Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Pre-Order Goodies

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Hi all,

We know a lot of you Ratchet & Clank fans are looking forward to the return of everyone’s favorite intergalactic duo this fall in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. As we gear up for launch, we wanted to fill you in on some pre-order programs for the game which kick off today! Here are some of the cool R&C goodies you’ll get when you pre-order Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time:

Discovery Package – Explore the Insomniac Moon, a special level that resembles the layout of the Insomniac Games’ offices! Scattered through this museum-like level, you will discover a moon’s worth of extra content that didn’t quite make it into the game.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - Discovery Package

Power Package –The Power package includes an exclusive weapon skin for one of Ratchet’s weapons. You will also start the game with extra hit points, and Ratchet’s brand new Cryo Mine Glove, a weapon that freezes enemies! (This pre-order program goes into effect over the next few weeks.)

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - Power Package

Bolt Package – The thrifty gamer will find lots to love in this exclusive Bolt Package! Start the game with two of Ratchet’s most bolt-centric power-ups — the Bolt Magnetizer and Box Basher, and you will discover your galactic bank account has already loaded with 5,000 bolts when you start the game.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - Bolt Package

Space Package – The Space Package offers an exclusive hotrod skin for Ratchet’s ship, the Aphelion. You also will start with 5,000 bolts as well as an exclusive Ratchet & Clank PlayStation Home Avatar Skin!

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - Space Package

You can find these pre-order programs at retailers like Amazon.com, Best Buy, Game Crazy, GameStop and/or other participating retailers.

That’s it for now, but there’s plenty of Ratchet & Clank goodness coming your way the next few months. Next up for the Insomniac crew is Comic-Con, so stay tuned for a whole slew of new info and gameplay later this month!

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  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Multiple retailer-specific pre-order items suck, and in-game pre-order items suck worse. In protest, I will not pre-order. I’ve also just lost some good will toward Insomniac.

  • Scratch my above comment. Apparently I need glasses. And to be slapped.

  • Urghh

    Will you guys make a better advertising campaign for this falls games(Uncharted 2,R&C Future 2,MAG etc) than last year’s..

  • This sucks!

  • you guys have the 2 biggest franchises on ps3. you guys have high expectations. by doing this your just being a jerk and making everyone wanna kill u.

  • Release date is nearing and I still feel like I don’t know much about the game, I’m sure it will be great but you guys need to start showing more cool things if you want us to get hype up for it.

  • these better all be available for unlock by progressing through the game,or all by a Collectors edition.
    i don’t want to to pre-order 4 copies

  • I agree with others that the retailer specific pre orders suck. If we are fans of the series why should we have to pre order at several stores to get all the extras? This is where CE editions come in. And not retailer specific CE either you sly dogs! =D

  • everyone hates you christian cardona. go 2 he((




  • plz tell me there’s going to be multyplayer in this or the futur

  • Will any of these be available for Canada? Or is it just the US?

  • This is one of the long line of dumb things marketing departments are doing this generation. Why would you punish the big fans of games that are going to be preordering this stuff by making it impossible to have the complete game just so you can have a extra sign in a store so they can pimp their preorder bonus. Like people have said if they were little toys or something it wouldn’t be so bad but locking out in game content makes no sense.

  • The best part is that Amazon is offering the Bolt Package, but you likely won’t even be emailed the details on how to redeem the package by the time your receive the game!!

  • I really would love to have them all so please Insomniac make those DLC as a free download later on PSN please

  • Is this the US only?

  • I have to voice my displeasure at pre-order bonuses. I think they’re lame. Especially ones where you get CHEAT CODES!

    The Insomniac Moon level is like the Museum levels that were included in all of the PS2 Ratchet games.

    The Power Package gives you a HEALTH CHEAT and a weapon at the start that you shouldn’t.

    The Bolt Package gives you a BOLT CHEAT and bolts you shouldn’t have at the start of the game.

    The Space Package gives you a BOLT CHEAT. However, the other items it gives you don’t affect the gameplay at all so those are okay as pre-order bonuses.

    Everything else is a cheat. You shouldn’t allow CHEATING as a benefit to pre-ordering the game. I DESPISE THIS!

    • While each package would give you an advantage in the game, we are not unbalancing the game. Specific care has been taken to not give anyone a gamebreaking advantage.

