Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – Chapter Challenge Mode, Ninja Records and More!

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Countdown has begun…less than two months to go!

Hayashi from Team NINJA here. The last few weeks since our last post have been extremely busy for our team, putting the final touches on the game. This is our first attempt in releasing our game simultaneously in all three regions, but we’re confident we can make it happen.

We’re excited to see the response and feedback to the all-new Team Missions mode (and everything else we’ve shared so far), and today I’d like to introduce two additional, new features of the game.

The first reveal is Chapter Challenge Mode. The mode will become available once you clear Story Mode – you can go back to your favorite chapter and replay to compete with fellow ninjas around the world for the highest Karma score. After clearing the chapter, you will be ranked based on your total Karma score. The highest rank – of course – is “MASTER NINJA” and the lowest is “NINJA DOG”. You also have the option to review your gameplay in Ninja Cinema (which is also available in Team Missions) and share your videos online and download videos of other players. Online rankings are sorted by chapter and difficulty level. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to rank in all difficulty levels or master a certain chapter…just be ready for the challenge!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Chapter Screenshot 2

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Chapter Screenshot 1

The second reveal is Ninja Records. In order to keep up with how well (or bad…) you’re performing, we figured it would be nice to have a place where you can view your complete stats from fastest mission time, number of enemies defeated, numbers of Izuna drops, maximum combos, rescues, character usage rate in Team Missions mode, number of playthroughs…and more. Ninja Records will keep track of your moves performed in both Story Mode and Team Missions. You’ll be able to pull it up anytime from the title menu screen, so use it to learn more about your own play style. The best part of this is that you can also share your stats online!

Ninja Gaiden Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Records Screenshot 3

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Records Screenshot 2 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Records Screenshot 1

Another piece of good news – that’s not directly related to the game but still exciting – is we’ll be adding an official soundtrack, packed with over 30 tracks, to our Collector’s Edition! That’s in addition to the 80-page exclusive book that features a prologue comic, mini-strategy guide and art gallery. Check this out:

NGS2 CEcatalogue2

BTW, have you seen our Japanese viral ads? I’d like to take a vote and see which one gets more attention…

Last but not least…the GameStop exclusive pre-order costume looks like this:

Ryu_costume_GS copy

More to come in the next post!

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  • No Gore = No Buy

    Oh and I like the first video better.

  • There is gore in the game, and there is no decapitations in the trialers because of esrb with trailers, but it’s in the game. the game most definatly has gore, and blood, just not buckets of it. Sigma 1 didn’t have buckets of blood and it was loads of fun and superior to any other version… please how old are you people saying no buy if no gore… there is gore and blood.. if you want “buckets of blood” so bad, go to a blood bank.

  • I don’t understand why people get so defensive when someone says “no gore no buy”. It’s their right to choose to buy or not buy a game. How does another person’s decision affect you getting the game?

  • damn is this the ultra-hyper-do-a-backflip-into -a-swan-dive-with-a-katana-mega edition of this game …

    what’s a 360?

    : D

  • damn is this the ultra-hyper-do-a-backflip-into -a-swan-dive-with-a-katana-mega edition of this game …

    what’s a 360?

    : D

    silly mortals, there’s gore in the game but like that guy said, if you want buckets go to a freaking blood bank (classic)

  • #103 NinjaGaidenLover

    We get defensive because we don’t give a damn what they say. Why in the world do we care if they don’t want to buy this game? must they inform us? Fine don’t get the game, but must you tell us??? Just childish man, and being childish, attitude must be set straight!

    “If you don’t have nothing good to say, DON’T SAY IT” The old saying!

    Anyway man, I hope the Ninja Cinema/recording will be fixed. Because it was broken in NG2. When you die whilst recording, the whole recording messes up:/

    By the way, this is big man Hayashi! Only thing is the person who replies baxk Aviley is not Hayashi.

