Critter Crunch Hits PSN October 8 for $6.99!

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Hello Blog friends,

Kris from Capy here, signing in just to drop a quick little announcement bomb on all y’all brains:

Just in case you didn’t actually watch on the video above, here’s what you missed:



Why? Because we love you, and because we care. And it let us do that animated switcharoo-thing with the “9” transforming into the “6” after Biggs peels the price, which we think worked out really well.

Anyway, let me break it down for you in equation form:

(Biggs + Smalls + Critter Crunch) x (October 8th (You – 6.99)) = AWESOME FUN PUZZLE PARTY.

Critter Crunch new screenshot

Stay tuned for lots more info on the PlayStation Blog and on as we approach October 8th.


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  • YESSSSSSS!!!!!

  • Good price, will buy.

  • Looks awesome, great price (especially since the iPhone version was $9.99 originally!).

    Quick question… any word on fixing the issue of switching publishers on the iPhone version and previous owners not being able to download newer builds? Fixing this issue would give me a lot more incentive to support Capy and buy the game again.

    • Capy was forced to change publishers for the iPhone version of Critter Crunch, and the result was the crappy situation which you\’re talking about. Since the App Store has no support for publisher changes, and since we had no say in it, unfortunately there was nothing we could actually do.

      We are truly sorry this happened, and are still doing all we can to make it right, but in the end its all in the publishers hands.

      On the plus side, Capy is publishing Critter Crunch on PSN, so we can ensure that everything turns out fine and dandy this time around.

  • Haha “(You – 6.99)” – that was brilliant ;D

  • very nice great game and 6.99 how can you not get it

  • Well, when you guys announced that game here, I love it, mainly because you said it would cost me 4.99, that is a sweet price point, 6.99 isn’t much pricier, but still..
    I’m not criticizing, just point out. :/

  • Can’t wait, Capybara! I’m downloading this as soon as it’s up as I’m all about supporting strong local developers in Toronto! Plus the game looks awesome. You guys are making the city and Canadian gamers proud!

  • $6.99?!?! SOLD!

  • I don’t remember them ever saying it was going to be $4.99, I’m pretty sure they just said it would be less than $10.

  • Good stuff leading up to and after tomorrows HOME 1.30 UPDATE!!!
    CAMERA, Potions, Rooms etc!!! FUN FUN FUN and MORE FUN

  • As rare as it is for me to say this, I can’t wait to give you my money. Day 1 buy.

  • any trophies?! looks so j-pop cute!

  • With a great price like that consider it bought.

  • This game looks awesome!
    any good features in this game (besides the already awesome gamepley)?

    • Multiplayer madness, techicolor barf and the ending of the game will change your life!*

      *Note: game ending may not actually change your life. But it\’s… something to see.

  • oh and Canada FTW~

  • FOR THE LOVE OF TINY BUBBLE BEE HEARTS EVERYWHERE…can we please one of those New Fancy Dynamic Themes set to this Game..PLEASE!!!

  • Sold! day 1!

    support this great company!!!

  • can we download this launch trailer from PlayStation Store?

  • Two things, first of all I am so glad to see the talent that has been working on iPhone games branching out and becoming more accessible to a broader audience. Second, I really was impressed to see the response of the creators on the boards. I shows a great deal of dedication to their product and it is really refreshing to see the creators reach out to the fans instead of relying on PR alone. I own CC on iPhone, but seriosuly just because of how these guys make their games and support them I am going to support them!I for one am in for CC on PS3! Keep up the great work guys! congrats!

    • Hey Mops,
      Thanks for the response – we\’re loving working on PSN.
      Since we\’re a small independent studio, and since Sony was cool enough to let us self-publish, Capy is it\’s own PR team for Critter Crunch :) We love talking about our game, and we love getting feedback from gamers everywhere… so a big Capy THANKS to all you PS Blog commenters!

    • Wow, thank you very much!

  • Can’t wait for this game! I will be getting as soon as it is available on PSN. On a CAPY related note, I was wondering if there is any way to possibly get a shirt or some of those pins you guys had at PAX? Also, love your logo.

    • We\’re trying to figure out how to make the shirts and pins available to everyone somehow, so I guess the answer is \”yes there is\” but I\’m not sure how… But, we\’ll post something on our site and the CC site as soon as we know what\’s the ups.

      Glad you liked \’em!

  • Hell! I just look it up, I might have imagined it o.O
    Sorry Nathan! My bad.
    Think I’ll grab this, gameplay looks addicting (but need demo to confirm), it’s cute too, my girlfriend will love it.
    Will have to put more money on wallet if Trine releases this week though.

  • even though this looks like a game for kids
    but you know what im 22 years old and im buying it because of cuteness :)

    okay maybe i got excited there, i’ll try out the demo first

    but i know my 12 year old nephew might like it maybe dk though hes more of a shooter fan though

  • can’t wait

  • @ Kris

    Thank you for the info on XMB Music! I’ll be picking this up on OCT 8th!

    Try not to take too long on that patch!

  • Thanks for taking the time to chat about your game. When people from the companies take the time to do that on here it REALLY makes a difference. It shows you care about the product you’re making and I’ll def support you all!

    (I want that Capy logo as my avatar dang it)

  • Excellent value, looking forward to the SCEE release.

  • Does the final product include 24-bit and/or lossless audio? (I don’t mean lossless “quality”, I mean literally a lossless codec for the native audio assets.)

    While Shatter had pretty decent quality, all of the Popcap games have had distractingly horrible sound. I know that HD audio assets means bigger download sizes, which comes out of the profit margins. That being said, I’d rather pay an extra dollar and get 24-bit HD audio, which is something only the PS3 can deliver.

