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As this post hits, I’m en route to St. Louis for the MLB All-Star game and related festivities. Due to MLB 09 The Show‘s success, we’ll have a solid presence in and around Busch Stadium, and lots for attendees to do. I’ll be reporting from the events (we’ve got some cool stuff planned), but right now I wanna know – any readers live in St. Louis? Anybody visiting for the game?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 6, 2009)

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  • and yeah our ps3 wont burn out cuz thire isnt realy much to play killzone 2 is really the only game i play and its getting borring

  • I wish they’d look into the possibility of putting an option on the PS3 to turn the mute beep off on the Official PS3 Bluetooth headset. I purchased one the other day & despite the incredible build quality I had to put it back in the box to return to the store as the mute beep drove me up the wall after twenty minutes and buy a Logitech in it’s stead (I didn’t fancy being one of them players who always have their mic on & you can hear their tv).

  • Knives239 –

    Seriously, SHUT UP!

    Now i dont know if your a jealous 360 troll who lurks on PSBlogs or you dont know nothing about Sony.

    Jesus, youve spammed 7 times in a row (on this post)
    Dont you know what shut up means?

    “They offered me 100 (10%) of their elite and 3yrs of XBL would Sony do that”

    WOW!! Sony already offers FREE online. And btw dont get Elites they are 99.99% cheap. No… Sony isnt greedy/cheap like Mircosucks.

    Dont get me wrong. I wanna buy a 360 but ….. Mircosucks is holding me back.

    “I bought all the its always funny in philidelphia episodes but i deleted them and if i want them back i gatta buy them again my cuzn who has a 360 bought the same shows i did and delted and can redownload them with out bein charged so what you gatta say now mind you i love my ps3 i would jus like sony to show somelove for us back”

    Wow you sir are an idiot. Ever heard of something called VIEW DOWNLOADS? Thats how redownload deleted stuff.

    Also Knives239

  • they are to cought up in the psp wich is garbage and ps2 games come on damit concentrate on the ps3 forreal who cares abt the psp and ps2 anymore wake the #$%& up sony

  • yup went into the view download there not there i called abt was told i had to buy them agian any thing else and btw ive never owned an xbox i jus want more from the ps3 i jus saying what your afraid too coward

  • yeah lol i know i suck at typing mybad

  • “ps3 wont burn out cuz thire isnt realy much to play”

    WOW! Do you even look at yourself
    Theres so much you can play on PS3.

    Killzone 2
    Playstation Home
    Punisher No mercy
    Upcomings Games –
    God of War III
    Uncharted 2
    FFXIV Online

    Better watch what you say.

  • “Interview: Sony Not Playing ‘Catch Up’ with Xbox Live Anymore”

    Yes you are still playing ‘Catch up’ with XBL, so shut up and keep working to make PSN better. I know it’s free and that’s a great thing, but don’t think that it’s on the same level as XBL yet. We still don’t have a party system, cross game voice chat, or cross game invites… we need those things before you can start saying your not playing ‘Catch Up’. Now XBL is getting Twitter and Facebook along with the ability to watch movies with anyone on your friends list. They way it looks to me PSN is falling even more behind than what they are now. When’s that last great update we have had since getting trophies? The chat room? I don’t think so. So my message to you, Eric Lempel, is to stop being arrogant, shut up, and start working on the features that we need.

  • Christ I cn’t beleive this idiocy has been bought to the Blog. I’m not going to call you a fanboy Knives but you should reconsider parting with your PlayStation 3 as the platform is gathering momentum. Apart from the PlayStation Network exclusives getting stronger & stronger the PS3 exclusives are coming thick & fast.
    God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, MAG, Heavy Rain, Ratchet & Clank Future, The Last Guardian, Mod Nation Racers, Demon’s Souls, White Knight Chronocles, Agent, Quantum, DC Universe, Versus XIII & FFXIV -all a nice variation of genres too.
    This is where Microsoft is slipping up in my opinion. They are using their money to buy ports & exclusive DLC rather than making first party exclusives. This really shows when you look at the lack of exclusives they have coming this holiday season & 2010.

