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I have a cool treat for fans of flOw! Ever since completing the original score for the game (shockingly, already more than 2 years ago!!!) it was my dream to adapt the music for live performance by an orchestra. Obviously the in-game music was entirely electronic, with the exception of choral voices, but I had an idea floating around my brain (somewhat resembling the jelly fish, careening out of control after spinning too quickly) for how to handle an adaptation.

Well, the opportunity finally came thanks to Steven Allen Fox and the Golden State Pops Orchestra based here in Los Angeles. On May 16 they performed an all game music concert featuring scores to Afrika, God of War (the Guitar Hero rendition), Final Fantasy VII, World of Warcraft and others. I was proud to feature flOw in that lineup and later cut together a little video combining the concert footage with some in-game footage. I hope you enjoy it!!!

And if you want to just listen, the mp3 of the concert performance can be found here:

Also here was Jayson Napolitano’s review of the concert from “Original Sound Version.”


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  • As I understand it, Mr. Wintory didn’t do the music for Flower–Vincent Diamante did. Just so we’re all on the same page.

    Regardless, I do so love the music in flOw, and this interpretation is beautiful. I can’t imagine flOw being as great as it was were it not for the aural contributions of Mr. Wintory.

    Additionally, I don’t think that flOw should have trophies. I mean, what would that entail? “You consumed 1,200 micro-organisms… here’s a trophy”. I just don’t see it as being practical and–more than that–I think trophies would degrade the zen-like experience by making the game competitive, in a sense.

    That’s just my opinion, however.

  • FLOW is always one of the things I show off to people when they stop by.

    Don’t you guys make a game called Cloud? any chance you’ll release it to the PSN?

  • Never really played the game, but hearing through an orchestra was pretty tight..

  • Simply amazing! I can’t wait for the original soundtrack. Is there some place we can sign up for notifications or possibly a pre-order?

  • I enjoy good orchestral arrangements of good video game scores. However, this isn’t. Maybe its the source–I don’t know. Mediocre; it’s filled with disjointed musical phrases where no journey is taken, just a landscape of dull textures and fizzled-out ‘score riffs.’ (99% of film/game scores) I work professionaly in film/advertising and should know.

    Random pizzicato and cliche choral whole notes turns me off immediately. Ugh. . .I wish Stravinsky were still alive.

  • i want Flower on my PSP, please, i think ur games have been the only ones that have actually been a true aesthetic device. I love this game, this, flower and MGS series have been the only games that have changed my mood while playing them, thank you for an excellent score.

  • Holy crap that was amazing…

  • Great relaxing music for a great relaxing game. A work of art.

  • …and for some reason, it reminds me of Fantasia.

  • were can i download it

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