PlayStation 3 now $299, slimmer version coming September 1st

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News just in from gamescom

It’s confirmed! The PlayStation 3 is now available for $299. Yes, NOW! Today, Kaz Hirai also announced a new, slimmer form factor 120 GB PS3 (available September 1st). SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton shows off the new hardware in this video.

Itching for a closer look at the new PS3? We’ve got pics.

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  • I’m going to buy one so that I can play with my brother online. Hopefully it will be available in Canada soon.

    Also, I hope you guys did a lot of testing on these hardware, instead of rushing it to market; I don’t want it to die like Xbox360 does.

  • I read Linux would no longer be able to be installed on the Slim; is this true? (and is the HDD upgradeable?)

  • I like the new design.

  • EPIC

    The PS3 is utterly annihilating the 360 in graphics with Killzone 2, God War 3, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain…

    The PS3 is showing Microsoft how to do online gaming right with free online for everyone, dedicated servers, massive game player counts like 64 to 256 for the amazing MAG

    The PS3 has won the next gen media format war with gorgeous 1080p lossless audio Blu-Ray

    The PS3 is completely dominating with games, and specifically exclusive games from its gigantic 20 first part developer studios compared to Microsoft’s joke 3 first party studios

    And Sony’s amazing PS3 Home online world and its 8 million users completely humiliates Microsoft idiotic ripoff of Nintendo’s Miis

    And all that remainded is price. And Sony nailed it.

    Epic. Sony. Epic.

  • Not so sure what I think of the design. It seems to be more amply placed horizontally instead of vertically, which disturbs me considering you guys will probably do what you did to the PS2 and make us buy a $30 stand for the thing. lol

    Also, the LED placement on the front panel kind of throws me off a bit. It’s not so cool looking as I’d thought it’d be. Also, no replaceable HDD? WTF?

  • Love ya Jack, great job to you and Sony, WOO HOO lol!!! :D

  • The slim ps3 looks so fake.. I like the original WAY more

  • Heres the Million Dollar Question:

    Will we be able to remove and replace the HDD?

  • Pretty irrelevant to the existing owners of PS3s, except those who have died from YLOD maybe.

    What happened to GT5? All the other games?

    Was a weak conference all up. Good for Sony they have a console that maybe can compete with the 360 price now but not much else for the community.

  • I’m sticking with my launch 60gb (refurbished). I received the YLOD lol, but i love my big ol’ PS3zy.

  • @36, based on the pictures it doesn’t look like it since there is no way to get at the drive.

  • I will be buying a new Slim PS3 and giving my current one to my son.

  • Internal or external power supply?

  • Thanks a lot!

  • will this be the one push that will drive the sales forward permanently or will this just be another one month boost? it’ll be interesting to see…

  • Looks like all of the rumors were true.

  • @ 8

    How is this an epic announcement? When everyone and their grandmother knew about it. LOL you’re too funny dude.

  • i love the look of it, cannot wait get this to go along side my 60gb ps3

  • Very nice

  • is the slim also going to be 299.00 or 399.00? either way I am getting one lol.

  • can you upgrade the harddrive on the ps3 slim.

  • Am I the only one who thinks Jack Tretton looks a little like William Shatner?

  • The top side looks like dirt, the new PS3 logo that is being used on the system looks like an unwanted child, but the front side looks nice.

  • I like the new look and size of the matte black PS3, shiny black was always a horrible choice and fade for consumer electronics.

  • My ps3 got 4 usb slots and PS2 backwards compatibility (ya’lls comin soon quit begging and be patient). I think this is just a scheme to get more money as it was with the PS2 AND PS1. They slim down ALL their systems. This really aint much of a surprise to me as it is to the rest of the PlayStation Community.

  • omfg i just bot a ps3
    can i still return it

  • Wow, great job SONY! I know my PS3 was more than worth the asking price when I bought it 2 years ago. Now others can enjoy it too. This is awesome news Because I know my brother and my brother in law are getting one now that it’s a bit cheaper. YAY!!! SONY FTW!!!

  • lol @ Shatner look alike

  • @Jeff Rubenstien
    Ok now that the Eyesore is officially unveiled I’m expecting some answers here.

    Is Other OS still apart of the PS3 Slim/Stretch(lol is longer)?

    Also I think it’s silly to reduce the 80 gig to 299 when it should be 249. Less storage.

  • Doesnt seem as if you can do a hard drive upgrade but there arent any side shots of the console to verify.


  • That early? WOW
    Sony’s Playstation 4 Confirmed for 2013

  • can you still replace the hard drive?

  • That’s the other thing. Include a mike in the box with the new model. One of the reasons people are down on PSN is because hardly anyone has a microphone and no-one speaks. There is little communication, little sense of community. It’s why Fat Princess got some low scores, because no-one was talking online.

  • Lets see who wins the console war now!!!

    Sony you got it in the bag :)

  • I can already see the news packs, LBP GOTY edition with a PS3 Slim.
    Personally i like the old design though but this one uses less energy so it saves a few €€ on your energybill. Very nice.

  • Will i be able to transfer my old PS3 hard drive over to the new PS3 Slim(including all my downloadable games and such)?

  • The form of the new ps3 is really nice, the finish not so much.
    But where are all the holes which the heat escapes from? Are those few really enough???


    More info about the PS3 Slim (see above link for details):

    Ø BRAVIA® Sync™ Feature
    Ø “Vertical Stand” for new PS3 (CECH-2000 series)
    Ø Removal of “Install Other OS” feature

  • Shizznap….

  • @87 NO way MAN or lady :)

  • I’ll get this only if they announce backwards compatibility. It doesn’t matter if it will come in the form of a Firmware update or if it’s part of the Slim itself. If the PS3 is able to play PS2 games, I’ll sell my current PS3 and PS2 to get this.

  • From the pictures it doesn’t look like you can swap the HD. If that is true, that’s a bad bad move.

  • Whoa major nut shot to MS. Good job Sony!

  • Sony, why not make ps2 emulation for ps3 and put a lot of ps2 games in psn? Then, when you make psp2, you can put ps2 emulation too. What do u think? ;)

  • lets the A$$ kicking begin

  • anyway, at $299 nothing can beat the ps3
    the console war is over
    sony has won!!

  • Hey Jeff, who can we talk to regarding the decision to drop OtherOS ? It’s a valuable channel for techies like us to learn Cell programming. It’s useful for Sony in the long run if not evident now.


  • @61

    Look at the pictures of the front of the PS3

    If you look closely at the lower right hand side of the PS3 slim you’ll see that it isn’t a solid surface. Looks like there is a removal able panel on the front. If the rumors are to believed that should be where the hard drive is and is 100% replaceable.

    There is no way that Sony will take an Xbox approach to the PS3 with hard drives. The X360 still has upgradable sizes and that in itself will certainly hurt sony’s case with customers. Seeing how replacing the hard drive in the way the PS3 does is one of the positives to owning the system.

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