    Sony are listening, it’s all coming good.

  • I have to agree with most of the people here, and i have to say, When is Fat princess coming out? I added some PSN funds a while back and i still have $20 bucks left, and between LBP DLC, that probably won’t last long so i need fat princess to come out while i still have funds with which to purchase it!

  • @53 thank you bro thats what im talkn abt when 360 gamers waqnt somthing they get it when we want somthing from sony shouldnt we get it ????? and at @54 yeah i respect what your sayn bro we do got alot comming out forgot abt those games your right we do got some comming to us but 360 has alot and no im not a 360 fan boy ive never owned a 360 but look what they offerd me jus to switch i mean thats a company that caters to there gamers i jus want sony to show us the same love you know what i mean you sony ceos need to listen to us the people who r the resson y there even is a ps3 give us some respect

  • im upset ps3 owner not a microsoft fanboy ive never owned anything from microsft im bloging from my ps3 and i have a mac so dont gimmie that im a 360 fanboy crap

  • I don’t know if this will be read or not, but I wanted to inquire @Jeff if Sony is going to do anything with GAP. It’s just gone downhill and really nothing worthwhile goes on anymore. Any response is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Twitter and other websites coming to Xbox 360? THAT’S what you’re whining about? The PS3 and PSP BOTH have browsers, so it doesn’t matter, the PS3 already gets Twitter and EVERY website. Oh, and Microsoft getting PS3 exclusives? That’s because Microsoft PAYS OFF COMPANIES. Read the screen, PAYS THEM OFF, that’s how they get companies to develop for them, they have to pay them EXTRA. Anyway, that is a HUGE collection of PS2 games, how would you decide what to play?

  • @59 yes that has happened but it’s not just that. Yes they payed for XIII and possibly Tekken 6 aswell as the DLC for GTAIV & timed exclusive Fallout 3 content but I don’t think it’s the case for MGS. Whenever you put the news on the tv you’re barraged about the current economic climate, yes the 360 has gotten alot of PlayStation exclusives but the door is starting to swing both ways. BioShock for example, who in a million years seen that coming to the PS family when it did? Even Valve is starting to back track on their refusal to develop for the PS3. Don’t be suprised to see publishers like EA & Ubisoft bringing Mass Effect and Splinter Cell to the PlayStation too. Bottom line is you can’t afford to rely on 3rd party publishers for console exclusives anymore and they (it seem’s) can’t afford the luxury either.

  • yeah true true

  • Fat Princess release date please. An ambiguous response will not be acceptable. >:O

  • @ Knives, Sony doesn’t need to fight for their games. They already have a Hefty list compared to M$ to keep you busy. Example

    Sony exclusives:
    Uncharted 2 Among Thieves
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    Final Fantasy XIV
    White Knight Chronicles
    Heavy Rain
    Gran Turismo 5
    ModNation Racers
    Rachet and Clank A Crack in Time
    Killzone 2
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
    Demon Soul
    God of War 3


    First the one trick pony of Halo… YAWN
    Mass Effect 2
    Alan Wake
    Forza 3
    um… drawing blanks here.

    Come on now for every game M$ took Sony replaced it.
    M$ took GTA 4, Sony said you have to repay us with a better exclusive, hence AGENT!!!!

    M$ then took Final Fantasy XIII, Sony said give us FF Versus XIII and on top of it Final Fantasy XIV

    M$ took a KNOCK OFF of the metal gear franchise, which kojima is not working on just overlooking. Plus we got the TRUE sequel to the metal gear franchise on Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.

    I don’t know why you’re complaining you’re getting a better experience on the PS3 not only with the free wi-fi, blu ray player, and to top it off the best quality gaming you’ll get anywhere else. PERIOD!

  • Oh wait I forgot to add Splinter Cell to the Xbox list.

    I can’t wait for that game!

