It Only Does UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves

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It’s an incredibly exciting time for PlayStation. We’re experiencing tremendous momentum on the new 120 GB PS3 and yesterday launched the PSPgo which press are touting as an “evolutionary step-up model” and “the most high-powered handheld video-game machine on the market.” And we haven’t even started talking about one of the most anticipated games this year, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, which is just around the corner.

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves is blowing everyone away. It is the best adventure yet from the Naughty Dog team and is well on track to be one of the best games of all time with a 97% rating on Metacritic and 14 perfect review scores. Some are saying that, “if this were a movie, it’d gross a couple hundred million dollars” (thanks GamePro), and many are calling it one of the year’s best action-adventure games. It’s probably an understatement when we say we’re excited for the release. And based on the pre-order numbers, we know many of you will be very busy on October 13.

In my earlier posts about our “It Only Does Everything” campaign, I mentioned that Kevin Butler won’t just be focusing on the PS3’s hardware superiority but would also be rolling out software specific advertisements. We’re excited to give you a sneak peak at the first of these spots, showcasing UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. In this next installment in our campaign, Kevin fields a “Dear PlayStation” question from a conflicted boyfriend facing the dilemma of telling his girlfriend that UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves is not actually a movie, but in fact, a game. We hope you enjoy what a lot of people here voted as one of their favorite spots in the campaign.

We’re only just getting warmed up for the holiday and still have a bunch more spots to unveil. Tell me what you think and get out and pick up this game! I’ll leave you with the quote from PlayStation: The Official Magazine, “Forget ‘game of the year.’ This is one of the best games of all time.”


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  • Keep these commercials coming. These are hysterical.

  • tell ya what peter, bury the PSP Go and never speak of it again and just give us more Uncharted. Then we’ll be happy ^^.

  • awesome, keep them coming, hopefully we’ll see much more

  • That was pretty good. This ranks up top for me with that creepy baby commercial aired during the PS3 launch.

    I also agree that there needs to be another stand alone Uncharted 2 commercial aside from this one. One that solely focuses on showing off the game. Kind of like that slow-mo orchestral trailer Naughty Dog released a couple of months ago.

  • Great commercials that cater to America’s more straightforward attitude with product advertisements. The dry humor definitely sells it for me.

  • Great ad! I only wish we got ones like this in EU. :-)

  • Peter and Sony, Do a Ratchet & Clank one too and EyePet.

  • Great ad. Though I personally think Uncharted 2 ads mostly should focus some awesome footage of the game with a narrator saying what an awesome adventure it’s going to be. Hell you could just any one of the game’s amazing trailers into an ad and that would get people’s attention. Just add ‘Only on PlayStation 3’ in the end. May be also toss in some of those perfect review scores for effect.


    but maybe show a little bit more gameplay if you can?

  • I had my copy of uncharted 2 pre-ordered at a game crazy store.

    recently it’s in the news that they are closing 200 stores, and all the stores in my state are closed. Since the store i pre-orderd from already closed it’s doors. I just have a useless gift card with my pre-order downpayment on it now.

    Is there any way now for me and others who wanted the game crazy pre-order bonus to still get our currency multiplyer?

    I want to pre-order it again now, but I’m unsure if i can get the pre-order bonus that I choose.

  • Peter Dille
    are you the person behind this? If so/or if not then this goes to who ever and the team, these ads are brilliant. I’m loving the humor you guys ad to these and they do send a great message to the consumers. Keep up the good work.

  • amazin ad guys

  • *applause*
    This is great stuff!
    Keep it up!

  • I love these!!! SO FUNNY!!

  • This is a GREAT commercial. Plain AWESOME.

  • wow are the comments getting more and more retarded or is it just me?

    @1 They never said ‘it only does Uncharted’. Tell me where it says that?.. And that argument is still retarded even if it did say that.

    This was a funny vid though!! I lol’d

  • Awsome Ad.

  • I snagged a bargain pre-order price from on Uncharted 2 because of a marketplace seller dropping their price to £31 and automatically matching it hehe… so, yes, for £31 I will definitely be picking up this game! Can’t effing wait either! Been dying to see more of Drake, Elena and Sully. ;)

    Just wish it wasn’t being released smack bam in the middle of all my essays!

  • sony you just keep getting better and better

  • Kevin Butler FTW

  • love the commercial me want me uncharted 2 already

  • Another terrific one. Good job guys.

  • haha i love this commercial, n i just looked on gamestop n i noticed that it must b selling a lot because they are now only limiting 2 per household.:}

  • It only does everything TV commercials are awesome.

