Fat Princess: Multiplayer Connections Improved

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Greetings PS Blog Fans,

First off, we want to thank all of you for playing and supporting Fat Princess with all of your suggestions and responses on the boards. You have given us a ton of very valuable information which has helped us to track down the majority of the connection issues.

We’re happy to announce that we’re releasing a patch late tonight, Friday August 7, to help fix some of these connection issues. This will be released for N. America region, with patches for Europe and Asia to follow as soon as possible.

We’re also going to be tweaking some of the point balances and classes based on fan feedback. Several of you have also been asking about the player ranks. Here’s an explanation:

Rankings are awarded as you accrue the following points:

  • Squire – 500-599
  • Private – 600-699
  • Corporal – 700-799
  • Sergeant – 800-899
  • Ensign – 900-999
  • Lieutenant – 1000-1249
  • Captain – 1250-1499
  • General – 1500-1749
  • Warlord – 1750-1999
  • Sir (Dame) – 2000-2249
  • Baron (Baroness) – 2250-2499
  • Earl (Countess) -2500-2999
  • Duke (Duchess) – 3000-3499
  • Lord (Lady) – 3500-3999
  • Prince (Princess) – 4000-4499
  • King (Queen) – 4500+

Please keep pinging us and posting to the Fat Princess forum on PS.com with your suggestions and ideas. We mean it when we say that we’re really glad to have such a great fan base.

After the patch goes live, we’ll be jumping into some games with all of you to see how things are going and continue to address any major issues that crop up. For detailed information from the development team, check out Titan Studios.

This is just the beginning of Fat Princess and we hope to continue to support our fans.

The Fat Princess team

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  • thanks guys!! I stopped playing because the lag was so bad, red snail every time. Now its a LOT better, either yellow snail or no snail at all. :)

    I am using a router so my connection shouldnt be perfect, but yeah I just played 3 games and had a lot of fun!

    I wish some of those idiot reviewers would give this another shot, the ones who review poorly because of bad connections. I mean how stupid is that? Its like OMG we have to hurry and review this game terribly before they patch it!! Idiots..

  • Hey Titan! Absolutely love this brilliant game! An instant classic for sure!

    The patch has worked wonders and now I am having no trouble finding a game fast and staying in it. This game just get’s better and better the more I play it. Officially one of my all time favorite’s right up there with the best of em’. Keep up the great work and I’ll be ready for DLC!!

    Give us a snow map :)

    Oh, and a space map :)

  • Thanks Titan! I’m having a blast with FP!

  • Still can’t connect to any friends and when I do, they disappear from the room even though they’re there.

  • No offense to the dev. team because you’ve made one hell of a game for us all, but I downloaded your update and still have not gotten into one single online game… I am sick of playing against bots (they don’t react to the ridiculous insults I scream at them).

    Please fix these problems!!! I am sick of being booted back to the title screen via White fade out!!!!!!

  • Hey Titan. Love the game and everything but this new patch has turned Fat Princess into SKINNY PRINCESS! It takes half the army just to keep the princess fat at the rate she burns the calories now!

    I don’t know guys. I think you need to tweak it again. I can see making her burn calories a LITTLE faster (Less stale-mates I suppose. Even though before the patch I rarely ever experienced a stale mate even on the hardest levels like Deep Fried) But why did you change it so drastically?

    Personally I was fine with the way she gained/lost weight before but I wouldn’t have minded you guys speeding it up a bit. But this has kind of taken the whole FAT PRINCESS element out of the game. This really concerns me because I REALLY love this game!

  • After all, what is Fat Princess without the fat princess?! At the rate she loses weight teams will need to devote half their army JUST for feeding the princess! Otherwise she will never be fat… It’s a bit bothersome to say the least. This game is fantastic I’m just worried you guys got a little carried away with the new slim-fast princess! Ok, that’s all I have to say for now. Good luck!

  • @55 and 54

    I think it was due to the controversy surrounding the game. The slim fast Princess patch.


  • I paid 15 dollars for this? I can not even play the multiplayer…I have tried for the past hour and it keeps saying I cant connect.

    Anyone know how I can get my money back???

  • is there anyway to keep rank by exp? every match it drops…. makes it look like you didnt accomplish anything…just my 2 cents but the game is great with loads of fun!

