MAG Pre-order Bonuses: Choose your PMC

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After our huge showing at PAX, we are happy to follow it up today with our announcement of the pre-order items for MAG. From exclusive in-game characters to a one-of-a-kind Home Space to the long-awaited Public Beta access, we’ve got something for every new MAG operative. Are you ready to be one of us come January 26, 2010? Then get pre-ordering soldier!

SVER preorder

Exclusive S.V.E.R In-Game Character

This exclusive S.V.E.R. (Seryi Volk Executive Response) Hazard Trooper comes with the unique Hazard Camo Pattern, Hazard Improved Ballistic Vest, and the Hazard Improved Helmet. S.V.E.R. operatives live for the chance to achieve the honor they believe they deserve. The Hazard design is ideal for instilling the fear they are so used to administering on the battlefield. “The fire within fuels the true warrior.”

To pre-order, click here.

Raven preorder

Exclusive RAVEN In-Game Character

This exclusive Raven Industries operative comes with a unique Spyder Camo Pattern, Spyder Reinforced 2nd Gen Composite, and Spyder Reinforced 2nd Gen Helmet.

Quoting a recent Raven press release, “Spyder defense materials are designed by Raven Industries top field weapons researchers. Stealthy yet defensive, the Spyder materials increase Raven operatives ability to take control of the battle with superior technology.”

To pre-order, click here.

Valor preorder

Exclusive VALOR In-Game Character

This exclusive Valor in-game operative comes with a unique Bulldog Camo Pattern, the Bulldog Mk 2 Reinforced Fiber, and the Bulldog Mk 2 Helmet. For a Valor Company operative, donning the battle tested Bulldog uniform communicates a level of preparedness, induces intimidation in the enemy, and perfectly matches their motto – “Improvise, adapt, and overcome”.

Pre-order info TBD.

SVER logo

Exclusive S.V.E.R. PlayStation Home Personal Space

This S.V.E.R. PlayStation Home Space comes custom-made with the unconventional look of this unique PMC, focusing on beige and earth-toned gear, perfect for the guerrilla-style fighter within. If you live by the creed, and feel fear and intimidation are the cornerstones of any good fighting force, then show-off your true colors with a one-of-a-kind space.

To pre-order, click here.


MAG Public Beta Access (10/12/2009 – 11/20/2009)

If you’re not a Qore subscriber, but you’re ready to try out the most anticipated new shooter on the market before the game launches, here’s your chance to pre-order now and get into the final big Public Beta window that starts 10/12/2009. All of you that pre-order through this method will get an exclusive window of playing time after 11/9…and the Beta window will be open 24/7.

To pre-order, click here.

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  • Thanks Chris.

    Like a couple other readers, wondering if this is region specific for US or any region ?

  • the people that win with these are the game stores and the game developer. the customer loses because now he misses out on certain things and is forced to choose one over the other. Should I have to order from amazon to get a preferred bonus when there is a gamestop down the street, but they dont get the bonus I want?

  • Ewww now i gotta pre-order at Gamecrazy….. Thanks i think :(

  • nice im choosing between raven and valor now but home place is cool too

  • :(
    Nothing for bestbuy? :(
    This is a hard choice because I have yet to decide on which faction I will side with. Do we have to pre-order before a certain date to get this characters specific skins?

  • i know this may come from left field,but are there any in game female characters.i only ask because my girlfriend and her friends love 1st person shooters.she has already preordered mag and cod5 and the problem that she has is there are hardly any games with female character developers really think there aren’t female soldiers or something?can anyone shed some light on this.thanks

  • Already pre-ordered about a month ago. Good stuff!

  • Is this preorder in stores or online only for gifts

  • will these pre-order bonuses be available to Canadians?? I have mine pre-ordered at EB Games.

  • Hey do u hav 2 chose only 1. Or 1 PMC? Cuiz i wud wnt a PMC, Home Space, & Beta. I’m confused . If u wnt 2 get beat do u hav 2 pre-order on the link below beta. or Does EVERY pre-order get it?

