It’s GO Time: PSPgo Available October 1st

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Hi everyone! October 1st is nearly here and we’re extremely excited to have you experience the PSPgo first hand very soon. As most of you already know, the PSPgo is the smallest and mightiest PSP system yet and features 16GB of internal memory, as well as expandable storage to handle multiple applications – games, videos, photos, music, Internet and more. Designed specifically for those who don’t want to carry around physical discs, PSPgo offers the same rich and immersive gaming and entertainment experience as the PSP-3000 system, but in a smaller form-factor with sliding display panel. With over 225 games and thousands of pieces of digital content available (with more games and movies launching every week), you’ll see why the PSPgo is, without a doubt, the best digital portable experience.

We’ve seen a tremendous response to the “It Only Does Everything” campaign for the PS3 and with the launch of PSPgo just days away, we wanted to give you a first look at a new dedicated marketing campaign focusing on the PSPgo system. We’ve created a robust TV, print and digital campaign to show off this digital portable experience, and support the best lineup of content available on any handheld system. Digital games such as Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet and SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 are only possible on the PSPgo – no other digital handheld can support the depth of gameplay and graphical richness inherent to these titles.

We’ve once again partnered with Deutsch LA to create a new PSPgo spot with the tagline, “Its go time”. Starting today, you’ll see TV spots running through the holiday season. For a sneak peek on what’s debuting during tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys game, check out the video below.

From digital gaming, movies and TV shows, to built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth, to Skype and Remote play, PSPgo offers a complete, digital entertainment experience. With the sheer amount of games and entertainment content arriving on the PlayStation Store, PSPgo owners will get to enjoy the very best digital handheld experience.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Be sure to pick up a PSPgo on October 1st and enjoy the newest addition to the PSP platform!

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  • Awesome. I am buying a PSP Go A.S.A.P.

  • Soon as you guys make it $199 I will buy it. Right now its over priced.

  • A bit too pricey. I appreciate the downloadable games though. I’ll use that option on my existing PSP. I don’t need a PSPgo to take advantage of that. I like the option of not carrying around UMD discs.

    I don’t see the point in getting the Go at the current price if you already have a PSP. Maybe in the future. Nice Ad though.

  • @ 2 – agreed

  • Will we be able to tether with the PSPgo Bluetooth?

  • Countdown to failure….

    drop the price

  • Yeah isnt the price 299 isnt that the same price for a ps3. the psp go is awsome but overpriced for me considering i just bought another ps3 for my living room and game parties and will be buying another one in christmas. Love the psp GO style look but wold rather spend it on something that gives me more(PS3).
    It only does everything.

  • Will the PSN update at midnight this Thursday?

  • I will have to pass since you do not offer a migration path from my many UMDs to the PSPGo. Sony should be able to come with a FW on the existing PSPs to allow transfer of the UMD data to a PS3 and from there to a PSPGo registered on the same PS3 by the same user. Without it and the high price of the PSPGo I have a feeling Sony will be disappointed by the lackluster sales.

  • This things a rip-off. I cant believe you’re pricing it HIGHER than the original PSP, even though its cheaper to produce. On top of that, you guys have a monopoly going on with digital content…you can say good bye to resell value, and sales.

  • I still dont understand how its 50 dollars less than a ps3…

  • Hmmmm i can either get a PSPgo for $249 or i can spend another $50 and just get a PS3 Slim, no contest, im getting a slim. The PSPgo is a sweet device but the price is way to high, espically if the PS3 slim is only $50 more.

  • psp go is 250 guys…plus i mean this is basically an ipod so price is no big deal, i’ll have to wait til jan but am getting 1 for sure whether at current price or not i’ll be getting it

  • @MaasaBR

    Same question. Is the PlayStation Store updating at midnight or just for launch items Like GranTurismo and then the rest of the update will come out at the normal time?

  • Thank Sony for showing us the ACTUALLY consumer that this system is only owned by wealthy people as shown in the commercial. People who can throw lavish parties pool side in their mega homes. Not to forget we all know models LOVE their PSP.

    This commercial is as ridiculous as that price. PSPgo will fail. Overpriced games, for an overpriced piece of technology from 2005.

  • It looks pretty cool although its to pricey for me. Plus I’m content with my 2000 modle

  • when will you guys make media go work for macs ?

  • @13
    yeah, an iPod with about 100GBs less, and a battery that lasts about 20 hours less.

  • Yep its to expensive maybe for 150-199 would be a sweet spot for that device. There is not upgrade to the OS that is 4 years old and outdated.The Browser doesn’t work, Wifi doesn’t turn on demand, imputing text is a pain, no in game XMB. Maybe if the PSPGO would have touch screen , 2 sticks, and upgraded OS it would sell like hotcakes but selling a 4 year old product for the price of a new one, no thanks i stick with my 4 year old FAT PSP that can do the same things.

  • its not much cheaper than a ps3 because the ps3 is being sold for less than its manufacturing cost. whereas the go is being sold for more than its cost. a understandable balance.

  • I’ll be keeping my psp 3000, looks cool though

  • How many games should we expect every weekly update after October 1st? Cause usually we get ONE LONELY game every Thursday.

    Will Infected or SWAT Target Liberty be in the 250 games you say?

  • when are you guys going to make media go compatible with macs?

  • soo um shouldn’t there be at least 1000 titls by now because I don’t think people who haven’t looked @ the ps store are going to find out that a specific title isn’t there ex.
    crisis core
    metal gear series
    & much more…..
    sorry dont like stating the down side =(

  • Hate digital distribution. Console too expensive. Epic fail Sony.