  • Please unlock the save file for Fat Princess. If Capcom can unlock RE5’s save then I have faith you can do it, too… Please allow me to back up my save data, thanks.

  • It’s gret that these issues got sorted so fast. It’s terrible when manufacturers just seem to abndon games with technical issues. I’m sure this is a great game which will just keep getting better.

  • I would have preferred if the ‘rank ups’ actually popped up during or at least at the end of a match with a cool sound or something, so that it would give me some satisfaction. Right now it’s just laying there. And as far as I know there is no real benefit to ranking up, like acquiring new abilities or whatever.

    Another problem with the game is the trophies! First of all, why are there no silver or gold trophies?!?! Some of the trophies look so damn difficult or time-consuming they really should warrant the reward of something better than bronze! Even the trophy unlocks are glitch. They don’t pop up immediately when you achieve something and sometimes they pop up out of nowhere. For example I got the Father McHealy trophy after FAILING to connect to yet another match. What the hell?!


  • Youll have to contactthe publisher for a refund. Sony wont help you. I complained to EA about Battlefield begin broken, they told me to call Sony. When I called Sony, they told me to call EA. When I called EA back they finally gave me sixty dollars for use in the ea store.

    Sony needs money after posting billions in losses so the easiest way is to sell overpriced, defective merchandise; since the TOS states no refunds will be offered, its a win win for Sony.

    Fix Fat Princess. Also, fix all the other defective games that the community has purchased.

  • so you’re looking after yanks again? first you screw au over with a ridiculously inflated price and now you’re making us wait for a patch to make a pathetic game playable? yeah right!
    whats the reason for the high price here? shipping & handling charges? you guys are hopeless! i havent bought it and i never will. all because you have tried to gouge the majority of the world.
    an extra $ or 2 we can handle but when you rip us by $5 it is just unacceptable.
    i believe i’ll go back to my 360 where the pricing remains fair! everything costs the same amount of points no matter where you live.
    far superior console anyway. graphics and functionality kill the p$3. not to mention support from”real” developers and publishers.

  • WOOT!! Finally, just started playing Fat Princess again. lol great job!

  • Any word on some add-on packs for Fat Princess? I would love to get some more maps and new classes.

  • Nice… any word on when we can get a demo? Not all of us are impulse buyers that make purchase decisions based on hype, or even Metacritic’s 8.1 average review score.

  • eat-sleep-game

    add me

  • Why the disparity between Europe and North America?

  • I connect into a game a lot faster, but I always lose connection with the host after the game ends. This happen all night. I usually do not get disconnected much.

  • Not worth buying unless it’s on a disc.

  • @71

    Digital distribution will be the downfall.

    Physical media is superior.

  • Nice trolling sumpunk, keep up the hate!

  • Great patch! Keep up the good work!

    Now can we get INGAME XMB SUPPORT??????

  • Hahaha I love the game! But as everyone has said before please make a patch for splitscreen! How would you miss putting that into a game like Fat Princess??? This game would be perfect for that! Dont be like other game developers andignore our cries! Open up and you’ll have ALOT of very happy fanboys.

  • Warhawk > FatPrincess

  • I’m happy to see such a quick response to the problems at hand. Also happy to hear there will continue to be improvements made.

    Once again I have to say I love the game and I can’t wait for hopefully more maps, modes, trophies and more, with DLC. Has there been any thought of more group colors? Then just making the color of the group a option when creating online matches. We seen different colors in the gladiate section. Then many players would have a favorite and have more rivalry. Red vs. Black, Green vs. Blue, ect. Just a thought.

    Can’t wait to watch this excellent game continue to get stronger, grow and expand.

  • Thank ya guys! connection is perfect right now for me by the way. great patchin

  • Congrats for the release guys! I always wanted to play something like this. *evil laugh* Muahahahahaha!

  • Hey just wanted to ask if there are possibilities for bots? The game I was playing yesterday seemed as though some of the players were bots. They were just running in circles completing the same pattern doing nothing!

