Rock Band Unplugged On the PSPgo

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Not too long ago, Rock Band Unplugged made its debut on the PSP-3000 system. We’ve seen a great response to the game and now Rock Band Unplugged is coming to PSPgo!

For a limited time, when you purchase a PSPgo system, you’ll have access to a PlayStation Network downloadable voucher for Rock Band Unplugged Lite. This lite version of Rock Band Unplugged will allow you to play five full tracks. Plus, you can create your own personalized version of the game by purchasing your favorite Rock Band songs from the PlayStation Network. Now the only instrument you’ll need to rock anywhere is the PSPgo system!

PSPgo with Rockband

Again, quantities are limited so be sure to mark your calendar for October 1.

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  • I’ve got Rock Band Unplugged for my PSP, and I was happy to hear rumors that PSP Go buyers might get the game with it, and I already have a pre-order for a PSP Go. But a lite version? Really?! This is disappointing… especially since I haven’t heard anything new about the UMD-PSP Go conversion… I was really hoping I could continue playing Rock Band when I switched to the PSP Go. :(

  • Does that mean I can use Rock Band DLC with the lite version or is that Rock Bank Unplugged DLC only?

  • I already bought the UMD version .. how can i transfer it to psp go?

  • We’re getting ripped off by not getting even a full game bundles with it. The Europeans get GT PSP which is great and all we get is some extended demo.

  • How much is the new PSP Go when it debuts in October?

  • bad move sony really bad move put something worthwhile and i may think about gettin a psp go but if not whats the point after all u need net to get any game off the psp go which is a downfall of the psp go and u would also need wireless net as well epic fail sony add a decent game at least hell put a voucher in it that would allow the buyer to get one psp game off the psn store for free that will get more people to buy the psp go

  • Solid idea to push the digital-only system.

    Here have a Demo and we’ll give Europe Gran Turismo, thanks for nothing SONY. BOO SONY :(

    Way to insult your loyal fans some more.

  • what the–?? Yet Europe gets GT for PSP?

    Rock Band lite? Are you kidding me Sony?

    We’re gonna drop $250 on this thing and you give us “Rock Band lite”?? Oooh!!! 5 whole tracks, you say?!


    Keep your stupid voucher. It’s insulting. I don’t need “rock Band lite” taking up space on my Go.

  • People need to stop complaining about absolutely everything that is posted in the blog.

  • I just got back from canceling my PSP Go since I dont feel like getting ripped off.

  • @outcelgeist you want people to stop complaining yet your doing the same thing you complain about them doing it

  • Nice! I’ve been looking for a way to regret buying my PSP-3000 RBU bundle! :'(

  • Hello store?

  • Now, instead of buying Rockband for 29.99 you get it for the low price of (41-5)*1.99 = $71.64 (assuming I can download all the songs originally on Rockband Unplugged and they are full price–even at half price you still pay more). So I still have to buy the actual game anyway.

  • so aside from a new system, what do the North American consumers get when we purchase a PSPGo? Don’t get me wrong, a demo of Rock Band Unplugged is great and all, but i’d like a copy of Gran Turismo just like my fellow Euro-gamers.

  • In a vacuum this voucher is good. Its a brilliant way to bring awareness to a good game and create revenue for a valued partner (Harmonix).

    But, as a US consumer…..Are you serious?! SCEE manages a full version of a game that has been highly anticipated since 2004 and the best you have to offer us is a platform through which we can give you more of our money after we are already expected to pay the Sony “Premium” tax for a console that offers us very little in terms of new features.

    It’s crap, you know it’s crap and you’re abusing the wallets of your most loyal, undervalued demographic. The early adopter.

    Well played SCEA. Well played.

  • Sorry, just skimmed over it. With only five songs, I prefer my full RBU, but still, I’m still not sure if I made the right decision. =/

  • @addyjones1234

    That’s not really true either. Europe complains about not getting stuff too. And rightfully so–Europe hasn’t been treated well by the gaming industry for years now. But that doesn’t make it any more right what they’re doing to NTSC gamers now…

  • It’s a free gift, so I wouldn’t call it garbage. It is a bit disappointing that Europe gets a better gift, but they generally gets screwed anyway. Besides, you can still download and use extra content, which is cool. I actually think other games should be done like that, singstar for instance. If the game was downloadable, and then I chose what songs I want that would be great, there are a lot of songs that I would probably never do in Singstar because I don’t care for them. Think of RB Unpluged Lite in that regards.

  • Ewww, thats not right… something this LIGHT should never compete with a full title included bundle. Whoever makes up the bundles should be fired! I mean come on Beats was pushing it with size and content but something even smaller and weighed against GT. Do you really think Rock Band is that good?? Well its not…so yea…bad form, bad form…

  • I’m happy with my 2000 Slim. What I want to know is WHERE IS THE STORE UPDATE!? I’ve have RBU songs on my list to buy and make videos of!

  • Wow a whole five songs. Well, I guess I can’t complain too much since it’s free.

  • i had no idea about Europe’s GT bundle, but just because we’re not getting it also doesn’t fill me with rage like most of you. you all need to chill the hell out. cancelling your preorder because they’re throwing in something at no extra cost?? i preordered mine not knowing of ANYTHING getting bundled, because I DON’T CARE. I just want the system as is, and i’d be grateful for it. you greedy people make me sick.

