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In just a few days’ time, we’ll be up in Seattle for Penny Arcade Expo 2009 (the kids call it “PAX”). Who among you will be attending? We hope to see you there.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 24, 2009)

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  • Yo jeff add me if you got room for one more

  • @jeff-Nah,PAX doesn’t suck.I’m just mad I won’t be there!lol

  • allright lol time to take a break from batman and catch up on the weeks events.. 3.0 ftw

  • Is the update going to come out at midnight?

  • @Jeff

    Pass on my thanks– the Information Board started working again for me middle of last week. Not that it makes that much difference, given 3.00 launching tomorrow lol. It is, however, appreciated.

  • @DTHCND –> Sorry about not linking to your thread, I totally forgot.

  • cant wait till tue 3.0 fw looks great thnx guys for all the great work

  • Hi Jeff, any idea when the US is getting Ad hoc Party? I thought it was coming out when MHU or FF Dissidia was released.

  • Guys… I just realised…. NEW AVATARS TOMOZ!!!

    After all these years… finally!

  • Is Sony really working on something to convert your umds to the new psp go?

  • @ Jeff or anyone on the ps team. I am curious I will be buying a ps3 slim soon and wondered if you can tell me when TGS will be thx man and long live PSN <3 <3 <3

  • will we get the frimware tonight or tuesday night

  • hey jeff whats your psn? can i add you?
    and can you ask Kojima Productions wether they’ll add trophies in MGS4 or not

  • WHAT?!! PS3 Slim uses half the power? Damn…. I really want one…

  • Ow wait comparing to the 60GB haha…. yeah that sums it right up.

  • I just want to say you guys at Bethesda SUCK….You should all never reproduce, I hate the way you are messing with the Playstation community always putting stuff on x-box over Playstation 3…Did you guys not get the MEMO, X-Box BLOWS Big fat Donkey D!#% Bring FALLOUT3 DLC to us. I hope you understand cause I don’t speak retard, have one of your interns translate if need be!!

  • @bball230

    I had the same problem and it is the adblock plus but i just made a rule so it doesn’t do it anymore. go into the preferences, add a filter and paste this code:


    this will fix the problem :)

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