SingStar Rooms, Dizzee Rascal Event, Far Cry 2 Updates and Katamari Forever in Home

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Aspiring rock stars can breathe a sigh of relief – SingStar is finally coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday, September 24. And to top it off, we’re kicking off the launch with an extra special event.

Those of you who visit the new SingStar space this Thursday will find that the critically-acclaimed UK rapper Dizzee Rascal has taken over the VIP lounge. To celebrate the release of his new album Tongue n’ Cheek (and his new SongPack available now at the SingStore), we’re decorating this super elite space with all things Dizzee Rascal, airing some exclusive Dizzee videos, and dropping a bunch of Dizzee-themed virtual items on you (including a few limited edition rewards for all attendees). See the below video if you want to learn more about the content and features in the new SingStar space.

Far Cry 2 fans will be excited to learn that the FC2 game space is being updated with a new mini-game entitled “Reuben’s Report”. This whodunit game will appeal to all of you sleuthy and snoopy types that love to hunt down arms dealers, thwart assassination attempts, and prevent all types of sabotage via explosive devices. Y’know, stuff you do on quiet Sunday afternoons to help pass the time…

Last but certainly not least, we’ll be releasing a handful of new items for your avatar, including Scuba Guy and Space Girl costumes, some Katamari Forever-themed virtual goods, and more.

See you in Home!

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  • Very nice, thanks.

  • What about version 1.3?

  • Will we be getting our SingStar trophy items soon as well?

  • Looks like fun, cant wait to see it!

  • Glad to see Dizzie coming to the US, will there be a concert like in EU? Also, any news on the 1.3 front? We’re all very anxious. :P

  • Cool to see the SingStar space. I do have a question though. When in the world are our SingStar unlockables going to work for us in NA?

  • Thanks for the heads up Locust_Star, but like Fausk above, wondering when 1.3 is going live ?

    I know it’s not the end of September yet, but it’s coming very soon.

  • When will the SingStar unlockables going to work for us North American folk?

  • Awesome news. Very glad the Vip lounge isn’t EU exclusive.

    Any plans 4 events? or a Q&A?

  • Yes thats all good but is Playstation Home v1.3 included with this? If not then why bother with it(its almost the end of the month.)

  • Great news. VERY glad the VIP lounge isn’t EU exclusive.

    any plans for events or a Q&A “soon”?

  • As other people are asking, will v1.3 also be out tomorrow? THAT’S what I’ve been looking forward to. This is simply a nice bonus.

  • sry 4 the double post

  • I’m all over it….


  • I have not been on home in a while, it dose not serve anything to improve my gaming experience, Microsoft nailed it with there avatars and how they are are implemented on the the dash board, home has better avatars in my opinion but it has nothing to do with the xmb i just don’t get it. Vidzone is a great service i enjoy using it, if i was Sony i would scrap home and focus on improving the xmb and add features to it that gamers and causal people would use.

  • Fantastic news.

    Home just feels so alive. Constantly packed with people 24/7. It’s like one giant non-stop party.

    Everyone knew Home was going to be huge but looking back over the first 9 months of Home I don’t think had any idea it was going to be this gigantic of a success.

    5 million people played Xi. Over 8 million people online with Home. Absolutely incredible job Sony.

    No wonder the Xbox fanboys and the gaming press was going crazy over fear of the service when all Microsoft has to offer are those creepy and retarded Nintendo Mii ripoffs to go along with their crappy 50 dollar a year laggy P2P online gaming.

    Sony’s PSN’s Free online + lagfree dedicated servers + Home FTW

  • Do we still have to stand in line in Home? That was the reason I stopped logging on; it was stupid how I need to wait for an virtual game.

  • Thank you for the awesome news L_S i have to wait till i get off work to see all the new and exciting content.

  • macbelonwu10 “Microsoft nailed it with there avatars and how they are are implemented on the the dash board”

    Love it! The loser Xbots still sitting around in PS3 forums peeing their panties over Home.

