NIS Re-Releasing PSP Titles, Plus Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! UMD Poll

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Hello everyone!

Are you all excited about tomorrow? We will be re-releasing some of our past PSP titles to celebrate the launch of the PSPgo! And what’s really awesome about this is that our past PSP titles will be 50% off for the whole week! The discount will only be valid for one week starting tomorrow, so don’t miss this chance to get our past titles on your PSP!

Here is the list of discounted titles. The price range is between $4.99 and $9.99! (Correction: $4.99 – $14.99)

Speaking of “Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This?”, we are still thinking about making a UMD for the game. However, we would like to know if there will be enough demand for us to create the UMD version. So I would like to use this opportunity to ask you all if you would like to see a UMD release of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! We appreciate your participation! We are hosting this poll on the NIS America official website as well.

[poll id=”18″]

NIS America announced two new titles during the NISA luncheon meeting at TGS. We will release Atelier Rorona on PlayStation 3 and Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2 on PSP in 2010! When we have more information for each title I will visit here again and share them with you all!

Lastly, NIS America released the promotional movie for Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love last week. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here it is! This is a promotional trailer, and doesn’t have much game play footage in it, but we are currently working on getting a game play trailer up for you!

Thank you for reading my post! Have a great day.

Best regards,

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  • This is nice.
    I’ll pick up Holy Invasion for 50% off.

  • I think every game needs to be on UMD or have some type of option for those people who don’t have an internet connection.

  • Never played any of those games but cool. As for the UMD, forget about it. UMDs are overrated. You can get a huge memory stick and download a few games to it. Then you just have to carry 1 item with the PSP, the memory stick. You can have your games and game saves all in one place.

  • Thanks ! more please !

  • Awesome news! I’ll be picking up Prinny and Badman for sure.

    My UMD drive on my PSP 2000 went kaput so I wouldn’t be able to Badman if you did release it on UMD.

  • save your money NIS, in this economy, just put it towards developing a new game, rather than putting this on UMD, i voted no, and mostly because most of the people who play a game like badman are hardcore, meaning they know how to work things like the psn store, and would have already bought it on psn, not worth the risk imo

  • Holy BALLS!! That’s a lot of fun in one Memory Stick!!!

    Thank you, Nao and NIS!! :D

  • Very excited. Thanks!

  • OH Nice Blade Dancer will buy for sure, that had an amazing intro song.

  • i think u should release the most downloaded PSP games on UMD, so original PSP owners can play too. and there should be somethin that converts ur UMD games into a downloadable format so u can play it on the GO

    • Hello bumsideking24,

      All of the titles listed in my post (except Holy…Badman!) were released on UMD in the past. So original PSP owners can definitely buy them on UMD. :-)


  • wow. I am so gonna get Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?!!!

    I wanted to buy it day one but carrying UMD discs is a hassle for me and I never bought it because of that.

    But now I have no other excuse! :)

    Thanks NIS!

  • I hope more companies follow suit and offer a greater discount for the digital version of their titles. I believe a pricing disparity between the hard copy and digital version will be the Go’s only real chance for success.

    Also, moar JRPG’s on the PS3 plz. kthxbai

  • I just hope we get those games (especially Badman) in Europe soon :( the demo was so awesome!

  • I wouldn’t waste the money on Badman UMD, it will be pirated for sure.

  • already own holy invasion of badman but Prinny might be an ideal pick up for my new PSPGo tomorrow

  • Excited for the games? Yes! Excited for an over priced system? No!

  • why would you need a UMD again?

  • Badman UMD is a bad idea. The game is really small as it is. Only people who’s stuck with 32MB MS Duo’s can’t get it.

  • Will these titles and the 50% off promotion be coming to the PAL Playstation Store?

  • @Nao
    Great!.. thank you im going to buy the games for sure and also im really glad to know that NISA will finally localize Atelier Rorona.. cant wait to have it :)

    • Hello Destiny89,

      Thank you! I am happy to hear that you are excited about Rorona! The game is really cute. I cannot wait to show you guys more about it:-)


  • @ Nao

    I was wondering, will NIs be rleasing more past psp titles? like Generation of Chaos? i was expecting to see this game actually.. plz release it

    • Hello Destiny89,

      At this moment, Generation of Chaos will not come to PSN. Hopefully in the near future!


