Introducing LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

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Helloooo PlayStation Bloggers!

Long time no speak, Tsubasa here with breaking news!

Locoroco Midnight Carnival

We have a spin off of our favorite LocoRoco franchise coming down the pipe real fast! LocoRoco Midnight Carnival just made its world premier at gamescom going on in Cologne, Germany this week. The product will be for the PSP platform via the PSN.

We’re making sure our fans States-side are not left out on the news.

Locoroco Midnight Carnival Locoroco Midnight Carnival

The mischievous BuiBui woke LocoRoco up from beauty sleep. It seems BuiBui have gone and built some challenging levels for LocoRoco to tackle. Help LocoRoco conquer the levels in hope to get back to bed!

This time around, LocoRoco has a super enhanced bounce called “Boing!” Use this to your advantage and literally bounce off walls, find LocoRoco’s friend MuiMui, and go for the goal!

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival comes with:

  • 16 standard stages
  • 2 mini games
  • 3 bonus stages

Use the Ad hoc feature to either compete with friends, or to play co-op. We will also have leaderboards prepared for you, to compete with your LocoRoco friends worldwide!

We’re very excited to be bringing LocoRoco Midnight Carnival to you. Stay tuned for more details!

Locoroco Midnight Carnival

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  • Is this more like the PS3 version of LocoRocco or the PSP games? I really liked the PS3 version but not the PSP games.

    • Sorry this one is for PSP too.

      It\’s worth checking out!
      We will have a demo so perhaps you can try that first? I\’m sure you\’ll get hooked!

  • LocoRock series is so sick! i freakin luv it

  • As a fan of Loco Roco and Loco Roco on the PS3, Please please bring out another Loco Roco on the PSN for the PS3. If you do please make it more like Loco Roco on the PSP.

    This looks cool I do want it.

  • Lies lies lies and more lies.

    We were *PROMISED* that UMD games weren’t going away at E3, yet more and more games are going to the completely *UNACCEPTABLE* route of digital download only.

    I’m tired of being lied to.

    Give me my bloody discs.

    Why are you deliberately trying to STOP me spending money on your products Sony?

    Do you really want LESS customers?


  • I’d rather buy UMD version but everything with locorocos is a “must buy” for me, anyway :D


  • There is no way to replace a digital download if the company takes it off the servers or decides they don’t want you to have it.


  • @57 When have they ever done that ? Your logic is werid.

    You do know if they put it on disk that’s it likely to sell out ?

    Which then you’ll cry about never being able to get the disk you want.

    Tbh I perfer Digital, because it can never sell out.

    This game will be a must have for my PSPGO.

  • Sweet Ive always wanted a locoroco if this is a good price i might FINALLY pick it up

  • Hurrah for more Locoroco! Thanks for the update Tsubasa but what ever happened to the Locoroco 2 digital strategy guide that you guys were working on? I recall it being mentioned on this blog when the game first came out.

  • As always:

    No disc = NO SALE

    Disc = SALE.

  • I was wondering if we would get the register your PSP Go in the first 10 days and get GT PSP for free just like the Europeans.

  • LocoRoco is awesome and really addicting. Damn why did I give my PSP to my little brother :(. Gonna have to buy another one to have God of War and LocoRoco in my pocket. ;)

  • However much I love the LocoRoco series, I will absolutely not purchase any title unless it is available in a retail package (BD, UMD, MemStick, cart). As a game player AND collector, I prefer having a tangible game package with a manual and physical media — this makes the games available to me in a long-lasting storage medium, enabling me to still play it many years in the future… long after Sony has removed/deleted LOCOROCO MC from the PSN servers. (Will YOU still be able to re-download it 5 or 10 years from now?)

    I have stated these (and other) reasons several times in the past – such as when Mr. Inaba informed us the U.S. was the ONLY region not receiving SIREN: BLOOD CURSE on BD (I instead purchased it from the UK).

    I have no problem with simultaneous UMD and PSN releases (as SCEA promised would continue). PSN digitally-distributed titles do serve a need and are fine for some people… but they are certainly NOT an ideal medium for the many game collectors such as myself.

  • You can definitely mark me down as a day one purchase. I love this franchise and hope you continue making games for it.

  • I love replies. :)

    But yea, I hope I can get a PSP Go. If I do, then I’ll but Gran Turismo, Loco Roco 1(if it is on Digital DL) Loco Roco 2, and Patapon 1(If on download) and 2

    • Will check to see on the original LocoRoco, but I\’m pretty sure we\’ll follow up w/ a Digital version of LocoRoco 2.

  • oops I meant buy*

    Edit button on the blog isn’t that hard guys. -_-

  • Great. But I would really like to see a Patapon for the PS3.

  • Looks great! I will be picking this up. This kind of reminds me of one of the very early LocoRoco demos that was available on Sony’s old

    I’ll also pickup LocoRoco 2 once it hits the PSN.

    I do like physical media for PS3 games but much rather prefer digital copies for portable games (PSP).

    Thanks for posting all the replies.

  • Yes, I am w/the press Tsubasa. For one site I don’t handle the review assignments, and for the second site I have to get in contact with the publishers/developers myself. So, I need to get some emails out. :-)

  • just one of the many reasons to me to grab a PSP go when it comes out. i think if more older titles become downloadable, like the first loco roco and pataton, the go is definitely a buy for me. looks like a cool game.

  • Can’t wait. More LocoRoco is always a good thing. :)

  • Cool, I loved LocoRoco 1 a lot, its one of my most played PSP games.
    I’ve showed this game series off to around 5 of my friends, and they all love LocoRoco too. They all go their own copy. I’ll be sure to inform them of this game, so they know to get it as well.
    Its good to see a good downloadable PSN game come to the PSP, its been dry in that region for a while.
    I wish the PSP would have trophies, that way I could get some when I’m outside the house.

