Gamescom Interview: ModNation Racers

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Since its announcement at E3, I’ve been dying to see more of ModNation Racers for PS3. At Gamescom last week, I finally got that chance, checking out the game’s many track- and character-creating possibilities. To help guide me through it was United Front Games Producer Dan Sochan, who was also there to talk about just how much you can customize ModNation Racers, what to do after you’ve created a track, and much more.

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  • Really looking forward to this game.
    Love Mario kart type racers.

    Couple of concerns though:
    The tracks seem to be very basic.
    No insane high jumps off mountains Etc.
    No loops or tunnels.

    Hope you can address these issues in a video or something.

  • I hope it’s also a fun racing game, not only a creating one like lbp.

  • This game is gonna be great! Day one purchase for me..can’t wait to start creating my own tracks but please tell me it comes with a career mode or tracks of its own. Anyway, loved the interview, and please Chris or Jeff, get us some more info on Dead Nation!

  • i hope the devs read this.

    i will not buy this unless i get confirmation of two things:

    1.) loops (ala trackmania nations)

    too many games are split screen out and its an absolute MUST in this day and age. not enough ps3 games include this at all.

  • leaving*

  • looks alot of fun like LBP the difference is i can actually make levels in here lol.

    is soo much easier

  • 1 thing I’m worried about..

    Finding people online who would play your races :|. And finding alot of people to race in 1 map looks like a challenge if the game is 6 months old.

  • “im going to make every nascar track so watch out for my name and download tracks”

    So your just going to sit there and make ovals? You should have all the tracks done in about 5-10 minutes.


  • lol, @58, I was thinking the same thing, this looks fun & I totally can’t wait!

  • Hey guys my biggest concern is Local Multiplayer. it’s hard enough getting the family into games with dad when they are all single player or O/L multiplayer. Please set my mind at ease and tell me it has split screen. Don’t mess up like MotorStorm and wait until the second release for gods sake. Other than that this is really a day 1 pick for me.

  • See comment above from #54

  • Why do people think this is a PSN game? They never said it was going to be; they said it was going to be a full retail priced blu-ray game. I have no clue where people heard it was going to be a PSN game. Anyway it looks pretty sweet.

  • How could people be so retarded in thinking this was a PSN game?Anyway does anyone know when this game is coming out?I can’t wait!

  • ndw4 its a Q1-3 2010

  • looks sick!!1

  • Looks like a great game! Editor even easier then LBP.

    Only request I have, is please build tunnels. Glass wall tunnels, cement, under water tunnels … etc

    Sorry, I know a “thank you” shouldn’t be followed by request, but that would be something cool if it could be done :)

    (underwater glass tunnel … with sea life … and coral reefs … yeeeesss … excellent….)

  • day 1 purchase for me , hey Chris is there any other way to be in the beta than buying LBP GOTY edition? i already have LBP but i do wanna be part of ModNation Racers beta

  • @Chris Morell

    Oh, I had no idea. Good news, good news. It looked like a full game but I could of sworn it was coming on PSN. This is definitely a day one purchase. It’s like the spiritual successor to Track Mania.

  • i know this is the wrong place but i have a question on free realms. are there any news about this one (release ..)?

  • The game is being made in Canada, that is how we say ‘decal’. If you don’t like it, don’t buy the game ;)

  • cant wait iam going to create the track of my dreams then lose to some nine year old kid. bliss

  • This looks great im looking forward to the create mode the most.

  • Hmm i dunno it seems a bit thin, you make a track and thats it?

    Will there be any advanced features that makes racing great like [weapons], [power-ups] and [ramps]?

    This isnt a broad as Little Big Planet, but i really do like the idesa that everyone has a foundation which is racing.

  • This looks like a lot of fun, but I also hope there is split screen mode.
    And is it possible to make tracks slope upwards or downwards? Everything I’ve seen so far seems to be flat =/

  • SCEA its time you step it up and start listening to what we older Americans want stop making childish crap like this Mod Racers? Omg sounds like a fairy tale for kids stupid junk- EyePet, Mod Racers We want IN GAME MUSIC! CROSS IN GAME CHAT DAMN IT! Jezz what is it gonna take you to listen! Your all slackers or what!