    • Hello Destiny89,

      At this moment, we don\’t have a plan to bring Generation of Chaos to PSN, but maybe in the future!

      Thank you,

  • What I’m really excited about is Sakura Wars! In fact I’ve preordered a copy for both the Wii and PS2 version, as I’d like to see how NIS has adapted the LIPS interactions to the Wii’s different controls.

  • @Nao

    YESSSS!!! Atelier Rorona on PS3 in NA!!!

    1) Will NISA be making their other PSP offerings downloadable?

    Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days
    Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos
    Spectral Souls: Resurrection…
    Generation of Chaos

    2) Any chance of giving your PSP games an upgrade to PSN games with trophies?

    3) Any more PS3 games in the works? Is NISA going to localize Trinity Universe?

    • Hello LokeSTL,

      We are currently working on Disgaea 2 PSP on PSN. As for other titles you mentioned, unfortunately we don\’t have plans to release them on PSN at this momemnt, but we might in the future!

      The PSP titles I mentioned in my blog will have the same features as the UMD version.

      Right now, we are busy localizing Rorona and Badman 2. We will have more titles in 2010, but these two are only titles that we can discuss at this moment. ;)


  • Thank you Nao! This is the deals current PSP owners need so we can move over to digital. 50% off! You can’t beat that. This is a great marketing idea that other developers need to look into if not already. Current PSP owners like me have been waiting for somebody like you guys to help us find a way to deal with getting a PSPgo and how do we deal with the lost of UMD games that will not work with the PSPgo. I’m not going to get into that whole issue about the UMD’s but this is a great idea to pass along to others to consider.

    • Hello DTXSFC,

      Thank you for your kind comment! I am glad to know that this 50% off deal was a big help for you guys:) Getting even more excited about tomorrow, huh? ;)


  • NOT INTERESTED in any of these games… ahem ff- crisis core, gow chains of olympus, ff- dissidia how about these games and a ff8 psone release since japan got it… oh and beaterator better be on psn tommorrow or the psp go is gonna go right back to the store!

  • Nao,

    Even if the interest for the UMD version is limited, would it be possible to see a limited run, say, that needs to be pre-ordered in advance, for those of us weirdos that still like having a physical copy? I know NIS’s games are niche, so a small order could be costly, but if you’re only ordering what you get pre-orders for then at least you’ve got guaranteed sales there. Just a thought as one of the before mentioned weirdos. :)

    • Hello Gorvi,

      We would love to make a UMD version of Badman for our hardcore fans. We do know that lots of our fans love to have a physical media, and we want to make them happy:) Not only making you guys happy, we, NIS America, want to see Badman on UMD as well. (We are also \”weirdos\” ;) he he )
      So we are trying to find a way to do so. Thank you for your input!


  • Thank you guys so much for having a sale. I will be able to get most of my umd on my library for half off. I hope worms 2, lumines 2, burnout legends, and rockband are on tomorrow!

  • Come on. Have SWAT Target Liberty, Infected, and The Warriors ready for me tomorrow

  • YES! Finally it’s only one more day! I can’t wait to buy Disgaea, Prinny and Badman on the store tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for this sale for ages.

  • GAT305: This is the NISA spokesperson. Try whining to someone who can give you information on that stuff.

    NAO ZOOK: I’ll definitely be snagging Disgaea, and possibly Prinny. I’d get Mana Khemia too but I’m not sure. Any word on when D2PSP will be on PSN? I just bought the UMD but will be getting a PSP Go and do not want to lose it.

    Any reason why it isn’t getting released as it was original supposedly scheduled on Oct 1st?

    Thanks for the update, I hope this sale goes well for you guys.

    • Slime890,

      Thank you for your support for our titles!
      We are working on bringing Disgaea 2 PSP on PSN. It looks like we can bring it over to PSN sooner than we expected. I will tweet about it when it is available on PSN! (unless I visit here again and post a blog about it:) )


  • Hi, Nao! How are you?

