Sack it to Me: The “Mm Picks” Edition

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Greetings all and Happy Friday! Check out some sweet levels, a new trailer, and another glimpse of things to come. Have a great weekend!

Return of Mm Picks

When Media Molecule isn’t working on super creative projects, they actually like diving into their own game just to play your levels. Next week they will showcase some of their favorites on their site, as a sneak peak, check out the video below and be sure to fire up LBP and play it yourself.

Put on your space-suit and hop aboard the USS LBP StarCruiser. As you make your way through the spaceship, experience zero gravity in the Zero G pod and encounter a hovering sentry droid. If you get stuck, keep an eye out for symbols to help you out

Jon Burgerman Sticker Pack Trailer

For those of you who heard about the great Artist Sticker pack we released a bit ago and thought, “What the heck am I going to do with stickers?,” Media Molecule recently made a trailer to show you just how much cool stickers like these can do for your future creations. Enjoy (Jon Burgerman Sticker Pack is available now for $1.99 on PSN)!

The Answer to the Question of the Week

“Who ya gonna call?”

LittleBigPlanet Ghostbusters Poster

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  • wow thats pretty cool! love all the work you guys put in to lbp!

  • WOOHOO…why no slimer costume?

    I love the new content…keep it coming MM

    I have to budget each week for it now :)

  • i like that afro 1 lol

  • More stickers and costumes :( WHY NOT A NEW LEVEL PACK ALREADY???????


  • @2 from what I have read, a Slimer costume is included

  • There are other costumes that are not shown in that picture. Check out this link:

  • Hey, thats the menu song from the Beats PSP game!

  • no more lbp! let’s get some real/interesting news.

  • @Selven

    Hope the rumors are true and we get wheat Japan is saying!

    Then click items!

  • Awesome! Can’t wait! Please make a level pack, too!

  • Little Stay Puft Sackboy is needed!

  • This game delivers!

  • I wanted a new mappack :-(

  • What!?! That LBP star cruiser level is amazing! Incredible design!

  • hahaha, the Winston Zeddemore(Ernie Hudson) Sackbuster is soooo racist it’s not even funny. why does the black sack have to have a fro, guys? come on now.

  • Yay more costumes and stickers! [/sarcasm]

  • @14

    I hope your not being serious. How is that racist? Why are people so uptight about this crap. It’s like how people say Mudflap and Skids in T2 are racist. Everyone is just so uptight about everything.

  • Ghostbusters??

    OHHHHH….Damn, who would have thought it?

    Wait, costumes? Ummm no. You could have sold a bazillion downloads of Ghosbusters levels. Costumes…Not so much

  • @14
    I’ts sad how some you complain about something being rascist. It’s game for heaven sake, I for one think the afro looks cool, get your head out of past, time to grow up. Don’t pull that if it was you crap, because I ‘m Black. It’s a definite buy for me. The ghost busters rock.

  • MM, you guys are awesome. Great job at continuing to support a game long after it’s release date.

  • @14
    Are you kidding?
    Do you even know the meaning of the word racist?
    Racist – Someone that believe that all members of each race posses characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    So NO, that image does not depict racism.

    Back on topic … PLEASE bring us a Ghostbusters level pack! did I say PLEASE? =) and THANK YOU!

  • I appreciate how you guys keep coming out with new content, it’s awesome.

    Also, everyone should check out my level “Carnival Shootout” it’s a paintinator challenge type level

    Sorry for the self-promotion but there are so many levels out there it’s hard to get noticed

  • Not only am I going to buy this day 1 but I am downloading the Hi-Res poster and printing out! THANK YOU! for the Hi-Res upload!

  • whoa!!!thats another new character enhancement(Like the paintinator)but it shoots out electric!!!so cool!

  • No level pack *sigh*

    I wanted to use the proton pack :(

  • I think the answer may or may not be Ghostbusters

  • More costumes! We want more levels from game creators like the metal gear levels. Yall should be releasing levels like those everytime a new game comes out. Ratchet and clank, Killzone, Uncharted, and Infamous all could have some sweet levels yall could sell.