  • Jeff,

    Sorry to keep bugging you but I just wnted to know if you can tell me if you guys could do an update to delete trophy games off ‘my trophies’ that you have 0% in.

    Also to delete trophy games off ‘my trophies’ for games that have some trophies in, because if you are a completionist.

    Thanks a lot.

  • yeah didnt look at like that we do got alot goin on with the ps3 but sony still has way to go and on the twiter and face book thing i twiter and face and myspace since i had my ps3 that’s old lol im jus saying they need to fight for us more and i guess ima hang in there i love sony i jus think they need to love us as much

  • @Nick-30

    Their 99.99% wont be adding that feature.

  • Jeff, a few weeks ago after E3 you mentioned there’d be some FFXIII coverage here on the blog. Whatever happened to that?

  • and what ever happened to last ramnent ? is that evr comming to ps3 ???????

  • Battlefield 1943 is awesome on PSN… Glad to hear more levels for LBP is a priority of some sort. Also glad to hear about trophies in Disgaea 3. Keep up the good news.

    If only a ps3 firmware update would with cross game voice chat and other new features.

  • @59

    I don’t think i’m whining, just don’t like the fact that Sony is satisfied with the current state of PSN when their fans are not. Honestly who uses the PSP or PS3 web browser for anything but Hulu? I don’t know anyone who uses it for Twitter or Facebook, but that’s not my point, I don’t even care about those sites. My point is that Microsoft is continuing to add new things to the Live experience for their customers while Sony are saying that the services are already on an even level when they are not.

  • agreed i here ya bro

  • @phinnv8 knives239, Nick 30 and the rest

    If you got what you want does it make anything better. No. It means you’re a greedy bastard. phinnv8 its Universal Chat not CROSS GAME.
    Do you really want to press PS button and talk your ass off while playing a Multiplayer game but you got killed by a ninja? No. Its called a phone so use it. Besides, no one wants to hear kids screaming in the background. For Twitter. its useless. Over 30,000+ people dont use Twitter. And i have proof. The deleting trophies feature is fail and a good feature. But why do you want to delete your accomplishments?
    Yeah Yeah Yeah so what if Mircosucks is getting Full Downloadable Games. You see, thier going backwards. The more they fix something in the past. The Sony can catch up. But Mircosucks games will NOT dominate our badass upcoming exclusives. So what if they have more RPGs. That doesnt make them better.
    Go ahead and flame me. I dont give a damn what you think. Only my opinions matter and not yours.

  • @Knives and Punisher

    You both need to relax, take a deep breath, and get over yourselves.

    I see what you are both saying, and you both make valid points, alongside a lot of others. But you really need to learn some internet manners, man. This place becomes a zoo and no one listens to you when all you do is bash and name call. Jeff and others have said to PLEASE not type in anger. It gets you nowhere, and they won’t read it.

    All I want to know for this upcoming week is if the Bionic Commando Rearmed trophy patch has passed QA yet?

  • Also, as an additional post, I’d like to mention that for how far Sony has come, people give them no credit. Add on to that, Microsoft has done a fine job of making good quality moves this generation, and no one would be talking about them otherwise. Both consoles are good systems (!) and both are worth owning. People like Punisher up there misunderstand what it is to invest in a console. I for one am NOT disappointed in the PS3’s feature set. And their games are stellar. Now, so are the Xbox 360’s. You can’t deny that, if you do, you haven’t played them. Each system has a balance point that must be taken in to consideration.

    Example: Xbox 360 gets Twitter/Facebook/ support this fall.

    PS3 owners solution: Open the internet browser on your PS3, and those sites have already been fully accessible for over a year now.

    People tend to forget that just because it’s integrated, doesn’t make it better, or exclusive.

  • Lots of neat stuff going on last week.

  • @Knives:
    I don’t know about you but I’m sitting fine with my JRPGs that I’ve imported from Japan which will actually LET ME PLAY them as opposed to the region-locks that Microsoft and Nintendo seem to really like to enforce.