    PS waiting on fw 3.10 and cross voice-chat

  • Hey, you guys forgot to add the part in the comercial where it shows you how you can’t transfer your existing UMD games on there!!!

  • My current PSP is on it’s way out, and I’m going to buy a new one, and I was thinking about this. But, with games like Invizimals on the way, I think I might just go with the PSP 3000.

  • I can’t wait to pick mine up and use that free voucher for Gran Turismo, and use that goodwill system to get 3 free games for upgrading to the Go from my old psp.

    …Oh wait, we get a rockband demo, fantastic.

  • ahm… I don´t know if it´s already said, but what will happen with the UMD´s? cuz i don´t wanna stop playing Dissidia… is there going to be a way to download it for free if i already bought the UMD or something like that??

  • 2 questions
    will the games have content add-ons like the ps3 games? How much will the add-ons be?

  • I call LAME on that ad with all that “hey, be trendy like us pool partyers, models, and balcony wakers at a hotel on the strip” malarky. Really, can’t you just show a dude riding the subway enjoying playing it or babe sitting in the airport or a kid cruising in the backseat of a car? Anything more realistic than that stupid “beautiful people” ad would be refreshing

  • You also forgot to include the part where it tells you that SCEE is giving away free copies of GT PSP as well as their PSP Rewards Program! What in the world is your marketing department thinking….


  • Agree with most of you guys. Firstly Go is not competitively priced, $249 is too much. Also the game line-up is eh, sure it has some great games but they are too far and few. Lastly the ad doesn’t reasonate with me, as a gamer aka your target audience. Gonna pass on Go for now, that is until we see a more favorabe price drop. Sad because I had it on pre-order for months now, but I have to agree with everyone including a lot of gaming sites on the price.

  • btw! i forgot to ask, are they going to update every ps store like Mexico´s store or only USA´s store? if they don´t this is going to be an epic fail (besides of the price)

  • That ad just doesnt work. It doesnt tell me anything about the PSPGo except that sony is trying to tell me that cool people use it. Quite a pathetic ad. I hope new ads are selected soon.

  • Its a little overpriced .. might hold on to it till it gets a price cut

  • WOOOO Awesome hope to see many more PS3 and PSPgo commercials on TV. You better look out microsoft.

  • Definitely picking this up. It’s the size of my ipod(which cost about the same with less space) Some of the same people complaining about price buy 100 dollar collectors editions and expensive anime girl figures. Ironic. Guess that’s why it’s a hobby.

    Still ..$199 would be a better point or throw in GT for free.

  • Sony. I love you, I really do. I promise. I however cannot support you on this product.

    I really wish I could, but 250$ is an absurd price for a product that is just merely a remodel. I know this is basically you testing out the market of a product that is DL only, and while I think we may not be ready for it quite yet, I’m sure it would work. Just not at the absurd price.

    Especially considering we can never buy used games for the GO, we can never find incredible deals on games. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer buying my games new, to support the developers but having the option to buy a cheaper product that you can essentially demo and not get shafted if you don’t like it, is essential with the prices of games and the system.

    That being said, I love the new design, it’s sleek and begs to be in my hands or pockets. I’m sure it’ll be a great product, but let’s rethink your pricing scheme.

  • It would have been great to get a Go and give my brother my 2000. His PSP 2000 is broke, so I figured I would upgrade to the Go and give him my 2000. Then the $250 price tag hit. Just as I gained hope with the EU and JP programs regarding UMD’s or purchase of the system, SCEA fails to match the other regions. I will not be come a Go owner with no way to convert my games to the system. Therefore, my brother will remain without a PSP.

  • Nice ad.

    Really stresses the portable part.

  • The only thing holding me back from getting one is the price point.

    I just wish it included a little bit more for that price.

    (even if it was somthing small like a cheap cloth case and screen protector)

    It is a very slick system tho.

  • I’m getting this thursday with two $50 psn cards.

    Quick question, who are the publishers that signed on to the PS Store?

    I do know you (Sony), Nis, Square(?), Rockstar, Capcom, and all other ones.

    Also there will be a sale on Nis games, right? The games will be from $4.99 – $12.99

  • I have had my PSP Go sence 9-24 and this thing is awsome. I would recomend it to anyone.

  • Cool, John Koller. Just let me know when the cheaper-to-produce system is actually reasonably priced, and comes with a UMD drive to play my huge library of games, which I cannot redeem in digital form!

    Oh Sony…you’re so out of touch, sometimes. #39 speaks the truth.

    “What!? People want to play their games on our system!? What’s that? For $50 more, you could buy a PS3?! People will just have to get a second job to buy PSP Go and all of their games again!”

    Who are you kidding, with ‘Price Parity’ between digital and MSRP? What incentive is there to buy this pariah?

  • Sony, what do you mean by “Digital games such as Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet and SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 are only possible on the PSPgo”.

    Does that mean that all other PSP versions(1000 to 3000) will not be able to play those games and force us to buy PSPgo?

    You better not do that or else…

  • Can you guys please post a list of all the games that will be available on October 1st for download via the PSN Store?

  • This video makes me feel bad:(

  • The price is fine for me. :)

    The only reason I won’t get one it that I can’t transfer my UMDs to a digital form. Once I can do it I will buy it without question.

  • It looks slick but, not enough info is given on its features. People already know PSPs are portable! How about talking about it’s internal memory, compar eit to an iPod Touch. Or talking about SKYPE and bluetooth, and its connectivity with the PS3!

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