  • That’s not fair. What if we want all of them?


    why the hell they have to give this store exclusive stuff? Just make one nice package available to all stores and let the customer decide where to buy.

    Sony has been doing a terrible job with these store specific pre-orders…

  • If you’re going to do this, at least make them free DLC later on like you did with the R2 Grim and Malikov skins.

  • I don’t like these types of pre-order promotions. It breaks up the enjoyment of pre-ordering. It’s just wrong. Select places should get the same pre-order package.

  • Of course the only one I would want, the discovery package, is the gamestop bonus and I will not shop there so i will probably just gamefly this one. I think its funny that game companies are always crying about gamestop selling used games but they are always jumping at the chance to give them the best possible exclusives.

  • Insomniac, I used to be huge fans of you guys. However, after your last two pretty mediocre games (Quest for Booty and Resistance 2), I have lost a lot of faith in you. However, after seeing more of A Crack in Time over the past few months, I’ve started to regain confidence. That is until now.

    This pre-order BS is garbage. I’d understand if they were all things like the “Bolt Package” where you can obtain all of the items in game some how. However, the three other ones that contain unique content that you can’t acquire post-launch each require a pre-order at a different place. So, either you want Ratchet and Clank enthusiasts to go pre-order the game three times, or you’re just flipping us the proverbial bird.

    Of course, you’ll probably just release this content post-launch on the PlayStation Store for five dollars each.

    Down with Insomniac!

    • How do you know that we would charge for this content, and how do you know that it\’s not unlockable in other ways on the disc?

      Keep in mind this is still INSOMNIAC. We\’re still going to do you guys right – but we also have to work with our retail partners who are making bigger pushes for in-game content as pre-order bonuses.

  • You people complaining about pre-order bonuses are jackasses. I want my EXCLUSIVE goodies that NO ONE ELSE will have. Why should everyone get the same stuff, even the least dedicated fans? Get the hell outta here.

  • It’s amusing how people want pre-order goodies and then you offer it to them and then they get worked up that it should be in the game for free.

    I hope some of you have the intelligence to understand that this is a business and by giving you perks, you’re more likely to pre-order.

    If not, then just buy it on release and have fun. You kids crack me up.

  • It looks like the space package is the best one. The power package and bolt package all contain stuff you can unlock yourself via hard work. The discovery pack is pretty cool too, but the combination of a unique space ship skin and a unique home avatar skin makes the space package the best in my opinion!

  • I have to agree with most of the people in the blog, this was a terrible move by you (Insomniac Games) guys.

    I’m sorry but it’s true, very bad move.

  • I’d expect these as DLC later on, but multiple pre-order incentives at multiple stores is a really lame thing to do.

    I’ll buy the game, but I’m in the UK, I’ll buy it from my normal store, not where I can get in game items.

  • I hate this. Why not just put them all in a big value pack and give them to each person that preorders them from any retailer? Some of the packs are okay while the best one is the Discover Pack. Now, that causes another problem. Whichever retailer gets that pack, then the others will suffer since they don’t have the better pack.

    I’m a huge R&C fan and this is like a slap in the face. I’ll be missing things right off the bat and I’ll have to wait till these are DLC and that will be a while most likely or possibly never. But, I’m still going to preorder the game from Gamestop as much as I hate missing out on the other things. I guess they have the Discover Pack since they’re the biggest company for things like this, right?

  • I’ll have to go for the moon, that just sounds very cool.

    It seems weird that we have pre-order bonus details yet I still haven’t even heard anything about a release window outside of “Fall”. Does this mean we may see the game in August or Septmeber instead of in the glut of the holiday rush in October/November/December? That would be fantastic.

  • Yes! Finally some Game Crazy love. Now i don’t have to go to (said with loathing and distaste) Gamestop.

  • If you look closely, the overriding theme is giving you some light advantages to start the game, depending on your playstyle — not necessarily keeping exclusive game-content out of your hands.

    Do you guys really think we’d do that to you, our loyal fans?

  • @James Stevenson

    If the Insomniac Moon, the custom weapon skin, the Hotrod ship skin, and the Home avatar are all on the disc and unlockable by playing the game, you should have said so in the post. Please clarify what items will be available without a pre-order in-game.

    • Many of the items (like the Bolt Basher and Box Magnetizer) will be available through the course of the game as you play.

