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Hi everyone! We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new PSPgo and today it’s finally here. PSPgo is now available in “Piano Black” and “Ceramic White” at all major retailers in North America for $249.99 (MSRP). In addition to its sleek, pocket-sized design with sliding screen, the launch of PSPgo marks the first time in the industry that complete, full-length portable games will be available in an all digital format. With the strongest software lineup ever available on the PSP platform in 2009, there’s no better time to pick-up the sleekest, most portable handheld entertainment device on the market.

PSPgo with Rockband

When we launched the PSP-1000 in 2005, it was clear that there was a huge demand for not only a great portable gaming system, but a complete portable entertainment device. Since then, the PSP has sold more than 15 million units in North America and 53 million units worldwide – that’s no small feat! We’ve taken great strides to listen to your feedback and make improvements to the PSP system along the way, including a smaller, lighter form-factor (PSP-2000) and brighter, more vibrant LCD and built-in microphone (PSP-3000). Now, with the launch of PSPgo, we’ve taken the best portable handheld gaming device and made it even more suited for the mobile lifestyle.

To coincide with the launch of PSPgo, we’ll have a lot of great, new content available on the PlayStation Network . From highly anticipated first-party titles such as Gran Turismo and MotorStorm Arctic Edge to some of the best known franchises from our publishing partners, virtually all PSP titles going forward will be available on the PlayStation Store to download anytime, anywhere via Wi-Fi, your PC (via Media Go) or through your PlayStation 3. You’ll also have a huge number of new and exclusive game and video content to download from the PlayStation Store, including:

The recently introduced PlayStation Network Game Cards, which give you an additional option to purchase your favorite digital games at retail, will also be available starting today at participating retailers.

POSA card Gran Turismo POSA card MotorStorm Arctic Edge

In addition, the PSPgo system will have a number of peripherals available at retail to compliment your entertainment needs.

  • Memory Stick Micro M2 – Amp up your memory capacity and save even more games, videos, music and photos
  • Cradle – Dock your PSPgo system to charge it, sync content with your PC or use video-out to view on a big screen
  • Carrying Case – Store and protect your PSPgo system with stylish, durable carrying cases
  • Screen Protective Film – Save the ultra-crisp LCD screen from surface scratches
  • In-ear Headset – Listen to games, movies, and music with this premium quality headset
  • Use with DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller and Bluetooth Headset – Use PSPgo with these PS3 peripherals
  • AV Cables – Enjoy games and videos stored on your 16GB flash memory on the big screen
  • AC Adaptor and Car Adaptor – Charge your PSPgo at home or in the car

As we mentioned before, included with the PSPgo system is a voucher to download a starter version of MTV Games’ Rock Band Unplugged from PlayStation Store. You’ll also receive a demo of Patapon 2 pre-loaded onto the system’s memory, along with an interactive ESRB application that explains ESRB Ratings and Content Descriptors and provides instructional videos on how to setup the PSPgo’s parental controls.

We’re extremely excited for you to try out the newest addition to the PSP family. Don’t forget to update your firmware upon purchase to ensure your system has the latest and greatest. As always, let us know your thoughts and enjoy!

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  • wow x bx fans boy come a nd roll our beloved john koller.. I think that very un nessary.. when do we go on xbox 60 blogs and attack there people?/ You why we dont go there ?? HU becuase they dont a ny hand held systems . they ne they was making got called back it had a 45% fail rate ust like the xbox 360.. John koller is doing amazing marketing this guy leaderhip sold 50 million psp’s world wide in 4 years..15 million this year alone.. hell id love to have hm market for me… you guy must be dumb or stupid or xbox nhut huggers!!! The fact hve ben up for a while why not read them ppgo was preorder 2.5 million units before launch.. Thi guy john koller is no fluke..he knows his stuff. im glad we have him on sony team. ilook forward to see what other great marketing idea he has for the sony brand..

  • Traded my 2000 in with the few (4)UMDs i had and got a sweet new PSPGo for 50$ stop complaining about prices! there are so many ways to save money on this puppy, people just spend too much time complaining and not enough time thinking.

