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    • Kratos to grace comic store shelves this October! – The comic book series is set to debut this October from DC’s WildStorm imprint. The series will be written by comics legend Marv Wolfman (The New Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths) and cover art by Andy Park.
    • Del Rey Books Announces God of War Novels! – Del Rey Books announces Novels based on the Playstation God of War Video Game Series. The book will be penned by bestselling author Matthew Stover, the man behind such works as the novelization of Return of the Sith to the Acts of Caine series. The first novel, GOD OF WAR, will be written by author Matthew Stover and will release in March 2010.

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    • Thank you Chris

    • This week was great, much detailed news. But as always, good job guys!

      Thanks for the official God Of War news, I hope to hear more from Comic-Con. :)

    • This week was good i like the limited bundle for the psp but maybe it should have been for the psp go I hope the psp go bundles with LBP :)

    • Hey Chris, Hows about asking Slant 6 for some news. Last time I checked that 1.5 patch should have been released by now. You DO know that most people are moving on to other franchises, myself included. But I would like something for my Favorite game.

    • PlayStation Home Updates Mall with New Stores and Items — “C-O-R, uh, ARE you going to the mall today?” Name the movie, earn my respect. ~ Chris

      C-O-R = Chronicles Of Riddick

    • Can’t wait until I get my Ratchet & Clank schwag bag!

    • When is the fat princess chat gonna be?

    • As my last post was deep in a long thread, I’ll ask where it can be seen:
      Chris(or Jeff), I was wondering if you could get any information on what GAP could be doing, or whether it will close, in the near future. Thanks!

      P.S. Be on the lookout for Operation Flashpoint, looks to be a good game from the videos I’ve been seeing. IGN said it was looking great too.

    • I know a release date for Fat Princess will come when it’s ready & not before but can we please be informed on the rumoured delayed release? I’m proud to be a PS3 owner but we seem to forever be getting delayed games (MAG now rumoured to be among them with the chief culprit GT5) with little to no explanation. The SCE quality always shines through but treat us as valued customers & clue us in time to time.

    • ok update this week.

      i want live chat with /6 plzz

    • thanks, chris and jeff

      i read that there’s an expansion pack for savage moon coming out called Waldgeist DLC. any news on that, guys? it would be cool if they can patch custon-soundtrack into it.

      if you like tower defense, savage moon is on sale at $4.99 untill the 23rd. it’s a frantic, fast-paced game unlike PJ Monsters.

    • Hey Jeff

      Im trying to buy ratchet and clank quest for booty but it dosnt work it says error 80023102 can you help me?

    • @Jeff

      We would like Turbo Graphx-16 games on the PSN like they are getting in Japan. Wouldn’t hurt to explore emulating games from other platforms while you’re at it. If the demand from your fanbase and the popularity of CFW on the PSP hasn’t convinced you, take a look at the success of your competitors “Virtual Console”.

    • The Fat Princess interview announcement made my week as far as PS3-related things go.
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a [hopefully early] August release date.

    • You know what game I am dying to see as a title on the PSN? (PSone Classic)

      Breath of Fire III. That was a really nice game and it can’t be found easily anymore. Such a game deserves to be revitalized. I played this game several years ago. So far back, that I didn’t understand much more than the gameplay. Back when I was naive, and couldn’t quite understand what they would speak of.

      I have been aching to touch up on the old games that I used to know and love, revisit and explore the storylines on a deeper level.

      If this title were brought to the PSN, it’d be a must have for plenty who remember it, I’m sure. Though, if not, I still have my Final Fantasy VII. (Both Physical, and soon to be the downloadable one as well. =D ) XD

    • @11 shut your ps3 then restart it sometimes it works if not call sony.

    • Not a bad week, thanks for the info.

    • @Chris & Jeff (& to whom it may concern?)

      Is there any way to tell what is taking Slant Six so long to get patch 1.50 out? They said it would be done at the end of May, and we’re in the middle of July.

      I know it’s in the middle of QA testing, but come on. I’m not going to go off ranting about the shortcomings of the game, but the least they could do is give us an honest update.

      Also, how about some info on the DLC? We’ve got one picture and a blanket statement of guns, levels, etc. They’re not coming out and saying 4 new maps and 2 old maps. Then, they could say Vigilance in the snow, and Fish hook or something like that.

    • “C-O-R, uh, ARE you going to the mall today?” Name the movie, earn my respect. ~ Chris Morell

      C-O-R = Chronicles Of Riddick?

    • @15 zombie_56

      thanks but i tried it and it didnt work ill wait tomorrow and see if it works if not ill call sony thanks again

    • yea More God of War News. I’m looking forward to the God Of War Comics that they are gonna make.

    • Since when did they make GoW Comics????

      Please for the love of my life/money PLEASE include GoWIII gamestoryboards or behind-the-scenes “The making of GoWIII”

      Off topic: More Uncharted 2 newz……………….
      Off topic: if you guys get George Lucas on here to talk about Star Wars: ToR (The Old Republic) (May sound crazy but im a #1 Fan of Star Wars :) )

    • Hey Chris,

      “C-O-R, uh, ARE you going to the mall today?”

      Billy Madison. Good movie.

      “I am the smartest man alive!”

