Crossing the Finish Line: Gran Turismo for PSP Launches Today

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Hello Everyone,

It’s been four months since we officially took off the car cover on Gran Turismo for PSP at E3 back in June, and Gran Turismo makes its big debut on the PSP today. Thanks to all the dedicated GT fans for the support!

Those of you who have already downloaded it from PSN or bought it at your local retailer already know that Gran Turismo delivers an unrivaled and authentic racing experience on the PSP, not to mention a massive collection of 800+ cars. Polyphony Digital specifically designed the game for the PSP, with more accessible gameplay modes and more social gaming-oriented multiplayer racing. Gran Turismo breaks a lot of new ground, both technologically in terms of hardware performance, as well as in terms of bringing innovative new features to the Gran Turismo series that are tailored for gaming on the go.

Gran Turismo PSP box

By the way, thanks for your positive feedback on our Gran Turismo TV commercial. The TV shoot itself was so exciting that we just had to create a Behind the Scenes video to show you how we captured the competition between the Corvette ZR1 and Gran Turismo on the PSP at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The video features interviews with director Jeff Zwart, as well as Rhys Millen, driver of the ZR1, and Tanner Foust, passenger playing the PSP. Tanner is used to driving at fast speeds as a famed drift and rally champion, but had to adjust to playing the PSP while being thrown around by Rhys’ driving. My favorite part of the day was driving in that camera car you see in the video, especially down the corkscrew!

I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes video and the TV commercial as much as we all enjoyed making them.

Don’t forget that you can get a red Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren to add to your in-game car collection in this month’s episode of Qore, for a limited time only. One car down, more than 800 left to go! And all the cars you unlock in the PSP version can be transferred over to Gran Turismo 5 when it comes out.

Happy racing!

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  • Overall I LOVE THIS GAME!! GOt it this morning, Just like any other canadian… I PRE-ORDERD and did NOT get a code!! They knew nothing about it!!! I Got mine at EB Games!!! O Well, glad I subscribe to core!! I alredy bought my fav car! GT-R!! WOW $8 Milion for the F2007!!! WTF!! lol Im already at $1.2 Million!

  • Gran Turismo without a career mode is like a garden without flowers, a desert without sand, an ocean without water or my fridge without beer.

    It just does not make any sense.

  • Hey Jeff any plans to publish that interview with KY you had around TGS or is it now on the back burner? Also I was wondering will GTPSP get updates like other PSP games (not DLC but patches etc)? Another question, if I download the title can I delete and re download it as many times as I want or is their a limit?

  • @11 & @43

    Hi Stephanie, back from EB Games here in Victoria, BC. EB Games did not get any pre-order codes & there is not one in the box. As a long time GT & Sony fan I’m very disappointed. :(

  • I’m sure this will defenitely help shift some PSP’s. There are people literally gagging for a GT right now lol, anything to maintain until the big one hits.

  • I honestly don’t know what some of the review sites were thinking with their scores.

    After playing it I can tell you that if you love GT then you will love this. Yes it lacks a GT style career but there is still progression through the ranks on each course. In addition to that, just collecting cars and driving all the tracks is going to last a true racing fan a considerable amount of time, regardless of a full career.

    They should have reviewed it as a PSP version rather than expecting what GT5 will offer when that is released.

  • I think it’s only fair that being at the MAZDA raceway that you drove the Furai, 787B, RX-7, RX-8, or any other rotary powered car. :-P

  • Release GT% already….

  • cool, i might get this today… how many GBs is it?

  • lol this game has been pretty destroyed by critics… probably why GT5 was delayed

    Polyphony needs to realize that pretty cars doesn’t make a video game… it makes a commercial

  • Also in Canada here and didn’t get any code for my pre order. Only one I got was from Qore. Can you guys look into this Please?

  • Where is my carrier mode???????????? My GOD what a let down!!!!!!! Please release GT5 already!!!

