Crossing the Finish Line: Gran Turismo for PSP Launches Today

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Hello Everyone,

It’s been four months since we officially took off the car cover on Gran Turismo for PSP at E3 back in June, and Gran Turismo makes its big debut on the PSP today. Thanks to all the dedicated GT fans for the support!

Those of you who have already downloaded it from PSN or bought it at your local retailer already know that Gran Turismo delivers an unrivaled and authentic racing experience on the PSP, not to mention a massive collection of 800+ cars. Polyphony Digital specifically designed the game for the PSP, with more accessible gameplay modes and more social gaming-oriented multiplayer racing. Gran Turismo breaks a lot of new ground, both technologically in terms of hardware performance, as well as in terms of bringing innovative new features to the Gran Turismo series that are tailored for gaming on the go.

Gran Turismo PSP box

By the way, thanks for your positive feedback on our Gran Turismo TV commercial. The TV shoot itself was so exciting that we just had to create a Behind the Scenes video to show you how we captured the competition between the Corvette ZR1 and Gran Turismo on the PSP at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The video features interviews with director Jeff Zwart, as well as Rhys Millen, driver of the ZR1, and Tanner Foust, passenger playing the PSP. Tanner is used to driving at fast speeds as a famed drift and rally champion, but had to adjust to playing the PSP while being thrown around by Rhys’ driving. My favorite part of the day was driving in that camera car you see in the video, especially down the corkscrew!

I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes video and the TV commercial as much as we all enjoyed making them.

Don’t forget that you can get a red Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren to add to your in-game car collection in this month’s episode of Qore, for a limited time only. One car down, more than 800 left to go! And all the cars you unlock in the PSP version can be transferred over to Gran Turismo 5 when it comes out.

Happy racing!

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2 Author Replies

  • Poor game.

  • Already have my copy of the game!

  • I have the game :D

  • Is it real or is it GT?

  • Gran Turismo PSP is one of the best racing games on any portable device, if not the best, and yet it receives such hate from critics and consumers for no reason except that the game is now more portable as its made for a portable device.

    Way to go, humanity!

  • What about the damages?

  • it looks good, but not too into Realistic Driving games.

  • What’s gonna be the pain on the wallet?

  • @5

    It’s only been criticised for lacking a campaign mode. Now most reviewers are going to EXPECT a campagin mode in a portable game, because that’s what portable games offer.

    You can say it was made just for playing briefly on-the-go, but when EVERY OTHER racing game on PSP offers quick race AS WELL AS a full campaign mode, GT PSP falls flat on features.

    I like to have a sense of progression in my games. There’s a reason that story-based games are made for PSP, and that’s because people ARE willing to put the time in to progress through the story.

    How lame would most of your favourite shooting games be if they consisted purely of context-less arena battles? We need a sense of progression to keep us playing and interested. That’s why GT PSP is a little disappointing.

  • I just came back from picking my copy up.

  • Very disappointing you stiffed Canadians on the GT PSP pre-order bonuses. Why no pre-order goodness in Canada???

    • Stephanie Yoshimoto

      Hi TurismoM3,

      We actually had pre-order programs at
      Amazon, EB Games, and Best Buy/Future Shop in Canada, with the same cars as the US retail counterparts.

      You can still get an in-game car through PSN or Qore.


  • @6: $39.99 at Best Buy. I saw it at lunch today.

    My question is why the old box art, the Playstation branding, on the retail boxes?

  • I just got back form GameStop. Played 2 races in the store before I left.

    The game looks and handles great, and I love the pickup and go set up. Those 2 races only took about 6 minutes. Even with the lack of a career mode I highly recommend this to everyone looking for a high quality portable racing sim.

    @ #9 Aspherex

    “We need a sense of progression to keep us playing and interested.”

    I understand what you are saying but for me collecting all of these cars is enough knowing that I am building my garage for when Gran Turismo 5 comes out.

    • Stephanie Yoshimoto

      Thanks for the feedback Jimmy903. Yes, you will be the envy of your friends when Gran Turismo 5 comes out with all the cars you unlock in Gran Turismo.

  • This game is awesome!!!!

  • Why is the UMD version the same price as the downloadable version?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

  • A digital copy/code should have been bundled with the PSP go.

  • Is it “digital only” or UMD based?

    I hope is UMD, if not I will wait till GT5 for the PS3

  • It’s a PLAYSTATION portable. Why else would they brand it PlayStation???

  • My Bugatti Veyron 16.4 pre order download code is not working.

  • @17,

    Yes, it’s UMD and download. The image in the above post is the UMD package.

  • @15

    To satisfy the retailers. Thats why they are the same price.