  • Dear Sony,

    You didn’t need to include a voucher with the PSPGo. A simple card that had the words “F**K YOU” on it would have been sufficient to pass along the message…

  • So.

    Europe gets the FULL version of GT PSP

    US gets a bare bones version of Rock Band…

    Nice try Sony… But there is NO way your gonna get me to put 250 down a handheld that…

    1) Has less features than a 3000

    2) Has NO built in camera or camera support at all

    3) Will gave ridiculous game prices… for games I could buy for a lot less NEW off the internet!

  • @Sony

    Please, I (as I’m sure many other readers) would love an explanation as to why SCEE can manage giving GT PSP and we here in the US are getting a glorified demo that obviously no one wants/cares about. That’s what I got from reading all the previous posts. No one said “Oh sweet, Rock Band Lite! I can’t wait!”. No. Obviously we all want GT. If SCEE can manage, then what gives?

    p.s. Everyone saying that Europe gets screwed; I only partially agree. Sure often they wait longer for games and such. However, more often than not, they get better bundles and limited editions (i.e. limited ed. PSP colors/bundles, etc.) that will never see the light of day here in the US. So consider that. I would say that the US gets the short end of the stick from Sony.

  • Hello store?

  • I definitely do not respect a lite version of a game. Raise the bar make it a full online bundle. New psogo get voucher for full game. You can practically make any bundle.

  • Let me see if I understand.
    A Lite/demo version of a game on a console witch purpose is to play full games without the UMD drive ?
    This is lame.
    Europeans are getting the full version as far as I know.
    So what happened to we get this Lite/Demo version ?
    Fix it, there’s still time.

  • This really pales in comparison to the offer extended to European consumers. You give Europeans the full version of a new game and US gets a demo of Rock Band Unplugged. Even Nintendo had a better deal with giving early DSi buyers a $10 credit to buy what they wanted from the DSi downloadable store.

  • Nice bonus but the Go is still $250 so no thanks.

  • I definitely do not accept a lite version of a game. Raise the bar make it a full online ge bundle. You can practically make any bundle that way. Since you can limit production cost by a Finite amount of voucher how about a voucher worth 9.99 to be used to purchase any game in the store.

  • Where’s the store???

    As for the bonus? Im still getting the pspgo launch as I have already decided. But this is not going to get any one else who is on the fence to preorder or those who are debating to get it depending on the incentive.

    Also if we didnt have the european gt promotion as a base of comparision, this would be a better looking offer.

  • I think it wud be nice 2 hav the PSP Go. It seems like….idk it just seems cool. But it’s not a necessity, especially since cant play umd. Plus it’s 2 expensive because a lot of ppl already hav a PSP. I still got my Original PSP lol

  • Nice Try Sony.

    Europe gets FULL GT PSP Game

    US Gets BARE BONES Rock Band….

    It’s gonna take a lot more than that to make me put down 250 for the GO.

    1) It’s got no camera functionality… it should have one built-in for the price tag.

    2) It lacks hardware that the 3000 has, meaning it should be cheaper.

    3) Prices for downloadable games a way too expensive considering I could get them for a fraction of the price on UMD from amazon.

    So… DROP THE PRICE, or be prepared for no one to buy the PSP-GO.

  • Wheres my store?


    Everyone on this blog are PlayStation fans… yet I can’t see anyone here liking A) This offer or B) The GO’s Price tag.

    Fix it … there’s still time.

    At least offer Rock Band full, or even Rock Band Lite for every purchase… not just the first few!

  • a Free Voucher for GT please for PSPGo.. You can’t stiff the USA with a demo basicly

    why do you think the USA need rock band more then GT

    you have loyal GT fans in the USA

    come on what person in the USA don’t like cars??

    Got you there ;D

  • I really don’t want GT but put something better than a demo with DLC… Hell put a few Hits titles in there but $250 is pathetic for just a neutered console…

  • mybe if there was GT, i might save up for a psp thing, but these new ones look weird, i would buy an original for like $100 an then go buy GT

  • @TuxBobble

    yeah i agree but we get told to stop complaining so it’s only fair:P

  • what the hell happened to the PlayStation store update. I guess stiffing people is your new way of saying that you to all your loyal fans. first that crappy RBU demo with the psp go, now no store update. Thank you Sony for all the disappointing moments you have givin us.

  • Is there any chance this Rockband Lite will be available to buy as well?

    I wouldnt mind paying $10 or so, to get the engine and five tracks. I would much prefer this to buying the full game, not playing a bunch of the tracks and then spending a bunch on DLC for songs I really want to play…

  • i get it, this is a joke blog, lol. you almost had me… 5 songs, just brilliant. relax people, its just a distraction to keep us from waiting on the store update.

    Oh! its not a joke. My bad.

  • Where’s the store update?

  • sry keep ur pspgo got better things to spend my money . and to the clown that us not to complain we are consumers if we don’t being shafted we have a right to say something if u don’t like don’t read it

  • Did you guys forget it is Thursday or are you just terrible at your jobs?

  • lol, a demo. Really, Sony? Give me a $20 PSN Card instead.

  • Post the update so I can complain about how bad it is :|

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