First Look: Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines for PSP

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Recently, Ubisoft invited us over to their San Francisco warren to check out Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines. I wasn’t really sure how they were planning on jamming Assassin’s Creed’s exploration, climbing, and free-running into a PSP, but I’ve got to say, they’ve done an excellent job (don’t take my word for it, IGN agrees).

In a theme we’ll be seeing a lot of this year, developer Griptonite Games didn’t produce a watered-down side-scroller and slap the Assassin’s Creed name on it – this is a true follow-up to the original, only portable.

The story picks right up where the first one let off, putting you back in the familiar boots and blades of Altair. How do the controls translate to the PSP? What tweaks have been made to the formula? Has Altair stolen any cool new moves from Ezio (the protagonist of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed II)? Producer Frederic Lefrancois and Senior Producer Dan McAuliffe answer these questions – with the added bonus of a bunch of brand new video.

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  • Good thing I already have this pre-ordered… along with about 6 more psp games, and just got 2 psp games this last week with Disgaea 2 and FF:D , both incredible! I can’t wait for this game. I love AC1 , people moan about it, but I thought it was a fun game that was awe inspiring. Sure there was some repetition, but this game, I can tell fixes that. Look at the boss fight with the guy with the morning star, you don’t see anything like that fight on AC1.. I can’t wait, when is release date?

  • I’ve been playing FF7 on my PSP the last few months on and off, I love my PSP but there haven’t been any real PSP games that I wanted to play since last year. This love that SONY and developers are pouring out on the PSP is amazing, I love the system and it’s finally getting the support it deserves. I’ll be buying this for sure.

  • The DS Assassin’s Creed featured 2D graphics, IIRC.

    In a theme we’ll be seeing a lot of this year, developer Griptonite Games didn’t produce a watered-down side-scroller and slap the Assassin’s Creed name on it – this is a true follow-up to the original, only portable.

    That part right there.

  • Looks good, don’t have a psp but looking forward to AC2. Really like all the PSblog interviews and game updates, nice job jeff.

  • You have a problem with that Appo? I sure as hell don’t! There is a large vocal minority of DS fanboys who bash psp games, and ridicule it for having full console sized games , with full console sized graphics. I laugh at these people!!! You’d have to be a pretty pathetic to bash a game becuase it has the same visuals as the console version but with a different story and new elements. I don’t want a watered down AC:B. Hell no,

    My psp gets the most use,even more than my ps3. I love being able to play on my lunch hour at work, on the toilet, in bed, on the couch while my girl watches tv, camping, realtives, and even on my hd-tv and it even looks better than the wii, and ps2. The full console game treatment isn’t anything new, and I am glad there is a handheld gaming unit that targets my 30 year old demographic, and it’s not the 4-12 year old babysitting handheld, thankfully. PSP/3-4LIFE!

  • This should hold me over for a while until birth by sleep comes out later! Whenever THAT is…

  • Bro I love you!
    Should’nt Run at 60 FPS tho? 30 is way to little for me.

  • @57 it’s a portable system, 30fps on that display is amazing.

    the psp’s display isn’t fast enough to really display 60fps properly to begin with (smearing on first-gen and even the newest models).
    no portable device today can display these graphics at that resolution, even the iPhone can’t.

  • the Nintendo DS might be able to display 1 frame per second (lol).

  • you guys need a better vid played every time i cross my mouse pointer over the vid player it resets…

  • Im excited for mainly with the connectivity to the AC2 with weapons and health power ups. Also im super happy that this will take GOW on the PSP a run for its money. This looks like it seems to be climbing up rather quickly

  • I’m just glad that after these few years of owning a PSP (or two or three…), they are now making quality games. I thought for a while that Sony gave up hope and I’d just have a really cool-looking movie and music player.
    Thank you for renewing my faith in the portable market. My God of War PSP and I thank you.

  • Looks cool but you said ‘first time a game unlocks something for PSP and PS3.’ Resistance would like a word with you.

  • I hope this psp game doesn’t bomb.We have so many intisipated psp games coming out and the 1st one (Gran Turismo psp)already bombed.

  • This looks fantastic.

  • We want UNCHARTED 2 bundle w/ PS3!

  • Man with all these great games coming out for PSP makes me with mine was not stolen from me. I had a launch model PSP and loved it, but now developers are really starting to make good games like this game, Motor Storm Artics Edge, and GT really makes me want to get a Go PSP. Nice interview Jeff.

  • @63 Wyrm

    Jeff said that it was the first time that he has seen a PSP game and a PS3 game have connectivty, and unlock content on both platforms. Resistence 2 infects your PSP and gives your player a boost. The unlock content only goes one way, PS3 to PSP.

  • Did I miss something or what happened to the BioShock 2 Q and A? Wasn’t there going to be a chat session or a video where they answer user questions?

  • Good interview. This game is shaping up to be better than I imagined.

  • Jeff! fix the post of Motorstorm. its Part 1 not 2.

  • The videos always seem to mess up on me when playing lately. They just randomly reset to the beginning whenever they want.

    Anybody else having this issue?

    • I\’m guessing you have ad-blocker installed on Firefox. You can disable it for this page – it doesn\’t wanna play nice with our player anymore.

  • hey Jeff does the psp version of ac have the crowd of people walking down the streets,and we have to go pushing them from one place to another? its fun,like ac1 had large no of people walking down the streets does psp have that?

  • Awesome jeff is awesome !!!!!

  • I heard a Trophy chime around 3:23!

  • This summer sucked with games but know I feel overwhelmed lol. so many great games coming out, I really need a job 0_o

  • Looks pretty cool, I’ll definitely be picking this game up. The only thing I’m worried about is the PSP’s lack of dual analog sticks. That always seems to bite me in the ass.

  • Weird bug about half way into the video. Enemies clothes are changing colors when they die.

    Hope that doesn’t make it into the final game. ;)

  • Looks exactly like a PS3 game…Amazing!!!

  • I really want to get this game… Is it going to be available as a download from the PSN? I’m going to get a PSPGo as soon as they come out.

  • Anyone know if this is going to be realised before or after Assassins Creed 2?

  • @ #78 Daz_Genetic:

    Yep, you caught that too? I was starting to think that I was the only one.

    They did a good job hiding those bugs in the cutaways during the interview (notice how the cuts occur a fraction of a second before they appear?). However, if you’ve seen the full trailer, you’re in the know. :P

    Besides the static model swap texture bug, this game looks extremely good. I’d still love to see how they’re able to maintain that 30FPS in the city, though.

    Definitely looking forward to this game.

  • Pre Ordered from Amazon :)

  • @58 You say the PSP can’t really do 60 fps? Take a look at Gran Turismo–it boasts a consistent 60fps visual-fest!
    And Assassins Creed is an amazing franchise. A VERY powerful storyline mixed with excellent gameplay and smooth graphics, these are games done right.

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