    Are there any plans of you guys to make any PS3 games again? It would be cool to use the sixaxis for one of your games.

    Thanks a lot for all the responses. I’ll tell you one thing, I would have gotten this game eventually, but now I’ll get it day one, just because of the good responses you have been giving.

  • this is great.. so is the psp go
    i’ve played loco 1&2 and want to purchase the ps3 1 soon..
    one thing tho.. i kno this is bout the psp game but since theres no plan at the moment for the psp style loco on ps3 at the moment
    can we get at least a trophy patch.. thanks:)

  • Video. Game. Crack. I can’t wait for this one…

  • Thanks for the new Loco game! I’ll definatley look into it!

    Keep em’ comin!

  • there is a Loco Roco game for PS3 I have it its called Loco Roco Cocoreccho. That game is fun. a little under the radar though I dont know many who have it.. WHY???

  • Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to follow up on those comments requesting for LocoRoco on PS3…

    Thank you for the strong support and interests in bringing the LocoRoco experience to PS3. We are very happy and quite overwhelmed by your comments.

    Obviously we are currently in crunch mode for developing LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.
    I, personally, will make sure your feedback is shared with the creators in Tokyo, Japan.
    (going there next month)

    No promises here, but it’s worth a shot right?

    In the meantime, we continue to enjoy watching our favorite players and fans as they not only tilt the screen or the PSP, but actually tilt themselves as well!

    Thanks for the continued support in LocoRoco!

  • I will support anything you do…..on disc.

  • Thanks for all the replies Tsubasa. You wouldn’t happen to know if there were any plans on releasing the soundtrack to any of the Locoroco games either digitally or on CD? I imported the first one and would love to have the second one (as well as Midnight Carnival) but import prices are pretty high and I’d prefer to purchase it locally.

  • comment 79 Tsubasa Inaba:
    If u dont get it no problem, u try it, and u hear the psn people, that is appreciated.
    About the notice i love loco roco is very fun, I’m buying my psn card. Thx 4 the notice

  • Tsubasa,um…what’s the specifications of this game that the other LocoRoco games don’t have and will they have a demo soon? because some game website said “they will”.

    • Indeed we will have a demo for you to actually explore the different game mechanics for this title.

      The core of the game mechanics stick to the original concept of LocoRoco, but you will notice this time LocoRoco is given the skill to \”bounce\”, and I mean really bounce around.
      (this is called \”BOING!\” in the game)

      I even suggested giving it a subtitle \”ricochet\”!

      Keep the \”BOING!\” going in the game for higher scores. Easier said than done!

      Stay tuned, as we will make sure to follow up with details on the demo, full product release date and of course pricing.

  • r they going to make a demo for this? I was going to buy locoroco2, but mabey this will be better.

    • Yes we will have a demo for this.
      Stay tuned for updates on when demos go live on the PSN.

      *we also have the LocoRoco 2 demo on the store already, if you\’re interested!

  • Is this coming out on UMD?


  • @Tsubasa Inaba

    Wow, so many replies, it’s so nice to see! I love Loco Roco, and I’m glad this one is going to be distributed digitally.

    Is there a lot of ad-hoc capabilities? or just a few multiplayer mini games? Having coop storyline mode in a loco roco game could be pretty fun I think, if it is done correctly.

    Also, if you mention PS3 Loco Roco to your bosses in Japan, could you make sure you mention the use of Sixaxis for the movement? That would make it the perfect experience! Thanks.

  • Hey, Tsubasa. Good to see you answering so many questions, it’s very appreciated. Back on theme with “no plans for ps3”, Why can’t we install and play psp games on the ps3? I know, I could plug it into my tv, I just prefer holding the ps3 controller and having no wires. I think it would be great for getting ps3 owners to try out what the psp has, especially if you are offering demos. Or maybe even offering ps3 friendly psp demos? Is it a technical issue, or just Sony’s choice right now? Just wondering.

  • Hmm maybe because Sony would actually like to SELL some PSPs?? I know I wouldn’t bother getting a PSP if my PS3 could play PSP games too.

    I’ll get this new LocoRoco game whenever LocoRoco 2 comes to the PSN… in the US, anyway.

  • @triple. Hmmm…I find that the ps3 and a tv set are a little hard to take on a bus or plane. People get a psp for playing on the go. If you’re someone that sits in his house all day and doesn’t need a psp, wouldn’t Sony like to sell that game to you, too?

  • If my PS3 played PSP games too, I wouldn’t mind saving the $200 if it meant I could only play the PSP games at home.

    And IMO if the only benefit to owning a PSP was portability with playing the games I already bought, then that’s just a luxury within a luxury.

    Everyone makes a big deal about system-exclusives because they want those systems to thrive…

  • That’s your choice. I spend a lot of nights traveling on planes and staying in hotels. I would love to see the ability to keep playing my game when I leave the house, especially if you can swap game saves on them. I already have both systems, so I am looking for an extra perk. Only Sony marketing could guess the outcome of something like that. I personally believe it could help sell more psp’s to ps3 owners. Well, the ones that need it, that is. And it would definately sell more games for the publishers that are getting hit by pirates. System exclusive wars should stay between Sony, M$ and nintendo. Not a single company.

  • And by the way. If you think gaming is the only thing to do with your psp, you obviously don’t own one and have no idea what you get for your $200. You also get an mp3 player, movies, email, psn, web-browsing and remote play.

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