    Trade in a 2000/3000 and 3 UMDs at gamestop and they’ll give you 100$ towards the Go. work the system and you’ll be a happy camper!

  • Jeezus all you people do is complain. If you dont want a PSPgo, then get the 3000. Problem solved. Why does EVERYONE cry this generation? Its so sad. If the go is “missing” all these features, then its not for you, plain and simple. Move on.

  • @98 You get a free demo of Patapon 2 ~ wow!
    Epic fail! Small screen, High price, No UMD transfer, and no 2nd analog stick = no buy.

  • I would love one of these now that I’m traveling and WAITING a lot more but it costs way too much money for me.

  • @101 people should expect better and its suckers…. I mean customers like you that Sony prays for. Sucker up! be happy and go buy one.

  • @99

    Take your ritalin and pay attention in english class. YOU have no room to talk about other people being dumb or stupid.

  • I would upgrade today if the price wasn’t so ridiculous. The day one support is astounding, the new features (like tethering) are awesome, and the system itself is quite the desirable little pony. All of these features are desirable and downright attractive for current PSP gamers.

    Unfortunately, with no way to play my current games and without the FULL library available, I can definitely see why this is more feared towards the market that doesn’t already own a PSP.

    Interesting how that happened. This new device contains features every PSP gamer would love to have, but instead isn’t designed for PSP gamers. I feel kind of alienated, a feeling exacerbated by the really high cost of admission. I’m afraid this doesn’t do much to excite me. Actually, it just makes me wish I hadn’t supported the PSP brand as early as I did. I don’t like this feeling, and it’s all the more tragic because I feel like I shouldn’t feel that way, or, even more tragic, that my support wasn’t appreciated.

    How long will this device remain targetted to the “elite group with more disposable income than they know what to do with” and refocused towards the group that made the PSP a success by buying 53 million units worldwide?

  • Epic Faill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It doesn’t do enough for $250.

    Plus its so small. I’ll pass to save my hands.


  • Ok i just got my PSP GO and love it. The one thing that makes no sens is that there is no battery level in the system settings. Y is that?

  • i was thinking about the UMD -> digital copy and the multiple pspgo for one game… also i wonder if i should wait again for a smaller more GB model… but i still have the PSP-1000 and am in need of an upgrade :P but cereal, 50 dollars more i can get another ps3…

  • You guys are so not getting my money on this one. I’m going to keep my original PSP.

  • @65 RuthlessEd

    It would seem that on one of the more recent system updates, PSP game rentals are implied as ‘on the way’. Why else would we be able to now sort our games by ‘expiration date’?

    To play Devil’s Advocate here, the $250 launch price of the PSP-1000 in 2005 would be about $275 in today’s dollars. Are there enough positive differences to offset what we feel are negatives?

    UMD: I have this feeling that Sony is now hoping to call this format a fail. Not officially, of course, but movies didn’t take off, the hardware is cumbersome, and why should any company care about secondary sales they don’t profit from? Why can’t I get Windows 7 on 3.5/5.25/8 inch floppy disks?!

    Accessories: Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, and Apple have all made peripherals obsolete. Why can’t I use my HandyBoy with my AdvanceSP? It can play the same cartridges though! Sega 32x on the Nomad? HA! The four little button holes on the protective case for my 3rd Gen iPod block my view when I stretch it over my iPod Touch…poor thinking, Apple. Also, Microsoft didn’t consult me about the 360 – the forklift I bought to move my XBox around is gathering dust.

  • (continued)
    I’m going to give it time. My technophile gotta-have-it-at-launch ways have slowed down a bit. Did I get a PS3 slim? I twitched, but didn’t. Saved money and upgraded the drive on my old ‘ACTUALLY does everything’ 60gb. Will I get the PSP Go? Probably, later. Will I buy a physical copy of Gran Turismo PSP? Yes, sooner. Am I wondering when will Sony get around to writing good emulators for ALL PS1/PS2 titles, or should I wait for Bleemcast to resurrect itself as Bleemstation? THAT skeleton has got to be kicking around Sony’s closet, still.