      And just like the Grim and Malikov pre-order skins we eventually released to the community for free, I\’m confident that if you are crazy and want ALL of the content, you\’ll eventually get it.

  • What a massive turn-off! Way to go punishing the loyal people who preorder your games! Really, this is absolutely horrid, either make this one package or just put it all in-game but none of this horsecrap.

    Really Insomniac, LBP’s preorders were awful but you guys are bringing to a whole new level of awfulness. God, all my hype down the drain…

  • Any of these apply in Canada? Or are we left in the cold again? *tear*

  • Also, I have to laugh at the people getting genuinely upset and up in arms about it. I personally think any preorder incentives are lame, but that’s just me. Inosmniac make great games, no matter where you buy, you’re still going to get the same game and, if you consider them “cheats”, don’t use them. It’s a single player game (primarily ;)?), so it’s not like they’re being given unlimited ammo for some online mode or unlocking all the trophies for you from the offset.

  • but…

    i want them ALL!


    i’ll go with the Discovery one
    hopefully that’s at BestBuy

  • @83 I’m not quite sure they can come right out and be that blunt, it removes some of that incentive to preorder if you really want one of these bonuses up front.

  • I think my response to this, will be to just NOT BUY this game. I do not like this pre-order for content crap. I’ve bought all the other ratchets before but I guess I’ll be missing out on this one. Than to pick one and then be wondering what am I missing by not getting the other stuff. So this stuff doesn’t nothing but help you lose customers/fans.

  • @James Stevenson

    Yeah, I kind of think you might.

    As for retail partners “pushing” for in game content, that’s fine, give them in game content. Just make it the same for everyone. Having to choose is ANNOYING, not exciting or fun.

    As I’ve said before, I don’t like Gamestop… and I don’t want companies like Insomniac/Sony forcing me to do business with them.

  • Frankly, that I can get only one package makes me not want to get any of them.

  • We get all of these? Or just one?

  • I’ve gotta agree with what seems to be the consensus: I’m excited by the content, but sort of turned off by the way it’s presented. Either this content is going to be available for non-preorder purchasers, in which case it’s not as big a deal as the post implies, or it isn’t going to be available for non-preorder purchasers, in which case you’re putting fans in the awkward position of having to pick and choose which content to do without.

    None of which, of course, will stop me from buying the game. :) (I’ve got one of the R&C:ToD “movie posters” framed on the wall in the room where I’m typing this, so I’m obviously beyond hope.)

  • not cool at all. here in Mexico we don’t even have a choice (aside from importing), we pay premium for every game but we can’t get the preorder specials nor anything.

    • We realize this, and that SCEE and Japan and Asian territories also have restrictions, hence we did account for this in designing this program.

  • Please tell me that the discovery package is not at Gamestop That is the only package that I really want but I refuse to shop at Gamestop.

    Insomniac has always taken care of its fans so I can overlook this one. I understand why companies do this I just wish it didn’t happen. Definitely first day buy for me and probably a pre order depending on who has the discovery package.

    Any word on a collectors edition of this game. Maybe with a ratchet statue or comic book or something I would be all over that in a heartbeat.

  • I only have one question. Will all the pre-order bonuses be available as DLC a few months after release? IG did that with the Malikov/Grim MP skins for R2. If that occurred, I would not mind just picking one store, as I knew I could get the others down the road.

  • I am disappointed. I love Insomniac’s games, and will continue to buy them despite this, but I absolutely abhor the practice of making retailer dependent exclusive game content.

  • The bonus planet is the best offer, hope it can be achieved after finishing the game or some way another than preordering.

    What kind of save-game compatibility will there be between this and previous games? I finished Tools of Destruction but haven’t found all of the golden bolts. I upgraded all weapons to the maximum level (if I remember correctly).

    • The game will read your Tools of Destruction save and you will get some of the classic weapons earlier than usual if you have it.

  • @James:

    “How do you know that we would charge for this content, and how do you know that it’s not unlockable in other ways on the disc?”

    “Do you guys really think we’d do that to you, our loyal fans?”

    those are great answers (or shoud I say questions? :P) seems Insomniac keeps being great and is not becoming like capcom.

    I’m happy again :) just for that I’m going to buy Resistance Retribution soon.

  • Dude weak. Why can’t there just be ONE pre-order goodie, or all pre-order goodies at all retailers? This retail-exclusive pre-order goodie stuff has got to stop.

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