    I’m so happy about Atelier Rorona coming to the States. Please announce Trinity Universe and Last Rebellion soon! And how about talking to the developers in Japan and let them know how much we want a Mana Khemia specifically for PS3? Oh, and do you have any details on the purported Badman 3 for PS3?

    Take care!

    • Hello Callahan09,

      I am doing well! Thank you for asking!
      It sounds like many people are interested in Trinity Universe! I hope we can bring the game over here.

      Tokyo Game Show was awesome. NIS America had a small luncheon meeting with media from the US and Europe, and we had good time:)

      NIS will have exciting titles next year, so hopefully we can bring them over here as well!

      Badman 3 for PS3? I thought it was on PSP.
      Anyways, Thank you!

  • I love you NIS:) keep bringing rpgs to us:D anyword on whether or not there will be more re-releases?

  • any chance to get sakura wars on the psp?

  • @ Callahan09
    They already announced Last Rebellion. :)

  • does that mean Altelier Rorota is coming to North America :O !!!
    sweeet~ plus i really would like a physical copy of Badman, because as nice as digital is… physical is waaaay more assuring.

  • Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman and Prinny for sure, Maybe disgaea if i’m feeling spendy (given it will be the third time I’ve bought the game)

  • Holy Invasion of the Wallet. Can I have a free one for a 10/10 review score?

    Damn! That usually works for Microsoft ;)

  • Don’t bother with releasing a UMD for Badman. I hate to say it, but I feel pretty ripped off after paying $20 for the download. Not that it isn’t a great game, but it’s just too much work to get anywhere in it and as soon as you do you lose and realize you never got anywhere in the first place.

    The difficulty and lack of transparency in the systems is a serious flaw in the design that I hope will be addressed in the sequel.

  • So when is Trine coming out?

  • I currently have Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on UMD. So I think I will hold out and hope for a conversion method from sony.

    Or, maybe NIS should do there own version of conversion. For example; go to NIS website sign up for account, type in some code that proves you have the game on UMD, receive code to download game(obviously it would only work once). That would kind of seem like a win for NIS because a) More account sign ups. b) More public knowledge of the company because they would be the first to do this. c) Fans would be happy(which is always good. Only drawback is some people might use this to give their friends a game for free. But to be honst, I don’t think it would hurt NIS much because the people the download the game from there friends probably wouldn’t have bought the game anyways, and now that they have the game they might find they like it and buy future NIS games. Plus it would only be for semi-old titles anyways so how many sales could possibly be lost.

    Well thats just an idea. What do you think? Am I off base?

  • I’m so excited for Atelier Rorona Nao.

    Are we going to see more updates for the Sakura Wars website before the release this winter? and With Atelier Annie & Witch’s Tale this fall, Sakura this winter; should we expect these two games in the Spring/Summer or pushed back later?

    Great to see you on the blog again Nao, cya next time.

  • Cool! I’ve been eyeing that Prinny game for a while, so I’ll definitely buy the PSN version tomorrow as soon as I add more funds to my PSN wallet.

  • I have not been a huge fan of NIS recently due to the lack of care and effort put into some of there recent titles, but I must admit I appreciate the sale, it’s something not many companies offer on PSN. It’s definitely a smart way to make some money off the few people that will be buying the PSPGo since the PSN library isn’t that impressive. Disgaea on sale will definitely stand out as an amazing deal.

    And I would also just like to put my vote towards NIS America bringing over the newly announced La Pucelle Ragnarok for PSP, I loved that game originally on the PS2 and would totally be on board for a portable version.

  • Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Mana Khemia: Student Alliance, Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? are worth it

    i would recommend those to everyone

  • I pick it up on the psn. Im less interested in UMD now. I doubt I will get the pspgo (the lack of a normal USB connection was a no-buy from me), but I do fully support going all digital now.

  • Sweet deals and I am stoked for Sakura Wars. Can’t wait to see more from it!

  • Where is the La Pucelle Port?

  • why do they all sound like they’ve been released from japan?

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