Motion Controller Update Part III: Deep Dive into the E3 Demo

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In the third part of the motion controller Blog series, Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov break down their E3 on-stage demo in more detail. From plasma whips and drawing, to abstract domino snakes and real time strategy-style games, you’ll see some things you’re already familiar with, as well as some never before seen applications that didn’t quite make the show. More details are included in the video below.

Stay tuned for more exclusive motion controller updates soon. If you’re just tuning in, be sure to check out Motion Controller Update Parts One and Two as well.

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  • @ #94 arkLink and #93 Hurrican Gautam
    I see what you are saying about the analog stick. But I what I meant was if you are using two motion controllers at the same time. The one in your right hand can be used for aiming…just point and click right? But then the left one, if they don’t put in an analog stick, you can just use the whole controller as directional movement, it wouldn’t interfere with aiming or swinging a sword. What would mess it up is if you wanted to hold a shield with your left controller and sword with your right. Then you would really be left with no other way to move around other than actually getting up off the couch or turning your head, which none of us want to do.

    But I agree with you, I’m hoping for analog sticks too, all I’m saying is I’m sure Sony has heard us and has thought of that already.

  • Please create true support for the motion control internally.. dont wait and hope for third party developers, sony should lead the way.

    One game i would love to see using this tech is a MYST like game. just looking at the demo above using the flashlight, other tools, it would be simple and cool to go from room to room solving puzzles just like in myst. it would also be low tech enough to be released fairly quickly..

    One big success to the wii is wii sports.. the software you release with the motions controls is key.. have some free demos/games, plenty of them.. not just one.. you dont have to go big just release software and keep people busy..

    But i can’t stress enough, do not wait for third parties to start the ball rolling its up to you sony…

    with that said,, i cant wait for this to release.

    Question? Have you come up with a proper name for your motion control? most interviews just call it “sony’s motion controller wand” or “motion wand” etc

  • God of War 3 + Motion Controller bundle? Both release in same time frame.

  • These are great, please do more of these type of technical videos

  • someone posted this link of a consept. a varient controler like this would be just awesome.

  • Ya actually im really excited to see the SMC put into circulation, i just really want sony to get it right. Two controllers would be too expensive for most consumers, especially if they just put in an analog stick to make things easier. The thing is i keep on watching these new videos and i cant really see the controller evolving or getting an analog stick.

  • I hope I’m not the only one noticing the delay between his actions and the video’s action.
    I understand that’s a standard webcam thing but when timing is a requirement for gaming, it kinda lowered my expectations :(. Although I still am excited for this technology.

  • analog stick would be nice for the rotation of a character (for small rooms)
    i can’t move left/right in my tiny little computer room!

  • How do you say it in English? Rough cut?

  • @ 103 – Batman_Forever: What are you talking about? GoW is Microsoft exclusive… lol

  • This technology would have been great for oblivion 4.

  • @J-sharpie where do you see any delay? There definitely shouldnt be any delay because its just an image overlayed on top of the wand. There is very little actual programming. I dont see any delay maybe you think you see it because the image is reversed.

  • My comment just got WASHED OUT because it had too many characters!!!!!!!! That is very dissappointing!

  • I feel bad for the Wii. Poor little guy is getting attacked now :(

    Oh well this looks great.

  • i m seeing a lot of downloadable demo type games coming out at first, little $2 ones. i would buy a bunch of these to just mess around. it will then open up to a $10 PSN game and then when when the big name developers see the market is valid, they will create something.

  • the guy said that there is an analog stick whenm he was painting he said that he used the analog stick to give the paint a thickness but i am not sure if it is for moving which would suck if you had to use the PS eye to move and be limited

  • I love it!

    But I really don’t think it’s going to have that many practical applications….UNLESS, you put on an analog stick!!!

    Please don’t ruin my dreams of an interactive LOTR game…it would be perfect, but, you need to be able to move your character in 1 direction….(analog stick!)

  • I noticed that when there is a shot of Richard Marks and the TV in frame, you can see a delay on the screen. I really hope that is going to be worked out in the final version.

  • Just tell me if this will enable us to hold rifles or swords when playing our PS3 games such as “Call of Duty”

  • Uhm XP they need to make a full body suit of the light thingy for full body motion control LOL it would be sick >.< imo… or not -_-

  • @Skater_Rickey
    I really hope they do something like the pics I posted on page 1 but I do not think those pics are form Sony. I think they are from a fan. If they did something like that it would be a total win for them, but I think they are going to take the easy way and just make something like the Wiimotes.


  • what if you were wearing a shirt the came color as the light on the end?

  • They need to set this up so you can see yourself swinging at a baseball on your tv. And it has to be accurate. Problem is, the tracking of your bat is accurate, but whatever is virtual, like the ball, seems to look cheesy in these demos.

  • I’m a little late posting here but I just now watched part III. Fantastic demonstration guys!

    All Sony needs to do now is develop a “killer app” for this controller so everyone will buy it.

    I’m already sold.

  • i think that everyone should realize is that these video we taken on the sam day and are beng released to build hype or something. so yeah it needs a analog stick and the guy who posted it can tell sony R&D that it does but untill a new video being after they shot this one comes out we will not know so let keep this going. if that wand or what ever they call it now has no analog stick then say go by to and i qoute”gamers games” mark E3 2009. so when the new video comes out hopefully with a demo of gram slam tennis the first game confirmed to use the wand. that would be cool and also a fps would complete everything and would give it the edge over natal. And what the hell is natal did they not see that the eye was not a huge best seller and is not really suported now and they bring out a eye and rename it come on

  • I think it needs more vibration feedback to tell you which direction you actually are pointing it in, like a Vibration, this way Blind people could play and people that are laying down. you know what I’m saying? this is whats always so confusing about the six axis controllers to me

  • will we be able 2 use the controller in any game that will be available? can we use the controller in games like call of duty modern warfare 2 as a gun,will we be able to use like a sword on future games like soul caliber.(ETC)

  • i have to admit i think it will be pretty cool especially if they can make it look like the pics from 19 and with addition of analog sticks

  • I don’t mean to brag for Sony, but…This is obviously going to raise hell for the Wii, with the new price drop and all, if people are smart then the Playstation 3 is a much better purchase, If I was gonna spend 250 on a Wii, I would easily spend 50 bucks more for all the things the PS3 has to offer, who agrees?

  • Kaz has a great idea, you should add a heartbeat and temp sensing to the motion controller similar to what you’d find on a piece or aerobic equipment. So for games like heavy rain, a person’s real physical state could be incorporated into the game vs having the game assume your state.

  • so am I ther so awesome

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