  • No blood, No buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let the fools who did this know what’s up! Don’t let these punks with Hayashi’s balls on their chin distract you with their bunk noise. No phony Ninja Gaiden for me.

  • Sure Blackxino. Whatever you say man.

    It’s the internet so belligerence comes with the territory. Closing your ears and screaming “lalalala” when someone says something you don’t agree with, or attacking them, is the real childish behavior. You demonstrated that. Just simply ignore comments you don’t agree with. You might live longer.

    People will still say no gore = no buy. These people are PS3 owners who could buy the game. They too have a right to communicate with the makers of Ninja Gaiden if the opportunity is there.

    I want Tecmo to know I’ve been a NG fan 4 life!! That means all NG games. We all have our reasons for being fans and each game has something about it that makes it great.

  • I really like the pre-order costume.

  • @ 108

    Thing is, those people shouldn’t even bother posting and posting “no gore, no buy” speaks for a person’s intelligence well. Worse yet, the ones claiming that there is no blood. Just out there to make some noise.

    The game has blood in the same level as NGB, so it’s not exactly rated T. Furthermore, the game is still very violent as it features dismemberment and decapitations.

    But no, if it doesn’t have 2D Mortal Kombat style blood from the early 90’s, the game cannot stand on its own. After all, it worked wonders for MK against SF, and it’s a more respected and financially viable series. I’m being sarcastic of course.


  • @SG79

    To be honest, it’s not just the blood. I think people mean to say “less gore/violence = no buy” instead.

    The blood is reduced in NGS2, but so is the payoff of killing the enemies because the limbs disappear immediately, the purple mist covers up the actual decapitation, and the blood hardly stains the environments now. There are also black holes on the enemy areas where a decapitation took place. It seems like you are fighting with a hollow shell or a mannequin instead of a live body.

    Furthermore, this is not really an MK vs SF style issue. This is a port or remake of a game that was created and meant to be one way by its original director, and then sorta heavily censored when it got translated to another system by a new director. People WILL complain in cases like those. Anyone who’s never played NGII won’t know what they’re missing, so it may not matter to them. But it does to some of those who know better.

  • NGS2 has some cool extras added. This is probably meant to make up for the loss and for it being late to PS3. For some it will and others it won’t. It also might possibly run better. Once we see some new gameplay footage of the later stages, like Chapter 8 and Chapter 11 for instance, then we’ll know about that for sure.

    I just think it’s good that everybody gets to at least try playing it now. Tecmo is showing how they plan to take NG forward and Hayashi is now in charge of the series. It’s going to be his way.

    I’ve always preferred SF btw. I hate MK.

  • @ NinjaGaidenLover

    Its because they are threatning not to buy the best game on PS3. I’m not sure but I mean technically if your not buying this because it lacks blood then that doesn’t make you a true ninja gaiden fan. It makes you a blood fan.

    I just wonder when everyone is going to realise that Itagaki said he doesn’t do that type of violence in games. The truth about the gore is this: 360 sells well in the US so if we add lots of blood we can get it to sell. The rest of us never cared for it.

  • Nice videos, nice costume. But c’mon, only available at one retailer?!

  • to NinjaGaidenLover, i have to agree to the other 2 people who respond to u.

    either way, keep playing NG2 4ever, we don’t care.
    if u love blood and gore that much, please grow up dude and go fight in a real fight with gangsters to the death to see if you still like gore and blood that much.

    u should have know NG2 gore went overboard dude. i have NG2 and beat Master Ninja mode and i think the gore look gore, but went overboard and give us content-less, NG2 = great game, but not even fun at all because it concentrate on blood/gore too much.

    i want NG3 to approach a different path, gore only need to be minimum like NGS and its good enough, i actually hate NG2 gore a lot for causing so much issues to me, freezing, glitches, and slowdown.

    anyway, i already pre-order my CE so i don’t care, and i want to help Team Ninja for a better NG3 in the future.

    or like that 2 guy said, keep playing NG2 4ever and watch all those blood/gore, we just don’t care.

