MotorStorm Arctic Edge Pre-order Bonus

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This just in for MotorStorm and driving fans. SCEA will be giving an exclusive vehicle to fans who pre-order MotrorStorm Arctic Edge for PSP and PSPgo. The game hits shelves and the PSN Store on Sept 29th but fans who pre-order now will receive a Mirage Rapide rally car. That may not seem like a big deal to gamers who are not rally fans, so here are a few details:

  • Comes with two customizable skins
  • Gearing is set for top speed
  • Handling is set at maximum drifting

This means the Mirage Rapide is made specifically to combat the tight cliff face turnabouts and the bobsled corners of MotorStorm Arctic Edge. Being set in Alaska make the environment more unstable than ever but the Mirage Rapide has been tweaked for drifting racers to handle all the new challenges that come with the snowy and icy courses.

Go to any participating retailer to pre-order the game to get your exclusive drift rally car.

MotorStorm Artic Edge PSP

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  • I would have preferred it if they had released this as a PS3 game as well.

  • Portable LUNATICS UNITE!!!!! lol , finally im gonna have my Motorstorm on the go lol , Arctic Edge and GT psp oh man im going to be in racing heaven lol

  • Jeff and Chris i think its time to put a countdown on other ps3 exclusives and psp exclusives too , if you guys cant do it here in the blog do it in the ps3 and psp stores i mean wheres the countdown to Demons Souls , Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time, Eyepet and Buzz Quiz World for the ps3 ??? and Motorstorm , Little Big Planet , Jack and Daxter and Gran Turismo for the psp ??

  • Yeah and a bit more psp games 4 sure theres really not much to choose from in the psp categories

  • Chris i just saw the newly sony worldwide studios website , man its very informative about sony’s game division and i got really excited when i saw on the Cambridge studio a picture of Nariko , i didnt know they helped Ninja Theory with Heavenly Sword development , i really hope we havent seen the end of Nariko just yet and Chris or Jeff i think it would be a good idea to post the link here in the blog as i said before its very informative about sony first and second party studios

  • Hm.. GT PSP might cannibalize these sales. I’ll wait on reviews for this game.

  • How do people who want to download this get the bonus car?

  • The 2 best racing game franchises ever releasing 2 days away from each other… that’s both amazing and bad: one of them should have been released by now to space them out!

  • I know im not on topic but does anyone have any information on that motorstorm space

  • Glad to see Sony already addressed what first popped into my head! (Pre-ordering online…seeing how I will be getting a PSP go and can’t use discs).

    Maybe though, that should be something you guys (Sony) should consider–allow people to pre-order and pre-pay for games on PSN then they get an email when it is ready and they can download it!

  • @50
    Yes, then we wouldn’t need the disk reverse capability, it would just be a game on our harddrive, no?

  • I have to ask. How do you pre-order a digital copy of a game?

  • Ooops…got so excited I didn’t bother to read the rest of the comments. Thanks for clearing that up for me:)

  • Seriously people you need to read the 3rd response

  • btw i really like the box art

  • >> Just spoke with the Product Manager and he will make the pre-order download available for all consumers who purchase the game from the PSN within the first 30 days from launch.

    What you should really do is make it available those 30 days for FREE to everyone like EA did the Dead Space Console Exclusive suit.

    At least that would let me wait a month or so in between buying Persona PSP off PSN and finishing it to start into Motorstorm.

    But good job SCEA, not having a preorder ability through PSN like Steam has. Really nice screwing people that want the DD copy there.

  • Scott, I love the first two Motorstorms on the PS3, but only play them using the Sixaxis motion-steering on my Dualshock 3. Please tell us there be an add-on that will give us motion-steering for the PSP. Or will you add support for Neo’s motion sensor? I can’t see steering using a joystick. That’s so 80’s. Please, please, make this happen!!

  • Okay. First off, why is this cover pretty much the same as the first MotorStorm? Second, why is there no “PlayStation Network” written on it?

  • Awesome, I’m buying this. I think you guys should consider PSN pre-orders, would be cool to do this online.

  • How do you pre order on psn and Pspgo.

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