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It’s been just over a month since we had the pleasure of announcing ModNation Racers at E3. It was a huge relief to finally show our baby to the world! We can’t thank everyone enough for their enthusiasm and support!

Just in case you missed coverage of ModNation Racers at E3, we now have a trailer. And here it is:

Those 90 seconds of video capture the core values of ModNation. It’s racing, creating, and sharing made fun for everyone. And by everyone, I mean everyone.

Our team lives and breathes ModNation. We’ve got artists turning in hot laps on tracks. We’ve got programmers creating wild-looking Mods. Everyone’s making fun, original tracks by driving them. Team members are racing, creating, showing off, and one-upping each other every week.

Since the earliest prototypes, we’ve had various kids, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, and crazy cousins all go nuts for our game. Their passion for ModNation Racers pushes us to add more and more. More great racing moments. More cool parts for the Mods. More tools that make creating powerful and playful. More visual variety so you can make whatever you can imagine.

In short, we’ve got much, much more than we can show in the first 90 seconds!

The next several months are going to be a wild ride as we reveal more details. Stay tuned, faithful ModNation fans. In the meantime, tune into our Q&A at!

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    OMG AWESOME!!! I totally want it! first?

  • Nice, the game looks really fun…2010 right?


    Question…will there be a single player adventure/mission mode? And will there be split-screen? (sorry if it is too early to ask)

    • There will be a single-player mode that progresses you through all of the themes and tracks. Along the way, you\’ll pit yourself against many of the elite racers in ModNation to unlock lots of goodies.

  • i cant wait for this game :D i hope, no i pray we see some Home rewards lol

  • I wish you guys had used Sakcboys, or Home charcters. I am kind of tired of creating all these different avatars.

    I wish there was just one uniform one.

  • This is going to be so awesome. Can’t wait.

  • Early 2010? AWESOME! I was thinking it would get a late or mid 2010 release. I’m guessing we’re looking at a Spring release? I hope so….This game looks fantastic. I usually stay away from racing games, but being able to create my own is just too tempting to pass up. Any idea when we’ll get a rock solid release date?

    Also…will there be a single player portion to the game?

  • Looks like a fully 3D LittleBigPlanet with cars, which of course makes this a must buy for me.

  • Hope the editor gets the possibility to create ramps, loops and rolls. Still we have only been shown plain racing tracks. I still want to see more possibilitties from this play, create and share title. Looks fun already, but more possibilities would not harm. Like i see with this kind of titles are, that this titles can’t never die. If the final product have many mechanics, just like LBP have. It must have many possibilties to shock other users, like “how the hack have he done this thing ?” or “WOW!!!”… Have my hopes really high on this game. I love still LBP. LBP have so much to offer and the same i hope from this game. THANKS.

    • The Track Studio is very, very powerful and flexible. It is capable of much more variety than we\’ve revealed. Stay tuned!

  • When did you guys started developing this title?

  • I can’t wait for this title, the fact that it has weapons plus all the customization has me sold.

  • I can’t wait for this game it will be amazing!!! It’s like Super Smash Bros. and LittleBigPlanet had a baby!

  • Looks like alot of fun

    Will it work with Remote Play?

  • This was the only thing from E3 that caught my attention this year, can’t wait..

  • I hope you guys support the hell out of this game.

  • @ Pound_lb003: That is the stupidest thing I have ever read on here. You’re pretty much complaining about customization and telling them to have every character look the same. Are you aware of that? I hate people like you.

  • I freaking want it bro

  • SWEEEEET!!!! we can create our own tracks,avatars and cars in this game anyway we wan’t,can’t wait till the game comes out.

  • SOLD FOR $59.99 + TAX!!! :D

  • Yeah, this game is gonna kick so much ass! Can’t wait!

  • Definitely got to get this game when it comes out. Definitely one of my favorite announcements at E3.

  • The PowerPuffGirl-style faces, while cute, seem a little too… flat. It’s a little too much on the Mii-too side of things. Even relatively simpler shader or bump map to make the eyes/mouths look like an iron-on would be cool. The cars looks great, though!

    Will this game feature lossless audio that can be output directly as LPCM 5.1 like in other upcoming games? If not, can we look forward to high bitrate 24-bit DTS?

    I hope this includes bonuses (and trophies!) for posing during jumps like in Rag Doll Kung Fu’s King of the Hill game. Trophies for not using weapons (like in Mirror’s Edge, Quantum of Solace, and other games) would also be nice. Doing a doppler effect on in-game chat would also be hilarious!