    All that aside, the PSP Go is a NEW idea, and those old buggy whips aren’t necessary on this motorized horse-cart. I have to go yell at my NES-101 now for not having composite video out and the light gun not working on my plasma TV.

  • WAY overpriced.
    Great idea, terrible execution.

  • Reduce the minis games please the should be in a price range of 2.99-5.99 depending on the games more people would buy trust me.. And when I hear reduced price I run for my wallet and get what’s on sale about 50% of the time.

  • i dont care what no one says, john koller is a genuis marketer, those who say pspgo is to high priced, ok lets do amarkt review.. i phone is 600$.. zune 350$. nintendo ds or what have is what 250 when it launched.. its a fia price for this psgo .. the dam thing was supposed to 350-400$ thaks to john koller taking risk and putinghis job on the line its $250 with a free downloadable game and demo. yall yelling fail.. i thik nt it was preorder 2.5 million units before it even launched… the season guide has it selling 5 million units b4 jan 2010.. how is that fail?????Thi guy john koller know his stuff jus be glad he’s not a illegal pimp on your block he could sell yo momma arse and your arse and it see profit.john koller a n point with his marketing skill ..

  • Going to get mine now…I’m a huge gamer so even though im mad about the UMD not being able to be played,I still want one,but im also keeping my PsP 3000 because of 40+ disk games but also I like how you can download them and not worrying about losing games or taking time to change disks,I like how you can just play what you want then take 2 secs and go play something else.Ive had the black one,which is the first ever to come out and I paid 250 for that one as well,ive had a silver psp 2000 which i loved then I have my silver 3000 and finally I get my white one! Ive wanted a white PsP for some time now! Go sony!

  • Please give us a way to sort through all our digital content. I have right now 25 games/demos on mine and I have to scroll through the list to find stuff… Very annoying. Make it like the PS3 where we can add stuff to custom folders.

  • Anyone know when the USB camera will be available?

  • So the psp mini games are amazing! I could pay .99$ for one on the ipod, or for same exact game on the psp $5.99!!!

    Way to fail on the go even more Sony.

  • I bought one. But I’m a young, unmarried, childless, male with to much disposable income. And a tech junkie. And a sucker. I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to buy this, AT ALL.

    I’m a little surprised by the pricing of the digital copies on PSN. $40 for Motorstorm? It should be cheaper than in stores, your distribution and printing fees are none existent.

    I love the PS family, and I don’t feel any regret for getting a GO yet, please don’t disappoint me in the long run Sony.

  • Stop being haters i went out and got a psp go and i would have paid 300 for it thanks sony you guys rock

  • All i have to say is WOW. A smaller psp (psp go) and it’s 250. what a waste of money.

    Why does sony have to overprice their products all the time?

  • #126…

    Because they over-engineer them — but in all the wrong places.

    Sony is a company that is completely out of touch with their customers.

  • @mcbuttz78

    Or should I say Mr. John Koller. I don’t know where you live, but those are not the US prices for those devices now, nor at Launch. If you like it, that is all that matters, each person can and will have their own opinion. Yours is in favor of the device, others are not. You could at least debate the value of the device instead of Trolling Mr. Koller.

  • okay… so i got mine today

    pretty sweet

  • I’ve seen the regular PSP with a bigger screen for as cheap as $129 new so this is not worth it at all.

  • Sony, please make the Media Go software available for OS X

  • That reminds me Jeff I forgot to add Mac OSX version of Media Go software please. So add me to the list of people who want that feature.

  • I hope the Go does well, one thing that always held me from buying portable systems was that they were never really portable, with cartridges and discs for you to carry around all the time if you want to use them. Now it’s fully digital, but I’ll wait for a price drop. $250.00 for a portable device is way too much.

    It’s funny to see people crying about the death of UMD. The format sucked, get over it.

  • I’m gonna wait till the prices drop. To much only $50 less then the PS3 thats crazy.