  • oh also to NinjaGaidenLover again, hm, i think u should go play Nano Breaker if u love blood and gore that much.

    like i said, i have beaten NG2 master ninja mode and all the missions and what now, nothing to do.
    will i go back and put the game in just to look at the fake gore? its pathetic.

    well, arguing online = also pathetic too so i am not going to argue.

    here’s the last message.

    if u like gore and blood so much, get into the army and go fight in Iraq, that would have been way better than NG2 gore/blood by a mile.
    u should know, my cousin went to Iraq and one of his friend leg got torn off and look very nasty, he show us s pic of it and i ain’t want to look at that ever again, gore = pathetic in real life u should know that.

    that’s why i prefer NGB/S over NG2, i just play and beat Ng2 MNM because it was NG and i was a fan back in the 2D NG games on the SNES.

  • @ NinjaGaidenLover 3rd time, just 1 thing to remind u, NG2 sold very crap in Japan for a Z rating. NG2 can’t even break 55K in Japan while NGS came out a year earlier than NG2 and will over 100K double NG2 sales in Japan.

    Hayashi try to get more of his people from Japan to play NGS2 not like Itagaki who made NG2 for American audience.

  • @ 112

    You can’t say there is reduced violence or censorship when there are decapitations and dismemberment, AND blood.

    It’s just different, that’s all.

    The original director also touted his version as the best thing ever, surpassing the original game. No one in their right mind agrees with that considering the number of issues with the game.

  • Keep giving me all the juice info guys.

  • lol…this is messed up man.

    NinjaGaidenLover yes it’s true everyone have a right to free speech.

    But commenting “no blood no buy” is idiotic. You are not saying, “please Team NINJA include the blood so I can buy this”. That is encouraging, instead of saying no blood no buy which is black mailing.

    And no, if this people are PS3 owners. If they don’t buy the game, do you think Team NINJA would make another NG game with poor sales?

    If you really are a NGLover, you’ll tell these people to STFU and buy the game or there won’t be another NG again. (or no NG for PS3/Beast).

    Also this people should still STFU because we have 2 months left and there isn’t time to include blood. So it shows that these trash are just trolling and don’t have nothing better to do!

  • Blackxino, your post above is offensive and should be looked at by the moderators.

    Everyone keeps saying they don’t care about the violence level being toned down, yet a few small comments like “no blood no buy” gets them all riled up and defensive about it.

    I haven’t been arguing with or insulting anyone in any way, but some recent posts here are very hostile and show much insecurity. Like Vueguy’s, for example.

  • It’s not our job to sell this game; it’s Tecmo’s. I buy all the games, and I’m glad more people get to play NG but I have to admit how things are from experience.

    I feel as if I’m being attacked for enjoying all the NG games and also for not saying NGII was “terrible, horrible,” and all that nonsense. It’s a great game. If NGII was sooo bad and unplayable, then how can this game be the greatest game ever fundamentally, when 90% of it’s based on NGII?

    I’m not the one who said “no blood/gore = no buy.” I just explained my understanding of why someone would say that. Like I said, I enjoy NGII and I will enjoy NGS2, but missing the gore effects IS going to affect my enjoyment of the game. It shouldn’t matter to us if a few people show up and make comments like that because the game sales aren’t our problem. What matters is if we enjoy the games we buy.

    They said a multi-platform NG3 will be coming out regardless. Then hopefully this hate and resentment between the fans will cease, because that’s what a lot of this hostility seems to be stemming from.

  • Mr Hayashi, will the Limited Edition also be made available for Asian regions as well (i.e. Singapore)?

    And will we be able to use all our collected weapons for the next difficulty after we clear the game?

    Okay screw the 1st question; I’ll take it as a no for certain Asian regions BUT PLS ANSWER THE LAST ONE!!!

    PLS! PLS!! PLS!!!