  • I am against pre-order stuff.

  • Quick question about the Qore beta. If my last episode is this month, will I still be able to play the beta?

  • This is just getting annoying.

    I pre-order almost everything from Amazon, and every time they get the shaft. It’s either a video or something for Playstation Home. Meanwhile, Gamestop always gets the best stuff and they charge out of the ass (ECA discount doesn’t work there).

    I think it’d be for the best just to have every outlet get the same pre-order stuff. All this does is cause annoyance for those of us who go to one outlet specifically.

  • I don’t understand why all new game pre-order bonuses have to go through GameStop. GameStop is a P.O.S. retail store with horrible customer service. Why oh why does everyone use GameStop for pre-order bonuses?

    And on top of that Amazon & gamecrazy? I want the SVER character but there is no way I’m going to GameStop. Guess I won’t be pre-ordering MAG :(

  • Exclusive Pre Order Bonsuses SUCK! What if I want both of the exclusive costumes? S.O.L.? That’s crap! I’d give this a 0/5 stars if I could.

  • Darn….I want the Raven outfit….but there doesnt seem to be a game crazy around here…

  • What utterly stupid bonuses. How are we supposed to know which faction we like the best if only a select few can play it beforehand?

    The only way would be to preorder for the beta, screwing you on the other stuff…

    This crap makes me want to just wait and pick it up used.

  • I Will Pre-Order this game late September, because that is when Game Stop is getting the Codes. There is to many good games coming out these months, and I want all of them… Uncharted, Cod:MW2, NFS:Shift, And MAG. All games I will be getting.

  • Why punish people who buy your game? Sony, please see Atlus on how to do a correct release. The first printing gets bonus items such as soundtracks. Pre-Orders get actual useful stuff like an art book or plushie. Demon Souls made me pre-order, Sony pre-orders tell me to wait as it will be DLC in a few weeks.

  • From 10/12 to 11/20 do the people in the closed beta automatically get in like the Qore Open beta or do we have to pre-order still.

    For the most part these aren’t really good pre-order bonuses. I guess I’ll get the home one. But does the Home one come with the furniture or just the personal space?

  • Gamestop sucks but apparently enough people continue shopping there because they can afford to get the pre-order bonuses unlike other stores, not sure why.

    Why isn’t Valor ready for pre-order yet? And thats pretty stupid Sony if I can’t get the HOME space for pre-ordering Valor or vice versa. Who is gonna pre-order more than 1 copy just for these “bonuses”?

  • Once again, Zipper is one step behind the ball. These pre-order bonuses are getting old. Hey Zipper, how about you go back to what made SOCOM great instead of making a Modern Warfare look a like?

  • I saw in Playstation home that we would be able to get the beta because of the quore suscribe

  • the new ps3 case is awesome.

    also, great pre-order incentives.

    this game should have a headset bundle as well.

  • Can you guys PLEASE bundle this game with the official PS bluetooth headset..

    1) Its nearly ESSENTIAL for everyone in this game to use a headset.

    2) I really need 1 and i will deff pick this game up if you guys bundle it with a bluetooth headset. PLEASE!

    3) it is Multiplayer only.. and soo far ever multiplayer only game released for ps3 (excluding little psn games) has had a Bluetooth headset included.

  • so when should qore subscribers expect our beta codes. cant wait for mag

  • Pretty effin sweet. I really can’t wait to play MAG. But I need to still fix or buy me a PlayStation 3

  • after reading it at gamestop, all Qore people will cease to be able to play on OCT 8th unless you also preorder, Gamestop preorder people will start on the 9th of OCT. and all the items are given, the unique costumes for all three PMCs. and the home space. dont yall read around the web? but guell that means i dont have to subsrcibe to qore now. so ill wait till my next check and just preorder. i want the cool gear.

  • Why Amazon always get the short end of the stick, a PS Home place, really?

