Last Chance to Get into the UNCHARTED 2 Cinema Events

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We’ve been telling you about the UNCHARTED 2 cinema events for a while now, but now that they’re quickly approaching, we wanted to remind you that tickets are still available for the Tuesday, October 6 events taking place in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Check out the locations and links below to purchase tickets.

U2 Cinema Invite

We know we’ve also been lean on event details, so here’s some more information for those of you interested in attending.

  • Naughty Dog will be there to unveil a never-before-seen single-player level on the big screen.
  • Following that, select attendees will participate in an on-site multiplayer tournament that gives you the chance to win cool prizes, including the very coveted Fortune Hunter Edition.
  • Event also includes gift bags & raffle entry that for a chance to win lots of great prizes, from games to even more Fortune Hunter Editions.

So, if you’re in LA, SF, Seattle, or Chicago, come out to meet the Dogs, see UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves on the big screen, chow down on free food, and partake in the multiplayer tournament for your chance to win a Fortune Hunter Edition. Get your tickets now; space is limited!

MUVICO Rosemont
9701 Bryn Mawr Ave.
Rosemont, IL 60018
(847) 447-1030
Go to “Advance Sales” and click on “5:00 PM” under “Uncharted 2 Tournament”

MUVICO Thousand Oaks 14
166 W. Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(805) 496-5487

Lincoln Square Cinemas
700 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004-5046
(425) 450-9100

Landmark Embarcadero
One Embarcadero Center, Ste PL-1
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 267-4893
Select “Tue, October 6” as “Show Date” and click on “5:00 PM” next to “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves”

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  • Okay, the joining a multiplayer for this game sucks nuts. there needs to be a way to carry on the game on to the next map. instead of leaving and searching for a new game each and everytime. ’cause sometimes I wait 5-10minutes. which is not fun! Also, seriously.. I can empty a whole ak-47 clip in to someone standing still doing the same to me. And neither of us die. What is that?! HONESTLY?! and I’ve shot people in the head perfectly, even seen blood. And they don’t die.. until you hit them like 3 times in the head. Total crap. That stuff better get fixed in the actual game or I won’t be playing it online at all. At least in single player if you pop a guy in the head.. HE DIES!

  • @46

    All you need to do is look at who they’re letting win the FH Edition

    Anyone but Americans? No.

    Anyone outside of California? No.

  • @ Einhander138

    Well, it’s emiru69 not 46 but it’s ok. I understand your frustration trust me. I’m international student in the U.s.a. and I got excluded on some events for that reason. Either way saying “racist, xenophobic policies” it’s too much. Again just my opinion.

  • @49

    Too much? Not at all.

  • Sooo…When you guys coming to the DMV? (DC, Maryland, VA)

  • Canada is ignored once again.

    Can’t you pull something in light of Vancouver’s Olympics? Come put the shine on in Nuck’r land sometime!

  • i really want to go but the location is nowhere near where i am living, virginia.

  • I am a HUGE Uncharted fan, I’m calling dibs of everything from work thats about Uncharted 2 from posters, to key holders you put around your neck and even pre-ordered the game so I can access the multiplayer demo.

    Can’t wait for the release! I’m so excited!

  • I’m too lazy to drive up to LA from SD.

  • If only i lived in america.

  • I’m so glad I got my tickets to the show in Seattle. I live like 10 mins away they chose that theater because its one of the few in the area that uses the really nice digital projectors.

    I cant wait to get some awesome prizes..who knows maybe someone will score a copy of the game.

  • Wow mustbehiggy sounds really pissed. Well they must suck at the online game play, they must suck so bad that they have to blame Naughty Dog for sucking. And they really think that Naughty Dog is going to read that and say, ” Oh my God guys we really need to fix that problem or else Mr. Mustbearetard is not going to play online”. WRONG!! Uncharted received over 20 awards, 20! And a perfect score in almost ever game magazine and website, and you really think they are going to fix what you say is wrong in the game for one person? Ummmm NO they can’t fix the fact that you suck. How about giving them some damn respect and congratulate them on such an awesome game. They worked hard as hell on this game, I know the hard work it takes to make a game I went to school for most of the stuff. Don’t let me see your ass online in Uncharted 2, because I’m going to come after you and take you out and laugh at you after I do it. I can’t stand disrespectful jerks like that. Sorry Naughty Dog and Sony for some of the stuff I’ve said but I believe that people should have a little more respect for what you guys do.

  • awww man no nyc =(


  • will there be a chance for Canadians to win the fortune tellers edition ever?

