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As this post hits, I’m en route to St. Louis for the MLB All-Star game and related festivities. Due to MLB 09 The Show‘s success, we’ll have a solid presence in and around Busch Stadium, and lots for attendees to do. I’ll be reporting from the events (we’ve got some cool stuff planned), but right now I wanna know – any readers live in St. Louis? Anybody visiting for the game?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 6, 2009)

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  • Nice list!

  • Hey jeff, I just want to start with thanking you for replying to me last Sunday and thanks for sending Namco Bandai the email about Tales of Vesperia,but do you mind keeping on emailing them? :P, I seriously hope they consider bringing the game outside of Japan , the demo for Tales of Vesperia will be released tho on the Japanese PSN store July15th just for those who want to try it out, ok just have one small question for today

    -Will NISA be coming to the PsBlog this week? I heard that Disgaea3 will be having a trophy patch on July16th and was wondering if Mr Nao will come to the blog?
    Thank you and have a nice Sunday 

  • @2 it’s ms or mrs. nao lmao! ….funny post
    but yeah i’m with you about vesperia.make it happen namco!

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  • jeff or chris can u guys get more info on WKC and is it coming this year or next?

  • I don’t suppose I have to tell you how lucky you are Jeff, do I?

  • Gah, I’m only an hour north of STL and of course, I have to work. For the next like million days.

    Have fun at the game!

  • Awesome links there! :)

    Still waiting to hear more on Fat Princess and any news on Final Fantasy XIV!

  • @3
    OMG im sorry haha i posted it by mistake, they really need to add an edit option on the blog

  • When is the Socom 1.5 patch update coming? Middle of June and nothing announced yet guys. Need some info soon otherwise Battlefield 1943 will be my main game till Socom 4 in 2010…

  • 1943 is probably one of the best games on the Store… SO EVERYONE GO BUY IT!!!!!!

    Oh, and there’s this funny article about commenting on video game blogs:

  • I agree with #9.. edit button would be nice… And I want some fat princess info along with a bunch of people.. Jeff you should try to talk to those guys and see if they know anything more on the release date please

  • JEFF! I’m in the STL, and I’m going to the All Star game! Where are your seats?

    And, I hope you visit the arch. Its amazing when you go all the way up and look at everything.

    • Are you coming to the FanFest? If so, drop by the PlayStation area and ask for me. I\’ll take good care of ya :-)

      That goes for any of you readers out there!

  • JEFF!!! Please reply back. Could you get Erick Lempel next week on the blog to explain his interview from PC World? I thought it was pretty messed up that he did not reply to the 600+ comments on the last firmware update post. That way we know we are being heard and not ignored on the official Playstation blog. Thank You!
    Also good week, and good information. =]

  • good list this week, jeff. i want to know more about that patent that sony had approved two weeks ago detailing Emotion Engine emulation on the Cell :D

    what do you have to say about that, jeff?

  • you know what i would like to see hmm ? i would like to see sony fight for great games like mass effect and ect i mean look microsoft took mgs from uss ff and and alot of others when are we gonna get some fight for us i mean i spent 500 for my ps3 and for what ? i have to ask myself is time for to have my ps3 and join the xbox family where atleast i will know that im getting on a team that cares for there gamers i mean they also too teken 6 i mean come on if im wrong plz tell me to hang in there

  • Why isn’t Shatter’s release date and price announcement on that list?

    July 23rd and $7.99

    Spread the word.

  • its only a matter of time b4 microsft gets all are games and were stuck with big ceo bragn abt ps2 exclusives big whoop yall be concentrating on the ps3 noy stuck in the past i ask agian whats stoping me from trading in my ps3 for an xbox plz convince me i mean where are the rpgs at is this a first person shooter and adventure gaming system onl;y?????????????????????????????? i feel unapreciated as a ps3 owner playin xboxes left over ports

  • sorry for the bad typing

  • is anyone feelin the xboc blues like i am ?

  • RE: Uncharted 2 Swag Bag

    I STILL haven’t recieved it in the mail, and it has been almost 5 weeks. Jeff, you said you thought everyone would have thiers by now, what should I do?!

  • i mean i love killzone2 and uncharted and infamous but man xbox has a larger selection of games and in the end thats what we all want is games not to mention they got rpgs thats i want real rpgs not oblivionisc rpgs but real turn base rpgs not lame disgea3 or lame cross blades wich was ps3 exclusive but now comming to xbox so damit where are the games at wheres the rpgs please respond dont jus ignore like a coward

  • on that i jus got an email from xbox saying if i trade my system in they will give me xbl gold membership free for 3 yrs and a 100 rebate for xbox360 elite thats how bad they wan me to swich so ask whats to stop me ?

  • btw knives239 is my psn id add me if you want anyone

  • from the PC World article:

    GO: What about PlayStation 2 backward compatibility, the oft, beaten, and flogged question. Is it possible to offer a software downloadable, flash-updatable solution to existing PS3 owners?

    EL: It’s something I couldn’t answer right now without talking to some of the engineers.

    come on eric! ugh. why must you be so cryptic? your interview with GO is seriously bugging me! is anyone else still upset with Eric Lempel or is it just me?

  • Hey Jeff, i was wondering, is there any way you could bring in Insomniac for a live chat, or at least an interview for Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time?

  • …. wow i clicked on that last link and was thinking “meh im sure i have more games that him” and i was mind blown…

    BRB re-collecting brain cells.

