SingStar Update: Kasabian, The Hold Steady and More

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Hello again!

It’s time for the SingStore update and without further ado, let me introduce you to this week’s brand new tracks.

SingStar must-haves this week include ‘Smooth Operator’ by Sade, Gloria Estefan’s ‘Dr. Beat’ and Roy Orbison with ‘I Drove All Night’. For all fans of the hottest tunes of the moment there’s Kasabian’s recent single ‘Fire’ plus some great tracks by Coldplay, The Hold Steady and P!nk.

We’ve recently had some reports from the community about ‘Charmless Man’ by Blur being slightly out-of-synch. I’m glad to say that this has been fixed so if you have previously downloaded this track, please delete it from your hard drive and re-download it from the store anytime after Thursday and everything should be ‘nanananananananaaananaanaaaaa’ again.

SingStar Queen - CrazyLittleThingCalledLove

Also, for those of you eagerly awaiting the release of SingStar Queen, we’re happy to announce that the release date for the standalone disc has been pushed up and SingStar Queen will now be available for purchase on August 4.

Speak soon,

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  • Hi I just got Singstar and its already a favorite for my family and friends so I went and got Vol. 2 and ABBA (both great). Now I want Vol. 3, Pop edition, and the Wireless Mics. Are there any plans on bringing them to the U.S. anytime soon or would I be better off just importing them? Thanks

  • Any chance we can get these soon? =)
    – Shania Twain – From This Moment
    – Beach Boys – Surfer Girl

  • I see, this is a case of too many chefs in the kitchen. The dept. that handles the Singstore are different that the ones that release the CD’s. And its seems like the CD people in the US have a lot more pull. Its all Business.

    • Hi Powerlunch,

      SingStar is created here at London Studios and although disc and store are two different things, they are also closely linked and we work together to ensure our community get the best experience we can provide, whether it\’s on a disc or as DLC.


  • It’s my ultimate dream that Singstar pay more attention to US charts. Lots of good stuff in the store but lot of irrelevant Europe-focused gems that no one here really cares about. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love some Blur, but I don’t necessarily need the entire discography. I know, easier said than done I’m sure, but I’m not the only one begging for a little change as far as the US singstore goes.

    • Hi there,

      We are continually trying to support the US Store as much as possible but unfortunately it\’s a different ballgame entirely with different music being owned by different people in Europe and the US.



  • Hello Nina! Good to see you on here. I’m loving SingStar here in the US. I am a HUGE fan of Journey. They have such an extensive track list. Just about any song would be great. Any chance we are going to see anything at all from them anytime soon? I’ve been dying to find out ever since I got hooked on the game. Thanks in advance!—–Chris

  • Nina, you must be sick of this coming up, but please please please… can we get a patch that allows us to rip the disc like on Rock Band 2, even if we have to pay a few quid to rip the discs to the drive….. a one time use code for online verification will stop piracy….. im desperate!!! also, can i request the Script – Breakeven ;) and some foo fighters!!

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