  • I was all ready to add Titan to my short list of studios that really have done some great work like Q games, that game company, the Behemoth, and Johnny Blow, but Fat Princess has been a big dissapointment. Honestly guys if this had been a retail release I would have already gotten my money back, but that is not an option.
    Please don’t get me wrong, I think this is a fun game and a great idea. These network issues are simply killing any fun that is to be had in the game. I host 32 player matches in Killzone 2, but I can only host 10 in FP? I have only managed to connect to a handful of online games and my threshold of tolerance for shoddy products is about to be reached. I understand you guys are working hard to fix this, but I am very dissapointed.
    Patched and running today or someday in the future, I feel you and Sony owe us a refund on this game.

  • Thanks Titan!!!! already showing GREAT support by releasing a patch so quickly! thats how its done! :) … gonna go and DL the patch tonight, i have yet to play online, been waiting for this patch first.

    is there any future for DLC? new classes(aka new hats),new maps and new modes would be beyond awesome!

  • Glad, its a great game, now that i can actually play it lol

  • I really wish there was a split screen mode, but either way, I love the game. Probably one of the best PSN games since PixelJunk Monsters.

  • I’m so on the fence..reviews about finding games with people/kids that play without strategy sounds like no fun ..but prob gonna get it tonight.

    send me a request I dont do much online
    need a good friend base for this
    swissmr 26/m

  • I love the new patch makes the online faster and better.

    Though I got kicked from a match for no reason. I was using magic on someone and winning next thing I know it said ” You have been kicked from the game by the host”.

    Add me for a game.

  • now i can play online

  • @ TailsTheCat

    Not sure if you realize but A LOT of online multiplayer games don’t work perfectly upon launch. Titan Studios is doing a GREAT job of listening to the community and working on a quick patch. It does not matter how much internal testing is done, once the game gets released to thousands of people issues happen.

  • Haven’t had the chance to see how effective the patch is since it hasn’t been released here yet.. but i still say we need SPLITSCREEN.


  • Here’s helpful suggestion drop the price!! $14.99 is absolutely Ridiculous!!… the game should be no higher then $9.00!!

  • Thanks for the patch but I’m still having problems…

    It took me 3 tries after the failed to connect to host message to finally join a room.

    When I was in that room, it was pretty sluggish.

    And it’s not my connection, since I can play other 32 player games such as Warhawk and Killzone 2 lag free. Or even Resistance 2 with 60 players lag free…

    Please fix this soon, since I mainly bought this game so I could play with my friends and I kind of can’t at the moment D:

  • Okay now what about the problem with the storybook? When the book is shown in the second chapter the sentences are all jumbled.

  • great games guys keep up the good work.

  • Can you fix the stutter bug please… it’s annoying. (game randomly hangs for a second – even on the menu/credits section)

  • I love alot about the game besides a few things like, no splitscreen, etc. But beggars cant be choosers right? But I HATE the update on the patch about the “slim fast” princess. Half the team has to keep feeding her to keep her at a decent wait. Why did you speed up her calorie burn?!?!?! Isnt the whole point of the game to have a “fat” princess??? Her calorie burn rate is just screwed up now. Plz change it back to the way it was. I’m sure others feel the same way.
    Add me if you wanna play!

  • I could NEVER connect to a game before, despite being port forwarded static ip nat 2 direct to router. Didn’t matter if I tried it a 100 times, Never played online.

    Now I can, patch works for me. Good job

  • Can get in a little more frequently, but I’m still running into a few hiccups.

    1. Had a game where the host disconnected after the match. For the first time ever, I saw a screen that said “Horray! You’ve connected to the new game!” I ran around until the countdown timer stopped, and then I got booted to the title screen, with the all-too-familiar “Sorry! You could not connect to that particular host!” screen. False hope is not appreciated. :( [although I have actually had a transfer work once, so that’s nice!]

    2. Any way to force team balance? I keep moving into these games where I’m the only real person on my team, and the other team has 6-8 guys. The bots are clueless and don’t follow when called. It’s an un-winnable situation. The only option is to move to the other team, and it gets old just playing against the bots (I’d just play the SP if that’s what I was looking for).

    3. Don’t know if this is just random luck, but every game I started this afternoon, when I’d join the game it’d be directly at the end, and I’d always be placed on the losing team. I know that doesn’t really matter, but it’s a downer to walk into a losing situation consistently like that.

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