Disgaea 2 Ships Today, Other Classic PSP Titles Re-Releasing

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Hello everyone!

It’s been a while! I hope you guys are all doing well. Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days for PSP has been shipped to retail stores nationwide today, September 8th!

Disgaea 2 Boz

Even if you’ve already played Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories on PlayStation 2, this PSP version of Disgaea 2 will still entertain you and give you plenty of sleepless nights, especially with the additional Axel chapters and lots of new systems we’ve added!

In Disgaea 3, NIS created a new system called Magichange, which gives monster-type ally characters the ability to change into a weapon. This Magichange is now available in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days! What’s cool about this system is that you will gain different Magichange skills depending on the type of monster, and all of them will help you inflict massive amounts of damage!

Disgaea 2 magi Disgaea 2 magi 2

Disgaea 2: DHD won’t stop there; it also has a system lovingly dubbed “Magichange 2”! You simply place a monster-type character next to a Magichanged human-type character, and then execute the Magichange command again. Now you got “Magichange 2”! So easy, right? Magichange 2 has several advantages. One of them is that all characters involved in the Magichange 2 form get 100% of the EXP and MANA gained through defeated enemies. I hope you guys will find it much more pleasing to use this system, as opposed to defeating an enemy with a normal weapon!

Disgaea 2 magichange2

In the main story, you will be able to use all these newly added systems, but if those aren’t enough to satisfy your Disgaea cravings, no worries! Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days has you covered! Axel is back as a main character in some all-new chapters.

Disgaea 2 Axel & Brothers

Axel used to be a popular star and everybody loved him. But something happened and his popularity dropped to nothing. He’s ready to do anything to reclaim his esteem and legions of adoring fans. He has to support his big family, after all. Axel stumbles upon an opportunity to take part in a superhero show that is very popular among kids. He believed this would help him become a star again, but… well, you’ll have to find out what his destiny holds for him yourself.

Disgaea 2 axel Disgaea 2 axel 2

I also want to let you know that NIS America will release our past PSP titles, such as Prinny, Disgaea, Blade Dancer, and more, on PSN in the coming weeks. They will be available between $4.99 and $12.99 during the sales week (October 1st to 7th.) They are all 50% off, so don’t miss this chance to get them if you haven’t gotten these titles yet!

Lastly, NIS America has finally joined Twitter! We are updating news, preview/review articles, and more on our Twitter, so don’t forget to follow us if you have your Twitter account!

Thank you for reading my post as always!

Have a great day!

P.S. If you haven’t had a chance to see our Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days trailer, here you go!

P.P.S. There are a lot more newly added systems than just what I have mentioned here. Please visit the official Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days website for more detailed information!



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  • i have hear nothing but good things about this game. i will get it!

  • Hey Nao, thanks for the information. Looking forward to the PSN downloads of past games.

    • Hello mprunty,

      Hey you! Thank you for your comment! Yeah, these past titles on PSN will be awesome, especially with this 50% off deal:-)

      Talk soon!

  • Very cool! And awesome to hear about you guys releasing older titles via PSN – very much appreciate it!

    • Hello depward,
      I am glad to hear that you guys are all happy with this PSN re-release:-)

      They\’ll be avaialble very soon!


  • Excellent! Put it on PSN, and that’s a win.

  • Do you guys have an PS3 JRPG in the works that is not D2 like your previous two PS3 JRPG?

  • Will these old games come to Europe as well?

  • Never played a Disgaea game before :( Might be tempted to try this, or Disgaea 3 on PS3 :)

    • Hello Jack-Bauer-89,
      Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 2 have different characters and stories, but maybe you can start with Disgaea 2 on PSP? It is cheaper than Disgaea 3, and if you like how it plays, you can get Disgaea 3!

      I hope you\’ll enjoy the game play!

  • Awesome news! I’ll pick up the PSP version now. I love me some Disgaea. I’m really looking forward to the sales week as well. Great prices for great games.

  • I’ve beat 1 on PSP and 2 on PS2. I’ve yet to tackle 3, but one day I will.

    Glad to see the series find more players with a PSP release for 2.

    Keep it up NIS!

  • @ Nao Zook // PR/Marketing Coordinator, NIS America, Inc




    • Hello ghandikh1,
      At this moment, we don\’t have any plan to bring NISA PS2 titles to PSN. Maybe in the future!?


  • Man, I really want to pick this up, I just don’t have the time at the moment. Hopefully after the holiday rush it’s still avaiable, with all the great games coming I just can’t justify getting a game I already own right now, even if it is greatly enhanced.

  • This is great! I’ve gotta say, I’m not afraid of double dipping on these games when I get the GO as a main and my 2000 as a backup.

