DC Universe Online Comic-Con Walkthrough

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Practically arms distance from the PlayStation Comic-Con booth, SOE was stationed among the cosplay madness, showing off the latest build of DC Universe Online. It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with DCUO, so Jeff and I hopped over and found Senior Producer Wes Yanagi, who was kind enough to walk us through a solid five minutes of gameplay. If you haven’t seen much of the game, this is a good introduction to what you can expect from DCUO.

And head over to the DCUO MySpace and Facebook sites where there’s a video and blog entry featuring Executive Creative Director Jim Lee on the development of DCUO live.

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  • @29 and everyone else that wants to know

    g4tv had a conversation with the game developers and they said it will be out within the first half of 2010

  • is there a monthly fee?

  • Couple of questions since I saw you answering others. How nice!

    – Will the game be optimized for high ping players? 200-500 range.

    – Will your character be stuck as a hero or villain? Can you change sides?

    – Are there any plans to make iphone apps that work with the game? Also, any plans to have a website that shows off your characters?

    Just an idea: It would be great for players to be able to read each other’s profiles as a comic strip of what they have accomplished so far… so my character will actually have it’s own comic to share from beating missions! That would be awesome.

  • Will you be able to become a Green Lantern or get his ring an an MVP item there gain his ability?

  • This looks awesome! I was wondering you are going to use the playstation store for the game like new costumes, new music, new PvP arenas, etc.

  • Will we be able to play as Superman or batman in the game?

    or do we hav to make up our own hero/villan?

  • Are you guy going to utilize the Playstation store for addons such as costume pieces, PvP arenas, new cases, new powers, etc.?

  • omg it looks awsome :D lol i hope it comes out sooner

  • Is there a way to submit ideas to the creators/developers?

  • I was looking at some pics and videos of the types of weapons like swords and guns in the game but i waa thinking, can u have both at the same time like a deathstroke style one sword and one gun??

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