Enhanced PlayStation Network Trophies Online

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Hi Everyone,

You asked for it and later this week we’re delivering on it. We are making significant enhancements to the way you view your trophies online. Check out the walk-thru video so you can see these updates first hand.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do:

  • View detailed info on your trophies on PlayStation.com
  • Compare your trophies with multiple friends and other PSN ID’s
  • Compare details on trophies within each game
  • Track your progress to the next level against friends
  • See what trophies you have and what you still need to unlock for each game
  • Use the sorting features to plan your game domination

In addition, the portable ID has been enhanced with trophy data so you’ll also be able to take your portable ID with you to official game sites, social networks and other third party sites making it easier to show off your trophies and gamer status with friends online. Your PlayStation Network Portable ID will link directly to your public trophy page on us.PlayStation.com.

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  • Cool, now put it on the PS3….

  • I forgot to ask…how much later this week is? later today? tomorrow? friday? thanks

  • I love the fact that Jeff plays Hannah Montana The Movie ;)

  • I was hoping for that with the portable ID. Great work!

  • Sweet. Now I can drop those EU badges. Now, we just need to get trophies on Home and everything will be even sweeter.

  • I’m on the website checking it out, but it seems to be the old layout. When is the new layout going to go live? Thanks!

  • Here’s a kooky idea, how about some avatars?

    I can’t believe we have crap (literally) looking avatars that come in different colors but not a single third party video game avatar. If Xbox can get bioshock things for their avatars why can’t we? Even if we don’t get third party game related avatars how about something else?

  • My portable ID isn’t showing my trophies, am I doing something wrong? I had already set up a portable id before and i went to update it and it still isn’t showing the trophy info

  • Thanks, much appreciated! I fell off the trophy hunting wagon but not I’m back!!

  • MR. Eric Lempel
    Can we PLEASE have some new avatars please? It been almost 2 years since the avatar selection has been updated.

  • Thank you.

  • I find it perplexing that the trophy info is instant on the websites but not in the XMB/PSN itself.

    Very good work on the website there.

    Next we need to be able to remotely purchase stuff from the PS Store (via website) so the PS3 downloads it automatically at next boot up.

    Also, it’s about time we get one global and uniform PS website where the country option adjusts the content.

  • Thank you guys

  • About time with the portable id’s! :)

  • Also,

    make unlocked Trophies available as Avatars.

    It’s the most obvious solution ever and a constant reward for players.

  • Very good! I have been waiting for this and hopefully you guys won’t stop there.

  • Thanks
    That is a great new feature.
    Keep the goodness coming!

    Was looking to use this today actually!

  • Looks great! But you know what we need next right? Avatars. Make it happen.

  • Thank you, now I can have a portable ID with my trophies. I’m glad you’re listening to our feedback.

    Thanks anyway Eric and PSN Operation Team!

    Now we just need more PS3 features and Avatars, don’t you think? ;)

  • Question:

    I nabbed a Portable ID from Playstation.co.uk a while ago and with those portable ID’s for them to update you had to manually click an update button in your profile for the card to update.

    Will these cards update automaticly and if so, how often(once a day, every 4 hours etc)?

  • cool cool cool

  • Months and months behind Europe, with less features, as usual. Thanks(sarcasm).

  • SUPER SWEET…….now make it so I can do this on the PS3

  • Sweet!

  • Very excite!

  • It would be nice if the platinum trophies weren’t part of the “100%” of a game. I have tons of game in which I only have like 50 or 60% but I just miss a gold trophy. Without the platinum it would be more like 80 or 90%. I think they take way too much of a game progression.

  • The multiple friends comparison is nice. I’m betting we won’t see this on the ps3 since it’s to weak to do this. Just like the piece meal custom soundtracks. Sigh.

  • AWESOME!!!

    Thank you!

  • woot!!!! about time…. yay!!!!

    keep up the good work on making the PSN the best online network out there.

  • Update:

    I just checked Portable ID on the UK site and you still have to manually click update in your profile for the portable ID to update.

    My card still doesn’t have my Shatter trophies on it(even though my “My trophies” list is completely up to date), In order for my portable ID to be up to date, I have to log in to my profile on playstation.co.uk, click on “My portable ID” then click “Update” for my trophies to update.

    The Trophies NEVER update on their own. These cards should update automatically at least once a day. Yours better and you should probably tell SCEE to get their act in gear and fix that.

  • thought it was gonna be an updated XMB.
    oh well.
    I think that it should show are level and trophy count next to or under are names and our friends names on the XMB friends list.
    that would be kool

  • New avatars plz

  • You guys need to let us send messages to our PSN friends via the playstation site, or make a PS im similar to msn

  • * Great!

  • that’s a good feature

  • it’s about time. l’ve been wanting to compare trophies on my computer. Now l’m gonna search for random people to compare my trophies to.

  • Looks great! I hope that we in EU land will get this too…

  • @62 you can do that via remote play if you have a psp!

  • Yes, the portable ID have been enhanced.

  • People actually care about trophies? Well then, can we have some in Madden 10?

  • Love it. Love It. LOVE IT! Keep up the great work guys!

  • Eric, we definitely need to be able to do the following:

    1) Send/Receive messages to/from a PSN account via the web

    2) Accept PSN Friend Requests via the web

    This would be huge additions. Good job on these trophy changes!

  • Since you guys like read our feedbacks. Beside the need of more Avatars, Why not add a ‘Calendar’ and a sort of ‘Wordpad or Notepad’ feature to the PS3?

    So we get to have it in our PS3s instead of something else. You guys are dealing well, don’t let us down.

  • I’m on my PS3 constantly when I’m not working, eating, sleeping, or when mother nature calls. It’d be nice to do all that from the comfort of my PS3.

    I figure if you have internet at home, you’re more than likely to have your PS3 hooked up to it too. If not, it’s not like you can update your ID on the website and have the same information that’s on your PS3. So, why not just do this for the XMB on your PS3?

  • Really great news guys.

    I hope the next step will be to integrate the messages, allowing us to have conversations from the console to the web and also show our trophies to our friends… I know they can see it already, but it will be nice to say: “Hey Man… check this trophy that I just got”.

    Anyway… awesome job, keep the social features coming! PSN is getting better and better!

  • More avatars on a regular basis please :(

  • So when does this go live? I see no changes for my PID.

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