    My husband and I finished PixelJunk Eden, now we’re working on PixelJunk Monsters. If the local co-op is decent, and the audio isn’t too bad, CritterCrunch will be our next game :)

    Keep up the good work!

  • No disc – no sale.

    When is Sony going to start doing compilation discs of PSN games?

  • @ comment 43

    NO In-game XMB? Or no In-game Music?

  • awsome. Cant wait. I have the ipod version. Any chance this will work with remote play on the psp?

  • That is a very good price actually… I got sick and tired of loosing ten bucks every time a remotely interesting game came out that I flat out stopped getting mini games on the PSN. Well thats another game in october then, next to Demons Souls, Uncharted 2, and the unfortunate game of college reports and exams that I must continue with, all, month, long. Thank you for giving me another reason to not go mental and stress out that month, Ill need the rainbow vomit to cheer me up.

  • @56, In original post months ago, they never said the price would be $4.99, however, they did promise that it would be below $9.99.

    Looks like they kept that promise. Thanks for the release date. I always appreciate release dates for PSN games being announced more than a day ahead of time.

  • yes! been waiting for this one! thanks for the low price! my wife was super excited since it’s also releasing on our 4 year anniversary. :. )

  • @Kris Piotrowski Yeah, sounds good. I meant as far as the type, I prefer bronzes, silvers and golds and not just a game of 21 bronzes lol

  • @60 the Home update is tomorrow?

  • You know thinking about it, critter crunch would possibly make a really good dynamic theme… and maybe you could be the ones to break new ground and offer it for a reasonable price instead of 2.99, maybe something more like 0.99

  • Kris Piotrowski said: “We’re trying to figure out how to make the shirts and pins available to everyone somehow…”

    I would absolutely buy a T-shirt with Biggs on it. Just so you guys know.

  • Wow, a PSN title with a release date? And a developer who is nice enough to come to the blog and tell us?

    Thanks guys! I’ll be picking this up for sure, especially since it’s priced at $7. Can’t wait!

    Now if only other devs could follow your lead and give us some sort of info on when all their PSN titles are going to arrive (ie. Trine, Pixel Junk Shooter, Castle Crashers, etc, etc.)

  • keepem coming!!!!!sonys doing an awesome job!!!

  • Mm very excited about this game :D

    Am curious on a few things, if you have time to answer :D

    1.Curious as to how you would describe the soundtrack to this game.
    2. Will the soundtrack be up for purchase by itself? Some other games, that have had some very catch tunes like PJ monsters/eden have their soundtracks on the network for like $2.99. Just curious if this game may be getting that same treatment?

    And a big Thank you, for making a very intruding game that I’m looking forward to.

    • The soundtrack is… unique. some catchy island-inspired funk tunes, some down-tempo atmospheric tunes, some \”only in Critter Crunch would this music work\” tunes.

      If there\’s interest in having the soundtrack downloadable, we\’ll look into it.

  • ugh why does it take so long for comments with links to be moderated.

    I know you guys are thus far are multiplatform devs, but I was wondering, are you planning on releasing this for the 360 or Wii? Or are you going completely Sony exclusive now?

    Btw a CritterCrunch mini for pspGo would be sweet! I’d buy it.

  • Er meant to type intriguing game at the end of the comment in 90 -_-‘ spell check ftl.

    Anyways, thanks very much for the quick response. Look forward to October :D

  • Looks cute, but, boring, and prefers the company of men. Commas!!! =D

    The price point is a pleasant surprise. I think it will pay off. I was expecting at least $10.

    Will buy as soon as the monkey hits the button. Can’t wait!

  • Oh noes! You mean I have to wait two more weeks…so sad. I’ve had my eye on this one for awhile, so a definite day one purchase. And $6.99, thats a steal. Nice work guys:D

  • i would love to play it because it is NEW

  • Rumour has it that if i consume copious amounts of alcohol, eat a packet of skittles and buy this game…. then i too, will be able to replicate the rainbow coloured vomit.

    Please confirm this is true, and both me, and my team of well armed, fearless leprechauns will purchase this seemingly love filled title.

    • Capybara in no way endorses any activity that will result in bodily harm, whether intentional or not.

      That being said, everything that you wrote is entirely true.

    • And if you do go ahead with your plan to replicate rainbow barf, please at least have a camcorder ready because that will be 24k youtube gold.

  • YAY! This is going to be Legen… Wait for it, while I go puke rainbows… DARY!

    That price is greeeeaat, and… Have I said that I love you guys? <3 x one quadrillion!

  • OK Nathan Vella,

    You have convinced me. I will support you game, not just because you are fellow canadians trying to make it in a cut throat industry, but because you took the time to respond to the users of PSblogs(not just the ones on the first page as per usual practice) questions,Which in turn, answered every single one of my questions.

    Thank you for showing everyone hows its done
    Keep up the good work. You have my support.

    Day 1! for me and several others I have spoken to about this title.

    • Thanks Cheddare – your support is much appreciated.
      Chatting with all the commenters on the PlayStation Blog is really important to Capy – but more importantly, its fun :)

      ps. i am way better than Kris.

    • But I am better looking and more funny and can speak two languages.

      Thanks Cheddare!

  • Lol Don’t feel left out Kris sorry. You are included in my praise. Sorry! :)

    As for the bit about a reasonably priced dynamic theme. RIGHT FREAKING ON GUYS I’ll be buying that too.

  • Wow, am I seeing a reasonably priced game here? How did you slip that past Sony’s insane pricing team?

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