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Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

Hi all!

Welcome to the SingStore blog post! Nina is on vacation this week, so I’ll be updating you on the new downloads on the store. My name is Erin and I am the Associate Product Marketing Manager here in the U.S. for SingStar.

If you didn’t crave all of the songs in the exclusive Coldplay 2 SongPack a couple of months ago, here’s your chance to pick your favourites and get a hold of them individually. You can see the full tracklisting of the update below.

Los Delinquentes Y Bebe - Despues 4TASTE - Diz Mais Uma Vez

We have also put together a Blondie SongPack including classics such as ‘Call Me’ and ‘Heart Of Glass’ plus ‘Rapture’ which is an exclusive track for the SingStore.

Enjoy and until next time,


In English

  • Coldplay – Don’t Panic
  • Coldplay – In My Place
  • Coldplay – Lost
  • Coldplay – Trouble
  • Coldplay – Violet Hill
  • Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams
  • Rednex – Old Pop In An Oak
  • Spandau Ballet – To Cut A Long Story Short
  • Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma

In Spanish

  • Los Delinquentes Y Bebe – Después

In Portuguese

  • 4TASTE – Diz Mais Uma Vez
  • Sir Giant – Doce Cereja

Blondie SongPack

  • Atomic
  • Call Me
  • Hanging On The Telephone
  • Heart of Glass
  • Rapture

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  • Thanks for the continued support. When is Elton John coming to Singstore? My wife will download all of his stuff!

  • Wow I mean for realz?

    Good more Coldplay….can’t get enough of that. Oh and more weird off the wall stuff I have never heard of?

    How about adding some of the songs that are on the Singstar PS2 discs to the store so that I can play them without swapping out the disc. Also maybe go ahead and add a poll asking AMERICANS what they would like to see on the store?

  • Sony,

    Please try to get some better updates like the last one Europe received. I want to support this game but it’s lacking “current” content. I do love Coldplay so thanks for that!

  • I just got a PS3 slim, and I’m trying to get my Singstar songs on it because my old model doesn’t work anymore. But guess what! Sony won’t let me do that! That’s all my money down the drain! I won’t be buying anymore Singstore songs because of the stupid one-PS3 only DRM, and I hope nobody else does either. The least you guys could do is deactivate them and let me put them on one PS3 at a time. >:


    I someone looking into this at all? Erin, please put this request in the hands of someone that can make it happen. We have been waiting for these since release of the first PS3 SingStar.

  • @4 Just log on to your new PS3 with your PSN account that you DL’d your old songs with. Boot up Singstar and goto download history and re-download.

    I did that no problems.

  • Yeah I have the same problem as tearsofash I just bought a new ps3 slim and now i find out i can’t transfer my songs to my new ps3 i tried to contact sony but they have been no help i think i’m done with singstar now that i’ve lost about 30 dollars of songs

  • Horrible

  • @6 – It doesn’t work. It’s still associated with the old PS3. Even if you deactivate your old PS3 – it still won’t work. I called customer “service” and they act like Singstar DRM’d DLC is like regular PS store DLC you can download 5 times! What a joke!

    I guess you have to pay $150 to get your system repaired before you can redownload your songs again and break the “one ps3” rule. And that isn’t going to happen. I swear this is worse DRM than most modern PC games, and those are pretty bad!

  • opposite day . im going to buy all the stuff i never heard of . so i guess i wont be getting coldplay
    as for getting your songs back i guess it depends on who you talk to on customer service. some people had to fax a list of songs they purchased to sony and others said that the song would be able to be downloaded in a week or two after putting a request in so id call customer support again and ask for a supervisor since the person you talked to has no clue that singstar has an in game store

  • Guys, I bought a lot of songs in SingStar. Then I had to send my PS3 because it broke two of my discs. I got a new one back. So I started brand new saves, I got to SingStar and they didn’t allow me to download my old songs right away.

    The thing is Sony actually expects you to tell them you have those songs. So you have to call them, and remind them each and every week you’re waiting for them.

    Then on a sunday, I got my songs back, I downloaded them all and I still enjoy them.


  • Wow. This update sucks almost as much as last week’s. Another week where I will not be spending any of my money!

  • I’ve been holding off purchasing SingStar until the wireless mics are available here in the US. My wife really wants this game, so am I stuck importing the mics from Europe? Will the European mics work on my US system with the US version of SS?