    I’ve also got a couple questions: Did the trophy patch for Dis3 come out? I deleted my save game in anticipation LOL

    Also, if you guys are going digital, will we get just as spoiled with bundles as we do on the Rosenqueen store? I don’t know what the digital version of a Prinny plush would be, but I’d sure like to find out!

  • Will there be a downloadable version? I’m trying to stick to downloads for the psp Go Launch

    • Hello loucetios,
      We will make a downloadable version, but we don\’t have the date just yet. It\’ll be a while though.


  • You’re the best NIS!! Thanks!

  • PS Blog iPhone mobile site still not working. it wen down when you guys to the site down about 2 weeks ago and hasn’t come back since.

    on a better note I might pick this one up.

  • NIS!!!
    we love you.

  • No working on CFW, no buying from me.

    Thanks, but I can enjoy the PSX RPG backlog I have.

  • i wasnt planning in to buying this because i already played the ps2 version but after reading this blog about the new enhancements for the psp then i think i will pick this one asap

    btw, nice to hear from you again,nao! :)

  • Hello Nao Zook,
    I’m glad to see you back on the blog, it’s been too long. I own the ps2 version of this game but only got to the 2nd chapter because I heard it was coming to the psp and enjoy strategy rpgs on the go.

  • sorry for the double post but i want to say that i cant hardly wait for sakura wars. that game seems to be interesting both from the gameplay to the sim aspect of it.also, i’m a huge fan of the drawings of kosuke fujishima.needless to say that his drawings and characters are pure eye candy.

  • i apologize because you probably get asked this alot, but when is Home support comming to NA Disgaea 3?

    • Hello Zezzler,
      No need to apologize! Well, that I have to check with NIS and see how the development is going so far. But we are working on it!


  • Hey Nao! Glad to see you back on the blog. Disgaea 2 is easily my most anticipated PSP game of the year and I only have 1 question:

    Will Disgaea 2: DHD be available as a digital download title on launch day? Please say yes, because I won’t buy it unless it’s digital!!!

    • Hello Enigma777,
      Thank you so much for your support!
      Unfortunately, it looks like we won\’t have the downloadable D2:DHD on the launch day of Go. :-( We\’re working on it though!


  • I personal thick ns been supporting psp and ps3 this long and thanx to em d2 cant wait for my copies also does my d1 save file support d2 like patapon 1 and 2 that b awsumz zzzzz.

  • Thanks for this post, Nao. Awesome trailer. I definitely can’t wait for my Disgaea 2 bundled with the Laharl Prinny plushie to arrive. Finally, my Disgaea collection shall be complete!!!

    Oooo, I wonder if the Mana Khemia remake will make it on to the PSN for that sale. That would be super!

    I’ll be sure to look in on the NIS twitter from time to time. Especially since I’m interested in finding out the next cool game for NIS to release for me to look forward to ^,^

  • see this stuff makes me angry. u have 2 different slims for psp, but no new case, and all because of an ugly, crappy new “ps3” logo u have 2 make a new case witch is by the way stupid. wats up with the new design? u guys should’ve stuck with spiderman letters instead of going “ps2” ps3 is supposed to be the future not the past.

  • I have Disgaea 1 on PSP and Disgaea 3 on PS3, now I can finally have all 3 games with this one, Thanks for bringing this to PSP!

    By the way, any reason why you said the Disgaea 3 trophies wouldn’t work on our save data when it did? Was that some kind of prank :p

    • Hello headwing45,
      Thank you for picking up Disgaea 2! I hope you enjoy it as much as 1 and 3!

      Regarding the trophies, it was very puzzling for us to tell you the truth. We were notified that it would erase all the saved data, so we had to let you all know about it. I\’m not quite sure how it was able to let you keep the save data though. But I am glad that you could play the trophies with your save data! :)


  • If I buy a PSP GO! on October 1st will I be able to play this game?

    • Hello gold5225,

      Unfortunately, it won\’t come out on Oct.1…
      but other NISA past PSP titles will be avaialbe!


  • @Nao Zook
    Are we talking about the Tokyo Game Show that you guys might announce something new for the PS3 that is not a 2D JRPG, but a fully 3D JRPG? If that they case, then will it come out in the United States?

  • I really, really need a psp.

  • Awesome!
    Thank you for the game been waiting for it but personally im gona buy it from PSN when you guys release it :).. and Nao a small question, will we ever see Atelier Rorona in NA? plz? :P

    • Hello Destiny89,
      Disgaea 2:DHD won\’t be available on PSN on 10/1, but we are planning to bring it over to PSN in the near future.
      Rorona… it looks awesome, doesn\’t it? We, NISA, also hope that we can bring it over!


  • @10 – ghamdikh1

    1) They might, but i wouldn’t hold my breath NIS tends to deal in a few remakes from what I can tell. They’d rather remake the game then put it on PSN, but they may prove me wrong.

