Gamescom Virtual Booth Tour: MAG

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On day one of Gamescom Cologne, even the jet lag of a 40-hour day couldn’t keep me from stumbling my way over to MAG in the PlayStation booth. There, I found Seth Luisi, Director of Development at SCEA, who walked us through a 128-player “Acquisition” mode Valor map that’s playable on the show floor.

Check out the video, and don’t forget that Qore subscribers will have the chance to get in on the MAG Official Public Beta on September 17!

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  • 1st wooooo!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait to play this on Sept 4 :P

  • interesting..

  • LOL at the video the dude is just running around looking for someone to fight, which is something I was afraid of with this game.

    And LOL at Seth WTH man id you change your appearance in the witness protection program after SOCOM came out? You buster.

  • Hope I can get into the beta.

  • Thanks for the help with socom Seth.

  • MAG is really looking great!

  • This guy isn’t fired yet? lol if there were any socom fans there! Oh man that would be interesting.



    SERIOUSLY WHERES SOCOM’S DLC? You said we’d have DLC on release day. Here’s the exact quote.

    “We’ll have DLC every month, and a big DLC package every 3 months”.

    10 months later we got nothing.

    I guess Sony uses you when they one someone to lie to the masses…

  • Nice seeing more of the game; I just wish the footage wasn’t so crummy.

  • so Qore subscribers get in the beta?

    • Yep. Annual Qore subscribers (those subscribed prior to the start of the Beta- 9.17) will have access to the Official MAG Public Beta.

  • Oh yea, buy MAG used, give Gamestop your money before you give it to anyone @ Sony

    We’ll never forget what you guys did to Socom, selling us a beta with features that didn’t exist

    Telling us we’ll have DLC on release day and 10 months later we got nothing

    You better make it up to us SONY I expect 10+ maps for Confrontation via DLC SOON!

  • i want in the beta raven will win the shadow war XD

  • Well now shouldn’t be shocked to see a spike in the amount of people who subscribe to qore next month

  • Seth thank you for hyping Confrontation and then selling us a half finished game. Im sure you are probably doing the same thing with MAG. I just love wating 5 months for patchs and the DLC that never came every 3 months.

  • Zipper didn’t even make Socom Confrontation. It had nothing to do with it. MAG rocks, I’m in the private beta. All you guys lay off. Get your facts straight.

  • You people commenting complaining about SOCOM Confrontation are doing thus in the wrong, place. Zipper interactive (the developers making MAG) did not make SOCOM Confrontation that was Slant Six Games. And SOCOM is pretty good now and has more patches and free DLC comming.

  • THIS FOOL STILL HAS A JOB!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!! He looks like a flamer with that new hair cut, Fix socom you :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@

  • There is actually plenty of action in game.
    (Im in private beta)
    The front lines always have firefights and bullets flying everywhere.
    And also there are sometimes sneaky people that manage to get to the back of the area to retrieve the proto vehicle.

    But sometimes they bring in heavy vehicles and come all the way and storm our place.
    All in all its actually not as bad to get everyone on the same point.

  • youtube “Seth Luisi 1 up” and youll know what we mean

  • Mag looks awesome but near the end of the vid, “AAA was repaired” kinda ironic.

  • To quote the first paragraph
    I found Seth Luisi, Director of Development at SCEA.

    So yeah, maybe all us socom players should get into the MAG beta. I think thats only fair. also Seth wy did you nevr call me back. Eight monthsof messages every wednesday should have gotten a response. SO MAG Beta for us Socomers. Now off to play that Colin McRae demo from the UK Store. pEc Chris…..i am ThatSonyGuy…..

  • @ Moosehole I am in the private beta, and I asure you there isn’t a lot of running around looking for something to do. This game is exactly as its title states ‘Massive Action’ and lots of it. can’t wait until they let more poeple in so we can play on the 256p maps.

    this game is a MUST buy for any ps3 owner!

  • “Check out the video, and don’t forget that Qore subscribers will have the chance to get in on the MAG Official Public Beta on September 17!”

    When you said chance, does it mean that Qore subscribers aren’t 100% guaranteed to get in the public beta?

  • I’m actually in the BETA and it’s been really cool to see the people in Cologne checking out the game.

    I’m loving it so far, and that’s all any of us are really permitted to say.. But thanks for the opportunity Seth.

  • Thanks Chris/Seth.

    Lots of my PS3 friends have the Beta already and love it.

    I’ve been reading on some blogs that it was only US people getting into the Beta, but now with this post I’m seeing Qore subscribers will be getting it as well.

    I know I posted a comment a while back mentioning that Qore subscribers should get a Beta…so maybe they listened, or they already had it planned.

  • Definetly a Buy

  • wow you guys are so silly saying finish socom first the go to mag the y did not even make the last socom retards

  • Qore Subscribers? That’s me! But what’s the “get a chance”? I really wish I had the beta right now, will I get it in September with Qore?

  • @ everyone saying “zipper didn’t make socom retards”

    WE KNOW. But that buster in the video Seth Luisi was head of development for SOCOM Confrontation and the game is an absolute mess and people who payed for it are angry at him for that. So STFU.

  • OMG yes i didint get into private beta but now there is gonna be a public beta and ima qore subscriber

  • its looking good, very good.

    cant wait for it to release.

  • today is 8-20 and there are all ready people playing the beta here in the usa. And qore members have to wait untill 9-17 ( A MONTH ) also uncharted 2 beta will be out at the same time. I know they got to start small but come on this is BS.

  • I hope MAG will be great.I can hear the reviews saying”It has tons of bugs and problems”.Keep up the good work though,Zipper.

  • Wow, looks like Seth has god mode going on there. Common Seth, tell me what the secret is to enabling it! ;)

  • Frame the camera on the screen please.

  • Omg. It looks like its gonna be another BF game where you walk around 90% of the time chasing objectives. Why do you guys think COD4 is so successful and not Cod3? This game is not gonna do well, sorry to say. Hopefully your next game won’t be any more then 12-16 players. Smaller maps etc are always funner. Look at Gears, Halo.

  • Lol, Raven owned Valor in that game.

    “They have one of our vehicles, so we have to pro… they just took our other vehicle.”

    “Our mortars will protect against helicopters… our mortar was destroyed.”

  • him runing around and not getting shot at does not happen in the game theres plenty of shoot outs in the game im in the beta and its crazii this video is not even close to representing the game… cant wait till full release!

  • Can’t wait to get MAG

    GO SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game looks god, I want to be in the beta.

  • Looks pretty bland. I hope they aren’t putting all the eggs into the “256 players” basket but unfortunately, it appears they are…:(

  • QORE subscribers should be in the MAG beta now.

  • I spent so many early morning hours in the beta, today. My sleeping schedule is a mess, but I’m not complaining… now, anyway.

  • LOL at everyone hating on Seth. Guys, he tried his best just give him a break.

  • I’m looking forward to this game but from what i have seen so far it all looks like pretty standard stuff for a fps, hope it has more unique features.

  • Cant wait to get my beta code for being a Qore member=]. I hope this time i get it cuz i had to sent a message to 1 of the mod for uncharted2 beta on the forums cuz i didnt get a email or anything.

  • nice! cant w8 for more ppl to play with

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