    At least i can collect some cars:)

  • career mode???? ups sorry!!! haha lol

  • im gonna download this game its looking good and with 800 cars i can never get bored this is the ultimate racing game

  • You people who want a career mode just cant be die hard fans.

  • The psp go is so awesome !!

  • I actually downloaded this this afternoon. I love that I can just RACE without the need to go through the convoluted career system. No offense to anyone who liked it, but I am more of a “get-to-the-point” person. Also, people talked about needing vouchers for the download, but when I clicked to download after purchasing, the bonus car was just included on the download list. Maybe I misunderstood the people in the forums and they were talking about the in-store preorders.

  • This is great! I have three gold medals already. So nice to have a new spiffy looking GT. Thanks!


  • On a positive note, this is the best PSP game ever. It is truly awesome, & super fun too. Start collecting cars for the next 6 months until Gran Turismo 5. Great job PD. Now get to work on finishing GT5, we are waiting….

  • Waited 4 years for GT PSP and finally its here!!!

    Unfortunately, can’t afford to buy GT PSP having paid a HEFTY premium for the PSP Go…ouch Sony. Will return the PSP Go tomorrow and then have the money to buy a latte and also dream about our European friends playing their free GT PSP on their new PSP Go.

  • So getting it!

  • This game completely blows!!! A friend of mine bought it tonight along with a PSP 3000 and the game SUCKS!! Where to start?? First, no online play….HELLO!! This is the 21st century Sony!! You can’t pull crap like this and expect people to bow to you! Second, you have everything unlocked at the beginning (no career mode) so you pretty much finish the game as soon as you start it. All you do is drive some 800+ cars which are in fact like 100 different models with 700 variations of those models……The game is 4 years too late and it is a complete disappointment! DO NOT buy this piece of crap! Trust me take your $40 somewhere else!

  • Hi Stephanie, i would like to point out that there where no pre order bonuses for canadian retailers in place, i have checked with all of them,, eb games, futureshop/bestbuy etc (including their respective websites)… Not one of them where able to verify what you mentioned let alone had any knowledge of any such promotion. Perhaps there was some sort of miscommunication amongst sony canada? Please let us know as soon as you are able to look into and find an answer since i, and many other canadians, do not no how much longer we can wait :)!

  • ^in case anyone is wondering, i am addressing the special veyron/enzo/countach/gt by citroen. I already know that the special gtr is available through download over psn as well as the special slr through qore.

  • I preordered from Best Buy didn’t recieve my car. Tried contacting customer service they don’t show the promotion and don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • Cool trailer.

  • I picked the game up last night from GameStop with my Veyron code (I still hate GameStop though) and I am loving it. I didn’t put it down until 11:30 PM. By the way, thank whoever made the call to add a real-time clock to the race HUD. If not for that I would have been playing until 1:00 AM or later.

    In all honesty, the lack of career mode is not noticed due to other design changes. The challenges are plenty, and the calendar system means that just because a car is available it doesn’t mean you can get it.

    I even brought my PSP with me to work so I could play it in my car on breaks, with the audio hooked up to my six speaker (VW) stereo’s axillary port. Nice. :)

    This is a great game and now I can’t wait until GT5.

  • where da heck is my GT-R voucher from PSN?

  • Still need to drive of my LIFE!!!!!!!!! ;-) LOL

  • The UnREAL Driving SIMULATOR!!!!!!

  • It’s really unfortunate that Canadians and Americans have been treated like 2nd class citizens by Sony of America. It really is disappointing to see this unfair treatment. If anything, the PSP Go has turned many long time supporters of Sony products completely away.

  • I got to play a friend’s copy earlier. It made me drool. I know a ton of people don’t like that there’s no career mode, but I’m fine with it. A good game is a good game and this one is perfect for when I’m on the move. It’s on my “to buy” list within the next few months.

