LittleBigPlanet: Sack it to Me – “Watchmen DLC + Bento Box” Edition

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LittleBigPlanet (PSP) – Official Release Date + Packaging Unveil:

It’s official! On November 17th, 2009, you’ll be able to take Sackboy on a completely new adventure. LittleBigPlanet (PSP) hits the store shelves and now you’ll be able to Play, Create, Share…everywhere. (We know you know, but there may be others out there…) And with a little more than a month away until release, we’re excited to unveil the North American packaging, so you know what too look for.


NOTE: Our designers had a bit of fun with the packaging and you can proudly display your Sackboy pride at home. So if you own the original LittleBigPlanet (PS3) or LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition (PS3), you can “wonder twin powers, activate” a mini-mural for your display. (Please forgive my blurry camera phone pics…but you get the idea.)

LBP PSP and Game of The Year PS3

What’s New in LittleBigPlanet (PSP)?

As we ramp up for launch, we’re getting a lot of questions asking about LBP (PSP) and wanted to start answering them with a series of posts to provide more in-depth details about the game. For our first post, we decided to refresh you with our very first trailer…enjoy!

PS – Send us your questions so we have more topics to discuss!

LBP (PS3): Game of the Year Edition – User Spotlight

In the LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition, one of the bonus levels features an intricately designed tank with an equally fun level, which will have you on an adventure to clear a path for your uber-armed vehicle. Thanks Sean for making such a cool level and sharing your story with us.

You can find Sean’s and other bonus levels in the LBP: Game of the Year Edition. For those of you who have the original LBP and want to play these bonus levels…

Workshop of the Week:

Our friends over at the LittleBigWorkshop have left some detailed step-by-step instructions on how to play the GOTY bonus levels online. Read up so you can experience these levels too!

New on the PlayStation Store:

Who Sacks the Watchmen” – Announced on Monday, and fresh on the PlayStation Store right now, is the latest batch of Sackboy costumes from Watchmen. Available on the PS Store for $5.99.

The WATCHMEN costume pack includes a ton of items including:

Community Levels!!!

Over the weekend, go check out the newest community level from our friends at

Castle of the Witch Queen: Part One by Bercilak

Part 1:

Part 2

ConfusedCartman: This level is very well designed with an obvious emphasis on storyline, characters, and atmosphere. Not only will you be jumping on Gargoyles and hanging from conveyor belts, you’ll actually help transport an amphibian through traps and other obstacles. Interested in discovering why all of this is important? Give this level a try and find out!

Also, keep an eye out this afternoon for the latest LittleBigPodcast from our friends Daniel and Austin. This week is episode is #35 (WOW!).

***Did you know that every episode ending in 5 is their Q&A episode? They told me they get lots of e-mails from all over and they love answering them.

Sackboy in the News

G4TV’s LBP PSP Hands-On Impressions

PLAY’s GOTY Edition Review

Motion Controller + Sackboy = Multiplayer Goodness

At TGS, we were treated to some cool Motion Controller news, and how MediaMolecule could plan to incorporate the new control mechanics into LBP. Check out the tech demo by our friends in Japan.

Sackboy Bento Box

Anyone hungry? Great find from Mm.

Sackboy Bento


PLEASE don’t be the guy/gal that buys these codes on eBay when there are tons more FREE codes for the LBP community. Just check out our partners page on Just, everyone, don’t all go there at once like last time…flash mob + internet = uncontrollable tech issues. We should be good now, but if you have any issues, please be patient, close and re-open your browser and you’ll get a new code.

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5 Author Replies

  • Are the costume pack from the ps3 version * already bought* transferable or compatible with the psp version?

  • I’m pretty sure a Batman DLC pack would be better off than Watchmen right now. Just pointing out the obvious.

  • Wooo Hooo!!
    It comes out on my birhday!
    I know what to ask for now!

  • Are the LBP servers down for anyone else?

  • With the lack of co-op, I’m really not very excited for the PSP version. The platforming in LBP isn’t exactly the best, so it was the co-op that really sold the experience to many people.

    The night I got LBP for the PS3, my girlfriend and I played through the majority of the game. We had a blast. But now, with the PSP version, that’s not going to be possible. What a shame.