    I already had to pre-order Uncharted 2 from gamestop because of the beta, now this too? Although, I want be a Valor, so the pre-order store remain unknown, but they’ll probably give this to gamestop as well.

    I wish they could stop with those different BS bonuses and make the same bonus for each store.

  • Nah, after playing the closed beta the game REALLY needs to be bundled with a mic. Sure there was people with mics, but the really good battles were those with people dishing out orders for support and covering warnings. If ZIPPER can change some features of the chat system the game can be extremely well organized and squads to platoons can communicate effectively. Going to stick with Raven in the full game…let the Valor vs Raven rivalry continue!! It’s all fun and games until the BS S.V.E.R came in and divided us…tsk :P
    (BTW – Do note during beta and real game, you will only be allowed to make one character for one faction, if you want to switch you have to delete your character in order to switch factions. Do note also, you will start from level 1, however all other stats will be carried over. That’s why it’s important to pick your loyalty early on!!)

    If your an annual subscriber and you still get the September edition, you should still be able to get into the MAG Qore Beta session. If you were in the Closed Beta, you will automatically be carried over.

  • Woot! this is awesome! Man i love MAG =D

  • “Then get pre-ordering soldier”? I’m going to need the Valor info first. How soon is that info coming? Better be soon. ;)

  • I’m in.

  • This is a definite pre-order. Not until December probably though, it’s way too far away considering the virtual truckload that is coming this holiday season, it is so sweet to own a Sony machine this season. Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend, Borderlands, NG:Sigma 2, Ratchet & Clank, Alpha Protocol, Tekken 6, Fairytale Fights, Blur & Modern Warfare 2 they aren’t all exclusive but thats a great lineup and thats not even all of them!!

  • 256 players……..256 players man thats crazy…I remember when all you could fit in a room was 32 players in killzone 2 and you were DARN happy about that now look you get to kill 255 of your buddys seeing as your number 256 hehe xD

  • I want to be excited for this so badly, I even bought SOCOM on PS3 hoping it carried even ‘some’ of the originals spark with it… but nothing so far has made me want to jump up and run out for the pre-order, I just want to see something that WOWs me and that hasn’t happened yet. It looks competent and to a degree fun, certainly interesting but… I still have reservations I guess…

  • Do you HAVE to pre-order from those stores/sites to get that certain bonus item? I want the Home bonus item, but I hate pre-ordering games from Amazon -.-.

    And when do we get the Home space for it?

  • It’s not a public beta if you have to pay for it. This game is going to have massive network problems when it launches simply because they aren’t properly testing their servers with a true open beta. If they would have made the open beta free for everyone they would’ve gotten a much better idea on how much strain the severs can take before lagging out the wazoo, but for some reason they want everyone who plays the game at launch to hate it.

    And don’t get me started on pre-order bonuses. They’re all a load of [DELETED].

  • (sigh) i ALWAYS wait 4 reviews and never preorder, so this is a disapointment.

  • Ps3 web browser and uncharted freeze is still not fixed plz fix this….. I want this game but im not preordering but im surly buying in da 1st month

  • Bundle this game with a headset. In fact all first party FPS/TPS should be bundled with headsets. Even if it’s something like the Jabra that came with Warhawk.

  • I totally love several pre-ordered bonuses that are each store exclusives.

  • super coool!!!!!

  • This is great- I JUST ordered MAG yesterday and now I see that later on this month I’ll be getting a BETA code- YESS!!! I am definitely going to be going in there later this month seeing when they are going to be getting those codes!

  • This is actually a decent amount of preorder stuff. Do you really get the sense that you’re in a giant battle or is it segmented?

  • Is Canada getting any love?

  • this pre-order stuff is getting out of hand :-(

  • M.A.G is going to be one great game. Thing’s are turning out great!

  • I’m going to be honest I will not buy this if I cannot play some sort of demo or beta because it does look good but I’m tired of wasting 64 dollars (with my sales tax) at a time on games I end up thinking are just okay. And most of my friends are the same.

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