other RPGs to keep creating new characters and playing the first bit over and over again in order to make that perfect build. That simply isn’t accomplished at the beginning; it’s done over the course of your epic adventure (as it should be).

I (and most Demon’s Souls players, it seems) would recommend the Royalty class to most newcomers. The Royalty class begins with a Soul Level of 1, which means that the Soul Point requirement for advancing the first few levels is the least, allowing players the most early stat customization options. Moreover, the class begins with a catalyst (wand) and the Soul Arrow spell memorized, making them a long-range spell casting force to be reckoned with. On top of all this, they start with the Fragrant Ring equipped, an item that offers slow but steady Magic Point regeneration. For more class tips, and other helpful info, consult our newly launched wiki.

This description may make the Royalty class sound like a no-brainer (and I’m sure some Demon’s Souls players would argue that is the case), but the beauty of the game is that the class decision at the beginning ultimately makes little difference to the vast majority of the game experience (contrary to most games). Not to suggest that customization doesn’t matter; in fact, it matters a great deal!

Rather, in Demon’s Souls, it is the choices you make on how to advance and evolve your character that are key, delivering a MUCH more satisfying and rewarding role-playing experience than many other entries in the genre. Also, the Royalty class will initially suffer in up-close combat, something to consider if that’s your style (and consideration of what exactly your preferred play style in such a game actually is is crucial to your enjoyment of the game… again, something that other RPGs don’t really take into consideration).

Demon's Souls lookout

My, how many eyes you have…

Don’t worry when you die almost immediately at the end of the tutorial; death is unavoidable by design. You’ll be revived in the Nexus by the Maiden in Black, who will later on be your means for advancing/leveling your character. The first and only region you’ll initially have access to is the Boletarian Palace (1-1). Don’t be alarmed when you begin this area and find a number of bloodstains (indications of other players’ deaths, if you’re connected to PlayStation Network). The game takes a little getting used to, hence some folks meeting early (and repeated, at times) deaths.

Here are a few important tips:

    1. Watch your stamina carefully – Stamina is crucial to melee fighting in Demon’s Souls. There have been very well-received RPGs in gaming history that have allowed players to simply hack away at the attack button, but this is NOT the case in Demon’s Souls. You will only be able to string/combo attack as long as you have stamina (the green bar) left, and when it is depleted, you’ll just stand there and be open to attack unless you move around intelligently and manage your stamina well. Power swings take more stamina (duh), and absorbing a power hit will deplete you as much if not more (and if you’re already low on stamina, will stun you and open you up to attacks).

    2. Don’t try to get away with more than makes logical sense – That is to say, if you think it would be ill-advised to take on 4-5 foes at once in real life, don’t put yourself in that situation in Demon’s Souls. Rushing ahead foolishly will get a lot of enemy attention. Sound judgment would suggest progressing with a more measured pace, only antagonizing a manageable number of enemies and making your life easier.

    3. Shield if you got’em – If you are a melee fighter, you’d be remiss not to use your shield at every possible opportunity. With most shields, you’ll still take a bit of damage when you absorb a blow using a shield (although the amount varies with shield quality, and some shields negate all damage), but it will be far less than having no shield at all (even faced with fire/magic attacks, a shield can help reduce damage taken).

    4. Pay CLOSE attention to your surroundings (and if you’re playing online, the hints left by others) – The game will rarely warn you if you’re about to make a mistake or head in a path not quite appropriate for your character. It will instead let you make the mistake, die, and hopefully learn from it. That said, the messaging system and bloodstain system built into the game give players connected to PSN an ample supply of hints and warnings for avoiding ambushes, traps, and dangerous foes (for more info, watch our second walkthrough video, which touches on the online features extensively.

Once you get the hang of 1-1 and defeat the area’s boss, Demon’s Souls opens up to you—literally. You’ll be able to access the initial area of all of the five other archstones AND you’ll receive the Blue eye stone, which lets you drop Soul Signs on the ground and, when you’re dead/in soul form, you can be summoned by living players into their games to assist them in their quest.

Demon's Souls strat guide

You could have helpful information like this if you pick up the Deluxe Edition, which is selling rather briskly, and snag yourself the strategy guide, which is not sold separately…

I’ll suggest beginners proceed to 1-2 or 2-1 after completing 1-1, or, at the very least, leave the fifth archstone for a little later. It’s a bit more challenging (relatively speaking) and will be more enjoyable a little later on.

Demon’s Souls is a very hard game to sum up or describe in a short amount of space, as evidenced by this rather lengthy blog entry. As deep and nuanced as the game is, as much as there is to get out of it, players will find the actual game mechanics incredibly simple and intuitive. It’s breaking out of the run-and-gun (or hack-and-slash, rather) mentality of other games that can be a challenge. Once you manage to, though, expect one of the most rewarding, satisfying, time-sucking roleplaying experiences you’ve ever had, complete with beautiful visuals, haunting music, and some of the most immersive stages ever.