    So, here’s a question: will the DLC for the PSP game be as overpriced and underwhelming as the PS3 version? I think I speak for the majority of LBP fans when I say: I was under the assumption that the DLC would be official level packs. And, here we are, a year after launch: we’ve only gotten one small pack of official levels. Just look at all of the missed opportunities with the costume packs. You guys could’ve made tie-in ‘games’ with other developers. The Team ICO pack comes to mind.

    Please, stop trying to nickel and dime people for costumes and start creating more great levels and mechanics (like weapons or new gameplay mechanics like double-jumps or power-ups).

    Also, Sean Smith is awesome. His tanks are amazing. Thanks for the great content, Sean.

  • hey are the physics goning to be as good now that your woking on the psp, i know it’s kind of a dumb question but the physics are what made half the lpb on the ps3 for me

  • LBP PSP DLC is a given right? Right?!

  • Oh man… another game I’ve gotta own. Christmas is gonna one major haul this year. :D Now finally I can have LBP for my PSP as opposed to going and playing it on my friend’s PS3. Sweeeeeeeet.

  • Where is the Final Fantasy stuff? You guys better be working on some awesome FF-based levels.

  • I want both and i like the new psp cover very nice..

  • In an interview it said you can’t make holes in objects(because they’re automatically filled in)and you have to paint to a grid and can only paint with the square and circle objects. This’ll make Create really frustrating and clunky

    You should be able to:

    1. Change the grid settings to off, small, medium and large. This means you can make square shapes etc. more precise and that you can draw squiggly shapes etc. then turn on grid so you can attach them to a straight piston and stuff like that

    2. Paint with all the shapes, not just the square and circle objects and also be able to paint without a grid(unless you change the grid settings). In videos it looks like you can place objects, string etc. and switches wherever you like so I don’t see why you cann’t do it with shapes and stuff

    3. Make holes in objects. Currently you can’t do this because the game fills holes in automatically. Just make automatic fillbucket into a tool, so instead of doing it for you, you go to the tools bag, click on the fillbucket tool then click the empty middle of your shape to fill it in

  • Also, can we expect a demo soon? I REALLY want to try out the story levels.

  • I cant find where it tells you how to play those levels on LittleBigWorkshop.

  • I’m wondering if LBP PSP will have the Play Create Share counter that still hasn’t been fixed in the PS3 version.

    How about a news section that is regularly updated(unlike the news section in LBP PS3)?

  • I just picked up a PSP Go and I am assuming I’ll be able to just download it from the PSN store? And if so, is there going to be any sort of incentive to do so like the pre-order incentives at gamestores?

  • I hope that I don’t miss out on anything by downloading it to my PSP 2000. I wish that they would tell us if downloaders get the incentives also so I can decide wether to buy the UMD version or not.

  • @65

    I got to play it at Comic-Con and there isn’t even a My Moon in it, so you don’t have to worry about that. The menu has four sections (I can’t remember the exact names): LittleBigPlanet, Create Moon, Download Moon, and Pod (which replaced the My Moon).

  • LBP psp better be downloadable. I’m planning on getting a psp go and if that is not downloadable, I’m sticking with my white psp 2000.

  • Will the PSP version have ALL the same create tools as the PS3 version?

  • So will there be a DD version on the same day?

  • Can we get an update on the Water patch coming to LBP? That’s the coolest looking thing I’ve seen coming…

  • About Pre-Order Bonuses, I plan on getting the LBP PSP version from the PS Store for my PSP Go, does that mean I will miss out on the pre-order bonuses? What about those that get the digital version, how can they pre-order it?

  • Kotaku reported during Gamescom that LittleBigPlanet would be bundled with a turquoise PSP, though now I’m afraid I missed some implicit suggestion that the bundle is a Europe-exclusive. Say it ain’t so, Playstation.Blog!

  • Workshop of the Week:

    Our friends over at the LittleBigWorkshop have left some detailed step-by-step instructions on how to play the GOTY bonus levels online. Read up so you can experience these levels too!

    (Really I don’t see any thing on 18 bouns levels any were on there web site.) :(

  • excuse me i have a question. how much will little big planet psp cost?

  • Does the in-game image of a PSP vary depending on model?

  • Will there be a demo for the psp? If so when, and what will be in it (create mode for example)

  • I have a question reguarding Preorders.

    for those of us who went down the path of the PSP Go, are we out of luck with getting the preorder? or will you offer some way of us getting it?

  • a question? the PSP edition will have online multiplayer?

  • *Ahem* Is it possible to pre-order on the PSP Go, as my brother may get one, and will want the free costumes!

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