Sack it To Me – The “Liberty” Edition

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Happy 4th of July weekend LBP‘ers! Check out some of the latest happenings and have a wonderful break.

FREE COSTUME: The Sacktue of Liberty (Limited Time Only)

LBP - Sacktue of Liberty

If you have been keeping up with LBP news, you most likely scored the lovely Summer Solstice Druid costume that was available for free until this week. If you missed out, not to worry, because in celebration of Independence Day, our friends at Mm are paying tribute to Lady Liberty with one of the sweetest costumes to date — The Sacktue of Liberty. Since Liberty should be free for all, so is this costume, so grab it while you can! It’s up now until July 9th so be sure to download this before you light your bottle rockets and start up the BBQ!

Don’t forget that the Artist Sticker Pack by Jon Burgerman ($1.99) is also available now. If you need to give your level some flair, score some sweet sticker action designed by artist Jon Burgerman. The guy’s done toys, and his art is on clothes and galleries all over. Your level might be next!


LBP Arnold Drake

Not to be confused with Nathan Drake of Uncharted fame, Arnold Drake is a Sackboy who blogs about his adventures around the planet. If you ever asked the questions:

What do you do if you have a camera, some imagination, and were lucky enough to score a limited-edition European Sackboy plushes?

This is your answer: You start a sweet blog to chronicle some Sackboy adventures! Forget that traveling gnome dude, he’s got nothing on Arnold Drake.

Check out more pics and adventures on

Future LittleBigPlanet DLC?

LBP Who You Gonna Call

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  • level pack or this is a failure

  • Will there be a proton pack that works?


  • I want a LBP shirt!!!

  • I downloaded the creator free pack and it doesn’t work. :-(

  • … Ghostbusters sackboys? Seriously?

  • Eh, I’m not a huge Ghostbusters fan, but I’ll pick it up if anything looks good.

  • aww wanted a canada day sack :'(

  • Ghostbusters!

  • If i download this and don’t have LBP yet but will get it soon, will it still work?

  • Can’t wait for the Ghostbuster DLC. Hopefully it won’t take TOO big of a chunk of change out of my Wallet. :p

  • nice one

  • Why can’t North America ever get some mini-sackboy Plushes!? We are also people and we also love Sackboy just as much! Can I have one? Just send one over to my address, I won’t tell anyone I swear! lol

  • Can I have a SackBoy plush? I want one! Just send one over to my NA address! ;)

  • Sackboy

  • Here’s holding my breath for a Proton Pack mode for the Paintinator.

    By the way, I know there’s no way in hell the blog author will actually respond to this, but is there any chance that some day there will be costumes for LBP based on characters from Disgaea? It wouldn’t be that hard to do, since their outfits are pretty basic.

  • I can’t wait to see what this ghostbusters content is going to be. Levels and a proton pack power-up would be sweet but if it’s just costumes again so be it.

  • @deviantboi

    Jeez! No need to get angry at Media Molcule! Ever try to make a level as deatailed as theres are? It takes a long time! Plus, if you don’t like the costumes, don’t buy them! That simple! jeez man. Please don’t say it was sarcasm and make this whole thing for nothing.

  • @syphonfilter

    I;m not too sure. I don’t think it will work, but don’t qoute me on that.



  • I must get this dlc its cool:

  • Whoa, LBP sure does know to pick the best costumes for DLC :D! Can’t wait to see the Ghostbusters costumes Sony!

    Btw, would be possible to ask, if you guys could look into releasing the following (costumes)?:

    – Spiderman
    – Dante
    – Pyramid Head
    – Darknight/Batman
    – Bret the Hitman Heart
    – Crash Bandicoot
    – (1) Canada Day Costume (beaver anyone?)

    That’s just to name a few of course…

    *Give Jack Tretton a raise!* XD

  • I feel like im in a real Call of Duty situation over here. Way too many fireworks at 4am. It has been non stop booms for 4 hours! But it sounds awesome.

  • Hope the people at Sony marketing see fit to sell the Sackboy plushies via game stores/ Amazon or something. Seems dumb not to.

    Oh and don’t forget, Top 5 user levels for the week in The Patch under Search Options. Make it happen.

  • Ghost busters makes me feeeel goood!

  • Hmmm… a thought.

    I highly doubt that this would be a level pack.

    Because the patch that was released before we got the MGS pack was 67mb. The patch we got before this was announced was only 35mb and we have already had three releases since then. Sacktue, Druid and the Burgerman stickers.

    The only way that I see that this could be a level pack, is that a large(ish) patch is available by next week.

    Something to ponder in your heads :smileywink:

  • please be free or if not how much? ghoshtbusters pack im talking about.

  • I didn’t get the plushie sackboy we were supposed to get for signing up to the youtube account :(
    I was looking forward to that little guy.

  • That’s too bad that they didn’t make a Canada Day Sackboy costume. Yet another example of ignorance in the gaming community.

    Anyways, I love the Ghostbusters idea!

  • F




  • SackBusters! Dare we dream of a new weapon, like the one released with the MGS pack?

    oh and that Arnold Drake sackboy is like that flat stanley thing young kids do in school these days

  • PLEASEEEEEEE….add some Ghostbusters levels with that costume pack! As much as I LOVE all the DLC we getting and I have all of them! PLEASE add some official made levels,I dont care how much it cost.

  • Can only imagine that potential of such a pack (Ghostbusters), if it’s just stickers and/or costumes, it’ll be a huge disappointment for me.

    I want a MGS-style pack, where they introduce proton packs into the gameplay equation, and official Ghostbusters levels.

  • @ Azira013 | July 3rd, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    I downloaded the creator free pack and it doesn’t work. :-(

    You have to install. after installing you need to go to my content on the store on the main pod screen. Select the creator level pack. Then select and play the 5 levels. There you pickup the prize bubbles that contain the exras. If you don’t play the levels you don’t get the new items.

  • ghostbusters sounds cool or maybe sackbusters

  • SyphonFilter- yes it will work,well it did for me when i downloaded things like the space suit and stuff before i had it,cause i knew i was getting it.

  • littlebabyangel

    you should do assasians creed,infamous,tekken 6, and resident evil 5 outfits

  • LMAO! where is the Help pack where you were talking about for Little Big Planet Media Molecule! I need help on Tutorials for Expert if I had help from my friends 2 at least I’d probably know why I can’t get the Expert Trophy! jezz..But I agree where the heck is the Final Fantasy 7 Costumes..You people are so pathetic you can’t even come up with your own ideas! We are thinking smarter things then you will ever come up with something cool your losing your ideas I guess..
    You did a great job with the Heavenly Sword characters etc But now should be the time to listen to what we want FF7! all the cool Characters seriously you need to use this in LBP with DLC etc just imagine how much money you’d make on that! =) GhostBuster’s sounds ok but get back in the game of what we want as well!

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