We’re really excited to join you in the Kingdom of Boletaria and perhaps fight alongside you as you confront a towering boss (or help you fend off another invading player from your world), but don’t only take our word for it; plenty of critics agree:

9/10, Editor’s Choice Award — “Brutally challenging and utterly engrossing, this innovative role-playing game is one of the year’s best.” — GameSpot

95 — “Gorgeous, thoughtful, and complete unto itself, it’s the second-best title I’ve played this year. Maybe even better.” — Play Magazine

5/5 — “Demon’s Souls is the best game I’ve played all year.” — RPGamer

95 — “Without question, Demon’s Souls is one of 2009’s finest titles, and an amazing, challenging journey without equal.” — GameCritics

94 — “This is a truly exceptional RPG experience that hasn’t been offered by any other game in its genre.” — GameZone

Demon’s Souls is out now for PlayStation 3…see you online!

As a thanks for all your interest and support of Demon’s Souls, we’ve got 10 signed posters (by Mr. Takeshi Kajii, producer) to give out to folks. All you have to do is comment about this blog post and tell us what class you’ll be when you finally get the game (for more info regarding classes, visit the official game site at We’ll choose 10 winners and send them one of these ultra-rare collectibles!

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32 Author Replies

  • Not sure if this’ll get a response from you guys, but…

    The back of the game says Online(1 – 4), but I could only invite two other people. Then there’s the Demon’s Souls wiki that says that you can only invite two others and that getting three in a game is a glitch. In short, can you invite two people or three?

    • Tenan,

      As a player in body (living) form, you can invite up to two other players into your game, making the maximum cooperative group 3 players total.

      HOWEVER, a fourth player CAN invade the host\’s game, making a 3 versus 1 scenario that is technically 4 players simultaneously playing together.

      I hope that explains it!

  • This game is hard.

  • I have a question. Were you supposed to be killed by the first boss with the giant club? I was hiding behind a pillar and still got killed in one shot.

    • Yes, the first boss, at the end of the tutorial (the Vanguard), is supposed to kill you.

      Some very gifted (or very lucky) players ARE able to defeat the vanguard, and they are slightly rewarded for it, but I\’ll put it this way: you enter the Nexus deceased, in soul form, whether you win that fight or not :)

      So don\’t feel bad :D

  • This is going to be my very first imported ps3 game ever. It;’s been a long time since i have played a challenging rpg game.

    I hope the games arrives soon.

  • I selected Royality, took me like 3 hours to beat 1st world

  • I am looking forwards to playing my deluxe edition when it arrives. I’m considering going with a ranged class (not familar enough with the offered classes to be specific) However, first I have to beat Persona 3

  • So far alive!! my charchter name : venura
    Still tutorial though! so far soo good!

  • Damn first boss kicked my ass! good luck my frns!

  • I was really excited to go and buy this game. So i went to Best Buy, but they didnt have it… I went to Toys ‘r us, but they didnt have it… I went to wal-mart, but they didnt have it….
    when will they be getting shipments of the game??
    i live in california btw

  • @251
    I think that means when someone invades your game and you have 2 people with you. When someone invades a game they don’t know that you might have 2 people helping you out so it’ll end up being 3 vs 1 which is 4 player online mode.

  • I dont think I will ever beat this game. FML

  • Wow, I’m very impressed with the game as well as amazed at how hard the game is espescially as soon as I start. Played at a friends house today, and I’m glad to have preordered the deluxe edition on amazon during the last week before it releases.

    Though I had a problem with loading times as I keep on seeing it very often because i died. Is there an Optional Install for the game?
    I think would really help especially those that keep dying and shorten the loading times.

    Anyways, this a amazing game, glad you guys brought it over along with the preorder bonuses and guide.

  • I’ve heard so much about the difficulty of this game and I love a good challenge and a game that doesn’t hold your hand.

    Maybe I’ll try that Royalty class you’re talking about since in the long run it seems not to matter. =D

  • To all at Atlus:
    Thank you so much for bringing this game over to us. I picked up the amazing deluxe addition and I’m completely blown away by it. I decided to start out as a Knight, as I prefer that style of combat, and I am having an absolute blast. Demon’s Souls has not left my PS3 since it went in on Tuesday!

  • I’ve got to say, playing the game over the last couple of days, this thing is great. I was expecting good, but not this good, as in Game of the Year contender good. Thank you Atlus for bringing Demon’s Souls out here! :)

  • Like I said I’d inevitably beat that guy and I did. If anyone wants to join up via phantoms or something you know my PSN name. I’m usually roaming in soul form 95% of the time anyone. Eventhough I have plenty of Ephemeral Eyes…I’m gonna die anyway! I could keep preaching how polished and huge this game is but I’d rather get back to it as my Knight and laugh about thinking about finishing it at some point in my lifetime. Back to it then people! Let us join up and beat this amazingly detailed yet hardcore as hell game!