  • Go Go
    Go Go

  • Is there going to be a demo? And how does the game handle on the original PSP-1000? I still have a 1000 and I’ve heard the analog control on the 2000 and 3000 PSPs are better than the 1000. I’d at least like to try out a demo.

  • First announced at the Sony Press Conference at E3 on May 11, 2004 -> Finally a reality on Oct 01, 2009…whew! the wait is finally over.

  • I bought it this morning, agree with the reviews. Graphics are great, need to get more time in with it.

  • I’m downloading this tonight!

  • I just called GameStop and got another code. Still not working. WTF?

  • i wish the ps3 version was here already :(

  • Just got off of the phone with Sony customer service, they told me that the item is not available yet.

    Please get someone on this.

  • GT5 for the PS3 – Please no BIG game installs :-/

    Lookin good GT-PSP tho guys. Nice:)

  • Its live now. Thanks.

  • Its live now. That was quick, thanks.

  • No, seriously guys!? Why is this game $39.99 on the PSN? It should be cheaper when I dont have the box/manual/UMD to go with it.

  • Why are games that are delivered digitally costing the same as games that are delivered physically? There is no shipping, there is no box cost, there is no middle man (the store) earning their share of the money and there is no stamping cost of the UMD’s. If the digital version is not cheaper then the physical you are actually paying the same amount of money for less of a product.

  • Bad outing.

    30 cars tweakable in your garage. Remove one from your hearts, you lose your tweaks.

    800 cars that are mostly going to be clones but in a different color.

    License tests that are useless.

    Random dealer by day system.

    Yeah, it’s good for nothing more than collecting cars via CWCheat to import into GT5.

  • @Aspherex (#9)

    Well, there’s a progression, and there are a lot of challenges present in the game. The game simply doesn’t lack anything that other portable racers have; it only lacks a feature that the main Gran Turismo series have on CONSOLES. Now that the game is on a handheld, people should look at it differently as the game is not a sequel.

    I have to say though; Sony also should be blamed for the low scores it received. Why? Well, because they didn’t tell anyone that the game lacks a career mode until the day we saw the reviews. I think the lack of that mode took most of the reviewers by surprise, and if they had known it before like most of us now, it wouldn’t be a surprise and most of them probably wouldn’t be that disappointed.

  • Ok, so just got done running the Bugatti in New York. This car can move, 200 plus MPH and the frame rate was flawless.

    Unbelievable smoothness for such a detailed hand held racer. Great job Polyphony Digital.

  • I’m gonna get this game soon! Too bad europe gets it for free…

  • @ #35 Sekoku

    Way to spout off a bunch of crap that you read on the internet.

    I am telling you right now, pay attention and listen, This Game IS The Best Portable Racing Game I Have Ever Played!

    The 800 cars have a ton of variety, different makes of different models from different years. From the ZR1 on the cover to Jay Leno’s Tank Car, its all there. Then you can start talking about color. I have been playing for the past hour and can tell you that you have no idea.

  • going to pick this up after work!

  • @9
    “How lame would most of your favourite shooting games be if they consisted purely of context-less arena battles?”

    But that’s EXACTLY WHAT PEOPLE WANT, as will be evidenced in November when they get MW2, and then again in January when they DON’T get MAG. People…are…stupid. And the reason for the hate is the PSP Go!’s price. If the GO! was $150, GT would be a 10/10 game. But just like the early days of the PS3, the games get a bad rap through the sour grapes of cheap gamers. Get used to it. Gamer routinely steal EVERTHING. Movies, games. They hack and mod. They feel like “If it’s digital, it’s free.”. And essentially, they can’t be stopped. Well, I don’t feel sorry for them one bit because THEY are the ones that drive up prices. WE have to pay for thieves. You all have just been educated.

  • Canadians were under-informed. You guys promised to update us, and the info was never officially released.

  • Hi Stephanie, thanks for your reply. The retailers her are not aware of any pre-orders as of yesterday. I checked. I did pre-order at EB Games & I’m going to pick it up now. I will report back, maybe the codes are inside the box.

  • I just got an email from Sony saying if we purchased GTPSP from PSN we would get the 2009 Nissan GTR as a car, how do we go about getting this?

  • guys, Home is freezing at the log in screen every time I go on since the update, please fix!

  • Ok, I knew I smelled extra content from the video. AHahaha. Wonderful shoot and tidbits. Got my copy and now it’s GoTime with me 1001.

  • Yeah, when do we get the Nissan GTR?

  • @42

    Kyle Moffat FTW…he only drops in once a year…he’s busy.

  • What en excellent game, typical GT! Anyone who says the contrary is just plain wrong.

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