  • Noticed on GameSpot’s website it says the soundtrack has 10 tracks on it – but this blog post says it has 30 tracks. Is it a typo on GameSpot’s site? Or is the GameSpot soundtrack a “sampler” of the official 30-track soundtrack?

  • NGL, you are being attacked and destroyed because you are defending the wrong! It’s like you are defending criminals and wonder why you are being attacked.

    We go berserk when we hear No blood no Buy, because these trolls care much about the blood than gameplay. The camera and slow downs needs to be fixed, yet these trolls keep going on about blood. Tell me, which is more important!???

    NG2 was bad because the story was a waste of time and didn’t make sense. Sonia was like a taxi, waste of character, no WOW effect in the game except for weapon animation and O.T and worst of all: bugs/glitchs and slowdowns!

    When someone says no blood no buy, don’t defend them and leave us to tear them apart!

    August is nearly over, Sept will soon be here and we get the damn demo! Just waste 1 month and the beastly games will be OURS!

  • It’s all good Blackxino. You can choose to ignore everything I said. You haven’t actually destroyed anyone; it’s more like some of you are throwing tantrums around like children. I tried to give reasoning beyond fanboy bias, but it’s not worth it because there’s no overcoming that.

    Enjoy your game with all it’s faults. Every game has them. No game is perfect. There’s something to complain about with every game. You’ll just have to deal with that. What one person likes isn’t for everyone and vice versa.

  • Repeat of #67’s question since I would also like to know the answer to it:

    “Will there also be a non co-op mission mode? do the extra characters have more than one chapter each in the main story mode?”

  • You know guys, you really should buy it because that will persuade Team Ninja to take dead or alive on ps3 as well.

    Who are we to deny tecmo money? If they are making us happy then it is worth it.

  • @130:
    I think they will eventually make DOA for PS3. But I concur with you in that everyone should buy this game because the first Sigma was a blast. XD

  • the second add is better

  • I see a lot of people complaining about the mist instead of blood. I think the main concern is just the color. Do you think Team Ninja could incorporate a way to change the color of the mist? It should be pretty simple to add in the option.

  • Less Gore/Violence = No Buy

  • can’t wait to get this game and play the hell out of it and platinum it :)
    looks sick

  • Hi Mr. Hayashi

    I’d like to add when I said please make cut scenes to show how powerful Ryu is. In NinjaGaiden2, intro page last line for Chapter 6 it said Volf:

    “Volf is a Berserker, as bloodthirsty as a beast, and his never-ending hunger for battle has led him to prepare a fitting arena for a duel to the death with the world’s most powerful Ninja.”

    Mentioning that Ryu was the worlds most powerful Ninja, but when you played the game, you didn’t feel like the most powerful Ninja because it’s hard and you see game over a lot. Devil May Cry was hard and you see game over a lot, but it had [DELETED] cutscenes to show Dante is still powerful and only playing with his enemies using 1% of his full power.

    So please make more [DELETED] action packed cutscenes of Ryu like the one in Chapter 3 where Ryu rides a fiend through the skies of New York and Ryu’s Dead or Alive 4 ending. Muramasa’s cutscene, if you can make one for Ryu as cool as that one.

    More examples of cutscenes to make the player feel like he/she is playing as Ryu: The Most Powerful Ninja, it should look awesome and badass like these ones:

    Thank you Mr Hayashi

  • lulz. What made those people so drawn to touching the breast-like object on the wall? xD

  • @ 131

    DOA on PS3 is now just a matter of how busy team ninja are with other things. I would like to see it happen so I can get rid of my 360.

    Ninja gaiden 2 (despite the glitches) is still a good game. Its not as good as it could have been but it does have a lot of potential and this could potentially be the best Ninja Gaiden yet. Reguardless of blood. ;)

  • @133

    Changing the color would just be a poor imitation for blood. If they do that, then they may as well make it gory and more bloody like NGII. They already said violence is not the focus.

  • I ask that Tecmo would please show Ryu gameplay footage of Chapter 8 or Chapter 11 for story mode. Please show us story mode gameplay of Chapter 8 or Chapter 11.

