Batcave Outpost Apartment, MotorStorm Event Space, and Tons More Coming to PlayStation Home

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Calling all citizens of PlayStation Home!

It’s that time again – and by “that time” I mean “the time where I put the proverbial pen to paper and let you all know what’s coming up next in the rapidly-growing world of PlayStation Home.” I think you’ll be glad to see that – whether you come into Home to game launch with your friends, unlock rewards from your favorite games, or check out free music and video content and socialize – there’s a lil somethin’ somethin’ going on in-world this week that you can get down with.

We know that you Home-dwellers just love your rewards, so we’ve worked with the fine folk over at Eidos to ensure that their next release integrates tightly with our platform. Those of you who scoop up the highly-anticipated Batman: Arkham Asylum for your PLAYSTATION 3s next week will be pleased to see that the game unlocks a special Batcave Outpost personal space. It’s safe to say that hardcore Batman fans are going to seriously spazz out when they unlock Bruce Wayne’s secondary lair under Arkham, so if you count yourself a disciple of the Dark Knight, you’d better rush to get your hands on this title when it is released on August 25th.


Hardcore gamers have yet another reason to enter into the PlayStation Home fold as we will be launching a new game-themed event space specifically to host our MotorStorm: Pacific Rift game launching parties, set to occur every Monday night between 6pm and 10pm PT. This space, which marks the first ever “Globe of Death” to publish in Home, will showcase some rad MotorStorm footage and will serve as a hub for all of you racing fanatics in the Home community to meet and launch into games of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. This event space will only be up for a limited time (though we do have some more surprises for fans of the franchise scheduled to release in the not-so-distant future, including a bunch of awesome MotorStorm clothes, so stay tuned to this here blog thingy for more news).

PlayStation Home MotorStorm Sphere

Many core areas of Home will see content updates this week, with new tunes being loaded into the Listen@Home kiosk, new clothes and furniture appearing in the Mall (including animated furniture – this stuff has to be seen to be believed!), and some new videos screening in the Theater. One of these videos, scheduled to go live on Sunday the 16th, is part of the ongoing Criss Angel: Mindfreak event. Much like the Criss Angel: Mindfreak video currently screening in our new 10-Screen Theater, this clip will reward those that dare enter with another exclusive virtual item – this time, a Criss Angel custom coffin table. But you’ll have to come in between the 16th and the 19th if you want this limited item. Those of you who check out this clip will also entered into a giveaway for 1 of 2 Criss Angel: Mindfreak Coffins and 1 of 3 Criss Angel: Burn DVD’s and Book sets (5 winners total).

Home Criss Angel

As a demonstration of the ever-evolving nature of PlayStation Home, there are a few updates scheduled for the EA SPORTS Complex and the Burn Zombie Burn game space. You’ll also see some significant additions to Central Plaza in coming weeks, but you’ll have to keep your eyes on this blog for all the details as they are released. In the meantime, head over to the Listen@Home kiosk and check out our updated events calendar. You’ll see that there is a regularly-occurring event scheduled for every night of every week. Whether it’s a game launching event for Street Fighter IV – or any of the other titles that launch in Home – or an official PlayStation Home forums party (like the one set to go down on Thursday night), there’s truly something for every gamer in-world. And if you want to throw your own event or attend one of the many awesome gatherings our die-hard community members regularly throw, just check out the Clubs and Events sub-forum on

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  • hey guys, mag beta invites are being sent out to emails how do you get one sent to your email i want in so bad!!!!

  • I am truly liking what is happening with home. I have been there since the beta. These new home spaces are definite sweet additions to what we have now. Thing i would like to know is will it be made mandatory for the developers to put in game launching from home or will it stay up to there descretion?

  • I’m still waiting to put Trophies on display in Home.

  • This is MEAN. Someone tell me if Europe gets the Batcave too, though? Please? :P

  • So will game launching for the Original MotorStorm ever come to home as it did during the Closed Beta???? Since I don’t have Pacific Rift and don’t really see a need to get it, am I out of luck???

  • Awesome! I’m getting the Limited Edition Batman game. Batarang FTW! Love to hear about the new updates for Home :)


    This is sooooo going my default home place.

    cant wait. one of the best surprises ive had in a very long time. thanks fellas!

  • @LokeSTL:

    If you put it that way, then every company that wasn’t the first to do something probably shouldn’t exist. It’s just an alternative, just like having multiple types consoles/games/websites.

  • can we please get good costumes? I truly love the PlayStation Home service (even with its occasional hiccups) I always love to see the new costumes coming out however when i read that the “other company” ($) is making costumes for their avatars i tend to check out their costumes. Sony please add more people to the PlayStation Home staff you are falling extremly far behind. I would think that getting Star Wars items and popular multiplatform titles would be the first place to go looking for costumes for a game based community. Instead we got Hamesters? now i know “some” of you liked the furball looking thing however i would rather spend my money on say the Assassin’s creed outfit or Big Daddy(the other company already has this one) Or how about Old Snake? Also its time for us to be able to preview the item on our avitar before we make a lousy purchase. Wouldnt you all agree?

  • i want MAG Beta invite stat

  • oooo, batcave, Motorstorm!!! Home is so awesome! i was a closed beta member since August 08. Loving every minutes of it.

    Btw: im just popping over from EU PS blog. ;) from UK. HI!

  • HOT DAMN! That batman home space looks amazing!

