Rock Band Unplugged On the PSPgo

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Not too long ago, Rock Band Unplugged made its debut on the PSP-3000 system. We’ve seen a great response to the game and now Rock Band Unplugged is coming to PSPgo!

For a limited time, when you purchase a PSPgo system, you’ll have access to a PlayStation Network downloadable voucher for Rock Band Unplugged Lite. This lite version of Rock Band Unplugged will allow you to play five full tracks. Plus, you can create your own personalized version of the game by purchasing your favorite Rock Band songs from the PlayStation Network. Now the only instrument you’ll need to rock anywhere is the PSPgo system!

PSPgo with Rockband

Again, quantities are limited so be sure to mark your calendar for October 1.

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  • @ 145

    Or Resident Evil 2 would be nice.

  • @ 150

    Plus it has a bigger screen, and isn’t made only for people with tiny hands.

    Seriously why would anyone in their right mind buy a PSPGo?

  • @152.

    Not true. The PSP GO and the PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 series have the same screen size.

  • Actually no they don’t. The Go’s screen is 3/4″ smaller. Look it up.

  • @154

    …And you’re freaking out over that. Thats not a huge difference.

  • @ 150

    Because I’m clearly insane :)


    My life feels so useless and devoid of anything without a weekly update.

    I was really looking forward to something to give sense to my thursday but no. Another gray and depressing modern-life day without anything to care for.

    WHERE IS THE UPDATE? I need something to give me a reason to live, at leat for today.

    ha ha ha ha ha

  • @153

    Sorry make that half an inch, not 3/4. But when you’re talking about a screen that isn’t very large to begin with, a half inch is a lot.

    “The handheld has a compact look and is 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter (weighs 3.8 ounces) than the PSP 3000. The PSP Go’s LCD screen measures at 3.8-inches, smaller than the previous PSP models with its 4.3-inch screen. It’s still visually impressive and any game will look beautiful on it. A smaller screen also means the battery should last longer.”

    Google is your friend.

  • @157

    Poke fun, but I want some new demos or something. :)

  • And me too. That’s why I take part in this moden-life, after all :)

  • Thanks for nothing Sony, Gran Turismo PSP would have been nice.
    I guess I’ll definitely be holding on to my PSP fat.

    This pack-in was conjured up by the marketing team.
    I bet they felt so smart giving away a lame DLC vehicle.

    Definitely not cool. Now also realizing that there is demo for this game on PSN already I’m actually really mad and insulted.

  • @155

    I’m not freaking out solely over the screen size.

    When you factor in that the PSPGo has no UMD drive, a smaller screen, and is harder to use with adult-sized hands, the fact that it costs $50 more than a 3000 (which you get a FULL game and a downloadable game included) is crazy.

    It’s a rip-off. Plain and simple.

  • Is the full Rock Band Unplugged going to be available on the PS Store? or just the lite version.

  • WHERE’S THE FREAKING STORE UPDATE?! All this waiting and all we’re getting is that lame Kung Fu game…

  • @ 164

    LOL… lame AND over-priced.

  • Now I KNOW Harmonix didn’t come up with this Rock Band Unplugged “Lite”, you retards at Sony did and you’re trying to make them a part of your 10 IQ with innovation on bundles.

    It’s a joke, especially for a $250 handheld which is almost the cost of a new PS3.

    I have an idea:
    That Voucher + Your Wrists
    That PSP Go + A Strong Arm Pitcher

  • FE_RR  |  August 27th, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    i think the best solution for this problem it’s update the store friday’s morning, so when everybodies get up from bed, have the playstation store up and going :D


  • Thank you sony for not updating the ps store tonight!

  • @161, the PSPGo’s been pretty popular w/ the press comfort-wise

    ..and that price thing. Definitely a hurdle.

  • From Twitter:
    We are experiencing a delay w/ the normal PlayStation Store publish. Keep an eye on the PS Blog & Twitter for status on this week’s update.

  • From the Playstation Twitter page:

    We are experiencing a delay w/ the normal PlayStation Store publish. Keep an eye on the PS Blog & Twitter for status on this week’s update.

  • weres the PS STORE UPDATE????

  • PS store is usualy updated like 5 hours ago!!!!! I WANT DIRT 2 DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • really cool , cant wait!!!

  • @169

    Thanks for the info.

  • Dear Sony,
    I really dont know whats going on over there, but as a Playstation fan/Consumer …. it seems like you guys are lazy. Where is our NHL 10 Demo? Where is our 2-3pm PST Update? Where is our *WEEKLY* Update? Where is Resident Evil 2 & 3? Do you know what day it is? Apparently, you guys dont want our money. The Money that you thrive on. A) Get better technical/consumer support B) Stop being lazy C) Stop acting like you DONT want our money!! Listen to consumers!!