    Please bring the wireless mics to the US for my wife.

  • It is so sad how Sony cares absolutely so little about Singstar in the US… Can we please have Depeche Mode, Erasure, the wireless mic’s…

  • Erin and Nina and company,
    I understand that there are licensing holds on music property. But, it takes money to make money. If you were to release better content then more people would buy it. Can someone with a BA in business please help me to explain it in language Sony understands.

    P.S. thanks for leaving “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay for the very end. No really, thank you

  • Thank you.

    The only reason I didn’t get the Coldplay song packs was because I already owned a few songs from each and the songs I really wanted from those packs were exclusive. I am very happy. Keep up the good work.

  • Imported wireless mics do work in the US. I imported them and they sound way better then the wired mics.

    Interms of content I though I read somewhere that the US would be getting the same content as Europe but I done know if that is a rumor or not. I wish the US gets the same content because they get so many more songs my g/f and I want. Oh well.

    Also I am mad about the DRM thing. I don’t know what I would do if my 60 PS3 breaks because I d/led more then a 100.00 worth of songs already. I am mad that I can’t d/l those songs to my other PS3. This is not fair. I think these songs should be linked to the account and not to a specific PS3 becasue some of us have multiple PS3s.

    Come on Sony help us out here.

  • I’m getting disapointed wth the US updates for Singstar…
    Juas about a half of the content out in the EU store come to the US…
    I wanna sing “I WILL SURVIVE”!!!
    Anyway, what about the Singstar Sampler Pack already rated by the ESRB??? Will somebody ever talk about it??? I wanna sing “SPACE ODDITY”!!!
    Another question: will somebody ever answer one of my posts???

  • For once, I’ll stick with a Microsoft game, Lips.

    That’s sad.

  • @18 Agreed – If your PS3 dies thats one thing, but losing access to the songs you paid for is another. Thats like kicking someone when their down.

  • Depeche Mode Please

  • Where are the Michael Jackson songs at? Don’t Sony own some of the publishing on his music? Why haven’t you released any content for his music? We want MJ!!!

  • guess I will check the bargain bins some more for cheap Singstar disc since I will not be spending any money in the store again this week.

    Where are the wireless mics?

    Please get Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, Spanish tracks that appeal to the Americas, and all of the Universal music that Europe is receiving.

  • Great update!

    When do we get the clip editing tool Chris?

  • Erin,

    Let me give you a little hint here. If you want to start marketing this game a bit more put out songs that people WANT to sing. Four new songs nobody has heard of plus five Coldplay songs we already had? This update is horrible. We want Depeche Mode and we want the WMG songs.

    A Michael Jackson singstar and wireless mics would also be nice. Please use the above as constructive criticism.



  • Keep the updates coming guys, it’s awesome to have a mix of mainstream and less popular artists, but being honest, the more popular songs you have, the more you will sell.

    PS: how about some Brazilian music? :)

  • What is up with these Spanish songs… can you guys release something that is well known. Mana, Franco D’Vita, Oscar D’ Leon, Juanes, Adolecentes, Ricardo Montaner, Gilberto Santa Rosa, more Enanitos Verdes.

    You keep releasing these songs that are not that famous. I want to invite people over my house and when they turn on the game they’ll know the songs… so they’ll want to sing. No one wants to sing stuff they don’t know.

  • oO… yea.. and i agree with comments above.. where are the Michael Jackson songs?

  • We want a lot of things. Singstar PS3 has the perfect infastructure, but Sony is COMPLETELY dropping the ball on content. Really, less coldplay and more actual karaoke songs. The lack of Elton John is a crime in itself, along with the tons of other popular artists that are out there. What about being able to upload PS2 songs?

  • I will say, thank you for giving us a regularly timed release.

    @Powerlunch – I believe Nina works for London Studio, so she doesn’t have full control over US releases. Erin is just marketing. Marketing usually doesn’t have control over the content or games released, they are just responsible for promoting it.

    If we want to complain to Erin about something, it should be the website. Marketing is usually responsible for keeping that up to date and making it useful for fans. The European site is a lot more robust. It offers great features like videos and the list of Singstore songs on their website. They are focusing on the community aspect. SCEA keeps a site that only is focused on one title at a time, if they have the money/thought to update it with the newest titles.

