Countdown to Race Day: Gran Turismo (PSP) TV Teaser

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Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. I’m here with some exciting news about Gran Turismo for PSP, which launches in just a few weeks on October 1. If you have been following Gran Turismo for PSP lately, you will remember that the new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 graces the cover of the game.

Well, we’ve got some exciting things in store for Gran Turismo, starting with this video:

What does it mean? Watch for more news on this in the coming weeks, and remember to pre-order the game before October 1 to get one of the exclusive pre-order items.

For those of you planning on picking up a PSPgo, or just prefer to download your games, Gran Turismo is also coming to PlayStation Network on October 1. Those who purchase the game via PSN in the first two weeks after launch will also receive a special bonus item, a metallic blue Nissan GT-R Spec V, to add to their in-game garage.

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  • I would much rather see gameplay than that

  • No thank you. According to IGN and Gamespot this game is garbage.

    Really? There’s no career mode in this game like in GT 1-4? What were they thinking?

  • Cool! im getting this

  • While I’m less than crazy about GT these days, GT back on the PS1 sure had me up late at night. I’m looking forward to giving this one a try. Maybe it’ll stir some old memories.

  • LOL at taking anything IGN says seriously. Day one purchase, though still on the fence about Digital or physical copy. I wish I could buy one and somehow get a voucher for the other, but I guess they don’t do that to prevent people from returning the game after they get the digital copy.

  • It’s preordered!

  • Jeff or Chris can you guys post a list of the psp games that will be available to download from the playstation store on october 1st , thank you

  • who cares about Gran Turismo PSP!? I want some more information on Gran Turismo 5!

  • this game has been getting bad reviews left and right, in this recession we cant take risks with our money anymore. only the great games are worth buying. I actually downgraded and planned to get the psp3000 gt bundle instead of the psp go since the go is really so expensive. but now i need to rethink.

  • Great. Now where’s GT5… did you seriously expect something as paper thin as Prologue to hold the people’s attention for this long? Do we really need to go out and buy Forza 3 instead? Don’t make me regret selling my 360 yesterday to buy more Sony products. Don’t. You. Dare.

  • I like this gme…awesome game for the go! (pun intended)

  • I don’t know how to say this but GT PSP got rated 6.8 by IGN. OUCH! Anyways, its not like I was going to buy a PSP Go for $250. Just saying the price makes me laugh. $250 for PSP Go. $50 more you could buy another PS3. The Go’s price is a total joke. Nobody that I know is willing to put that kind of money up.

  • I’m ready for it!

  • You know what’s also bothering with the upcoming GT5 for the PS3? How come not all the cars have damage and cockpit view? I just don’t get it. The majority of the current racers have it throughout the entire game.
    How come GT5 doesn’t have Porsches? I cant even believe it. Hopefully in the next few years I can buy a real Porsche!
    I’m just going to buy NFS Shift!

  • Ugh. I was hoping to get the Metallic Blue Nissan GTR from a store preorder rather a PSN download.

    It was the one car I really want but I don’t like digital downloads.

    Anyway, to those who say they are not getting the game because of these review, you really should think twice. Game journalism has been at an all time low with all these bias articles. The reason for the low score is the lack of career mode which I find puzzling why it would drag the game a few points down. And the most important thing is your opinion.

  • Let me see. pre-order the UMD and get 4 cars, but an overpriced pspgo, and purchase the game within two weeks and get 1 car. I’ve been a gran turismo fan since inception, but this may be the first GT i will pass up. Especially after the ratings.

    Maybe some things will be improved down the road, but as of now my plans to purchase have dropped drastically.

  • No career mode is inexcusable. Thats the charm of GT. Buying a used car, tune it, win money, buy newer more exotic cars… and so on. Also, not beeing able to purchase a car when the player feels like it is a bad joke. Why do i have to wait for days or even weeks just to get a car that interests me? (Also, if a manufacture dealer becomes available, not all of its cars will be available for purchase, meaning if i want an Enzo, i’ll probably have to wait the Ferrari dealer to show up more than twice!). Maybe you guys should’ve released the review copy when the game launched, that way you could still brag about the game and not tell us what it lacks (hint: career mode).

  • It looks like the press average is about an 8, depending on what site you go to.

  • @5
    From what I gleamed in several reviews, if you get the UMD, you have the option to download/install it to a memory stick from UMD.

    All of those that are complaining about this game not having a career mode need to stop complaining.

    First, it’s a PORTABLE experience. People won’t be spending hours and hours on end playing this.

    Second, it really doesn’t matter that it doesn’t have a career mode. The reason most people play GT is to race cars. The PSP version just lets you get to it more quickly.

  • The first Gran Turismo to flop.

    GT5 release date next week?

  • Can’t wait till Oct 1st!

  • Some of the reviews are worrying, but it is still around 80 average. Just hoping the game is fun.

  • I don’t get the whining about career mode. Don’t you still have to race to win money to buy newer and better cars? How is that functionally different other than not being called “career mode” and letting you race whatever tracks you like?

    It’s like people depriving themselves of PS3 games over trophy support – pointless.

  • No game play footage? It must look bad, most important is the gameplay. If the game plays/handles well then there should not be any problems. WOW what the heck am I talking about? I love gt lol, I have to go get my coffee :)
    I am a fan and I have purchased all Gt’s so I will buy.