  • Why, since the last FW update to the PS3, can’t I change the microphone sensitivity of my Socom headset or PSEYE? 3 is good for some games but not all.

  • Valve finally pulling a finger out & developing for the PS3?? Any truth in this at all? Would make for an awesome interview on the blog ;),

  • Please


    What happened to Zombie Apocalypse ???

  • Sony’s Eric Lempel On PS3 Updates, Firmware Rumors – PC World

    ^ This was a great read and good to know Sony hears the people. Tell Eric that this was much needed and maybe he should even do these type of Q & A with psblog writers to directly let the fans know they are not ignored. I’d like to see this stuff more often to be honest.

    And on the Topic of whether or not developer details should be released to public… I’d say I would want to hear them. Let the fans imagine what could be done and maybe help by making suggestions! Hell 50% of the games made are from fan wants or targeting fans ideas.

  • what happened to fat princess and wkc?

  • Thats cool to hear about Disgaea 3 getting trophies, I think I might buy it now I love RPGs. Although it does look a bit weird.

    Wish more games like, eh hem MGS4 would do this.

    -Cross Game Voice Chat needed.

    And please stop talking about SOCOM as if a patch was actually come for that crap game. They promised a 1.50 patch releasing 2 months ago then not a word of it since. It’s garbage.

  • Interesting. It almost seems that some of these news are teasing us about something. Jeff, do you know something that we don’t?

  • @31 White Knight Chronicles was delayed to 2010 and Fat Princess to later this summer.

    Here’s my list:

    Why the PSP will outsell Gameboy:

    Bioware really pumped to work on PS3

    Sir Stringer on Kotick’s threat “He likes to make a lot of noise”:

    Team Ico: Aesthetic Appeal is Crucial:

    Bethesda Re teases PS3 Fallout 3 DLC:

    Uncharted 2 recieves graphics upgrade:

  • Knives please shut the hell up.

    Now a days most third party games aren’t going to stay exclusive. Please just go buy a 360 and get a console which is bound to die on you in less than one half of a year. PS3 has a better first party studios than xbox. PS3 isn’t a, “one-trick pony” as Jack Tretton stated, we don’t just care about one game.

    Please think about your statements before trying to say the 360 is better the the PS3.

  • I live in St. Louis, where will the PSB be setting up shop? Fan Fest? Or are you just going to be watching the game to prove The Show’s utter bassasery?


    Jeff, have a look at this. We don’t know what that game is, what do you think?

    Jeff, the manga on the PSN, I know it’s for Japan, any plan for the US version.

  • @34 yo i respect your opinion my point that i was trying make is that it seems to me that microsft fights for there gamers more so than sony they took alot of our exclusives and i never siad it was a better system either i siad they hve better games and rpgs and i sent an e-mail to microsoft abt whether i should go to thier side and they offerd me 100 off their elite system and 3 yrs free of xbl do you think sony would do that ? they wont even answer an emial bro so what does that tell you

  • @34 ive been a playstation player since playstation came out ima ps fan but recently its like were choped liver to them i mean everything on ps3 is a mimic of 360 trophys and bein able to wach movies i bought all the its always funny in philidelphia episodes but i deleted them and if i want them back i gatta buy them again my cuzn who has a 360 bought the same shows i did and delted and can redownload them with out bein charged so what you gatta say now mind you i love my ps3 i would jus like sony to show somelove for us back

  • it cool that blazblue sold out first then the 360 i like play blazblue alot better then Street fighter 4 in own way

  • @34 and yo 360 games wanted teken 6 bam microsft got it for them they wanted metal gear bam they got it for them they wanted star ocean bam they got it for them they wanted resident evil bam they got for them they wanted ff bam the got it for them they wanted assins creed bam they got it for them they wanted gta bam the got it for them should i go on ??????

  • @34 i mean sony cant even get us something as small as trophy suport for mgs4 and the only reason were gonna get them on mgs5 is cuz bam its gonna have achievment need i say more

  • i wish i had somthing positive to say abt sony but dam be real 360 is the elephant in the room put dwn your fanboyism and open your eyes what has sony done for us gamers?? i pets ????? please look at natal coming out am i the only relizing were on a sinking ship with no life boats ??????

  • Yuusha30 will be an instant-purchase, for sure. Thanks for US release. (Many also enjoyed playing ‘..BADMAN!)

    Despite the likely disappointment in PSPGO reactions, and the bad [some even horrible] ideas (MediaGO, PSstore redesign, continuing PS2, no backward compatibility, lack of diversity in PS3 retail content, often ‘weak’ or faulty OS for PS3/PSP, ect.) still look forward to more from SONY and PS3. I hope SCEI does as well.

  • another example look at devil may cry ps exclusive not they did a pole 360 gamers wanted it and bam they got for them

  • hello.. just a few heree.. well for the battlefield1943 game how many weeks will the deal be for. like twoweeks.. i would like itt.. i have been away for a few weeks and with a playstationthree with some other cables and it does no work. i do want the deal with the theme and i will be back for within two weeks. and for the 02 one.. are the av componet cables fr the playstations all interchangable by any way. thanks for if you do reply and have a good night..

  • and one more.. with the oly invasion of privacy game i did see that theres some pre-order bonus with the back of a officialplaystationmagazine and its no able to pre-order with any stores. how can you have the pre-order bonus..

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