    • Curious to know what was the logic behind putting Valkyria Chronicles 2 on PSP? Seems kind of dumb since a lot of people with a PS3 don’t have a PSP. What they should do is release it on both PSP and PS3 as a PSN game.

    • @22 Well If people without a PS3 experience Valkyria Chronicles on PSP, maybe they will go and get a PS3 to play Valkyria Chronicles 1?

      Thats actually what I’m going to do now.

    • Chris, is it possible to get Harmonix to talk about The Beatles: Rock Band?

    • Fat Princess!! I would hit it!

    • Why can’t I rate blog posts from my iPhone?

    • “Fallout 3 Downloadable Content on PSN” = Batheseda finds out that PS3 owners are mostly thinking adults

    • NEED HELP!

      Cant buy anything from the store it wont let me put my credit card number back. I called the technical support the guy could not even helped me.. i tried many times to buy the games i wanted but could not download it but you charged me like 20 times the same thing on my credit card bill…


    • Hey Chris,

      Me and my son played the heck out of Marvel vs. Capcom back on the Dreamcast way back when and we were really excited to see the revamped demo @ the PSN store, do you have any idea when they will actually release the full game. Will it be on disc, or will it be a download I hope the latter. Just drop me a line if you get a chance thanx bro.

    • @31 Ghost1976

      The game is suppose to be release mid august cant remember the date and it will be a PSN game, there was a rumour about being on disc with other things but anyway this will be the same game, hope it helps

    • straight_flushed

      that response @4 was ill judged. i totally agree with @ 33. never thought a giant company like sony doesnt even train its employees in basic PR. Its common sense you dont respond like that. guess that just reflects how much sony really cares about socom/its consumers in general

    • @33

      I completely agree with your statement. It is a sad state of affairs when a customer notifies you that people are walking away in droves from one of your most popular franchises, and all you have to say is “Good To Know”? What is wrong with Sony?

    • Sony doesn’t care about the SOCOM franchise or it’s fans? That’s ‘Good to know.’

    • someone save socom!!

      release DLC!!!!

      forget 1.50 we dont want it!!

    • being nice to the socomers that are left might ensure successful sales of upcoming games, such as mag and socom 4. but i know sorny aint thinking about that.

    • What is this garbage?:

      Hey Chris, Hows about asking Slant 6 for some news. Last time I checked that 1.5 patch should have been released by now. You DO know that most people are moving on to other franchises, myself included. But I would like something for my Favorite game.

      Chris Morell replied on July 18, 2009 at 4:21 pm
      Good to know.

      “Good to know”? is that how Sony and Slant Six responds to a concerned customer? Why doesn’t Sony and Slant Six just come out and say “We don’t care about you people or this game.” What a bunch of unprofessional jokers.




    • sony doesnt care about socomers ‘good to know’ we can now move on from denial to the next step.

      at this rate sony wont last

    • It’s obvious they stopped caring about SOCOM when they gave it PS2 budget. Good call on that one Seth and SONY along with anybody else in that board meeting. Imagine a Blu-Ray exclusive SOCOM with a single player and more then 7 maps to launch 12 minimal. Sounds like euphoria doesn’t it hahah

    • Chris,why did you have to answer the question about the 1.5 patch for Socom like a [DELETED] with ears.Many of us Socomers went with PS 3 over an XBOX 360 because of Socom alone.We been treated like the red headed step child of Sony Supporters,then Sony wonders why we act the way we do.Cause its the only series that says no we are not making this for the fans we are changing it for the broader audience,thats why we are disgruntled.That ironically is why its been failing since S3.Losing alot of money by not keeping Socom gameplay the way it was in the first 2.

    • straight_flushed

      at least give us an apology, why have u gone quiet all of a sudden?

      • Yikes, I just came back to this post, and apparently it\’s a firestorm. Many apologies for the short response…I wasn\’t trying to be condescending (I was commenting from my phone, hence the short responses). We really do take your comments and suggestions to the right people/teams, so I can assure you that I\’m on your side. While I can\’t always give you the answer you\’re looking for, I promise I\’ll do my best to bring your questions to the right places.

    • “good to know”

      You’ve got to be kidding me with that totally unprofessional response.

    • this is why they are in third place. to wii and 360. they dont care about there customers. socomers are the most loyal gamers you will ever find. and they are getting brushed off and treated like dogs.

      ‘good to know’

    • and to think i bought my ps3 just for socom confrontation.

    • Hey Chris, Did you mean it’s good to know that most people are moving on and you think they’re moving on to other franchises and purchasing more Sony products? Well, just to let you know,I’m also moving on to other franchises, but it won’t be Sony products after this fiasco. I could understand you treating your customers like this IF you had the market cornered (you don’t)and there was no competition(there is).

      • Whoa, that\’s not what I meant. I meant, \”good to know,\” as in \”thanks for calling it to attention,\” so I can let the right people know. Sorry for the confusion.



    • doesnt SOCOM have more players online then KZ2 and resistence? Yea I think so. Good to kno that those games cant fuk with socom.

    • Let me get this straight….When someone asks a legit question about our Socom patch that been in Q&A for like 3 months, we get no response from a Sony rep? Instead the rep says “good to know” to the guy for wanting to move on to a another game. Pathetic, if it wasnt for Socom I would have never got a PS3… Slant6 gave us a incomplete game and now Sony has given us the finger. Thanks I made a mistake!

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