    There are only three reasons why I’d be importing games from Japan:
    1. It’s never going to see the light of day here in the USA (i.e. Yakuza 3, Tears to Tiara, Agarest Senki)
    2. I can barely tolerate English dubbing (Cow Cow anyone?)
    3. I’ve actually bothered to learn the Japanese language.

    I picked up Demon’s Souls when I was in Hong Kong because I didn’t think that it would ever cross the pond, but it did and all the better because now I get to have my chance at blazing the trail for the freshmen and to revel in their gloriously ignominious demise. I am playing my Kajii-autographed copy of Demon’s Souls on my American PS3.

    I’ve also actually picked up Death Smiles (which is still a Japan-only Xbox 360 game) for a friend of mine who loves to play shooters and it’s disappointing that the region-lock kicked in and wouldn’t let us play it.

  • You say that you enjoy JRPG-like games, I’d say that you’re not what you claim to be. If you really do enjoy “traditional” RPGs, then you would at least have heard of the term “Japanese Imports”. Heck, Play-Asia is nice enough to provide a Regional Compatibility chart for each and every one of their Xbox 360 and PS3 games.

    A random sampling of those titles reveals the obvious: games on the 360 are region-locked, games on the PS3 aren’t. The JoyStiq article regarding BlazBlue even specifically mentioned this issue as a reason why the PS3 version of BlazBlue sold out.

    If there’s a problem with Sony this console generation it’s that they have serious marketing issues; that and unfortunate timing.

    Quite honestly, there are a LOT of really AWESOME RPGs on the PS3 (in Japan) but we’re having a great deal of difficulty in getting people to bring them across the pond, and that’s basically where the problem is.

  • @CitizenInsane:
    Regarding the twitter/facebook support, that’s true. It’s funny that people have completely forgot that the PS3’s browser already supports all that. I guess it’s because people are too lazy to open up a browser just to access a site and whatnot.

  • Nice list of stories.

    I didn’t know Blazeblue supported cross regional play, I’m going to pick the game up in the near future. It’s great that the PS3 version is doing better than the 360 version, that doesn’t happen often.

    I just play the Tales of Vesperia Demo, it’s great. Still no word if Namco Bandai wants to
    localize it? It’s kind of a bummer if they pass it up, I’m really looking forward to it.

  • @ 84 i agree with you lol people are are so ready to bash sony so fast they don’t never do there homework on the ps3 . i just don’t get or understand why people haven’t figure out we can get facebook lol we been getting it from day 1.
    @85 there been alot ps3 games that have outsold 360 game and sony never get news on that . it’s amazing how a 400 dollars system that sell 22 million system can have games that outsell a system that sold 30 million system wow it kind of put those system numbers in a different light and that why you wont see a price cut anytime soon.

  • Wow it’s getting full of spammers/trolls in here Jeff. Need to clean it up some my man. . I own all the consoles and the PS3 still gets more playtime. Probably because of the PSN games and the quality of the first party studios games.

    I play 360 too,but coming on here and trying to bash Sony on a Playstation site just screams troll.

    Knives(if he even has one needs to learn a little more about his PS3 lol

  • @87 agree

  • @87: True, true… I’ve played all of this gen’s current systems, (I own only a PS3) and they all have their own methods for entertainment, but I’m usually only enjoying myself on the Big Ones, and only on the 360 for the novelty of playing a game with a different control style. So, don’t scream fanboy at me, at least I know a little about a competition.

  • Sorry there is a problem with the Captcha Image when I want to send an e-mail.

