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It’s been just over a month since we had the pleasure of announcing ModNation Racers at E3. It was a huge relief to finally show our baby to the world! We can’t thank everyone enough for their enthusiasm and support!

Just in case you missed coverage of ModNation Racers at E3, we now have a trailer. And here it is:

Those 90 seconds of video capture the core values of ModNation. It’s racing, creating, and sharing made fun for everyone. And by everyone, I mean everyone.

Our team lives and breathes ModNation. We’ve got artists turning in hot laps on tracks. We’ve got programmers creating wild-looking Mods. Everyone’s making fun, original tracks by driving them. Team members are racing, creating, showing off, and one-upping each other every week.

Since the earliest prototypes, we’ve had various kids, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, and crazy cousins all go nuts for our game. Their passion for ModNation Racers pushes us to add more and more. More great racing moments. More cool parts for the Mods. More tools that make creating powerful and playful. More visual variety so you can make whatever you can imagine.

In short, we’ve got much, much more than we can show in the first 90 seconds!

The next several months are going to be a wild ride as we reveal more details. Stay tuned, faithful ModNation fans. In the meantime, tune into our Q&A at!

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  • This game is going to be amazing. First day buy

  • this game going to be good another platinum for shure in this game =)

  • Zezzler writes:
    “HUGE life or death situation question here!!!!
    Local multi-player? this kind of game is just freeking amazingly awesome! especially if you can play it with your buddies right at home on your couch. PLEEEEAAAASE tell me you have local AND online multi-player.”

    I’m right there with you man. I mean, I like playing online and all, but it’s no where near as fun as being able to play offline splitscreen with family and friends. Yes this game looks awesome, but that is beginning to become a deal breaker for me. Ever since R2 and KZ2 dropped split screen co-op I’ve been bumming. But anyway, I think I’ll be adding this game to my collection with it comes out.

  • GETTING IT!!!!

  • would be even more awesome if this supports logitech driving force gt :)

  • I WILL GET THIS!!!!!

  • Looks awesome, guys — this is definitely one of the PS3 titles I’m anticipating most.

  • I like the drive, passion, and premise of the idea. However, it looks like it may have the potential to fall a little flat. Am I the only one who is really NOT feeling the character design?

    With more variety and either cuter or cooler character designs, w/ customizeable features like in-game music and awesome weapons (a la Red Shell, Blue Spiny Shell), this game has great potential to do well.

  • Normally i dont like this kind of games, i prefer real cars and no shooting… but it looks fun and being able to create levels is nice… reminds me of MTA SA for PC which i played a lot.

  • I cannot wait for this game!

  • cant wait!!! hope thier will be 4 player split screen racing on same ps3!!!

  • will this game be downloadable to the playstation store, or do i have to buy at a retailed disc too, because this game look easly for download on the playstation store when it come out. it look good for a downloadable game

  • Looks really Good…Just want tons of maps..or at least Kewl maps that other people make that I can download and play, as I am too lazy to build maps.

  • looks good but i cant really imagine this as a $60 game.

  • OMG this game looks wicked :D
    I can’t wait to get a had on this game :)

  • This is at the top of my most anticipated games list! Can not wait to play it!

  • So, I can’t figure this out yet but is this going to be a blu-ray disc release or downloadable on the PSN Store?

    Looks pretty sweet either way!

  • I really think this game is gonna beat Mario Kart — well, at least in quality. Of course they can’t beat it in sales, that’s a crazy ambition ;)

    I don’t know if I’m gonna get this one. It seems real cool, but I don’t know if it’s my type of game. I hope a demo comes out, cause I have to try this kinda titles. Even if there were one hundred trailers, I have to know if it’s addicting enough and that kinda things.

  • Hey William, game is looking good.

    I’d like to make a suggestion, when you release the game have a Top 5 user created tracks for the month (week?) with maybe some special prizes for those who are chosen.

