Killzone 2 Napalm & Cordite; The Weapons pack

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Napalm & Cordite, the new downloadable content pack for Killzone 2, contains two exciting new multiplayer maps: Suljeva Cliffside, which takes place on the rocky outskirts of the Suljeva mining village; and Arctower Landing, which revisits the Arctower defense posts of Blood Meridian.

On top of that, the DLC pack allows you to wield a pair of weapons which were previously accessible only through the single player campaign!

Napalm: The VC1 Flamethrower
Found in the Suljeva Cliffside map, the VC1 Flamethrower projects an ignited stream of flammable liquid at high pressure. Consisting of low-octane gasoline and an unidentified component indigenous to Helghan, this form of Napalm is extremely effective for clearing out enemy trenches and bunkers.

Cordite: The Boltgun 4400
Also known as “The Handyman”, the semi-automatic Boltgun 4400 can be picked up in the Arctower Landing map. It uses Cordite to propel metal bolts at an extremely high velocity, often pinning its targets to walls and other objects. In addition, each round contains a time-delayed explosive charge – so if impalement doesn’t finish the target off, the ensuing explosion will.

Napalm & Cordite – an explosive cocktail
Both of these weapons radically alter the Killzone 2 multiplayer dynamic, delivering an experience that’s as fresh as it is intense. If you’re a veteran Killzone 2 online player looking to mix it up, or if you simply liked wielding these weapons in the single player campaign, Napalm & Cordite is your ticket. Look for it on the PlayStation Store July 23rd!

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  • Awesome, you got my money! lol

  • I have a feeling that the bolt gun is gonna turn into a n00b weapon, especially when its in the hands of the assault class… but i’m still getting this DLC. Looks great! hopefully the next map pack will have re-made levels from Killzone 1. I’m hoping Park Terminal.

  • Capcom sucks There bring Marvel vs Capcom 2 to the Xbot. And they said it was exclusive to PSN. Or am I mistaken?

  • Thanks guys I loved both map packs so far as a matter of fact here’s a short funny story for ya, On the map with the nuke I was running around shooting people when all of a sudden in the background of the map the sun was rising, and I just sat there watching while bullets fly past me thinking how awesome this scenery is for a game with a moving sun and all, then something happens I instantly die, I was like crap its a freakin nuke not the sun. Awesome idea for the game you guys I hope there’s more like that to come!

  • i dont see why people are getting worked up about the $5.99…complaining isnt going to lower it. i am gonna get this im sold :)

  • Can not wait for this. I love this game I have put more time in this game than any other game before it.

    Also I hope the weapons are spread out through the map if there is only one the team killing and spawn camping will be ridiculous of people trying to get the weapons. And I said weapons hoping there is more than 2 on each map.

  • will it be the same price again…
    don’t have that much money.

  • I hate this junk where you’ve got to enter your birthdate — it’s an unnecessary PITA, when I a simple “Are you 18 or older?” (Y/N) would suffice.

  • This is awesome thank you for this! The Boltgun was my favorite weapon in single player. Can you guys possibly offer a bundle of all the current DLC and this DLC at a reduced price?

    Do you guys have any DLC planned for Killzone 2 that isn’t a map pack?

    I would like to see a Siege style gametype with new fort-like maps that allow for the use of Exoskeleton and maybe other vehicles. With multiple objectives like retrieving documents and maybe destroying some key enemy equipment that’s relevant to the map like an artillery cannon, AA gun, radar tower. Allow engineers to build bridges or sandbag turrets in key places. Tacticians should be able to destroy those items.

  • GG Should Make a Class for the Boltgun And Flamethrower. I don’t like how they are doing it for this map pack.

  • The new dlc is going to be amazing! I can’t wait =]

  • Burn the isa scum! lol Going to get this for sure! Havent had any problems online and having these weapons and maps will be awesome

  • To #59 sounds cool. they should also add electricity grenades to multiplayer and they should also add co op. Splitscreen online and offline 2-4 players. that would be great……. oh yea they also allow the knife to be used as well.

  • Actually we need a Guerrilla Games Q&A !!

  • #64 We do, I am not getting why they would do it like they are.

  • Are they planning on bundling the first two map packs?

    Or even bundling all three?

  • Does anyone agree they should make a Boltgun and Flamethrower class? I like how the maps look but the hole pick up the weapons thing I just don’t like it. Only 1 person gets it out of a match of 32.

  • @ jacka55es who want a Boltgun / Flamethrower class: NO. It wud get abused jus like the rockets were. Doin it this way wud ensure that n00bs cant jus spawn wit 2 of the most deadly weapons an jus insta-kill ppl wit it.
    having “teams” fight for control of these weapons is a better idea.

    i know it wud suck for 32 player games where only 1 person can get it but smaller games are wayy more tactical an wud be more suited to smaller games.

    hopefully they add an option where these weapons can be available on all maps it wud definitely add some new strategy for these maps an spice up clan battles even more

  • man i probably wont ever even get a chance to use the flamethrower or boltgun…………….

  • THIS map pack/weapon pack is awesome . This is the best killzone ever . WILL u guys make a killzone 3? Trust me , if it’s better then killzone 2 , u guys are gonna make a grip of $$ lol

  • killzone 2 is getting boring…

    and no idea if im picking this up

  • Wish it was free

  • Bad move making the weapon pick up only, definitely not going to buy.

  • everyone need to buy this!

  • this dlc looks awesome! it looks like its going to be tough to get away from the flame thrower but im up for the challenge. BRING IT!!

