Digital Comics Store for PSP Coming in December

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Hi Everyone –

You may have heard the recent announcement out of gamescom that digital comics for the PSP are coming to PlayStation Network (for the U.S.). This December, you will be able to purchase and download from over 1000 digital comics on PlayStation Store (on the PSP and Media Go). We’ve partnered with one of the leading comic publishers, Marvel Entertainment, to bring you the biggest names in comics, including Spider-Man, X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Now you are able to view graphic novels for bite-sized entertainment on demand and on the go.

Digital Comics on PSN

We’ll be adding an additional comics tab to the PlayStation Store for PSP, so you’ll see different storefronts for your PSP games, downloadable movies & TV shows, and for comics. Once you download a comic, you’ll read it through the digital reader for PSP which has an Autoflow feature that lets you zoom in and out and move from frame to frame on each page. It’s really a fantastic way to read and view the comics, because it keeps the integrity of the original print comic.

I’ll be back in December to give you a demo of the new “comic store” and the reader for digital comics and graphic novels.

Digital Comics on PSN

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  • Great stuff!

  • @11 LokeSTL

    HA! Its your fault for not getting a PS3 when it CAME OUT!

    I dont want BC that much i only want it to play multi-play’ games for my PS2. Get your lazy ass up and BUY A FREAKING SLIM. Its only $100.00

    @39 Zezzler
    BLASPHEMY? Is that even a word?

  • This is awesome news! The PSP just keeps getting better and better!


  • Any chance for DC comics? Marvel is all in good, but they don’t have batman.

  • @52 The_Punisher111

    HA! I own a 60GB and a 20GB PS3. Both are PS2 BC. It’s not about laziness, it’s about common sense. New technology requires a transition from old technology. Notice that there are three or more generations of A/V plugs on the back of your TV. Notice that there are three or four generations on the back of your stereo/home theater device. BC has been done for decades in hardware, and is now becoming standard in software.

    People want BC and that’s not going to change. Get over it. :-P

    P.S. Blasphemy is most definitely a word.

  • Here I got all excited that this might come to Canada too after watching gamescon… guess not. I wonder the reason, copyright laws or something?

  • Can we view these comics on other devices as well? If not the PC, eventually would we be able to on a phone or an e-reader?

    I realize that color isn’t supported on e-readers as of just yet, but I’m very hesitant about spending money on virtual comics if they are only going to be usable with a PSP – which, no offense, I might not be using in 5 years.

  • I’m very happy about this. Funy I just wrote to Marvel asking about their digital service and possiblities with PSP.

    They replied to wait and see.

  • @46 blackmajic13

    Still have my PS2. Have you ever played a PS2 game on a HDTV with a PS2. Yikes! The upscaling of the PS3 is definitely necessary. Yes, I have seen the upcoming game selection and plan on purchasing a few of them. I am a console RPG gamer, so I also play my back catalogue of games. Unlike the more casual gamers, I still play games that I liked years ago.

    Besides, BC is a standard in most electronics. Why should the PS3 be exempt from the standard? Because YOU don’t have a use for it?

  • Finally this is what I’ve been waiting for. Marvel Comics on my PSP. You guys are breaking my pockets but as long as I’m happy that’s all that matters. Thanks Grace!


    I still won’t pass up mentioning music download in the store need to drop next year.

  • cool news but i want video premium service

  • does this mine that mangas are going to be in this too or just normal comic?

  • i meant to so mean not mine

  • More features that I don’t really need. Thanks guys! Now how about something like Netflix or vidzone. There a no music video channels left on TV. Vidzone would be awesome in NA.

  • Should have added books instead, and just had comics be a major section. I could see using it as an eBook reader, similar to Sony’s other offerings.

  • When will this come to Europe? I’m sick of always getting it so late! [DELETED]!

  • Is there any chance of the PSP Store getting a new look (like the PS Store on the PS3)?

  • Of course it’s in the US only. Why would Canadians get anything awesome?

    We don’t even get Netflix.

  • Thank you and I hope this never comes to Canada ^_^

    Er, wait – why are we talking about PS3 BC again??

  • @5 they won’t be in PDF format lol and you can read PDFs with custom firmware and bookr

  • What are the chances this becomes available on the PS3 PSN Store?

  • Will we get manga as well?

  • @46
    The PS2 is not capable of upscaling, saving PS2 games save data to a hard drive, using bluetooth controllers, turning the system on from the controller to start playing the last game in the system, or remaining connected to the PSN so we can receive messages (possible with a firmware update).

    Why would you want to use a PS2? The PS2 hardware is old, antiquated, and not an all in one media hub that the PS3 is supposed to be.

    There are people arguing against PS3 BC for PS2 games and I honestly don’t understand it… why do these people have a stick up their butt over this.

    I don’t own a PS2 or a PS1, my PS1 croaked and my PS2 I sold to get my PS3. I own a 60 gig with BC and would love to get a slim to replace it since it won’t be as loud or run as hot. IT maybe ugly as hell and I’ll still have to keep my 60, but I would like to hear my game and not my game console.

    Even if I still had my PS2 I’d rather box it up and use my Convergence Multimedia Appliance AKA PS3 to play them on.

  • As a comics nerd, and especially a comics nerds, who has been using my PSP to read comics for years, I am very psyched for this. It will be nice to be able to build out my digital comics library :) Very excited for this to roll out!

