Qore Episode 17 – Featuring Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, EyePet, Blur and Borderlands

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With the return of Ratchet & Clank later this month, the October episode of Qore features a loveable Lombax, a precious pet, reckless racing and wasteland wanderers.

Is Ratchet truly the last Lombax in this universe? Can he locate and rescue his buddy Clank? The storyline that began in 2007’s Tools of Destruction reaches an epic conclusion in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Veronica Belmont visits Insomniac Games to step into Ratchet’s shoes…err…actually, his gravity boots.

At this year’s E3, SCEA impressed the audience with a demonstration of the upcoming PS3 motion controller, but there is yet another innovation on the way: the EyePet! Audrey Cleo meets her new virtual pal and demonstrates how PS3 technology could change the way we interact with games in the future.

Bizarre Creations is returning to its roots to rev up the racing genre with imaginative power-ups, weapons, and a distinctive multiplayer component. We take BLUR for a test drive to see what sets it apart from the crowd.

What do you get when you blend the RPG and shooter genres, add intense co-op action and a groundbreaking content generation system, and coat it with a cell-shaded “concept art” style? You get Borderlands—the new title from Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox Software. Qore visits the Dallas, Texas studio to learn more about their unique creation.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 2003

To celebrate the release of Gran Turismo for the PSP, we’re offering all Qore subscribers and purchasers a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren ’03 in an exclusive red color to download and use with the game on any PSP system. We’ve also got an exclusive Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time PS3 theme and an exclusive UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves PS3 theme for download.

Look for Episode 17 tomorrow.

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  • wow. boring!
    well, my sub is almost up and i wont be renewing. qore really doesnt offer anything that i cant already get on the net. i dont care about behind the scenes, the free games are terrible, the beta’s are few and far between and the themes are junk. the main reason i subscribed is because it was said that we’d get exclusive beta’s. most of the beta’s i have been in have not been through qore. a couple from qore i got into before qore even gave them out. if there was more on offer then i’d keep it. but it just isnt value for money. the only part of qore that i look forward to is Veronica and thats a pretty lame excuse to renew isnt it…
    thanx anyway sony. let us know when you make it worth the $’s and the data.

  • Well, I will be happy whenever I get my MAG beta code. Still haven’t received mine.

  • only thing that I was is that they would add something like an auto downloader for quore or something to make it easier to download quore I have 211 items in my download list and I only had the ps3 for about a year now its pain to search though all of it to download the new ep

  • Give us something more to download…this year so far I recall only getting the MAG beta as any real tangible good download. Themes do NOT cut it. Where’s the games???

  • Why am I paying to see the same exact videos ive seen elsewhere? “top 10 ratchet and clank weapons” (I believe was on playstation blog) Also similar developer interviews that again have been seen on this blog. What happened? Its not the games, Im looking forward to the new ratchet and clank. In the past you have done interviews with DJs for street fighter. I didn’t care for the game but I enjoyed the interview. Going on location to the filming of the Motor Storm tv commercial, amazing! Last months Qore was good and I thought for a moment maybe, just maybe, that things like going to Lucus Ranch, to go where other interviews can not, was the new direction of Qore. I was wrong. :( This months Qore episode seems thrown together (literally copy and paste). Please Qore, if you continue to recap the same info found on playstation blog I will not renew my subscription. I just renewed so you have some time to buy me back and I dont care about freebies. Freebies are just flare, I watch Qore for entertainment.

  • Eyepet looks cool! So many games coming out this month. Dang cash is going to be tight.

  • @2

    One word: BETA’S
    I’m playing the MAG beta now thanks to buying a Qore membership, i also participated in the Uncharted 2 Beta thanks to Qore. So free games, early acess to demo’s, exclusive themes and beta keys more than justifies the 25 dollar fee.

  • I’ll be surprised if Insomniac had Online Multiplayer this whole time , and decided to announce on Qore.

  • @57

    Eh, kinda iffy. All of the beta’s I already got elsewhere, and the themes are meh. Qore isn’t delivering exciting compelling content. And too bad the two themes are static, hopefully next month we get a dynamic theme. Renewal wise? Unsure if I will.

  • I haven’t gotten my MAG beta codes either — I’ve never gotten any codes emailed to me correctly, and all my support requests never get anything other than an automated response.

    The EyePet coverage was disappointing, as was the R&C coverage. I really wanted to hear details about how EyePet uses the power of the PS3 versus PSN Eye games and EyeToy games for the PS2. Does it use all the SPUs? For R&C, I wanted to hear about engine improvements made since Quest for Booty and if they will be patched back into the previous games.

    The Uncharted 2 coverage went into these details and I loved it. We need a little more technical depth here, rather than fluff pieces with interstitial gameplay videos.

    Oh, and the free download? High Velocity Bowling. Again. For the Nth month in a row.

    Resub? Unlikely, unless this downward spiral gets fixed in the last few episodes before my subscription runs out.

  • uhm.. why we need to buy QORE if the Europe Version WebSite Gran turismo is FREE Code CARE just playing a minigame website

  • Why does Qore deserve your hard earned dollars?

    1) It’s an online interactive MAGAZINE. If you’re the insightful, curious type that enjoys traditional magazines that educate and entertain, then Qore is for you. If all you’re looking for is free stuff and magazines don’t interest you, you’ll get better value by putting your cash towards your favourite games.

    2) High Def fanatics will appreciate the high quality video and audio. Most online content is viewed at 540P or less. Don’t wait for slow downloads for subpar quality!

    3) Aspiring to work in the industry or are simply looking for inspiration for your own artistic or computer career? Qore is the place to be.

    4) Be that guy or girl that knows more about the history or making of the game than anyone in your circle of friends. This is especially useful after getting your ass kicked…at least you’ll win at something!

    5) You get more of the cutest geek gamer, Veronica Belmont, in the industry. Yes, she is worth it cause she’s adorable.

    Get it now.

  • And Kevin, to please those who are only here for the freebies, maybe those subscribers can be pleased by offering Qore only promo codes for rebates for games that are past their peak sales. Sony still gets revenue, subscribers more interested in free stuff than the content feel like they’re getting something and this is a way to increase revenue per subscriber and re-energize PSN sales after a title has come off peak.

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