It Only Does Everything

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I’m excited today to unveil our brand new ad campaign for PlayStation 3. This year is going to be a game-changing year for PlayStation. Last week, we extended an incredible value proposition with the $299 price move and the introduction of a sleek new form factor for the 120 GB PS3. We’ve coupled this news with a truly unmatched content line up this year with some of the most eagerly anticipated games in our history. But this is just half the story. Today we are laying down the final puzzle piece with a new marketing campaign for the PS3 and the introduction of its new tagline, “It Only Does Everything.”

You may remember our MLB ad from earlier this year where we introduced Dustin Pedroia’s “Dear PlayStation” spot and our resident PlayStation expert Kevin Butler. These new ads, created by our partners at Deutsch LA, birthed a new campaign in which we will have direct conversations with consumers about everything the PS3 can do. And as you’ll see below, “It Only Does Everything.”

We know many of you would agree that the PS3 is an unrivaled gaming console. It’s also the best Blu-ray player on the market. And most of you are probably aware that you can now download more than 2,000 movies without even leaving your couch. However, we recognize there are still many consumers who may not be aware of how powerful the PS3 truly is. So we’ve tailored this campaign a bit differently to extend our reach and PS3 family.

From now through the holiday season, you’ll see and hear about all the broad features and benefits this amazing device has to offer across multiple media including TV, radio, online, retail and social networking outlets. A total of 9 TV spots will roll out throughout the holiday, each highlighting a different benefit and feature of the PS3. So whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a Blu-ray enthusiast, you will have something to takeaway from these ads.

We’re kick starting the campaign with a TV spot highlighting the new $299 price point on September 1. But for you, our loyal fans, here’s an official sneak peek.

It’s a fully integrated campaign that seamlessly intertwines hardware, gaming and PlayStation Network benefits under one umbrella, each with a dose of our own irreverent humor. We knew you’d want more than just one peek, so here’s a spot in which Kevin commiserates with a consumer about getting her boyfriend to get his PS3 connected to the PlayStation Network. Enjoy!

We look forward to your feedback and continued excitement, for what will be a truly great holiday and year for PlayStation. There’s more to come, so stay tuned.

Peter Dille

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  • DOES EVERYTHING! Except backwards-compatibility. Good thing i have my original 60GB ps3.

  • sweet ads, more like that!

  • Great ad campaign, I love it. It’s funny and informative, the latter being exactly what you need; people need to know what the PS3 has to offer them.

  • Great ad!! Definitely better than last year.

    Now where is Uncharted 2 commercial?

  • MUCH better sony! Absolutely hilarious, they both had me laughing. Good to see you can take a bit of humour against youurselves with the whole price drop denial :)

    Thanks Peter!

  • Agree! Best PS3 ads in years!

  • Those spots are excellent. Sure to catch people’s attention. Kudos to the Sony marketing team! :-)

  • The slogan should be:

    It only does everything but cross game chat.

  • @45, Crysis is a WAAAAAAY overrated game. Graphically, it’s awesome; gameplay and story-wise, it’s just average.

  • Great ads I love that Sony is bringing back the old PLAYSTATION voice at the end, brings back such great memories. Happy there is one about PSN too so more people know about all the stuff on PSN.

  • *Hugs Sony*

    Thank you..for finally advertising..

  • lol. Is there really a rumour confirmation job. I want it :p

  • C’Mon! LOL

  • Very, very nice slogan ;)

  • those are the best commercials i seen in a long time…excelent work…

  • Wow that was refreshingly funny

    and if you don’t agree, i have two word for you:
    Come on!

  • Great ads! :)

  • Nice. I enjoyed both of those. Short, to the point and humorous without being annoying.

  • YES! this is exactly the kind of marketing we’ve been waiting for. Awesome job guys.

  • Sony, you and your PR partners have done a great job adding humour to these ads. The Slim is a true rebirth for everyone who felt slighted by the apparent ‘arrogance’ of Sony when the system launched. Of course, we all know that was mere perception by a group of disgruntled journalists and hardcore gamers, as I’m extremely happy with the amazing commitment SCE’s made to the console.

  • Thanks Peter….really good adds.

    I’ve seen some others on the PS3 and PSP on G4Tv and love them all; only one complaint, they need to be on more channels.

  • I would have to say these are great lol.


  • YAY LBP in the backround on the second 1 & I think porting ps2 games would be a good idea so that it actally CAN DO ANYTHING & isnt the slim $399 & 80G models are $299?…… please reply

  • Ok those are some great ads, with these and uncharted 2 I don’t see how you can not want a ps3 this fall

  • Great ads! Made me laugh.