    I’m excited to play a demo in the new year, keep up the good work! :)

  • Definitely getting this game…Still in 2010… sigh..

    Anyways what happened to FAT PRINCESS??? Summer is almost over…

  • This is a Day one buy.

    Couple of questions:

    – Will there be different kind of weather? Snow, Rain, …
    – How many players on the track?
    – What will be the different modes?

  • This game is going to be awesome!! :3

  • It looked good at E3 and it looks good now.

  • Play, create, share again… This is a freaking genre revolution!!

  • Game is looking brilliany and is looking like a day 1 purchase.

    If i may make a suggestion, could you include a YouTube upload feature? Not enough games take advantage of that, and i thin your game really lends itself to it

  • Will this be Blu-ray or PSN download or both?
    I hope Blu-ray disc based because it’s totally worth $60!
    I want this game!
    Nice work!

  • Looks awesome. I’ve wanted a vinyl toy game since I got Hot Shots Golf: OoB. I hope the racing is fun.

  • Congrats United Front!

    Somehow you have managed to make a humble little kart racing game become one of my most anticipated titles.

    Please take good care of Modnation Racers as it has the potential to be one of the best games the gen!!

  • this is old, ive seen it about a week ago but anyway I love the idea of the game, hopefully you guys will have abetter system to spot good tracks, thats why LBP went down so fast IMO. too many crap levels and good levels didnt get their full exposure.

  • It looks amazing. Can’t wait to see more.

  • I swear, you put LittleBig in front of Racers and drop ModNation, it will sell loads more.

    Still this game looks amazing and I love the concept.

  • From what I’ve seen so far from this game I know I’m gonna love it. I love racing games and adding in the whole Play, Create, Share concept to that is sure to be awesome.

    The part of the Q&A with IGN I liked most is that they said it would be out early 2010.

  • i like the concept, but please let us make our own weapons.

  • Are there going to be lots of tracks with mountains? I just love our Vancouver mountains.

    • We, too, are inspired by the mountains on the North Shore. But there\’ll be much more than mountains!

  • Looks real cool. i just hope that it doesnt go down the wrong path like LBP. *cough* dlc costumes *cough* $2.00 *cough* no new dev levels *cough* . still love this and lbp though.

  • The game is looking great. Can’t wait! Should be as fun as LBP. :)

  • ModNation racers is an awesome game in of itself. I think to help market the game a bit, it needs a bit of a backstory with some pre-defined characters. Everyone loves a cute mascot unfortunately, but if it helps sell the game, I’d hope you guys would consider it. LBP has SackBoy, Nintendo has Mario. ModNation racers has … ? Make it a gang of racers, a few avatars that we could all relate to would be awesome… or maybe do a contest of the ModNation community and have the winners characters be DLC as the ‘main’ ModNation racer crew. Just letting my imagination run…

  • Game looks like it will be a lot of fun.

    Thanks for the post William.

  • I wont lie when i first saw the game i just brushed it aside, but after seeing that trailer i am very excited for the, its defiantly a day 1 buy for me. I love a good racing game and this game looks to have great charm and should have a awesome community, cant wait.

  • I liked this better when it was called Trackmania. I can’t believe Sony is wasting money and time publishing this trash.

  • As much as i want to play it, i completely dislike the character design. An either more realistic look general, or at least more serious looking vehicles and it would be one of my most anticipated games (i love track editors in racing games).

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Is Sackboy gonna be in this game? He should be the main mascot behind it, I don’t mind the name of the game, but Sackboy is much more recognizable and marketable right now than these nameless little guys.

    Don’t get me wrong, nameless sock characters should still be there as Sackboy cousins and support characters…..

    Another thing, will we have a couple of adjustable camera angles? I think right now the angle is too close to the car and I don’t like that, most racing games have different camera angles so I hope that’s an option!

  • me WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!! lol , day 1 buy for sure

  • Watching the trailer, the first thing that came to mind was: “Will there be tube tracks?”

    If there’s one type of track that’s missing from a lot of current-gen racers, its tube tracks, and I hope that you guys let players make tubes of all widths and lengths, up in the air, and down below the earth. Moreso, I hope that the pleasant mountain green isn’t the only backdrop there will be.

  • This game looks amazing! The first thing I am going to do is recreate all the famous race tracks from around the world like the Nurburgring and Laguna Seca.

  • HUGE life or death situation question here!!!!
    Local multi-player? this kind of game is just freeking amazingly awesome! especially if you can play it with your buddies right at home on your couch. PLEEEEAAAASE tell me you have local AND online multi-player.

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