Fat Princess: Worth the Weight (Here’s the Date)

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Without further ado, we’re proud to announce that Fat Princess will make her royal appearance on the PlayStation Network this Thursday, July 30th for $14.99.

Fat Princess will be released simultaneously worldwide in N. America, Europe and Asia. A Japan release is also in the works, and we’ll have more information on that in weeks to come.

The sheer amount of questions submitted was fantastic, and we really appreciate everyone taking the time and effort to come up with some really good ones.

Please check out this interview with Chris Millar and Craig Leigh from Titan Studios for answers to your most burning questions. We’ll do our best to follow up and respond to some of the others we weren’t able to cover during the interview soon.

We mean it…see you on the battlefield soon!

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  • Thanks goodness, can’t wait to play.

    Jeff i’m surprised no one asked how many maps the games would come with, because i myself am wondering.

    I’ll be getting this, but i would hope standard PSN prices wont be hiking up to $15.00 now. Wipeout HD is $20.00, and its basically a retail game.

  • Good news for a lot of you. Nice to see positive comments. Just no crying or whining if a few months down they decide to give it a discount or when they have a sale on the price. Especially those who vowed never to buy something day one or threw a fit over the killzone map pack bundle.

  • nice out of the blue short release time from annoucement

  • OMG YES……YES………..YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS This is awesome. I was paitent but now im Extremly excited! I can’t wait Titan Studios to get my hands on it. Hopfully i’ll see you there?

  • nice by question was ask, but I was disappointed by the answer. Friends slot does not mean that we are going to be on the same team. I would like to know how hard it is for developer to create a party system for online games.


    In-Game music via XMB
    In-Game screen-shots
    YOUTUBE support for all PSN original games, not PS1 games.

    What they point of having those features if developers do not use them. They are just consuming RAM that can go to Cross-game chat and in-game game invites.

  • OMG NO !!!! Thats the day i’m going on holidays. I really want to get this and now I have to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bloody_Marcel, They are thinking of a Squad system, If that is what the community feedbacks alot.

  • i think they said there will be 8 maps, not 100% though

  • I already added the funds for Thursday!

  • I can’t wait…Can’t WAit *hundles in corner, sucking thumb* lol Come on Thursday. Marking it on my calender as one of the best PSN updates EVAR!

  • Yay! I can’t wait, this game was so much fun to play during the beta, I’m looking forward to playing all the other maps.

  • Can we have some Fat Princess Avatar please?

  • Good to see this type of game on the psn. Nice changeup from all the fighting and racing games.

  • omg!! helzzzzzzzz yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this game is soo funny

  • I just bought another PSN card just for this game….Can’t wait!

  • Yes!!! Finally!!! Now to acquire the money….

  • Sweet finally!

  • I just realized a Fat Princess character would go great in the new Castle Crashers for PSN!!

  • Awesome

  • more than one player on a single console?

  • for the people complaning at the price….you do know that the game has a full single player campaign, also 32 players online battles?

    they could have charge 20 for this.

    Deborah should make another blog post around thursday with all the details and features.

  • Nice wordplay. :p

  • thank you sony/titan…cant wait

  • 16 of one class at once? Guess we’ll find out which class is overpowered pretty quickly…

  • woot, to bad my ps3 will be internetless until the 11th :(

  • This is great I will be picking it up!!!

    Sucks that it won’t have a replay feature. I was really disappointed by it because this is the type of game that would have been a blast to have.

    But I guess I’ll have to use my HD pocket digital video camera.

  • Chris Millar and Craig Leigh are pretty cool guys! It’s gonna be great having them beat us to a pulp within the first hour of release! :D


    Everytime I watch videos on the PSBlog, they only play when my cursor is on the video. This only happens when I use Firefox. :(

  • I TOLD YOU GUYS IT WAS COMMING THIS THURSDAY BUT DID YOU BELIEVE ME?!?! Of course you didn’t, even with the Journey quote on Facebook!

  • =D The price is great!, Its acutally less than I thought it would be, 9 maps in total right?, Hopefully DLC, and hoping for Playstation Home Content. XD, This game will rock!

  • This made my week already, if Trine comes out this week too it will be incredibly awesome.

  • Well I am going to have to try the demo before buying ( will there be a demo? ). It’s been awhile so I wanna see if it’s worth it.

  • This will be my first purchase of an original PSN title.I got ps1 games and arcade games from the past but never bought an original PSN game till now with FP.

    split-screen? or just online? ITS REALLY IMPORTANT!!

  • buryin it thers weerk

  • Something’s been up with recent videos on PSBlog. I’m a Firefox (latest version) user and it flashes off if I move the mouse after hitting ‘play’, unless I hit play and get the mouse off the video quickly.

  • I want this game with LOCAL CO-OP (split screeen). Any idea if this is planned?

  • i have the same problem too bdavid

  • DAMN

    I just realised, i’m going out on thursday morning ar 6:14AM GMT and won’t be home until Friday at 22:00 :(

  • So excited!! Thursday can’t come soon enough.

  • is the game coming out for psp too?

  • yes! its comming to bad im on vacation when its released

  • Why are they lagging? Don’t they have the fastest internet?

  • Nice 1 ;)

    To SONY – Can we have some original old-skool games on PSN to soon? Space invaders, Scramble, Asteroids, Bubble bobble etc etc
    It would make PSN complete ;P

  • I’ve heard a lot about this game, hopefully there will be a demo so I can see what all the fuss is about.

    PS: Will there be a demo?

  • YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE NEWS I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL SUMMER!!! I am going to play this awesome game till my thumbs have blisters! THANKYOU TITAN! :D

  • i have to agree with jqtaxpayer

  • Nice!
    I’d heard rumors it was coming out this Thursday, but didn’t believe them.

  • Sweet Jeebus!!!

    Fat Princess has had me excited since I first saw it at E3 last year. This Thursday is going to be SICK!!!

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