    Shame europes ones aren’t funny still good though :D

  • i wnt to see these on every network. Its time people take their heads out of the sand and realize how much value you get in a ps3. IT DOES EVERYTHING…. it taught me to love again

  • the best Blu-ray player on the market…..I almost convinced my boss to get a PS3 then he looked into Blu-ray players and found that some of them on the market will stream Net-Flix. That sold him because he is an existing Net-Flix user. You guys better hook that up with your proprietary service if you want to call it the “Best on the market”

  • cross-game voice chat?!

  • Definitely love the ads they do work. Had laughing with both of them. I agree with #8 Handsome_Devil though the “Ladies & Gentlemen” ads were some of the GREATEST. I now use that theme for a ringtone for all my friends that have PS3’s.

    Please keep pushin the ads out there lettin people know what this system can do.

  • lol very smart. I like them.

  • Excellent! Much better than some of the rubbish ads from the past. An ad thats tells people what it does (as opposed to the weird whacko ads of the past for the PS2)is a winner. Nice humour too-a good attention grabber. Me thinks the PS3 is going to be top of the wanted list for Christmas…

  • Though I love the new image (both the logo and the console itself) and the ads are quite funny and very well done, I have to ask…

    Didn’t the very Kaz Hirai just said last week the new focus of the PS3 right now is in videogames, instead of everything it does?

  • Nice ad. It does everything. Like dying after 2 years from the YLOD. Really disappointed in Sony after that experience. Pretty poor that people paid $600 for a PS3 and then have to pay an extra $180 on top of that to get it fixed. After only 24 months.

    If Sony really value their customers and believe in their product they should extend the warranty and also offer some sort of recompense for those whose console died.

  • Sweet ads, more please. Come on!

  • Good ads, but games should be shown. Also bring PS2 compatibility back, so it can really do *everything*

  • That is very offending “if you believed everything on the internet i would be a Nigerian millionaire.

    Im a Nigerian myself and i don’t know why Sony would use such phrase to market a console.
    Im am very upset with this cause this is just ridiculous seriously.


  • Great ads! I appreciate the humor instead of those creepy Japanese ads. Hope to see more like them!

  • Yup, definitely the best gaming console on the market. My other system does work very well as a door stop.

    BTW, I love the tagline.

  • Wicked ad Peter, hit the competition hard this year, good to see Sony PlayStation is going back to it’s roots.

  • As everyone else has laready said- EXCEPT play my back catalogue of ps2 games, and if the reason is because theres plenty ps3 games consider this- i am yet to buy metal gear 4, and probably will not buy god of war 3 unless i can first experience mgs3 and god of war 1 and 2 because i havent played any those games and no longer have the player to do so. An dim not about to go buy a ps2 to play them, thats ludicrous to buy an out of date console.

  • Ya it only does everything except BC for PS2 games and What ever EA says it can do.



    “The PS3 is a game console first and foremost”

    Did he not say this? Those are three features that are related to gaming and not in the PS3. 2 of which are being blocked by a Company that is only concerned about their bottom line. Are you telling me that Sony not only lied about BC, but apparently is going to lie about being a console first?


    Super_Secret is reliable he has a 100% track record. Stop the BS. EA is holding up Universal X-Game Chat and Universal in-game Music!!!

  • I want my baby zombies!
    Seriously this is right on target. Great job!

  • I’m a proud Playstation FANBOY and for good reason…FTW

    “take that bill gates”

  • yeah, I chuckled.

    The point of making fun of yourselves is turning around, making change, and facing problems though. You’ve officially missed the point. Not all of us wring our hands waiting on bated breath for your announcements. We find them out months ahead of time on the internet, then shake our heads when part of the announcement doesn’t make sense to the consumer. Like a new portable media device that has a MUCH SMALLER feature set that costs only $50 dollars less than a home component that plays blu-rays and next generation video games with 10 times the internal storage.

    BTW Since when does “Everything” not include PS2 backwards compatibility?

  • Awesome! Could you put the ads on the store? The second video is my favorite.

  • “Come on!”

    Hilarious commercials, Sony. These are the best yet.

  • I like the humor in these new ads…Great job.

  • yea it does everyhting but cross game chat

  • Definitely hits the nail on the head. You guys area amazing for actually listening to us. Straight to the point advertising.

    But one thing about that 2nd video, there’s a lack of an important word when talking about PSN.


    I’m surprised he didn’t mention that logging onto PSN is completely Free and doesn’t require a yearly subscription.

    Unless you guys are planning something we don’t know about.

    (Prays to god PSN stays free forever)

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