  • Wouldn’t some say that the purple mist is already a poor imitation for copious blood? What would it matter if the color changed to red, it would still be mist, but it would be a consistent color with the blood left behind.

  • please I hope you fix the boundaries objects. Because they are really ticking me off.
    I mean objects such as pillars, lamp post, boxes, gates etc. These things stop Ryu, enemies from going through them.

    In Ninja Gaiden 2, when Ryu does the ultimate technique, if he gets close to a boundary object, his ultimate technique will cut off. Making Ryu only perform half of his Ultimate Technique Dragon Sword.

    Playing through Sigma now and it’s really a headache! The constant loading, slow down, lagging controls, boundary objects and bad camera. Everything is ticking me off man.

  • A lot of people would like to have the option to change the color of the purple mist, do you think it would be possible? Visit any Ninja Gaiden message board and you will see people wishing for this option.

  • @139

    I never said it would have to be red (though many would change it to that of course).

    Many games over the years have given you the option to change things through RGB sliders, be it menu screens, character clothes and even the color of blood.

    What Im saying is they can launch the game with purple mist as the default color, but give the players the option to customize their own color if they see fit.

    Not only would this be a cool feature, but it would also help hush the complainers that think the purple mist looks somewhat fruity.

  • @145

    Changing the color will not be sufficient. This is because the enemy’s arms, legs, and heads still vanish immediately when they are cut off.

    We just need to accept the fact that Hayashi wants this game to be a certain way and that the violence is scaled back. I know some people who actually think the Purple mist looks cool.

    The only color people would choose is red if they could, and in that case it might as well be changed back to blood — which they aren’t going to do. It’s still “mist” and not blood, so it would still be toned down. So it’s not worth it.

    I mean, who will use blue mist or yellow mist? No one will use anything except red, and that could change their rating in Japan and get them less sales. Everyone here wants them to get good sales, right? It sure seems that way.

    They should continue to make the game improvements they are making and forget about the blood and mist complaints. There is not much time left to worry about it now. And there are only a small number of people who have made negative comments about it.

    Thank you for making more Ninja Gaiden games Tecmo!

  • Another question to Mr. Hayashi:

    Can Ayane, Rachel and Momiji be used for all of Ryu’s story mode stages in Chapter Challenge mode?

  • @aviray

    Pls answer my question of whether we’ll be able to play a new difficulty with all of our attained weapons from our first gameplay. That’s all I ask now.

    I’m looking forward to this game but unless I get an answer to this question I’ll feel cheated like what the first NGS has done to me; getting pwned without a fighting chance.

  • To Jayson619:

    In Ninja Gaiden II, each difficulty had to be cleared first in order to unlock New Game Plus for it. That made it a reward worth earning and kept the balance in tact.

    I hope they do not allow us to complete the easiest difficulty and then keep all the weapons and items for the next difficulty in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. That would make the game less challenging and players would be less likely to learn how to truly master the game skillfully.

    Please let this be the same as it was in the “other” game Hayashi!

  • Can I ask aviray?

    There was a point in NG2 which doesn’t bother me anymore but I would like to know all the same.

    In the E3 trailer I see Ryu fighting Marbus in the underworld. Is he replacing the cheap armadillos from NG2? Or is he an additional fight? I’m not bothered because even beating the armadillos requires the player to be cheap but if they are gone good riddance I say.

  • Jayson619
    “Pls answer my question of whether we’ll be able to play a new difficulty with all of our attained weapons from our first gameplay. That’s all I ask now.”

    Aviray already answered that question.
    Yes when you finish a difficulty, all weapons will be available for the next difficulty.

    This is crap, because it makes the game too damn easy:/
    I want people to work hard to get to the next difficulty. They have to earn, learn and master a weapon to get better. (even though they will all start at level 1)

    I do wish the New game plus is like Ninja Gaiden 2’s.

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