    Tracks could be chosen by UFG, fansites, gaming sites etc. and prizes could be special exclusive costumes/accessories etc. This will keep people coming back to the game and add an incentive to keep active. Sadly LBP never had this and I know only one person who plays it anymore. It would be a great community feature for the game.

    • One of our design goals from day one was to turn all sorts of players into superstars in the community. The cream will definitely rise to the top in ModNation.

  • TO CHILDISH!! I rather have Zombie Apocalyse!! & Trine over this download anyday!

  • I’ve been try to plug this and I don’t know where to talk. Playstation motion control. Nintendo thinks their basketball is something special. Want you to make a demo program for basketball. When you show it off, show how if you just flick your wrist, the ball spins but doesn’t go anywhere. Also if you push but don’t flick your wrist. The basketball hits the rim, but bounces out because there’s no spin on it. The wii controller can’t know the difference. Also could you make eyetoy visible objects that strap on the knees and elbows.

  • do you think customer created levels that resemble other “Kart” racers will be removed?

  • Is this a PSN title?

  • You guys definitely need to pull the camera back on the Kart when racing, its way too close.

  • I was in love with ModNation Racers from the moment I saw you guys reveal it at E3. I think it has the potential to be a HUGE hit if the coming year is used correctly to finish the game.

    Here is my quick assessment of what we’ve seen so far.

    + Love the look of the vehicles, and the look of the graphics engine overall.

    + The controls appear to be perfectly tuned already. At least from what I could see when you were powersliding through turns. Really looking forward to that aspect of the racing gameplay. Please make sure the racing mechanics are tight before everything else.

    + Please be careful to not make the catchup AI obnoxious. The new Mario Kart for Wii was literally ruined by this on the higher difficulty levels, and the same goes for the Motorstorm games. People don’t enjoy being punished beyond comprehension in a game like this.

    + Think about some changes to the character models. They’re ok as is, but I think they could definitely be better. The blue skin is a little odd, and they look like aliens. I think you might want to go for more of a human look, with the ability to dress them up in wacky ways.

    • Thanks for sharing your assessment, Tigerriot.

      When we\’re done, you\’ll be able to make many, many different types of characters ranging from human to alien to just about anywhere in between.

  • looks great. it would be awesome to have some sony characters (sackboy, kratos, drake, hale, chimeras, etc.)

  • This is a very good looking game that reminds me of Crash Team Racing since you can shoot at people with weapon. The customization is a plus that is surely to make me want to play the game even more.

  • Hey hello!
    Can’t wait for this game.
    But i have a question.
    How many players the online game will support?.
    This game looks fantastic! i’m gonna buy it the first day!

  • In-game xmb music support? PLEASE?

  • Somebody up above mentioned Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds… that game was really fun, with a lot of personality. It got me thinking: I’ve been playing Tiger Woods 2010 with the Wii Motion Plus lately, and while the personality and graphics have nothing on Hot Shots, I’m really loving the game for the motion controls. I would be IN LOVE if Sony would get Clap Hanz to make a new Hot Shots Golf to coincide with the launch of the PS3 Motion Controller!

    Think about it, the motion controls fit perfectly with golf, we’re due in for a new Hot Shots game sometime within the next year anyway (in my opinion), the game can be improved upon with voice chat and trophies that lacked in the original. But most importantly, hear me out here… Hot Shots would translate PERFECTLY to the Play Create Share model! Let us have stickers and costume parts and so forth and create our own little vinyl toy golfer avatars, and more importantly, give us the tools to create our own courses!

    This will be an absolute dynamite hit. Imagine it! Hot Shots Golf w/ motion controls, play create share, online multiplayer w/ voice chat, and trophies? I’d be in heaven, and I’m sure the game would be a raving success with all those features.

  • looking forward to it :D

  • I hope you answer me!!!

    Will there be 2/4 Player Split Screen ?!