  • Overpriced, I’m going to wait till it go down. I bought my PS3 for 750$, PSP for $350 and 360 for $600. I learned my lesson already….

  • I get why it’s an expensive device. But why the hell are the downloadable titles so expensive? A digital download should never be MORE EXPENSIVE than the physical copy. That’s just insane.

    Also, Tetris for $10? Really?

  • Is Dissidia Final Fantasy still coming to the PSP go?….I really hope so..

  • PSPgo is awesome I just picked up my White PSPgo today!

  • honestly it should be 200 but it would be worth it if it came with Gran turismo like in europe instead of this BS rockband
    lite which is just a scam to get people to buy the DLC

  • I will gladly pay 250 bucks for a PSP2 but for this COMMON SONY!!! WTF!!! Hurry up and release the PSP2 i will give you a break!!!(-_-)

  • okay everyone knows that new tech. costs more.Think of it this way You Pay $200 for a psp (3000) and you pay $250 for a psp go that has built in 16 gb of storage when the psp slim has only uses memory sticks. A 16 gb memory stick now is around $70;so your paying $270 for a psp slim that doesn’t have bluetooth and isn’t as portable as the go. Now we are going to the umd problem. If you have a large library just sell your old umds and buy the new downloadable version of the game.If its not on ps store then its probably a bad game.The 100 games that just came out is just a launch;there will be more old umds available later so don’t worry if your game isn’t already on there. hopefully crisis core and phantasy star will be available soon.I dont know why people are dissing this psp go so much.My personal opinion is that people don’t like change and Sony is just trying to stay technologically advanced by bringing the world into a new digital era. Sony is light years ahead and thats why there new tech. is expen. at first.Sony knows what there doing so just let digital evolution take its place!

  • I bougt one at 5pm today at the EB in the largest mall in town and I was the first PSP Go sale of the day.

    Its good to know I’m only one of a few idiots dumb enough to Spend $250 for something that isn’t worth a Dime over the Price of the PSP 3000.

    Hey Sony, when you realise how dumb you are and drop the price of the PSP Go $50 right quick, hows about giving the early adopter a $50 PSN credit?

  • Hmm let me see,

    PSPGo: $249.99
    PS3: 299.99
    Xbox 360: 199.99 or 299.99
    Wii: 199.99

    again, PSPGo: 2:49.99

    Honestly Sony, HONESTLY? Am I missing something? A sliding mechanism, HDD and weight loss is not worth $250. Get your act together. This is worse than a $600 PS3.

  • You know what’ll get me to buy this thing? An external UMD drive either sold separately or with the device, so customers can either rip games ,ply them straight from the drive, or use them as download vouchers. I’ve got a big UMD collection and I’m not so ready to let that go yet.

    And really, ten bucks for Tetris? I’m playing it for free on my computer right now :/

  • too much for that thing, even if it is good rather get a ipod touch!

  • If everyone is really concerned about rebuying their games, you can sell your games to Gamestop and then use the proceeds for PSN game cards. Not a perfect solution, but a workable one.

    I still don’t like the price, and it’s even more proprietary than the last PSP model released. Definitely a step backwards instead of a much-needed step forwards.

  • I’m defeinetly gettin one if these.. I haven’t fugured out when yet though

  • good work on the pspgo, I really like the design. I will enjoy my psp2000 for a while and get the GO sometime early next year for sure. Seriously, we need Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger on PSN now

  • I bought my PSP Go at Zellers today @ 1pm.

    I was the first one to buy the Go…and probably the only one of the day too. Do I feel like a huge sucker? OH YEAH. LOL

    What a total let us down…could have been…should have been. I wish I lived in Europe, must be better countries there as they get FREE GT PSP…

    As you can see Sony, PSP Go is a HUGE LAUNCH FAILURE.

  • Going to return my PSP Go tomorrow. Not worth the $250 price tag without the free GT bundled.

    Voucher for Rock Band Unplugged??? Too freakn hilarious…

    Sony North America and Europe…100% segregated.

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