  • I am amazed at the hi rez feel of the game.

    D and D style games like this are rare gems.

    I am impressed that Altus decided do something different and i feel challenged.

    I will post again after I spend at least 5 hours or more with the game.

    I am beginning the game with the Wanderer class.

    …see you online :)

  • My Deluxe version should arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait. I’ll take one of those posters as well. Could you guys please come out with a downloadable patch that allows co-op split screen local play so I can play with a friend on my PS3?

  • is the poster contest still going on?

    If so,I’m choosing royalty class because I’m going to royally kick some demon ass.

  • Update: My Deluxe edition came with all goodies today! Early by a whole day! Amazon still has copies of the deluxe for those who are interested.

  • I also want to drop my 2cents into this blog, and I want to post that I got the deluxe version of this game and so far I’m loving every minute I’ve spent playing this game.

  • lol is this game ever going to make it to australia?

  • Waiting for it to arrive from

    Which will be Tuesday… -sigh- had it preordered since July 9th.

  • I have seen so many kids review this as a 1 just beacuse…. OH MY GOSH IT’S A CHALLENGE!

    Kids all games use to be a challange and hard as all get out go back and play older games and i’m not talking 2000 old…get in what some call the way back machine.


  • This game is amazing! If you like a classic style RPG with a dark atmosphere and a challenge you wont be sorry you bought this. Simply for people who love games

  • I hope to find a deluxe version of this game soon! I’m not really sure of the class to play. But, I’m sure I’ll have a great time with the game regardless!

  • not sure if this poster thing is still going on but I started as a royal.

    This game has given me a second wind for my passion for video games. It is a refreshing break from everything else thats out there so not only will I get tonnes of enjoyment out of this game but more out of others as well when I go back to them.

  • Late comment I know. This game is Awesome. Picked it up yesterday when the God of War collection was erroneously rumored to be released late. Wow! Me and 3 other peeps skype conference called our first impressions. “Brutal and Rewarding.” WTG! Atlus!

  • I am starting as the Knight class. I hope to make him a tank/mage by the end.

  • I’ll be getting this pretty soon. Royalty looks tempting but I always play Thief in an RPG, so I’ll be choosing that.

  • I picked this up on friday and even after not having the money to pre order the C.E. like i wanted to and should have, i found one last copy of just the game at a local store and can honestly say i never loved dying in a game so much. This game is a top notch RPG. I had to go with a Thief but am considering maybe trying your approach. Thanks so much Atlus!!!

  • Well I’ve neglected my copy of Demon’s Souls and I feel guilty since I knew it was going to be an amazing game. I’m an old school Kings Field fan and that is the sole reason I discovered Demon’s Souls was even out (I imported the all english Asian version). I just haven’t had enough time to devote to gaming to really appreciate it. I’ve made some headway though into the game and love it with a passion. I will definitely be playing a lot of it. I bought the artbook and soundtrack separately so I would have them. I’m bidding on the strategy guide as well.

    Hope I win the poster!

  • Oh and I forgot to mention I will be (am) a magic user. Straight up wizard. I like to destroy things with magic. It’s a very difficult game to be a wizard so I melee a majority of the time and then smite the tough guys hehe.

  • The best purchase of 2009, Ill be good to go on this one for a while.
    Be prepared to work hard.

  • This game is very exciting. It’s obvious that the people who gave the game the really bad reviews were people not interested in games that you actually have to constantly adapt to your environment and have patience instead of always blindly charging into battle. I love how challenging it is, yet how very well balanced and do-able. All you need to do is spend the time to figure out the attack patterns.

  • few questions:
    1) do u guys play this online too? :D it’d be cool to play with some atlus ppl for a day or so should be like a special event
    2) i was reading the agreement….. although it says its a possibilty u guys wont shut down the servers in april right? the game is too awesome :(
    3)and uhhh… well i guess i had no 3 anyway great game :D

  • I’ve had this pre-ordered for months, but I chose the free shipping on Amazon, so I finally just got my copy of the limited edition today! The tutorial wasn’t too bad, and I didn’t die until that giant soldier guy (who I think you’re supposed to get killed by). I was starting to think the difficulty stuff had been exaggerated.

    Nope! I’m still stuck at the beginning of 1-1, and I’ll probably be there for a while. This game is HARD, but it’s also a lot of fun too. I really need to practice getting used to the controls and making improving my reflexes a bit, and maybe I’ll survive long enough to get out of soul form at least!

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