  • u know how u r competing with nintendo and microsoft i think u guys should team up with mucrosoft that way nintendo will have a lower chance of bieng the next top game system and after the nintendo wii gets cancelled u guys can go back 2 competing angainst each other or just stay as one bigger and better company

  • GET ERIC LEMPEL ONLINE to answer questions about his recent interviews. Eric are you just being the “good soldier” or are you a drunkin idiot! You don’t feel the PSN needs to add anything to catch up to the XBL????? That’s like saying you could win a MMA title fight without trainging…..BS! The PSN is way behind and headed in the totally wrong direction….I know I have both. Online multiplayer experience is ALL about joining up with your friends with total ease….PS3 can’t do that. You yourself are the reason for Sony’s poor sales….ALL YOU!!! (continued)

  • @ Eric, You have not givin us even one of the essential features that are required to boost sales and gamer experience. You must add UNIVERSAL PARTY SYSTEM, UNIVERSAL VOICE CHAT, INGAME MUSIC, FULLY SUPPORTED BACKWORDS COMPATABILITY! This isn’t new…no sadly it’s the same 4 things we have been telling you are holding the PS3 back for years. Yet in your mind I guess they can wait. Not this year when sales plummit, not next year when PS3’s are traded in for xbox 360’s faster than alcohol tickets for budweiser at a nascar race. No, keep thinking we’ll be patient forever…lol….you’ll be wrong about that too. Listen to us for once and give us all the features I just mentioned NOW, or resign and let someone more qualified do the job. Sales come when you have a product that meets your potential customers needs….your’s doesn’t yet…fix that!

  • @93 traiging was an oops…it should be training…sorry

  • @Sum1_BetterZenU:
    Your third post (#95) was utterly pointless, this in consideration of having read both #93 and #94.

    And for the record, it is called Backwards Compatibility.

    I think Sony has plans for bringing Backwards Compatibility back as a DLC. Both Kotaku and JoyStiq recently posted an article about Sony’s BC patent with the US Patent Office. This probably means that BC will be brought back in 2 years or so.

    I think it’s funny that people like you would complain about Sony’s decision to remove BC from the PS3 and then complain about not being able to find it. Well, you’ve found this blog so use your brain and find a BC-capable PS3 online. It’s not like it’s that rare.

    Also, a lot of the things you mentioned for the PS3 aren’t exactly necessary, in my opinion anyway. I’m perfectly fine with being able to play online and not hear some stupid 10 year old question my ethnicity. Secondly, online play with friends and whatnot is the game developer’s responsibility.

  • Will Europe get the Disgaea 3 trophy patch as well? Contacted Nippon Ichi about it, but haven’t heard from them yet, obviously.

    I also wrote a mail to Namco Bandai about Tales of Vesperia. Why I think it should and why we want it to be released in at least America :-)

  • @PsychoMacross

    I hate to burst your holier than thou bubble chief, but sometimes it’s not as simple as just finding a used machine that totes BC. What about the PS3 owners that had a machine that performed such a feat only to experience the YLoD and end up with one that was not BC as a consolation prize? Do they have the right to angry?

    As for your comment about the chat system, if you had half a clue, (or at least 1 friend) you would realize how ridiculous that statement was. “I’m perfectly fine with being able to play online and not hear some stupid 10 year old question my ethnicity.” First off, that happens now. If you had a universal chat system and a couple friends, all you would have to hear was their conversation, not the annoying 10 year old.

    “Online play with friends and whatnot is the game developer’s responsibility.” Hey guys, I think we are dealing with a Sony employee because that’s what they seem to think too.

    Go buy an Xbox and make a couple friends fanboy, then you’ll see what your missing out on. Until that happens, don’t make wild assumptions about things you have no clue about, ok.?

  • @ PsychoMacross
    1st) I own a BC PS3, but what about the rest of the users. Why take it away????
    2nd) Didn’t know Eric Lempel’s user name was PsychoMacross
    3rd) I know there will always be a few gamers that veiw any feature as not as important as the next, but I’m talking about the ones that xbl has that psn doesn’t because that was the nature of Eric’s interveiw.
    4th) I, and the thousands of gamers that speak their mind(without a fanboy attitude) are not here to tear down anything, but help point a path to improving the system and it’s sales.
    5th) If you think your so smart ask some of your buddies who own both systems what they wish the ps3 could do that xbl can….I bet the list looks like the one I made yesturday.

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