    Europe also throws some cool parties to celebrate new or upcoming releases. It would be great to have a party in a major US city or two for upcoming releases. Have a gathering in LA and/or NY. Rent out a place, set up the newest game. Invite press and invite some fans. The fans will talk up the game to the press. When you get a group of people together, having a fun time you’ll have better press on it.

  • Ha. None of the comments are very positive here, eh?

    Well, i will say that the DRM crap is the reason i didn’t buy Singstar in the first place. I had the dude at Cyclops Video – a local video game rental store – offer me Singstar and the 2 mics for 30 bucks, yet i still said no.

    I don’t see why i would spend 30 bucks on a game that, once i complete the disc songs, i can’t really play that much more beyond playing the same songs over and over.
    I buy Rock Band and GH:WT songs all the time because i know if my PS3 breaks again, i can get them back.

  • @tearsofash

    they do allow you to redownload after proving you own ,normally from a faxed recite- (slim ps3) and list of songs.. i did that with the slim model and have 260 downloaded songs. if you check in the US singstar forum i posted all the information on another guys post named “upgrading to the slim”. It can be done .. you probably got a bad phone rep..

  • Thanks for the update,

    Please keep working on the licences for the music groups to bring the releases from the UK update (and more!).

    And, thanks for providing us the update info in advance on a regular basis.

  • give me Depeche Mode!

  • I have a question. My firs ps3 broke and receive another unit. I didn’t have time to desactivate my account because of that. I heard that the videos we purchased work only in one ps3.

    So what will happen with my videos? how can I see them again? am I doomed with all my song puchased?

  • There is no way to get your videos back, unless you had a backup on a HDD – and you restore that backup to the exact same PS3. You can’t restore a back up to another PS3, as you’ll lose all copy-protected items and game-data (which is where the singstar videos and eyecreate videos etc etc) are stored. If they’ve been uploaded already, they will still be there, of course.

  • oh man…so…can I call Sony to re activate my psn? because its insane, I bought songs for at least 40-50$.

  • This game has really let me down! I had a party on the weekend and the feedback from the mics is unreal…why don’t the rockband mics cause the feedback. I’d also like to see weekly updates in the store, weren’t we promised 700+ songs by the end of last year. Oh well, Singstar ABBA would have been a hit but the feedback made the game useless for us :-(

    Sorry for the negative feedback Erin, we were all just very disappointed.

  • You CAN recover lost songs on Singstar. It’s a long, drawn out process, but I was successfully able to get ALL of the songs back that I paid for. First you will need to call SCEA. Explain what happened and ASK FOR THE NUMBER FOR SCEE. They are the ones who can get your music back, not SCEA. Trust me, it sucks and they REALLY need to fix it, but at least you get them back on your system.

    IMO, they really do need to set up the songs where you can have them on up to 5 PS3 consoles, or at least two! It kinda sucks to bring Singstar over to a friends party just to explain how much better the game would be at my house with my downloaded songs. There should be some sort of temporary fix for that!

  • You know, I will keep looking with hope, but I am ready to make the switch to Karaoke Revolution. I’ve never played the old versions, but the new version coming out sounds great. Plus, guess what, current songs I have heard of!!! Wow, what a concept. I love Singstar, but it looks like they will never get the US side where it needs to be. If everyone else can do it (and I mean everyone: Lips, Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Apple iTunes, etc.), why can’t they? Never a straight answer; just “not as easy as it sounds.” Waste of time to even put the disk in anymore.

  • kareoke revolution what is that?….maybe it’s time to switch.

    I think that all was said in this topic, so i will reserve my words.

  • r u kidding me?!?!?!? Sony please replace the people currently working on the us side off singstar we keep asking for change and yet nothing ever gets done singstar is a sinking ship in america and i dont see it staying afloat until there are some need fixes in americas singstar staff.

  • So, um… Jesus. Does SCEE have the entire Coldplay discography on hand?

  • Coldplay sucks.

  • Still no good R&B songs…

  • It would be nice if you could request a song or at least an artist..

  • I really think y’all need to put a wider varity of bands. Like this is a singing game and you have NO Linkin Park!?! Seriously give us something to jump about.

  • Song Request:

    Neneh Cherry-Buffalo Stance :)

    Can you post this song in Singstore US for me??? Thankxxxs

  • Good now for some Spanish Latin American songs pls. There is so much potential for $$$$$!!!
    Also Give me some Guns N’ Roses, Sublime and RHCP!!!

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