    Will there be ONLINE Split Screen?!

    it may be too soon xD


    Tip you can consider:

    You guys should add to the retail version every item/car/clothes/costumes you create!!

    having hundreds of eyes/hair/clothes/cars/etc would be awesome!!
    I wouldnt care if it looks bad/ugly/disgusting (that would be awesome), its great to have HUNDREDS of options of the same category.

    I mean, its a Blu-Ray…


    2010.. *sigh*

  • looks like it will be a fun game… count me in…

    and have read a lot of the user comments so far, a few tools, but overall, seems like customization is pretty important.. especially in the regards of the character models.. id imagine youd be able to change their color and features as well as clothing… im not complaining tho, since the game will most certainly be fun.. i just hope the track creation is as easy as it sounds…

  • Will the customizeation in the cars lead to faster cars and slower cars? or will they all be the same which u have to get lucky with the turns and stuff?

    also if there going to be a story mode?

    and is the a.i going to be ruberbandish so you can catch up?

  • The game looks amazing guys keep up the good work!

    I’m hoping you guys are planning on implementing Playstation Home game launching, replay feature with YouTube upload, custom soundtrack, PS Eye support for private races with friends and family, text chat support for after a race ends to say good game or w/e and a PSP version… LOL.

  • iHEARD THEY WORK at vancover and i really hope in support of the 2010 winter games they make a winter themed or vancover 2010 themed track i would love to see that

  • I’m tired of all these trailers and such. Let’s have a serious release date and price. I understand you need to build hype but let’s deliver on that momentum sooner.

  • im buyin

  • better not dissapoint me william ho

  • I hope modnation doesn’t go on crack like LBP of their packs and very tiny add-ons and whatnot!

  • sup WiLL WiLL but yeah i just wanted to say that this game looks fun yet alil too kiddie for me.although it does bring back some intense mario kart racing memories with me and my family. we LOVED mario kart hopefully this will prove its self worthy to be called a great kart game. now i wanted to ask – which i think im a tad bit too late- is will there be a abattle mode or any other mode than racing.I know this question is far stretched but it would be kool if it had a battle mode or a elimination mode or somthing diffrent than just racing. THanks and sorry for the ESSAY :/

  • This game is going to be really fun. Question though are we going to be able to make Loop-De-Loop. I think that would be pretty funny hit someone going off it and they fall down

  • One thing I am hoping for in the editor is the ability to make tunnels, would be great to be able to create hidden shortcuts under the track with the ability to unlock it just for yourself for each lap!

  • i can’t wait looks really cool and creative. i hope you can invite friends to online games and put jumps,special items for people to use, and put tracks going through houses, going on mountains and being able to conect short-cuts to the main track when creating a race track. anyway looking forward to it. B)

  • One thing that needs to be made possible is multiple paths within the same track. If the you can only make one path tracks, then the fun will just feel limited to what could happen from being allowed to make tracks with multiple paths, its what makes MotorStorm so intense.

    And I think it would definitely help in an arcade racing game like this.

    • Our track designers had a lot of input into the powerful Track Studio. Of course, they demanded alternate paths because classic arcade racing is as much about finding shortcuts as anything else. You\’ll discover many obvious and hidden alternate paths in our tracks, and you\’ll have the power to add them to your tracks too.

  • Are underwater tracks or tracks that are located high up in the air possible? Also can players create tracks that are ridiculously long like say 50KM, 100KM or even beyond?

  • Will There Be A Beta Within 2009? I Wana Test This Very Bad.

  • Question? Will There Be A Beta Anytime Soon. I Beta Tested LBP And I Would Love To Beta Test Again.

  • Simply amazing. Is it 2010 yet?

    Will there be a No-Weapons mode where you can race the track without the power ups? I am sure you can create tracks without them, of course, but I mean running tracks designed with them but with power ups disabled.

    And please, please, please pretty please have split screen racing. Although I gather from your reply to #50 that there is such already.

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