  • I am loving this concept. Looking forward to it.
    day one buy for me


  • Game looks awesome. Hope it has local multiplayer. Also what tracks and modes are availible right away. Does the game come with 5 premade tracks or 50. Are there tournaments or just single races, and what other races. I’m not worried about the game releasing with loops or tunnels or any extra modifiers, cause as I’ve seenwith LBP that’s what most of the DLC usuallyis, at least the worthwhile stuff. Anyways, game still looks awesome.

  • cant wait for this game!!!!!never seen anything like it!!!!its what i wanted to for mario kart and crach team racing!!!!!!

  • This game looks great! is it true that there will be a beta voucher for this game on the special edition of LBP? and will we be able to play split screen on and off line?

  • I am definitely going to purchase this. Modnation Racers is in my top 5 games that I am waiting for. This is going to be sick!

  • I can’t remember the last time i was this excited about a game when it is far from release.

    Has 4-player splitscreen been confirmed???
    I really need to know!!!

  • OMG, 2010 is looking ever so sweet

  • cant wait for the release!!

  • Eighty Sixth, anyways, I just want to say that I’ll buy this game. It looks so freaking awesome to play and create. I just can’t wait. This will most likely be the game to replace the current version of Socom for me. Socom being still broken badly and all. But again this is going to be an Epic game just like MM’s LBP. Seriously I can barely contain myself in how much I want to play this game. I don’t think another single person on the PSN wants to play this more than I do. This and MAG Beta.

    HUGE Thanks to Everyone @ United Front Games. Keep pumping out these great games.

  • i heard it is going to be as popular as lbp.

  • Looking fowrward to hear new updates; You will definitely kill Ma***Kart, :D

  • Game looks freakin sweeeeeet!!!

  • Looks Awesome!!!! But so Far My Ideas Have Not Been Ansewered And They Are…

    Underwater Tracks

    Able To Rise Water In Certain Places Like a Lake On A Hill But Have A Ocean Below It.



    Tunnels Into Terrain,Water,Buildings

    Vertical Tracks(tracks that break the law of gravity)

    People(theres people in citys why not hit them xD)

    Space Theme

    China Theme(Who Doesnt Want To Drive On The Great China Wall?)

    Destrucable Obstacles(Ex: I Shot A Missle At A Wooden,Brick,Etc Wall Hiding A Shortcut.)


    Able To Make Custom Buildings,Obstacles

    Able To Change The Water Level In Game(Flash Flood Triggered By Someone Or Random)

    Random Events(Set By The Maker)

    I Realy Hope Someone From UFG Reads This And Then Has Something To Talk About When Everyone From UFG Is drinking coffee. ^^

  • i’m going to preorder. for someone wo always reads the reviews before buying anything, that’s big

  • mattman111, i agree! what about tunnels thrugh mountians? and the abilaty to go around a tunnel 360 degrees? that would be AWESOME!!!!

  • i’m w/ mattman111
    also…it better have 4 player splitscreen…or i wouldn’t be buying it…online games only last for so long…local multiplayer last forever!

  • Hi all,

    Totally agree, this game needs a 4 player splitscreen option. If not, not sure that I will buy it.

    A game like Warhawk has this feature and allow 4 player splitscreen to play online that is today the state of the art in term of multiplayer experience.

    SO PLEASE ! Add 4 player splitscreen to this game. And also a “Mashed fully loaded” mode.
    No split screen for this option but all the local players (up to 7, yes 7, on the same screen) and if you are to slow you are eliminated.

    This game is so promosing in term of fun, so good luck for the development.

  • Does this game have 4 player offline splitscreen??!!Cuz if it does im definitely buying it!!

  • @ QWERTY-HHH Terrain = Mountians lol Terrain is basicly land,grass,dirt,etc

  • cant wait

    way dose sony not buy this compuny

    and rockstar

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