  • how do I get the pre-order car for download, I got it October 1st and it’s an amazing game

  • I dont know why some people are getting mad about this game. READ THE BACK OF THE CASE BEFORE YOU BUY IT! It tells you info you wanna know! How many players, if it has online / ad-hoc, etc. Then I take it there is another bunch that does not know.. THE CARS YOU BUY / GET IN GT PSP YOU CAN BRING THEM OVER TO GT 5 WHEN IT COMES OUT!!!! Thats what I love about this game!!

    **** EASY MONEY ****
    TEST COURSE @ RANK S and drive the SPEED 12 for 2 LAPS = $150K !!!!

  • I have had an awful lot of faith when it comes to Polyphony. Having known virtually nothing about the PSP game, other than getting an email from Sony Wednesday Night telling me the game was available on the 1st, I freed up space on my memory stick and downloaded Thursday afternoon. My faith is NOT shaken! I deleted the Dissidia demo along with Dead Head Fred, and DL’d GT.

    As for the voucher, I didn’t get anything of the sort. After my purchase of GT, I had 2 downloads on my screen: GT, and the Nissan. For those who still have an issue, maybe check the PSN and look at your downloads list? Maybe it’ll show it available now?

  • i did the test to get the red mercedes benz slr mclaren, after getting the code i entered it in my playstation store on my psp and it tells me it’s either invalid or been used before. so i did the test again and got a new code, but i got the same reply. any help?


    no GT career mode… 800 cars that the only good thay do is transfer them to GT5 that no one knows when its being released yet im seriously disapointed you went from prologue a friggin $60 demo that was launched almost along side the PS3 to GT PSP and i really dont care about either all i want is GT5 it better be worth all the wait and disapointment if GT psp has 800 cars there had better be like 1500 on GT5 specally being on those large capacity blu-ray’s

  • When is the “Ask Your Questions to Kazunori Yamauchi” feature going to hit the PlayStation Blog?

    It’s been ages since the TGS ended. ;)

  • I don’t have a credit card so I purchased Gran Turismo at Best buy via the Playstation Network Game Card. Now Sony tells me I don’t get the PSN gift (2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V) b/c I used a voucher to download the game. WTF?!?! Way to screw your loyal customers Sony! That is the last PSN game I ever buy. The only reason I bought the PSN version was for that car. Hope the PSPGo is a complete failure b/c I’ll be playing only UMDs on my PSP-3000 from here on out.

  • So I bought GT with a woucher from gamestop and it doesn’t get my the 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V. this is stupid

  • Now that I know what the Car Data Transfer is for, I have 2 questions about it.

    does this mean GT5 will be missing this cars/will this be the only way to get alot of these older cars?

    another odd question, will we ever get a new cars for the game? because to be honest, having only 1 new Chevrolet (ZR1) is a huge letdown. i dotn wanna play GT4 portable, this isnt 2004 folks.

    you could add the turbo Cobalt, the new Camaro, even a “concept” C6.R ALMS GT2 Corvette would be awesome, but, we got shafted with only 1 new chevy..

    and why is there no Pontiac Firebird Trans Am?? MEOW! just slap a new skin on the 2000 Camaro SS and it’d be the same car(cause it is)

  • where do i get my pre order car from?

  • does anyone know were to get the pre order car from i pre ordered it from eb games

  • Dude, seriously not cool. I preordered the go and GT was the first game I downloaded for it. I used a PSN card to buy it, and didn’t get my GT-R either. I still paid full price for the game, Sony. I want my blue GT-R!

    Oh well, half-price NIS titles makes up for that. Too bad Disgaea 2 wasn’t included in the sale…

  • I disagree with most of the ‘fanclub’ here. Many people don’t have a console and in fact do play their portables for great lengths of time. I do have a copy of GT on the PSP and it has fantastic game physics and the challenges will take ages to complete.

    Why they didn’t put in a GT mode or at least some championships is beyond me. Many of their competitors have similar games and are virtually identical to their console versions eg. Race Driver series. The fact that many users have waited for years to see this title has left them with a bad taste in their mouth after the final game Sony has offered.

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