Create a Comic, Get into our Exclusive Comic-Con Events (And Score Some Schwag!)

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You know that one of our goals here at the PlayStation.Blog is to grant you access to all things PlayStation. Usually that means access to speak with a developer in a live chat or a Q&A, or, in the case of E3, access to some of our special events.

With San Diego Comic-Con coming up, we’ve got room for both. Sure, we’ll be hitting you up for your burning questions, and then getting them answered on camera. But how would you like access to a couple of sweet PlayStation VIP events? We’ve got your back – but you’ll have to earn your way in.

RCF: ACIT Ratchet Wrench

In conjunction with Comic-Con, on Wednesday, July 22, Insomniac Games and SCEA are planning to host a community event, co-sponsored with G4, to unveil the winner of the “Captain Qwark’s My Blaster Runs Hot” weapons contest and present them with a real-life replica of the weapon they created. In addition to the contest winner unveil, there will be a special reveal and maybe you’ll be cool enough to be one of the first to go hands-on with new Clank gameplay.

The next night, you’ll be one of the few with access into an exclusive PlayStation event where you’ll get to go hands-on with some of our biggest upcoming PS3, PSP and PSN titles.

Space is extremely limited, so how do we decide who gets in? Well it *is* Comic-Con, so we want to see your comic strip creation skills. You don’t necessarily have to be a Penny Arcade-caliber comic creator (though this strip was definitely an inspiration!), we just want to see how creative you are.

Using the template below, create your own Ratchet & Clank comic based on “time.” Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time features all-new Clank gameplay and special “time” abilities that bring meaning to “past selves.” So where will Clank go? What happens when we meets his “past selves?” Well, that’s up to you.

You can print out the template and draw the comic by hand, or do it all digitally, just make sure you send it to by 11:59pm (Pacific) next Friday, July 10th. Please include your name, address, and indicate whether or not you’ll be in the San Diego area on July 22nd.

Use the .jpeg template below, or if you’d like a higher-res version, download the .pdf template here.

RCF Comics Template

Once we receive and process all of the comic strips, we’ll be putting them all into a Flickr folder on Monday, July 13th. The comics with the most views received from July 13th – July 17th will be granted access to PlayStation events on July 22nd and 23rd in San Diego, along with a guest.

“But hey,” you interject, “I’m not going to Saint Diego for this Convention of Comics.” Ah yes, we foresaw that. Send in your comics anyway, and the top rated (again by page view) artists will receive a Comic-Con Schwag Bag, including a bad-ass Ratchet item. After the contest is over, we’ll be tossing shout outs to our favorite submissions, so what do you have to lose? Get cracking!

And please, check out the official rules here. Must be a US resident 18 or older to win.

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  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    I think the special reveal will be the revealing of multiplayer. I’m pretty sure it’ll have multiplayer included, hopefully it’ll include split screen and not only online multiplayer…

  • ratchet looks…different.

  • So I can participate, but I just can’t win? lol that beats the whole purpose.

  • Where is Zombie Apocalypse oh I know what happened its been delayed! to the 4th Quarter of 2009 I wouldn’t even say its now coming out at all until 2010 omg you people make me sick..
    Stop making crapware concentrate on the stuff we want that game and Trine!! With the 3.00 or 2.90?..UPDATE THAT DOESN’T SUCK! We are still waiting for IN GAME MUSIC THAT WILL SUPPORT ALL OUR GAMES AND CROSS IN GAME CHAT SONY!..ALSO FIX THE GAMES THAT ARE NOT SYNCING LBP,UNCHARTED,BURNOUT PARADISE! OR PS3 IS A WORTHLESS PIECE OF JUNK! I really got pissed at you guys yesterday when I turned on my PS3 it was missing my friends list etc wth!..I swear if this happens again I will sue..BECAUSE ITS INEXCUSABLE FROM SCEA! WITH YOUR UPDATES THAT MESS UP THE PSN!

  • BiezulbubBill69

    ^^LOL @ #54!!!!!

  • BiezulbubBill69

    LOL at #54!!!!!!!!

  • are you going to show gameplay there??

  • @ 54

    Your alone on that problem. My PSN Is perfectly fine. And i couldn’t care less about cross game voice chat, and what aobut games not syncing? You mean the trophies don’t show up? And if your upset, don’t come here anymore. no need to be so pissy about everything.

  • @54

    Chances are that you had a network cable unplugged or a problem with your internet connection at the time…no internet connection = no friends list.

    I’m from Canada too, and I may just enter for fun if that’s okay, whadya say Jeff?

  • Artistic skills? Check! I’m a professional illustrator. 18? Check! I’m a 26 year old drawing machine. US resident only? ….argh.

    Hey Jeff, maybe in the future, we can have a Canada only contest. That way, we’ll be able to show you how silly these country-only limitations really are. Or maybe let that other half of north america to join…you know, that bigger portion, lumbering over you, smelling of back bacon, beer, and hockey sweat.

    Muchly appreciated if you’d recognize us once in a while. #47 had a point. No video store (don’t want our money?) No enterable contests (don’t want our participation?) Perhaps the general consensus believes Canada doesn’t generate enough profit for Sony? I have a hard time understanding the logic, considering we’re only a border apart and basically share the same dollar value.

  • O.K. I have a question…
    Would it be O.K. If we
    a) Use a computer to help make the comic strip?
    b) Do it also on Jak & Daxter, since they have been in a Ratchet & Clank games?

  • I’m surprised there has been no response to any of the concerns regarding the growing lack of support for anything at all related to Canadian owners.

  • speaking of schwag…… WHERES MY SCHWAGBAG FOR UNCHARTED 2? i was 1 of the contest winners, got my U2 beta dode, email said 1~2 weeks, i think it dang near the 4th week now. i figured if they were late they would send emails 2 winners letting them know, so anybody else feeling a ‘dude wers my car’ moment? please give us the official word on this. thanks.

  • SupaTrooperCoops

    Hmmm im going to have to have a (quick) think about this! oh and i just want to say hi to everyone, i have never commented on the blog before, but have been a regular visitor and reader, so i just want to say….Hi!

  • I frickin’ despise these U.S. only competitions, the EU blog has been quite useless as far as content goes. Gah.

  • Slightly off-topic, but is there going to be a Playstation presence at the Chicago comic-con?

  • For all you Canadians out there, I’ll spell this out for you since I’m sure all the guys on the blog are tired of explaining it…

    The NA Sony Blog is not purposefully ignoring you. The reason these promotions tend to be “US only” and it takes awhile to get content to Canada that is available in the US is not because they think hockey is lame and that maple syrup tastes like garbage. It’s because of the “entertaining” legal systems set up in each country. Often it has to do with licensing issues, or customs, or other legal restrictions. Trust me, if they could easily get that stuff your way, they would. But sometimes in business the costs outweigh the benefits, and decisions that don’t make everyone happy have to be made.

  • And for the guy that said he’d switch to an XBox…don’t waste your time. It’s the same issues there (I own both systems) due to the same issues that Sony has [don’t believe me? check out the “1 vs. 100” game issues Microsoft is running…there are even some US States that can’t win prizes from it!].

    So please, stop whining about things that are outside of Sony’s control. If it’s REALLY that big of an issue for you, either work super hard on convincing your country to become part of the US, or move to the States, because that’s likely the only way you’re gonna be legally allowed into these contests.

  • Jeff, does the submitted comic have to be in color, or will an uncolored, pencil-drawn submission be okay?

  • Looks like someone likes changing links and Will Ferrell!

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