    2) ZERO ZILCH NADA, Only 6 Million PS3’s have Backward Compatibility give or take with PS2 titles. Thats little under 1/4th of the total PS3’s out there. What’s worse is the PSP2 is completely incapable of emulating PS2 software so this games would need to be ported to the PSP.

    Before you start pointing to God of War collection as Backward Compatibility, those games are not emulated and not run off the 60 gig chipset. They Reworked Ports, meaning the titles themselves are recompiled and slightly modified to run better on PS3 hardware.

    Reworked Port is not equal to BC.

  • Sekoku, why should ANYONE cater to CFW users? Sure, you can spend your time looking for workarounds on your always-outdated firmware, and worry if all your hacks and mods still work in future updates… or you can just use the latest official firmware and not worry about anything.

    Go back to playing WipEout HD online or something.

    No doubt I’ll be picking up these titles… these are SICK prices. Capcom can learn from you, NIS America!

  • Are you going to put Disgaea 2 on the PSN Store as well?

  • would’ve been nice if there was a demo available – see, i’m partial to that “other” game that just came out called dissidia. hehe! how can one say they like something if they can’t try it? hhmmm…

  • Sales Week!? If Disgaea shows up on the store for $4.99, I could kiss you! And with Prinny being, at most, $12.99, you better believe I’m going to grab that!

    And I just checked Amazon.com and D2 is only $28! You may very well have net yourself as many as four sales here! I’m more than happy to support the people bringing me RPG games like Disgaea.

    Thank you!!

  • Disgaea is fun, but I’ve lost count of the ports and remakes of NIS/Atlus titles.

    Also, it’s either bad marketing or love for fans to tell everyone that the games will be on sale in a month.

    Regardless of what it is, I appreciate NIS taking the time to support its fans.

    • Hello Lerkero,
      Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days won\’t be on sale on PSN. Only the \”past\” titles will be! :-)


  • Can we get more info on this “Sales Week”?

  • @poweredbyzen

    You know, I was going to say that you can’t really get a good idea of what Disgaea’s all about from a mere demo, a great deal of the appeal being in the upgrading, but, honestly, I can’t think of any reason why a mere taste of the game can’t be made available.

    Let me just say that, if you love upgrading, massive amounts of skills, an incredible number of character classes and time-DEVOURING enjoyment, this really is a very, very, very good deal. This series actually lends itself best to the PSP, despite having been born and carried forward on the home consoles. The touch-and-go-capable style of gameplay makes it ideal for mobile gaming since you can do a little bit at a time. It’s pretty much the best match since they started breading chicken. I highly recommend checking it out.

  • Can you port this and Disgaea:Hour of Darkness to the PS3 via PSN. It would be great if we could buy the digital version on PSN, and could transfer the game to a PSP or play on the PS3. It would be sort of like the PSone classics because you would be able play on the PSP or PS3.

  • Sweet another game to add on my psp collection im off to get it!!! :)

    Please tell me that u guys are releasing “Trinity Universe” here in the US :)

  • Is there any chance of seeing Disgaea 1 or 2 on the PS3 sometime? Because you can’t play the psp versions on the PS3 right?

  • I recently picked up Digaea 3 and have been loving it (first game in the series for me). The humor is awesome and the gameplay is great. I’ll be picking this up ;)

  • Sounds cool. I might check out Prinny and Blade Dancer on PSN if the price is right next week. Is Dragoneer’s Aria coming this way soon? I seem to have lost my copy, and those UMDs seem to…well they spin…and this is an age where portable things don’t spin, they’re just read off flash memory. :P

    Any chance of porting Cooking Fighter Hao to the states? Or does NISA not have any say in bringing NIS titles over here?

  • Will the 50% be only the first week of the PSP Go’s release? Is it always going to be this price? I’m going to be tight on cash just to get the PSP Go.

    • Hello Keyeszx,
      Our past PSP titles will be 50% off for a week, and not forever, unfortunately!

      $4.99 or even $12.99 is really good price for our titles, which you can play hours and hours… Hope you won\’t miss this chance!


  • I need to get a PSP, because the games that you guys release just keep looking better.

    Also by “exciting news”, could that have something to do with Atelier Rorona?

    I picked up Mana Khemia 2 (great job by the way), and I might pick up Sakura Wars if I don’t pick up the ar tonelico series before that comes out.

  • is this going to be on the psn soon?
    i want it but i dont feel like going out to gamestop to get
    well i hope it comes to the psn

  • #45 I think they said it comes out Oct 1. Also I just reread it carefully. The sale is only Oct 1-7. That means I can’t get it. Maybe I can. These games are too awesome to miss. T_T

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on this game!! Thank you for the sales week information.

  • How about you guys make some decent looking HD sprites next game? That’s what held back Disgea PS3.

  • is there no download for this on PSN. I plan to get the new PSP and i would like to have this for it.

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