  • @10 there is a slimer and a stay puff outfit (trust me, I read Kotaku)
    I am hoping there is a level pack and the proton packs are a new weapon.

  • This USS LBP level is incredible!
    Who made it?

  • nice stuff

  • Awesome!!!
    Costumes and Stickers coming soon, but what about a Level-Pack?

    If I’m right, we have about 7 months with a Level-Pack like MGS was. Which brought up trophies, paintator gun (or whatever it name is) and fun.

  • I meant ‘without a Level-Pakc like MGS was’.

  • LBP is a fantastic game, I just Aced all the levels finally =)

    Keep it up with these posts it keeps me interested in going back to the game and checking stuff out.

  • I don’t get all the Ghostbusters love.

    Maybe it’s 80’s nostalgia, but the game wasn’t that good, nor was the demo. Neither was the movie.

    I’ll pass, thanks.

  • I don’t get all the Ghostbusters love.

    Maybe it’s 80’s nostalgia, but the game wasn’t that good, nor was the demo. Neither was the movie.

    I’ll pass, thanks.

  • That’s too cute. LOL at the African American guy’s afro!

  • hmmmmmm when are we going to be able to create levels online with friends? Everyone i know doesnt live with me nor do they come to my house.

  • YEAH…just saw the japanese site…SLIMER HEAD FTW!!!!!

    too busy working today to stay on blog and kotaku…bah, gotta fund my gaming habits somehow

  • I knew new levels was a long shot. But I was at least hoping for to play the theme song on our levels. That would’ve been awesome.

    Oh well. Could you guys at least make a different slapping sound for that proton pack or whatever its called

    It is kinda sad that the only different slapping sound hand item we got is the frying pan. The Rag Doll Kung Fu’s Fish would be hilarious if it had its own slapping sound noise

  • This is a true Marathon game. My daughter and nephew play this game for mad hours. Eating up all my Ps3 time. Media Molecules y’all need ti make some more stages though. Heart the game.

  • All good but… :

    How about you guys take a break from store content updates for like two days and give us dynamic updating playstation network badges? how hard could that possibly be? EU PSN members have them already, don’t they? Why not us in the states?

  • Such a missed opportunity not doing a level pack for Ghostbusters… :( There’s more than enough costumes already.

  • Woo hoo! no levels!! But seriously, why do you people want levels from Media Molecule?

  • it sounds nice to me! but how much is it gonna cost?

  • I’m curious if we are ever getting the Sackboy plushes that you mentioned here on February 9th. There were some sold in Asia and Europe had a giveaway of 5,000 of them, but nothing in the US that I can find.

    I only ask because I recently discovered that my wife is pregnant (planned, so good news) and as of right now that is the only toy I can think of that is gender neutral. So, I started looking and even the importers are sold out.

    It looks as if once again Sony is not giving me the opportunity to gladly hand them my money so that I can then advertise their products.

  • Enough with the stickers (pretty much useless) and costumes. MORE LEVELS, PLEASE! While worth a quick play, the user-created content tends to follow Vonnegut’s maxim “96% of anything is crap.” The 4% is often hard to find. Let’s have more professional level packs. Stop just handing us costumes. The costumes were more fun when we were earning them by completing levels. I’m saving my money for level pack DLC – nothing more toward LBP until then.

  • @47 Foolkiller79


    Plenty of gender neutral toys. Also nobody says kids can’t play with toys “meant” for another gender. I do agree, my girls would love a sackboy/sackgirl plushie.

  • @48 ajritchie

    Agreed. I do understand that it takes personal time for a user to generate content. There has been user content that has met or exceeded MM created levels. But 99% of the user levels online are moronic Trophy or H4H levels. I rely on MM and other Forums to point out good user levels I want to play. I don’t bother going looking for levels randomly.

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