  • IM LIKE FINALLY ive been asking all over the blog about this and here it comes on the specific day i asked ps3 is like a wish list “i wish to have 3 billion dollars from the sky please (^^)

  • Great, all of this ofcourse happens after my PS3 FAILS!!!

    Good job Sony, you make a great product!

    $600 for a console with a 2.5 year life span. 25% of original cost to repair it with a 90 day warranty after date. And a Sony Consumer Service manager tells me, “Sir I can’t guarantee you that it will last another 2 years, 90 days or 2 days. There are 1000s of moving pieces inside your PS3.” WTF did I pay $600 for?

  • Also i totally agree with diabio103 it would b pretty sweet if we could see how our avatar’s look would reflect on clothes that we previewed i myself had brought quite alot of clothes that looked promising but wen on my avatar i regret buying it and yes there should b a bit more variety of clothes such as big movie title outfits costumes im getting a bit bored with the same clothes in the mall so use to seeing them infact theyve become a bit default to me

  • I just want Visari’s throne room…IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK FOR!?!? -_-

  • Hey Home team I’d love to see a revamped more dynamic art style for the player models in PlayStation Home.

  • damn right after my ps3 gets stolen they add all this awesome stuff…God i miss home

  • oh and for when i get another ps3…How about a batman costume?

  • Keep up the great work with Home. It has come along way since it launched. And I am really looking forward to the Batman space.

  • Sweet I preordered BatMan Arkham Asylum I can’t wait for the free home space :)

  • Do you have to buy the game? & is it limited time offer?

  • Will I have to buy Batman on the launch date to get the personal space?

  • Locus because sony does not require the publishers have launching games compulsory
    same the trophies WHY???????

  • 2010 all publishers have game launching compulsory

  • Bat Cave is gonna rock! Got this game pre-ordered! WOOT!

  • Sounds like no RE5 Archives this week?

  • Thats what I’m talkin bout. Finally a big reward in home for purchasin a game. Not too many games give anything at all, the ones that do give have lame stuff (not another tshirt). This batman game gives you a whole personal space? Someone is actually listenin. If yah can’t give it, allow us to earn it in game. Also, I noticed above that the trophy support has been updated for How bout an update for home? Like the huge trophy room we’ve been droolin for these past few years. Again, new stuff is great, but we still want the old stuff that we saw many e3’s ago. Good job yah, keep up the good work.

  • Can’t wait to pick up Batman. Already pre-ordered.

  • this is lame we need more gamelaunching and media streaming to be honest the only thing keeping home from forecloser is the ea sports complex thats the best place

  • Nice! Cant wait for Motorstorm Mondays. Havent played that game in while.

  • cool since i already pre ordered Batman AA a long long time ago lol

  • What exactly is wipeout HD wensdays anyway does it talk about more addons 4 wipeout hd im still excited about wipeout hd fury that addon really got me prep about the whole game it self

  • Criss Angel is awesome!!

  • this update sounds great i really love you guys. even the xbox doesn’t get all this cool stuff an they have to pay LOL

  • but can i wear the batsuit?

  • Buying stuff on the 360 is stupid u have to basically buy money that your going to eventually spend because the 360 requires microsoft points wen u buy microsoft points your going to 1 day spend it i also think its pretty stupid u have to pay 4 your xbox account sure u get disconnected on your ps3 sometimes but u dnt have 2 pay 4 a bad connection as if on the 360 u have to deal with a crappy connection to top that pay 4 that crappy connection the 360 isnt worth paying ps3 is free and it provides more

  • Hmmmm, Where is the Visari Throne Room? Please tell me it is coming out tomorrow.

  • Yes! PSH keeps getting bigger and bigger. ”Its just the icing of the cake”!

  • Awesome update. I’m looking forward for that batcave ;D

  • Only on the Playstation where gamers are rewarded with virtual items that goes way beyond what achievements and trophies has to offer! At least items like these will be of some use instead of mindless text. Thank you Playstation!

  • the batcave looks sweet! cant wait to get it

  • @ post number 67…

    “I just want Visari’s throne room…IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK FOR!?!? -_-”


    From an EU users perspective, we have rights to moan…. I will list some of the spaces we DO NOT have ….

    Uncharted space (11 months wait?)
    Godfather 2 Space
    An old Home Square (still)
    Warhawk Space
    Sirens Space
    Behind in Home ‘mall’ content
    Home Cafe/Gamers Lounge
    Ghostbusters loot space
    Set Stage Space
    Now we miss the Batman Apartment space (no news for us, left in the dark again, no pun intended)

    Your communication from the Home team is consistent, ours is not.

    @Locust_Star , not sure if you remember me really, but I ‘won’ a keypad for coming 1st in your US only Red Bull competition. Another example of seperating regions, causing more divides in the world, and not justifying why exactly SCEE never rewarded for wasting my time.

  • Too bad our Home avatars aren’t being used in anything outside of Home. Such as in our PSN avatars, other applications and even appearing in actual games. You know, kinda like how the competition is starting to do with their avatars? Kinda sad that Home had a year head start and the other guys are doing more with their avatar system than Sony….

  • well this is pointless update but when will we be getting kz2 apartment EU home has had for month’s now can you please answer this

  • Being able to use your Home avatar as your PS avatar would be great.

    Any fixes to the EA poker space? I can’t remember finishing a game without getting kicked…

  • this is really nice

  • If I rent Batman, would I still get the HOME content?

  • Home just got a bit better… :D

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