  • Good commercial, can’t wait for Oct 13, but luckily I have some help (Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Demon’s Souls more specifically,) so it won’t be to hard to keep me from thinking about Uncharted 2.

  • “you can quote me on this one… Uncharted 2 is the best single player experience I have EVER had.” 5/5

    -Adam Sessler

  • These commercials are the best! Keep them up. The popcorn at the end had me rolf!

  • Awesome, looking forward to seeing it on tv.

  • I’ve never commented here before, but really had to say something about the 2nd line in your post “and yesterday launched the PSPgo which press are touting as an “evolutionary step-up model” ”
    1. ‘evolutionary’ is not good, it basically means a small step in a series of small steps.
    2. If you check the ‘review’ in USA Today that is linked, you’ll see that it’s not even a review, it’s just a guy re-writing a Sony press release. The writer even says in the replies “Thanks for reading, guys. And I did not get anything free for doing the story, BTW. I asked for Sony’s POV on the system. This is not a review. Obviously some of you don’t share that view.”
    PSP Go is a huge Dodo. And to address the rest of the Blog post, I will be buying Uncharted 2.

  • from beginning to end: it delivers…”my girlfriend thinks its a movie” which is true, because cutscnes/gameplay are top notch, then they use the word “epic” and to go along with that…at the end “Yeah, I’m going to file this under: not an issue.”

    where is the release date though?

    watched it five times already..just epic, we need an HD version of it…anyways, there is nothing mentioning the release date…sony always missing something, oh well i hope it makes people go to gamestop and ask for when it comes out…

  • LOL, wow, i agree with all the others. keep the commercials up… funny $h!t. lot better than dust balls and squirrels and lets not forget the crying baby…

    yea… i’m going to file this as not an issue.


  • You guys should put “Actual In Game Footage” at the bottom of this commercial. People won’t believe that the game actually looks that good.

  • Awesome

  • Show real PS3 gamers, have his mom come in with the popcorn thinking Uncharted 2 is a movie.

  • These are the best commercials since the Ratchet and Clank ones on the PS2.

  • Hey PS team, you guys are doing a great job. its nice to see Sony finally commercial and advertise their amazing systems. Ive had a PS3 from launch and its been sad to see the lack of presence in movies or TV (you see the 360 in every TV Show, movie and magazine). I just let to rest my PSP-1000 cause of my new PSPgo! w00t. Nice job you guys!

  • I LOVE YOU SONY! This is what IM TALKING ABOUT! Funny, get to the point, easy to understand, SHOWING THE GAME. This is just this, VERY GOOD! THANK YOU marketing. I now have faith in SONY again!

  • I love it

  • @67 It says it in the title of the blog entry, you know, the LINK that you CLICKED ON.

  • Very cool.

  • There’s nothing like overhyping a game to get initial sales…only to be met with disappoinment.

    This is reminding me of Assassin’s Creed more and more.

    Uncharted 2 cannot *possibly* be There’s nothing like overhyping a game to get initial sales…only to be met with disappoinment.

    This is reminding me of Assassin’s Creed more and more.

    Uncharted 2 cannot *possibly* be good because of superflous and trivial inclusions like Twitter, the pointless and unnessary inclusion of multiplayer and the gimped single player mode – due to the inclusion of pointless multiplayer.

    As a PS3 owner, I’m disappointed to see such poor quality games come out for the system.

  • I agree with roseofmayix– This ad actually disappointed me a little. It kind of looks like the only way you can get a girl to be interested in video games is to fool her into thinking it’s a movie. There are plenty of us girl gamers out there who are crazy excited for Uncharted 2 already, and I found it a bit demeaning. Because, you know, it’s not like maybe she’d like to play the game or anything. Everyone knows hot girls don’t play video games.

    I’d love to see an ad, though, that pushes the games to girl gamers by reminding us of the fact that Nathan Drake is completely gorgeous. Who says fanservice should only be for the guys?

  • Keep up the hilarious ads Sony, its marketing like this that makes people jealous I have a PS3. :)


  • Einhander138: Ignore the hype, go ahead. Meanwhile I’ll be enjoying Uncharted 2 and the amazing single AND multiplayer. One does not nullify the greatness of the other.

    Plus, you’d probably get your ass whooped in the game anyways…

  • Uncharted 2 for game of the Milena!

  • Millennium..haha damn spell check

  • @Einhander138, go back to your 360 and play your “gimped” HALO expansion pack. Don’t pretend you have a PS3 or something, loser is a loser.

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