  • S**T, i cant believe i just misspelled something so stoopid. fortune HUNTER edition****
    my bad >.<

  • wat about de east coast T.T

  • ya be nice 2 the canadians 2 its always the west coast u do stuff just because u guys r in california they dont have 2 be there to host the god dam event

  • @Einhander138

    You either need a hug or a swift kick…

    ND is doing some awesome promotions for their game and you start going on a tantrum because it’s not in your area. Grow Up.

    @ND You guys are doing some awesome promotions for your game, if I didn’t have to work I’d be making the trip to Chicago to be there!

  • no love for NYC? its only one of the most populated cities in the USA…

  • Oh anyone asking about guest I emailed the event and was given an answer saying that yes I can take a guest to the event. So if you don’t believe me email them asap to get their word.

    I will be printing my email to be sure my friend can get in the event.

  • this is by far one of the cooler things sony has done, great way to promote an uber awesome game that no ps3 owner should be without. I really hope i win a fortune hunters edition (goin to the seattle one, i live in tacoma) i cant wait to check out the new single player content, but im for sure bringin my a-game. Must… have… fortune hunter edition… ugh…

  • Going to the Bellevue event. I’ll be the one in the Uncharted 2 shirt. Now, I’m not staff. :) As for all you whining about the East Coast, I lived there most of my life before I wised up and moved to where all the action is, the glorious West Coast. Just be happy you are getting PAX in Boston next year!

  • These guys are incredible…the graphics they use are out of earth…if the first Uncharted was great, i just can´t wait to see this one…

  • @Einhander138:
    Perhaps you missed the prior blog post that said this was all from Sony’s US marketing division, and it’s up to marketing departments for other territories to do their job.

  • That said, I too would like to know more about the Fortune Hunter Editions. I thought there was going to be info posted on the blog about how we could win them, but I’ve yet to see anything, and I think I’ve been following it fairly diligently.

  • Please post soon how to win it on this blog. The east coast already got screwed because all these events are practically unreachable. Then you screwed us and made us reserve at terrible gamestop to get the early demo, and that just came out last week anyway on psn. What is up on how to win it on here or home. This marketing scheme you have going is retarded.

  • @77:
    I do agree the way this FH Edition is behing handled is terrible. I live in New Mexico and would never have expected a showing here, but to omit the east coast seems remiss, and the dearth of information surrounding the FH Editions seems like it was just some sort of tease to get everyone all frothed up. I’m glad I didn’t bother with the voluntary rape that is Gamestop (already had it pre-ordered months ago on Amazon, so those of us patiently waiting all this time have been neglected along with the regional folks), since that seems like it was all a waste anyway. I wouldn’t go so far as Einhander138 and boycott the game or company, but I do have to admit this has dampened my enthusiasm.

  • @75 – It’s nice and easy to pass the buck, isn’t it?

  • Unchated should com out with a level maker,and some map packs

  • Hello!
    I’m working the uncharted 2 event.
    Is there anyone here that is also working the uncharted 2 event on Oct 5th and 6th.
    Was hoping I can carpool at the end of the day with anyone that lives in the L.A. area.
    I live close to hollywood.

    Please,get back to me @

  • @ Delriach,

    where do you live,
    Do you think I can carpool with you afterwords.

  • Wait, you’re charging us for entrance? jeez

  • So since you are giving away FHE at this, is there any way us Canadians can enter to win a FHE?

  • can i bring a guest with me.(who does not have a ticket).

  • I, too, have been playing the demo for a chance to win FHE… but I’ve no idea what to do, except play every spare minute that I have (which has so far not worked). Also no details about how to win on the Blog or Home that I have seen.

    I had not been in Home since the Beta until FHE was announced… but no details on what to do yet… so still waiting… like everyone else who has said the same thing… :)

  • I hate everyone who got the copy early… I hate them so badly… and I hate more the people who got the awesome package of U2…

    I this sucks… 1 more week…

    I hope everybody is enjoying the game though…

  • Thanks for letting us know that plus 1 guests get nothing Naughty Dog. I had a lot of fun taking the day off from work on Monday and driving to Rosemont, IL. all the way from Wisconsin to not be able to participate in said raffles, competition or get the game as the host stated that everyone in the theatre would be getting one, which wasn’t true. Thanks for the t-shirt, though. Awesome.

    I won’t be buying this game any longer.

  • @AlbertWesker23
    Are you serious??? It sucks that you weren’t able to participate in the raffles and competitions but you’re upset about not getting a game that NO ONE had any idea was going to be given out? Wow, you had extremely high expectations.

  • Heading to the event tonight. Hope it’s not just getting a chance to see and play it on the big screen. I can do that at home. Not expecting any swag but I hope all the bullet points hold true for tonight as well!

  • I wonder if tickets are still available for the LA area event….

