Dead Darth, Trophies, and Kicking Luke’s Butt – Star Wars: TFU Ultimate Sith Edition

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I know the original Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has been out for about a year now, but with the recent addition of PSN Trophies to the title and a new version of the game hitting soon (Ultimate Sith Edition), I figured there’d be plenty of you giving the game a first (or second) look. Also, LucasArts‘ Presidio campus is pretty much the coolest workplace location on the planet, so we had no problem coming back :-)

So after Chris was done taking a look at Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron for PSP, Assistant Production Manager Cameron Suey popped the updated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition into the PS3. This version packs a couple of interesting “What if?” levels onto the original game, as well as some new trophies to boot (eagle eyes will catch our demo dude unlocking one late in the video).

Let the wampa slaughter commence!

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  • So that’s the way you look,Jeff?Where is your mask? Maybe I get it!!!

  • Can you upgrade the old game to incorporate the new levels?

  • More old games with a few extra perks that could easily be added with DLC.

    I realize you good folks at Sony are on a “Gameplan” but really… I mean really… cmon.

    Theres a lot of 3rd party titles you could be securing cough RPGs cough that your fans would actually buy.

    Hows that LBP 1.5 doin’ sales wise anyways…?

  • If I missed this, I apologize..

    If you already own the game and have bought all of the DLC that currently exists… Will this new content that was showed today be offered as DLC for those who already bought the game? Or will you have to purchase the full retail addition again?

    Thank you

  • The map is too big in my opinion..

  • @48 Yea Amazon has it for $36.99

    @55 On another site, Lucasart rep said nothing is planned but it is likely they will release the last level via DLC in the near future.

  • Man I missed out on this game the first time around, but I doubt I will miss a second time. Also who could deny buying any game that sub title was The Ultimate Sith Edition, that is just classic.

  • I haven’t played my PS3 in months..but When I heard this old game got some trophies..I just had to check it out. Got a good 2 hours of play out of it…till I had to go watch Smackdown! I’d be extremely disappointed if the Hoth levels are not available to those who bought the game originally. That’d be a slap in the face to those who supported the game in the beginning so that they even have revenue to use to even make the level!! >:(

  • November 3rd ehh, gonna save up my cash for this one.

  • hey lucasart, i would be pretty happy if you guys release Secret of monkey island on PSN. its one of my favourite games back in the day. what is stoping you from doing so?

    @Jeff/ Criss , can you guys ask about this for me please?

  • Good to know Lucas Arts released this game before it was finished… now I can spend another $40 dollars on top of my original $60 to get the complete game! Wooohooo!

  • I don’t like this double dipping stuf. It makes me wait for a game so I will have the complete package for a discount price later.
    It happens now to a lot of games like Fallout3 and Little big planet.
    I feel ripped off because I payed full price for a incomplete package.

  • Fix uncharted! firmware 3.0

  • I’m seein this quite alot, these redone verions of older games. Yah always put somethin in it, that the original consumers can’t get, unless they buy the brand new version. I understand yah are tryin to get new customers, and get those who weren’t interested in it before. But, the previous customers are gettin left out more often nowadays. And, please don’t tell us to go buy the new one, when we already have the original. Thats just plain stupid to make us waste our money.

  • Ohhhh man! I had this game for the Xbox and got rid of that Microsoft P.O.S., I was going to rebuy it but not I’m just going to wait! Awesome!

  • I bought the original and I don’t want to spend money on this either. Yet I haven’t bought the two dark side add ons. So I sold it to my friend who recently got a PS3 and has no computer for $20. Then buying the two DLC would be $20 so I didn’t spend any extra money. Now I am going to wait and get a good deal on this. Just some advice for people like me.

  • Someone please answer

    Are we getting this in europe

  • i need disgaia 3 trophies !?!

  • lol Finally released the trophies… that should have been done when the game launched… Its a shame that for devs to get the ball rolling on things that they need sony to mandate them to do so. I don’t know if I’m going to go back and play this game all over again for the trophies… maybe.

  • The full game and all dlc plus trophies for only 39.99? Badazz

  • Not for nothing, but I agree with a lot of the people on here who supported the release of the original game. I’m a huge star wars fan and beat the game twice. Then when the trophies came out, i restarted. There’s trophies on there that I won’t be able to get because I don’t wanna shell out another 40 bucks for a game I already have just because of 1 bonus level. I have all the DLC and supported you guys along the way. Why should I have to pay another 40 bucks for 1 level?

    I really think you guys should seriously think about releasing the Hoth level on the PSN. If you don’t it’s really saying a lot to the people who have supported you along the way.

    If that’s the case, everyone should just sell their used copy of TFU on amazon or something and be done with it.

  • I wanted the TFU since last year but never got around to it, I was tempted to buy it cheap when the patch came out but then I decided to hold off and get the USE cause it was a good price. :)

  • I never bought the game, but this alternate history thing really intrigues me. That’s something you only tend to see in the novels and in comic books. I could sink my teeth into this.

  • i hope the hoth mission is going to be in the psn store or you will be saying to us “hay thanks for buying the first game but if you want the new mission and dont want to waste 40 bucks on a port then go f your self” i know that sounds bad but sorry but that would be real b s if you guys make it only for new sith edition

  • I want the the Hoth level even more now but i dont want spend 40 bucks for the same game i already got. I hope wish that the level will come to PSN. pray everyone, then it will come!!!!

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