  • Uk gets pspgo & gt in a bundle and we get nothing who is the guy that goes “this is exactly what our customers want” come on

  • What about GT5? WE NEED IT NOW! :)

  • according to ign this game sucks so no thanks now give us gt5 release date

  • I played the game already, but not for an extended period of time (at PAX). it was cool, but i didn’t get to dive in the game like I wanted.

    I understand this is a portable experience, but a career mode can have a portable experience. I don’t like the fact you have to wait to buy cars for manufacturers that appear at random days with limited cars to choose from.

  • It would be wise for TV ads for this game to illustrate that GT5 is coming soon as well, and that they be tied in with one another. Plus you get more marketing for your dollar.

  • Also, people that base their view of a game based on one other individual’s opinion of the game (some random editor on IGN) are pathetic beyond belief.


  • Despite mixed reviews, I am 100% buying this digital download on launch day. This will be great on my long flight to Europe.

  • gran turismo 5 will have a career mode???

  • @29

    No career mode is not an opinion. The fact that you can only buy cars from certain dealers on certain days is not an opinion. The fact that there are no “special” cars that cannot be bought and are only awarded by winning events is not an opinion.

    These are facts. They’re not in the game. These things are what gave me the most re-playability and enjoyment out of GT 1-4 and they aren’t present in this game.

    SO… in MY opinion, NOT some guy at IGN’s, the game isn’t worth even thinking about buying.

  • Also, max amount of cars allowed on the track for a race?


    That sucks.

  • I like the video. Can’t wait to see the next installment.

  • I’ve seen real gameplay footage in the Kazunori interview video on IGN, GTPlanet, and elsewhere (feeds from E3, GamesCom), and it looks fantastic. Even the hardest of the hardcore GT fans on GTPlanet think the real gameplay graphics are tight. It’s shaping up to be the best-looking PSP game ever, according to people who have played it. So we don’t have to worry about the graphics at all.

    And the IGN review has it wrong — it’s not actual “days” you have to wait to buy more cars. It’s in-game days based on how many races you complete that unlocks different cars to purchase. I read that in another review, so IGN has it confused. And yes, the average score is about an 8 out of 10.

    So chill out. I know I’ll be tiding myself over with this until GT5 comes out…

  • I really hope someone answers this because i really don’t wanna be left out on the pre-order bonus’s.

    I am getting Gran Turismo PSP for my PSP Go, How will we get the Pre-Order bonuses?

    Also what retailer is offering the 1974 Lamborghini as their pre-order bonus’s.

    I really appreciate an answer to those two questions. thank you very much.


  • I am still picking this up even with the lack of career mode.

    Looking forward the the portable/ multi-player experience that the game has seemed to have nailed. And it will be nice to be able to stock my garage until GT5 comes out.

  • To you guys claiming this game is getting bad reviews left and right, I didn’t know IGN accounted for every website. As far as it stands the majority of the reviews have been 8/10 and resides at a 79.5% status on gamerankings.

    Please do your research next time. Fyi, Gamespot has not even given the game a review yet. :|

  • At badboodah, dude anyone who knows Anything about Gt series knows it in-game days based on calender in game. You race days past. You are the one who is confused read the review again :)

  • IGN and Gamespot have no clue. This is a definite MUST HAVE game for any racing fan, PSP or PS2 or PS3. Hands Down. I’ll be getting this via the store.

    I think the PSP driver is gonna win.

  • Still no word on Canadian pre-orders. The retailers here are not aware of any pre-order bonuses yet. Come on Sony I pre-ordered already, get on it please. Thanks.

  • gt 5 ps3 must have . psp no

  • Gotta say, due to the PSP Go nonsense (getting Rock Band as opposed to GT the way the Europeans are getting it, I might pass on GT PSP altogether.

    That sounds terrible, but with GT5 on PS3, I just don’t know if I’ll need an EXTRA GT in my life. I guess we’ll just have to see how much it “wows” me when it launches…

  • Pre-ordered and looking forward to my Veyron.

    I have an actual question though: Will the Gran Turismo franchise have a presence at the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta next weekend (9/26)? I’ll be there and I am hoping to see or be able to enjoy a small taste of GT PSP and/or GT5.

  • “LOL at taking anything IGN says seriously”

    But is it true you can’t even modify your cars? That sounds like they took half the fun out of the game. I like buying parts and making my junker better and faster so I can earn more money and buy better cars. Couldn’t they just port the fir GT game to the PSP?

  • For the record reviews don’t mean crap unless this person revising the game share simliar interest as you do toward that particular game. The IGN reviewer share many if not all the attributes I would want out of a GT series. Hence his review in my mind is accurate, bu not the tell all.

  • “First, it’s a PORTABLE experience. People won’t be spending hours and hours on end playing this.”

    Says you. Any serious GT fan would. The big problem with GT5 Prologue is you can’t do anything to the cars. Boring. At least that was realy just a demo. The real PSP GT needs to let us customize the cars like all real GT games do.

  • I don’t care what any review says (IGN), I’ll judge it for myself. Anything PD puts out is gold. It’s going to be awesome, for a portable experience. Nobody wants to stare at a little screen all day in career mode, you would go blind. It’s a portable game people, for the FULL experience get GT5 later this year.

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