  • @shagino

    I was expecting to participate in something to try and win or be involved at least. I’ve been a pretty loyal fan to Naughty Dog up until now and I wish they had given a little more details regarding what the second person on the ticket entailed. I didn’t try to win a ticket because I wanted to allow another fan and his/her friend to go and participate, but I suppose that’s my fault.

    I wouldn’t have taken the time off from work from yesterday and today due to the late night and driven really far, if I had known that I wouldn’t be able to participate at all. The only purpose for the second person being on the ticket is basically for kids to take their parent or guardian along.

    Therefore, I’m not going to be playing Uncharted 2 and I’m giving my copy of Uncharted 1 to the kid next store. I’m out. I have no hard feelings against you and I hope you get a free copy tonight with your ticket, but I’m personally very disappointed that I went to so much trouble for nothing.

  • @AlbertWesker23

    I can understand that. It does suck to be there and basically not be able to participate in any of the events. I thought you were more upset about the free game than the other parts. I would have done the same with a friend if we would have got in. No sense in taking 4 tickets when you only need 2.

    Agreed about the details, neither event seems to have much details at all. Some people seem tonight is just getting a chance to play it. I hope not, I can do that at home. I doubt I’ll their giving out the game tonight but I hope the raffles, tourneys, and such are happening.

  • @shagino

    I think you might actually get a copy because I recall one of the staff saying something about having to keep enough on hand for today’s event.

    I’m certain that you’ll be in the tournament and able to participate in the raffles as the event schedule should probably be pretty much the same.

    I hope you have fun tonight and good luck.

  • Can someone answer this: Did the event start at 5pm or 6pm?

  • @SanFranPsycho415:

    Guess we show up at 5 and see what happens!

  • I hear ya Wesker, that really sucks that they didn’t specify that guests got squat.

    While I think it’s cool that Sony & Naughty Dog gave out free copies at last night’s event, it is kind of a slap in the face that the “common people” event which isn’t free isn’t going to include that surprise bonus.

    It’s not like I would expect to get a free copy after paying $15 for a ticket, but it’s the fact that all the press and folks who aren’t truly dedicated fans got a free copy and attended for free, while fans, who are willing to pay $15 to attend an event, won’t be receiving the same treatment.

    That just kind of rubs me the wrong way, seeing as other studio events hosted for games like Lost Planet and Resistance 2 have been free to attend in the past if you were willing to wait in line.

    I suppose this sheds some light on the extreme lack of details regarding the difference between the events on the 5th and 6th. Either way, I’ll still be checking it out tonight, but I don’t feel as hyped as I did when I first bought my tickets.

  • I know what you mean about the press. My friend’s team came in second place last night. One of his teammates was a member of the press who’d never played Playstation before. My friend played awesomely, but if you get stuck with people who don’t know what the heck they’re doing, you’re screwed.

    As we were leaving we overheard one of the winners bragging about how he’s going to put his Fortune Hunter Edition on ebay as soon as he gets it. Awesome. Another guy was pleading that his brother won a ticket but didn’t show up so he should be entitled to a free copy of the game because of his brother’s ticket. That’s when I overheard that they needed to conserve the copies for the next day, so hopefully you get a surprise and get a copy of the game.

    I just wish I got the opportunity to participate and have fun at the event since the ticket was for two people. Naughty Dog wasted my time yesterday and I’m kind of angry about it.

  • Following that, select attendees will participate in an on-site multiplayer tournament that gives you the chance to win cool prizes, including the very coveted Fortune Hunter Edition. Event also includes gift bags & raffle entry that for a chance to win lots of great prizes, from games to even more Fortune Hunter Editions. So, if you’re in LA, SF, Seattle, or Chicago, come out to meet the Dogs, see UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves on the big screen, chow down on free food, and partake in the multiplayer tournament for your chance to win a Fortune Hunter Edition. Get your tickets now; space is limited!”

    After finding tickets for the theater, I was hesitant. I was paying $16 to play in a tournament for a game that hasn’t been released yet, and had absolutely no way of guaranteeing I would receive anything other than some possible swag. After some reluctance, I picked up three tickets for two friends and myself.

  • We carpooled the 20 miles out of the way and made it to the theater at 4:30. I was hungry. I didn’t want to pay for food, though- after all, I had already paid for my dinner. After getting our real tickets from the print out I brought, we proceeded to kill time- for one hour and fifteen minutes. They didn’t start letting people in until 5:30, and the last of the stragglers made it in sometime by 5:50.

    Once inside, an MC greeted us with 10 PS3 kiosks set up behind him. He told us it was single elimination, 5 versus 5 deathmatches, and that between rounds they would raffle off 23 prizes, including 20 copies of Uncharted 2 and 1 PS3 slim. That sounded great.

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