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Oh hey, just prepping for Tokyo Game Show. Look for a post tomorrow where we’ll be asking for your direction on a few things.

In the meantime, please feel free to share your links in the comments area below.
Talk to you tomorrow!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 14, 2009)

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  • hey sony luvin duh system and all. and the online. but um culd we get some thing so we can change our online name anytime? please. im kinda gettin tired of usin my name over and ovr. but i dont wanna hav to lose all meh online stuff. i kno tons others feel same way

  • hey sony> luvin da system. im posting this again becuz i donot c my original post. but um could u make an update so tat we canchange our online name? plz thank you. look out for me yu guys. im rasendory10 on the uncharted 2 multiplayer demo.

  • Hi Jeff, have you packed your dictionairy? You’re so lucky to go………. Well, I will have my time.

    About the MAG Beta, I joined a week ago to the annual Qore, but still I haven’t received the Code… Could you inform me if it’s normal? Or is there some mistake?

    Thanks again

    • Actually, that is normal. They are emailing the existing Qore subscribers first, then getting to the new ones. You should get it this week.

  • Looking forward to the TGS coverage and Kaz’s keynote. :)

  • I understand that ND has been busy with Uncharted 2, but rather than letting someone else make a J&D game, just make it after Uncharted 2. I think only ND should make them since I thought Daxter was just not that good. I will buy The Lost Frontier just because I like the games so much, but am sadly expecting a disappointing game.

  • What a awful week I had… my PS3 broke and I have to pay $170 or buy a Slim for $120 more hmmm… wonder why they aren’t passing on the savings on to me in terms of repairs

  • Jeff, thanks for the reply. When TGS comes around just about every hardcore GT fan will be on the edge of their seats, biting their teeth.

  • Those shoes look sick, Jeff, can u let us know when they come out. I want a pair

  • I’ve been a Qore subscriber since the beginning, resubscribed as soon as the option was available and still haven’t received my code for Mag. I already tried to email customer support but they just told me i wasn’t invited to the beta and they couldn’t help even after i explained the Qore offer. Any help would be appreciated

  • Jeff,

    Can we get an interview wit .the produkkt? .detuned just released in Japan and I’d like to here more about the NA release.


    Is it my imagination or is EVERY post now having at least one person claiming YLOD? I’m on my 3rd PS3 in 2 years (so now my hardware costs are $700…luck I don’t smoke or drink and gaming is my only vice) so I know it happens but it seems every post now has someone claiming it.

  • Speaking of trophies, is there a reason my Shatter trophies don’t show up on They’re counted in the total, but the game isn’t on the list. I hope my Mainichi Issho trophies didn’t screw something up…

  • I really hope that the Tales of Vesperia sales article at the top is some kind of subtle hint from you folks at Sony for whats to come at TGS.

    A holiday release would make so many fans happy.

    With that and Star Ocean 4 with extras on the horizon, I am glad to say I feel like good ole’ Sony is finally back.

    Keep up the good work.

  • @62…that’s strange…mine show up.

    There used to be some issue about changing your PSN email or password causing sync problems.

    Have you tried backing up your game save then deleting and reinstalling the game…I’ve heard that helped in the past.

  • Scheduled my PS3 for service for the second time today- the first time being last July. Apparently the temperature sensor isn’t working and the unit won’t even turn on without shutting down. So that’s $300 in repair bills (so far) on a $600 console. Awesome. I was 2 days into Katamari Forever and right in the middle of a game… :(

    So not cool. I know Sony can’t cover these things forever, but I didn’t do anything to damage this sensor and I already had the unit repaired once (Blu-ray lens, I think). I wish things like this were covered outside of the warranty.

  • @65…that is the EXACT situation I had…

    BD disc went under warranty (unlike you). Got a different PS3 back…temperture sensor went outside of warranty.

    I sold half of my PS3 games just to afford the repair and now will be very careful about investing too much money in games … I’m NOT going to have it fixed again SONY, I’ll just walk away.

  • Jeff,

    Could you ask EA if there are any intentions on bringing the SSX series back to PS3?


  • @ KSPRAYDAD #66

    This same temperature sensor issue happened to my friend’s 60 GB a few weeks ago and another friend has the Blu-ray lens going out in his 60 GB unit right now. I love my PS3, but these issues are looking like they’re becoming quite a problem for a lot of people. The thing I find ironic is that I have an original 360 that works just fine (though one of these same friends has gone through 2), though I guess it can’t red-ring if I’m always playing a better console, can it? PS3 is far and away my console of choice, but unfortunately, in my experience, the PS3 is just as unreliable as the 360- and maybe even a little more so. I feel like something should be done to extend warranties or at least cover common problems like these.

  • I wonder what happen with Trine … when is it supposed to be released ? september 8 2009 wasnt the case :( still waiting for this game !

    Get your Portable ID!

  • Will we have a new trailer of GoW III at TGS ?


  • Jeff Rubenstein ,

    can you tell me and ppl behind me, when you support the Arabic language in PS3 ?
    do you really know how many ppl speaking Arabic in the world ?
    do you really know how many ppl have PS3 from middle east for example: Saudi Arabia ?
    do you really know they Arabic ppl can’t typing messages with Arabic language cuz there is no on-screen Arabic keyboard, and even can’t see the Arabic sites on the Browser cuz there is no Arabic character support.

    greeting to customer service :

  • @KLG2008, check your network update option, there’s the 3.01 update. If you’ve paid enough attention it was announced here last week.

    YAAH! Finally JRPG goodness! So much good news and I’m sick *cough, cough*. Now only a Tales of Vesperia to the West, Dark Cloud 3, KH3, ICO / SOT collection for on the PS3 and I’m more than quite happy :-)

  • Oh yeah I played .deTuned as I downloaded it from the JP store, its quite erm… weird xD

  • Speaking of Batman, I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive, waiting for 3 weeks already. Concerning repairs I guess that’s why they discontinued the 60GB. You see, from the 40GB on you can clean the PS3 by blowing the fan. Really helpful for the back opening since that dust you can hardly vacuum from out of it. I don’t know about the Slim models though if they have that option as well. Cleaning out the fan openings once a month is really helpful especially if you use the PS3 a lot and don’t place the console in narrow spaces.

  • @73

    Except my issues have been with 80GB BC models.

    Ah well.

    Waiting for .detuned

  • @69

    I’m wondering the same thing? Where is the Trine INFO?????

  • Hey, is the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia coming to the US? Cuz I’ve been dieing to play it, but I don’t want to buy a xbox360 for just one game, y’know?

  • Thank you for bringing Yakuza 3.

  • @ Onna76_NL #74

    Hahaha… no.


    Please sign and bring it back on Playstation. Thank you for your support

  • When Castlevania: SotN will have trophys? is a desire of many fans that purchased by PSN…


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