Countdown to Race Day: Gran Turismo (PSP) TV Teaser

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Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. I’m here with some exciting news about Gran Turismo for PSP, which launches in just a few weeks on October 1. If you have been following Gran Turismo for PSP lately, you will remember that the new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 graces the cover of the game.

Well, we’ve got some exciting things in store for Gran Turismo, starting with this video:

What does it mean? Watch for more news on this in the coming weeks, and remember to pre-order the game before October 1 to get one of the exclusive pre-order items.

For those of you planning on picking up a PSPgo, or just prefer to download your games, Gran Turismo is also coming to PlayStation Network on October 1. Those who purchase the game via PSN in the first two weeks after launch will also receive a special bonus item, a metallic blue Nissan GT-R Spec V, to add to their in-game garage.

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  • @39,

    The GT website has a news story that lists which retailers have which specific car, 1 per retailer.

    Try this:

  • Now that this is out of the way. Bring on GT5. seriously… please, im begging. lol

  • “It’s a portable game people, for the FULL experience get GT5 later this year.”

    Thanks for telling us what to do dad.

  • “Thanks for telling us what to do dad.”

    Your welcome son, now it’s past your bedtime.

  • I’m not sure who they were aiming for with this game. I’m pretty sure that most GT fans wanted a console experience on the hand held. I was really looking forward to starting a career doing licences and earning money to get new cars etc. I would have spent hours on this game. Such a let down for me. I am still going to buy the game, haven’t canceled my preorder. I can only hope they release some kind of career in the form of DLC.

  • “Your welcome son, now it’s past your bedtime.”

    It’s only 1pm. Mom lets me stay up past 3pm.

    But I don’t think you need to tell everyone to not complain. I want a GT game on the PSP like the first game. Why not port that game to the PSP? It would have been great. For people who just want to race this game will be fine but a lot of people want to modify their cars and add parts.

  • @steve86uk

    They were aiming at people new to the series and people like me. I never finished 100% completion in GT4 because I kept getting sidetracked by cars that I wanted to own and test. I would spend multiple hours running one car around a track, constantly tweaking it and attempting to get that extra .5 seconds out of it. I have hundreds of hours in that game and there are a few of the Simulation Mode races that I have never touched.

    With multiple non-IGN reviews giving this game good ratings and saying that the car handling and modeling is what we have come to expect I imagine people like myself will be just fine.

  • To BrianC6234:
    That’s a great idea, they should sell GT1 & GT2 for the Playstation 1 on the PSN Store, I’d buy that. Remember the Pike’s Peak Hill race in the crazy Suzuki car with like 900 HP. Make it a download PSN game that works on the PS3 & PSP like they did with FFVII.

  • How hard would it be to port GT to the PSP? This PSP probably will look better but I would like a big GT on the PSP. The full game. I remember that 900 HP car, yes. It’s been years though.

  • Apparently all PSone games will work on the PSP. So just make it for sale so we can take a trip down memory lane.

  • “But is it true you can’t even modify your cars? That sounds like they took half the fun out of the game. I like buying parts and making my junker better and faster so I can earn more money and buy better cars. Couldn’t they just port the fir GT game to the PSP?”

    Dude there is still tuning in this game, quick tuning. You like making your junker better and faster? It’s still in this game…

  • I read the terrible IGN review, but I just can’t take anything they say seriously. I can’t wait :D.

  • ZR1 against the PSP, hmm? I’d say the passenger with the PSP imitates the drivers every move (throttle response, braking, etc.) as close as possible to finish the lap simultaneously IRL (driver) and on PSP screen. Yes, No, Maybe so, IDK. Anyways, I can’t wait for the release…and my preorder bonus.

  • Why in the blue heck isn’t a PSP Go/Gran Turismo bundle being released in NA? Are you freaking serious? A GT bundle would have pushed this PSP Go thing out the freaking door (Even w/ the high price & medicore reviews). Heck you could have convinced me to pick one up. But no… let’s bundle GT with the OLD PSP model… *head explodes*

  • Nvm. It’s clearly a race between the driver and the PSP GT ZR1. I had to watch it twice, but I still may be wrong. >.<

  • WOW it loos so real ! Seriously I want to see game play video not to guys with a psp about to go race… That was pointless to even make that video !

  • Psp go is overpriced but think about iPod touch zune HD and other handheld devices……. They are to so I guess psp go got the right to be overpriced it’s just that no one gunna buy it

  • IGN doesn’t have a very qualified staff, though. At least not in their portable unit. They tend to rate PSP games crappy because they have too many games to review, so they give the game about 5 minutes and then our “journalist” makes some kind of bull statement to their audience. Critics will be critics. The game isn’t even technically out yet! IGN must be owned by FoxNews.

  • Too bad that the game got bad reviews. I guess Polyphony Digital rushed this one or just didn’t care too much for it, and thinks that GT 5 is more important – But that game is never coming out, is it?!


    I hope you meant “tires”, not wheels. Tires make a difference in performance and handling; wheels are for ghetto games.

    GT is not a ghetto game.

  • I really have to start saving my money.

  • no career mode = no buy

  • lol at camaro126 :D (camaro=cricket in my language)who said IGN was the only one who gave this game a bad review, YOU should do ur research.

  • No career mode = no buy!

    seriously what were you thinking?!

  • The reviewer clearly states he was 100% with the game. I’m not asking for a full console GT experience. But lisences and a garage in a career mode is a mist have. I don’t even need to modify cars on the portable version that’s overkill. But making th GT PSP pretty much a pick up and race with no depth is a mistake to me.

  • Good TV teaser! I’m waiting for a new video :)

  • Thanks Stephanie! Looking forward to the sequel already! When the game’s on the shelf, you should get yourself, and some of your crew, down to the forums to do some racing! It’s great fun, and we have room for drivers of all skill levels. It would be a real kick to get some official GT people in the mix!

  • No career mode = rubbish!

    I hate drift, so why is that on the game and not the very essence of GT?

    5 years of waiting for nothing.

  • JiminPT, you cannot buy wheels/rims in GT for PSP like you could in GT4.

    BTW, Inside Line just posted their review of GT for PSP today. :o)

  • Whoops. I was trying to answer #32 for SLAYERGT.

  • OMG. The Corvette ZR1 is my favorite car and i love it. hope it’ll be also in GT5

  • i think it will be cool but i would realy like to see some game play and the corvette ZR1 is my favoret car of all

  • cant wait for this

  • i ordered a psp go and gran turismo umd, so i hope they let me like get the digital copy

  • Okay first off I agree that without a career mode it is going to be lacking the flavor of the GT Series.
    But I also see the point about it being portable. So a career mode would be a little over doing it. I rarely play my PSP as it is. So why waste the money overall for a career mode.
    Rather just wait for GT5 on PS3 where they give us all the pre-order cars and even hopefully the ability to create your own car from all different parts from all manufacturers. But building your own concept car from Ford, Chevy, Ferrari, Lam-bo, Nissan, Toyota and others would just be so wrong. Cause some damn will be out there thinking the same thing for real.
    I mean a Chevy Camaro with a lam-bo engine with a Ford Mustang interior would be way too much!

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