  • @56 LokeSTL
    HA! I accidentally put PS3 with PS2 so, theres YOUR mistake. If you want the PS2 to die then GTFO. Luckly, your a RPG Fanboy. PS2 had arguably the most RPGs. Theres a reason YOU should get a PS2.
    Whats that talk about A/V plugs & theatre devices? Stay on subject. Besides the BLOG isnt a place to post YOUR RANTS. Blog – A person thats in a industry posts a topic and other people from around the world begin to comment ON THE TOPIC! Forums – Complaints, Rants and A-holes.
    (BTW Thanks for copying my “HA!” you jock)

  • @52
    That’s 100 dollars that could be spent on two new PS3 games and you want him to buy a slim. It would be better for Sony’s case to supply people with BC so they can buy more games for their PS3 instead of trying to acquire legacy hardware just to play the games they have or could eventually have.

    I don’t appreciated that Corporate Tool John Koller suggesting that the PS3 library is all we need. It obviously isn’t if we have money to spend on rival systems because we’re unable to appreciate the back catalog of older PS2 software.

    I have played over 50 PS3 games and have spent countless hours on trophies on such titles as Uncharted, KZ2, and Resistance 2. thats just the top 3. I currently have 3 platinum trophies. I’m obviously using my PS3 for PS3 games. However I just started up FFX again while I wait for Uncharted 2 on my PS3. The money I could be spending on a new title for my X360 instead of playing FFX is now going to sit in my wallet and the next impulse by like Fat Princess that comes along I’ll have the money to spare for it instead. The same can be said of my impulse buy of FF7 off the PSN which I’m playing on PSP and PS3.

  • Sony’s John Koller think we don’t want BC.

    lets express some feedback and claim .


    copy and paste this….

  • Sony’s John Koller think we don’t want BC.
    lets express some feedback and claim .
    copy and paste this….

  • for the people than complain about BC isnt important I have my points.

    1) my PS2 is 9 years old, it will die soon of old age.
    2) Then I’d have to buy another one? No thanks, I just upgraded to this swanky new $299 thing from Sony, why the hell doesn’t it play the games?
    3) why should I have to have two Sony systems to play Sony games?
    4) PS2 games on an HDTV look like crap without the scaling that the PS3 does.
    5) When they announced the PS3, Sony stated categorically that it would be backwards compatible. Removing the capability in the first place was breaking a promise. Not restoring the capability is simply pointlessly pathetic.

  • Will the Reader app work on text only books also like e-books? If it did I could save money and not buy a Kindle.

  • Marvel Entertainment, you say? Never heard of them.

  • I agree with dulcediana, and most of the people who say backwards compatability isn’t important either have a PS3 that has BC or a fairly new PS2 that won’t give out on them for another 3 or 4 years.

    That being said, I think eventually we’ll see something for BC, as they’ll finally stop supporting the PS2.

  • Canada likes cool things too.

  • I’m not really comic book reader but this should feel different and better than just holding paper and flipping the pages. I’ll give it a shot when it drops.

  • not gonna be fun to read on psp’s small screen…

  • Give me DC Comics.

    Also will Sony’s own inFamous, God of War, Free Realm comics make it there?

  • all ready obsesses with gettin the psp go but damn sony!! am on this 24/7 Love readin comics

  • Thats cool and all but to bad i dont read comics

  • Is it all of NA? Or Just… U.S.?

  • I will support this with the full force of my wallet, I have been waiting for this since the release of Cryptic digiComic!

    To the North,

    Different countries have different laws for copyright, distrabution, sale, taxation, and royalties. So take it to your leaders, your law makers,and the like. You honestly need to stop blaming the middle man(Sony and game makers). I do feel your pain though, and wish you luck on getting the Vidstore & ComicStore!

  • As a long time comicbook collector with close to 10,000 books this is an awesome feature!!! Spidey is my favorite character so the fact that Marvel are the first ones to jump on board is fantastic news!!! I look forward to taking some of my favorite stories on the GO!!! :D

  • Ah God Bless America

  • Canada left out again, great. It’s not like they would have offered new issues anyway, the Marvel service doesn’t.

  • wow comics becasue i care so much

  • Grace,

    Your answer to the Canada question:

    “No Canada at launch”

    indicates that you are actively working on such access and expect to deliver it.

    As you’ve been unable to deliver the video store to Canada for over a year (and driven this 2 PS3/PSP owning loyalist to Xbox for video DL services btw for which I am not happy) are you certain you wish to leave this impression?

    Please be clear to Canadians: Are you ‘planning’ on launching this in Canada or not? A yes or no is all that is needed and ‘planning’ gives you the wiggle room you need if you ever don’t deliver on the yes answer.

  • Assuming these are priced reasonably, this is cool. My question is, will there ever be a way to view these on the PlayStation 3 (as well as download and purchase them on the PS3)?

    Also, when are they adding text RSS support to the PSP? :P Being limited to podcasts is… limiting.

  • And not to veer this too far off topic, but I bought the original 60 GB PlayStation 3 for the PS2 backwards compatibility, and I agree, it’s lame that Sony removed this capability (and the four USB ports) from later revisions of the PS3. There’s little reason to leave this out except to bilk more money from people by forcing them to own two systems.

    If Microsoft can offer BC for the XBox 360, Sony should be able to do it for the PS3.

  • @92
    Yes, I am well aware that different countries have different laws for copyright and distribution but its not my responsibility to take it up with them. Other companies manage to offer services to both countries by working within the laws and doing the extra effort it takes to provide the service to all North America. Take contests for example, on this site you will find a mix of contests that support Canada and some that don’t. Its not the laws that are the problem its the people doing the contest that aren’t working through the difficulties in bringing it to both territories. If I had to guess I would look at Sony not putting the time and effort into making services work up here as a cost saving measure. They probably don’t figure the expected revenue to match the time and effort it takes to pay lawyers and staff to work out the legalities.

    Sorry to complain so much but I’m finding it harder and harder to support a company that sees me as second rate and not worth the effort.

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