    Copy & Paste

    P.S. RB is such a ripoff of Guitar Hero. You guys just think its better because it has a microphone. Well, thats what’s Singstar is for.

  • Nothing but a bunch of trolling and crying from greedy people who are getting something free or are not even buying PSP Go. Buy your own games. If you’re not even getting a go then the price of it shouldn’t be your concern.

    I just want to know about today’s update really. I’ll guess i’ll just log-in and check.

  • @174 You do know the creators of Rock Band made the first couple of Guitar Hero games right?

  • @174

    Umm you do realize that the main creators of Guitar Hero, Harmonix, left to go and create Rock Band. And Guitar Hero copied Rockband by adding drums and a mic in GH: World Tour, not the other way around.

    That and Guitar Hero is basically drowning the whole music game genre with GH games coming out every other month.

  • lol @ 174 not knowing that Guitar Hero’s original creators were Red Octane & Harmonix…. you fail, bro.

    BTW, RB has MUCH better selection of songs than GH, isn’t ridiculously charted, and doesn’t need to bring out a new installment every 6 months.

    Rock Band ftw.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot: overpriced DLC.

  • All the crows they sit there waiting
    Wondering what im going to do
    Until i get the update i cant breathe
    Then i see you on the floor your hearts not beating anymore cus your dumb*** didnt give me the ******* update

  • LOL, now I am waiting for the update to come out and be lackluster and everyone will start complaining they waited all day for a poor update.

    I normally find a couple of things I like in each update at least. Here is hoping for the best.

  • I don’t mind if the update is delayed, but I would appreciate a comment stating that from the powers that be. I think the thing that drives people crazy is when we are completely ignored. Sony knows how much we all look forward to Thursdays for the update and the fact that they choose to just remain silent is just insulting.

  • I pray that RE 2 comes out after all this delay, or something worth interest besides a couple of demos (like Dirt 2) =/

  • Extremely useless, especially when Europe gets a Gran Turismo Mobile offer for the PSP Go.

    Without GT Mobile, it’s useless; I wouldn’t take Rock Band for free.

  • Guys the store update is delayed, try the twitter link every once in a while.

  • @174
    Your an idiot.

  • I will chime in on the fail of @174.
    Utterly clueless.

  • We should get a free game because The store isnt up yet

  • “The latest European PlayStation Store update is now available. This week’s content includes a Crash Commando fill game price cut, three new downloadable games featuring Smash Cars and Battle Tanks, playable demos of F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn and NHL 10 and more. For Batman: Arkham Asylum fans, now is your change to add the Joker in the game for free while PSP owners can get hold of Dynasty Warriors.”

    Seems that Europe got their update, don’t know if Japan got theirs, most likely they did, now it’s just us here in the US….

  • I can only assume the delay is from all those PSP games they are uploading, if they are getting the majority up by Oct then I guess there should be around 50 of them every week until Oct…I doubt it will go down like that though.

  • Why is it that every time the store doesn’t come up people find the need to post on the last blog like it will do anything…..and threatening them doesn’t help it come up an faster either people

  • @174 The_Punisher111,

    You certainly don’t speak for me, and your utter disregard for facts and the truth only further supports that fact. It’s people like you and your sense of “entitlement” who give the rest of us respectable gamers a bad name.
    Demanding this and that – who the hell do you think you are? And all this “copy & paste” BS, as if you’re gonna lead some kind of revolt with your idiocy. You make me laugh.

    And yea, just like everyone else who’ve commented – your lack of knowledge that Rock Band was created the original creators of Guitar Hero, only further shows how much you FAIL.

    Give it up.

  • @191: It lets them know that their customers aren’t happy. That’s the only way that they’ll ever change or improve their service.

  • Wow, this is getting old Sony REAL old…these updates need placed in more capable hands.

    I will personally erase the “free online” from every slim box and pay $50$ a year if it can make this delay crap stop…seriously I got more $ for burning than patience for this crap. Its 9:00 pm ct and wow not even a word.

  • And the playstation store update is which way? Today is Thursday right?

  • Its been delayed guys, due to technical issues. Look up once in a while.

  • Some of these comments are funny. So the update to the store isn’t up yet. Oh no. Don’t you have a game like Batman or something you can play?

  • Hope Sony ships enough where I can walk into Best Buy and pick one up. Two great games right from the start.

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