  • this is awesome! its so smart to make the new weapons power pick up plays! thats genius. i know alot of the assault class guys who love to get explosive are mad these weapons arent dedicated to thier class but so what we hate those guys anyways, lol! these are the same toolboxes that wanted full control of the nuke in southern hills. great job gg! oh and to the guys that do have the dlc, host those games! everyone who plays online today is having a blast. there are some whiners out there but theres no base in thier voice.

    okay time for some killzone 2 now, brb after the match!

  • please add spilt screen!!!!!

  • If you’ll bundle these packs then I’ll definitly get it. Also I hope that the spawns for the new wepons are randomized each time and that there is a good delay time.

  • I’ve really enjoyed the past two map-packs. I’ll likely pick these ones up as well.

  • I don’t think they’ll introduce any Bundle. I love my PS3, I LOVE KZ2 (haven’t played anything else since March 31) BUT, I don’t think they introduce a bundle that’s cheaper. Much like PS3, I don’t see Sony reducing the price on these DLCs even though the idea is absolutely fantastic. I know I’d buy all the DLCs if it were cheaper (and I know for a fact that I am not the only one looking forward to something like this).

    Oh one more thing, I think many people here might think that I am saying Sony is arrogant or I want to see a PS3 price cut. Hell no, I bought my PS3 last year and it’s been a great ride for me. So a price cut or no price cut, it does NOT matter to me. I extremely satisfied with my investment especially now when I also have an Xbox and I can clearly compare the quality of PS3 and 3FIXME


  • I absolutely can’t wait for this! Great job supporting KZ2 guys and thanks for all the AWESOME DLC. Keep up the great work!

  • Awesome. Consider it bought for me.

    And to whoever is complaining about the price, if it’s too expensive for you.. here’s an idea.. don’t buy it, and don’t make a post whining about it.

  • I really like all the support for this game. It’s definitely what makes the game last longer *looks at Burnout Paradise*. I also like how the environments are interactive. I have a feeling vehicles will be in the next pack.

    Can you make a free-roam camera in spectator mode please? I enjoy watching the matches sometimes and wish I could just wonder freely.

    Keep up with the good work and support :).

  • So the weapons are only available in their respective maps and not on any others? Boo. It better not be too expensive then.

  • Ummm…. this video made me moist. In a good way. Looks awesome!

  • Kool BoltGUN and FlameTHROWUR!!! :P

  • Please add some maps that aren’t ripped out of the campaign mode!
    Good we got the last of the cool campaign levels out the way in titSteel,but it’s time to Switch up the scenery, no reason to stick with bland grey maps, a jungle or something original please…if this is going to cost more than the last two map packs then No Thanks! I can have just much fun with the flamethrower in campaign(Plus you get to hear the helgast scream as they fry in camp). so untill you bring new original maps that aren’t ripped from KZ 1 n 2’s campaign mode (though the snow map from KZ1’s mp would be dope to see updated ),offline/online Co-op, or split screen MP, i’ll have to pass on this one. other than that, KZ2 is still a great game with loads of potential to be better.

  • Guys…is it possible that you please, PLEASE give us a third person view as a DLC, if you put it as a paid service it wont affect the game since it will be a very personal desicion for the player if he/she wants to have the feature or not. Please guys make it happen, it will be awesome to see the Helghast like that, and playing through the campaing with such camera view would be a whole new experience!

  • GG has been doing a fantastic job of supporting this game. I would hope that on a future patch they can incorporate all the original KZ2 maps and the DLC into one playable game and not the if we want to play the DLC we have to find a specific game. So there is that option of playing what like 15 or maps in a row before the game rests back to map #1.

    Also, I am looking forward to see if there will a single player add on level like in Liberation and what Epic did with Gears. However, I don’t want to lumped into a previously released map pack bundle people have already bought.

    Another nice thing would be a token free DLC somewhere along the way. Whether it be for everone or just the people who bought the DLC.

  • Umm I just need to know how much the pack cost so i can be prepared…

    And ROLO_ONFIRE that thing u said about all 3 packs costing $10 is sure not to happen..maybe $15 but not $10

  • the game sux anyway you guys shouldnt have wasted your money on the game itself and then all the dumb expansion packs just waste your money even more

  • If only Slant Six Games would come out and give the SOCOM players an update like this.

    We get a look at one picture and they tell us new levels and guns. How many levels, which levels, what guns, when are we looking at it hitting the PSN?


  • yay flametrower and bolt gun killzone 2 is my favorite game i already platinum it yet i still play it

  • zombie9 said,”this DLC for Killzone actually made want to play it more and more and I’m hooked now. I might even go back and play Killzone on PS2. But any way this DLC is going to be the best one yet. And I hope there is even more DLC!!! :)”

    I did go back and play KZ1 and wow! The story mode was a lot of fun but multiplayer is a different story. After a half hour I couldn’t take it anymore. As much as I loved KZ1; after a hundred plus hours on KZ2, I turned it off. In 2005 it was great but now its torture to play.


  • can we please have an update that makes the Search and Retrieve, Search and Destroy, and Capture and Hold locations random? btw, i’m buying this dlc without question.

  • is the guns on only the two new maps

  • Agreed with #3, dotCody. Will the weapons be integrated with the class system? It looks like they’re picked up from predecided drop zones.

    Also price is insanely high for what we’re getting (like all the other packs).

  • Which classes are capable of using the new weapons?

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