    RRoD + last gen DVD + Crappy 360 graphics + 50 dollar a year online fees + laggy P2P gaming + creepy Nintendo Mii avatar ripoffs + no games other than that retarded shiny green power range

    What a turd of a console the Xbox 360 is.

  • singstar room ????

    How about good singstar songs for North America ?

    Why don’t sony just discontinue singstar in North America theres no support here .

  • To bad you guys couldn’t get 1.3 out in Sept as promised. Looking forward to screencapping all ignorance going on in Home.

  • HOME 1.3 would’ve been a more exciting blog post…

  • Is the Far Cry 2 space going to be truly interactive like that mining game space in Honk Kong’s Home? It’s by far the best experience I’ve had in home.

  • USA content FTW. Eu content FTL. I love the biased attitude Sony give to their majority market in Europe.

    That was British Sarcasm.

  • Hold on …time out!!! What happened to the 1.3 update for Home?

  • @25
    SCEA and SCEE are two entirely different companies, “mate.”

  • Hold on….time out!!! What happened to the 1.3 update for Home?

  • Please give us info of the update for v1.30.

  • Take Home out of Beta!


  • @ 28

    Update IS TOMORROW!!!!

  • So Home 1.3 is coming out September 2010 right? ….. The month is nearly up and there is still no new information on 1.3.

  • Why announce an update such as 1.3, getting people’s hopes up then ignore any inquires about it, and never release it when promised or give any updated info.

    Next update is not the end of Sept. it is Oct.

    Respect and consideration would be nice, if you did that for your customers it would include things such as definite released dates and info updates.

  • Nice update. Will definitely check out the Singstar space since I have been looking for a reason to get back on Home. I would use Home a lot more if it had game launching *hint* *hint* lol.

    Is 1.3 still slated for September?

  • Thank you, Locust_Star. Sounds good. I may be getting my “groove on” there tomorrow night. Thanks for the news.

    KK THX

  • Is Home version 1.3 still coming this month?

  • i just notice something how come Home not advertise out side of games. that should be a commercial its alot of people who like social networks that uses avatar to network. oh i order Papa Johns and a movie last night.

  • So you update the FC space, yet leave us RE fans who want the archives hanging. Real nice.

    Though I like the idea of a spacesuit costume.

  • Ever since Xi ended I have really lost interest in Home…

    You guys need to do more stuff like that. It literally MADE me log into Home every day. Then when I was done with the daily Xi puzzle, I would go around and check everything else out.

    Just offering my opinion.

  • Hey, will there soon come an update to the Uncharted room including more from the second game, not only from the first?

  • Will the Guitar Hero space ever get an update. It’s long overdue.

  • I for one am welcoming any addition to Home! It’s been in need of something new for the last few weeks.

    When can we hear about the 1.3 news????????????????????? This blog would of been 100 times better if it had 1.3 in it. Looking forward to singstar and new content tomorrow.

  • It’s too bad about Home v1.3 not launching this Thursday. but I definitely will be checking out the new Sing Star space. I hope that Home’s core client update v1.3 will come this month.

  • @43. “Will the Guitar Hero space ever get an update. It’s long overdue.”

    Release it in Europe first. Then update it afterwards.

  • @ 15 and how microsoft nail it with there avatars? cause i dont see what your talking about and am guessing you don’t . microsoft avatars are just simply moving themes , lol they simply don’t do nothing but waste space . microsoft just had to put something out to say they have something . i love both my systems but to say one better then the other just and only prove that you have no life lmao stop being a fanboy all your life.

  • @47
    Go to the European Playstation Blog, “mate.” They have tea and scones, there.

  • Many spaces we already have need to be updated and improved like the RE5 space, the Guitar Hero Space, Gamer’s Lounge, the Uncharted space plus more. Thanks for having updated the Far Cry 2 space! Quality matters and so does Quantity.

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